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14 January 2007

Specter’s Den

Women fear the MRA revolution because now, their skankiness and dishonorable behavior, coupled with a legal system that supports it is making men turn their back on women in disgust. Whether a woman desires you or not makes little difference, when she discovers she cannot control you and you have no desire for her, it strikes fear into her heart. She’ll wonder how many men are like you. She might even call you gay, looking to draw some blood and hurt your feelings. Laugh at her and walk away. She’s used to thinking everything with a Y chromosome wants her. None of us were born women haters, so next time a skank calls you a woman hater, tell her “Women made me that way!”

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:16 PM


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous said…

None of us were born women haters, so next time a skank calls you a woman hater, tell her “Women made me that way!”


Nurture, not nature.


At 1:38 AM, Days of Broken Arrows said…

Hey Eternal,

Good post as always. I came across this article by an Americaskank promoting her new book:

Can you do a post about this? I would email you but there is no way to do so. It’s an article by an American rock writer who spent her life bedding musicians but now has “found god” and claims “she is 22.” As if her lovers are supposed to forget her past while she profit off both that and her so-called Catholicism. She is actually more of a phony than the skanks who have formed a cottage industry with their sexual histroy tell-all books. At least they are honest. And what’s worse is tha her tell all book will have the opposite effect it is supposed to have on young girls: like anti drug programs, it will tell them that you can live irresponsibly and still get a book deal.

You don’t need to run the above as a comment and feel free to use my words in your post!


At 3:34 AM, Masculist Man said…

When women ask me about my misogynistic attitude I tell them that no MAN influenced it.


At 3:37 AM, Anonymous said…

Good for you. We are dealing with a truly repulsive generation of obnoxious, domineering females, who are full of themselves, but more likely than ever before to be contaminated with an incurable sexually transmitted disease: the incidence of genital herpes is now about 20% for white women and 55% for black women, or nearly twice the infection rates for white and black men.


At 5:44 AM, Anonymous said…

Damned right! Too many men have to learn it the hard way, but perhaps the internet will save the next generation of men from the crazy women of the world.


At 1:29 PM, julie said…

Hey young guys, love what you’re doing but is there anyone out there who is older and longer in th MRA to explain what it is? Can you please comment on this post
I guess I am just a cautious person when it comes to signing the bottom line as the small print is always worth reading. It is not just for me but for the many people/groups that are clicking together. It is all good to say you are fighting for equality but I would prefer it spelt out if possible. At least that way we can either agree or walk away.

Duncan, Is ther somewhere else I should ask such a question or is ther somewhere that has the rules/demands.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous said…

When she discovers she cannot control you and you have no desire for her, it strikes fear into her heart. She’ll wonder how many men are like you. She might even call you gay, looking to draw some blood and hurt your feelings. Laugh at her and walk away. She’s used to thinking everything with a Y chromosome wants her.

Powerful stuff.


At 3:41 PM, the sad geek said…

“Women made me that way!”


You can only hit yourself on the head with a hammer so many times before you realize something about cause and effect. Same with women.


At 3:44 PM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Thankfully I’m only 21 years old, my best years are ahead of me! I’ve pretty much written off marriage and a family. The things I’ve seen women *my own age* in college do, have opened my eyes, this site, and others like, it only sealed the deal.

I’m looking forward to continuing studying topics that interest *me*. Spending my hard earned money on things that make *me* happy. And pretty much enjoying *my* life on *my* terms!


At 7:43 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Dawn Eden seems to be trying to make herself the poster girl for a new stereotype of women that’s sprung up mostly in the America recently. The mid 30’s fucked-out whorebag who now thinks she’s entitled to a nice husband so she can start a family. When she can’t find one and her biological clock is ticking even louder she joins the Church, becomes a “born again virgin” and thinks God should now provide the husband she desperately demands.

But guess what? There’s a “single Christian man shortage” inside the Church as well as outside these days. Seems like even Christian men have wised up to the racket that marriage/divorce has become in the west today. As well as how unworthy most western women, even Christian ones are of marriage. Check the comments on this entry to Debbie Makens blog (she wrote a book saying that God demands that men seek wives and everything is our fault).

I had to laugh at this bit in The Times article you cited. “before I was chaste, I was looking for love in all the wrong places”. And chaste means:

chaste (chast) adj.

1. refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion; virtuous.

2. virgin.

3. not engaging in sexual relations; celibate.

4. undefiled or stainless: chaste, white snow.

No ceegar sister, your not chaste because you’ve had more pricks than a second hand dartboard, and some of those up the shitter I bet (wonder if she ever finds a hubby if she’ll give him that option?). And saying ““I may be 37, but in husband-seeking years, I’m only 22.” shows the true extent of her delusions.

Mind you, I suppose she’ll sell a few books and get a few TV appearances coming at it from this angle. Which is probably the whole point of the exercise anyway.


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous said…

Women are not happy unless they are unhappy. It has been that way from the beginning.

Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.


At 11:23 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, aka. Sex Prison for Men USA. The New Jersey Miss USA just resigned. She is with child! She is pregnant, Oops. Just after the current Miss USA, is in rehab due to Skank photos. Drugs and Alcohol Abuse. Who said life is boring on this side of the pond.

The crap from our younger Women, just doesn’t seem to stop. And our Speaker of the House is a rabid Femifascist. Who supports boring holes in the heads of babies being born. Yet the morally bankrupt crowd asserts she is a “Mom & Grandmother”. Which is a load of Bravo Sierra. That is Military Slang for Bovine fertilizer.

Women are destroying the trust Menfolk have in them. What with Michael Jordan’s 90% of his assets being stripped of him. Alec Baldwin’s exWife ignoring 12 Judicial orders of Visitation. Men are treated like Sperm Donors, and Subhuman animals. And the Women in the US dress like Whores, Act like Whores etc.

Michigan’s courts have ruled Adultery by Men is punishable with Life in Prison. Any Man marrying here is now certifiably Insane. Welcome to Sex Prison USA.


At 12:31 AM, Rob Fedders said…


Here is a good site to surf through:

And here is a good online book to read (takes around 2hrs):


At 1:37 AM, Days of Broken Arrows said…

khankrumthebulgar — When / how did the Michigan courts rule adultery by men is punishable with prison???


At 5:51 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Nobody should bother responding to “Julie” who posted on this thread.

Read the link which she posted and see how she is playing both sides to the end.

Another typical woman, coming here and lying her fucking ass off, trying to play some fucked up game.

I’m ashamed that I took the effort not only to post links for her here, but also to go to the site she suggested, and spend a half hour typing up a piece full of links which she did not publish.

To hell with her. She has been spewing off and arguing with her NZ buddies about whether MRA’s are her enemies or not… and she has decided that they are… and then she comes here with all sorts of misleading “sweety talk” to Duncan…

And yet she wonders WHY? WHY DON’T MEN TRUST WOMEN?

Go figure!

Get bent, Julie. You’re a useful idiot.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous said…

Hey Duncan!!!!!

You have GOT to check out this article from!!!!!


At 9:54 AM, julie said…

Yes guys, I am officially now your enemy. Gee, what can say. I want men to be equal to women and women to be equal to men. Wow. Low and behold New Zealand was getting somewhere and now we will not. Back to the drawing board for men’s rights. The devide between men and women is just to great, I guess. Thanx to overseas input.

Well, all I can say is thanx for showing MRA.

Hey, but if you read my very last statement and the one I have gone out with (that’s it, I want no more to do with chatting and I sadly guess boo hoo for the people I change online) you will see that I am happy enough to care for the casualties that you both (MRA and Feminists) don’t give a shit about.

I suppose at the end of the day the MRA and the feminists will decide the fate of 80% of people. Me included.

I guess, live and let live is appropriate. NOT. IN YOUR DREAMS.

Remember my name for you will hear it again. But I will not fight for MRA and I will not fight for Feminism. Oh, no, I will fight for human rights. You will hear of me soon enough. Yes, I have now officially taken things in my own hands along with many groups and I am not interested in MRA’s bitching nor Feminist’s bitching. That’s for you to play with.

Oh, no. I am only interested in results and if men or women are all talk then I leave them/you behind. I have had a guts full and do not like victim play. I am not butch but I am a working class woman. Never had time to study feminism. You should not f**k with us for we love our men. Yes, we love the miners and the builders, the cops, the firemen and we just adore the soldiers, armymen, navymen and airmen and the guys that work physicallly. Your MRA movement is now officaially standing in our way. Hate me if you must because I don’t give a f**k. Enjoy your Kelly Mac who says what you want to hear. Women like me won’t play you. No women like me action. As far as I am concerned both sides can get lost.

By the way, sorry for my foul language. I only use it to try and make my statements sound more real.


At 1:39 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Adultery could mean life, court finds

That’s what the law says in sex-drug case Cox appealed

January 15, 2007



In a ruling sure to make philandering spouses squirm, Michigan’s second-highest court says that anyone involved in an extramarital fling can be prosecuted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

“We cannot help but question whether the Legislature actually intended the result we reach here today,” Judge William Murphy wrote in November for a unanimous Court of Appeals panel, “but we are curtailed by the language of the statute from reaching any other conclusion.”

“Technically,” he added, “any time a person engages in sexual penetration in an adulterous relationship, he or she is guilty of CSC I,” the most serious sexual assault charge in Michigan’s criminal code.

No one expects prosecutors to declare open season on cheating spouses. The ruling is especially awkward for Attorney General Mike Cox, whose office triggered it by successfully appealing a lower court’s decision to drop CSC charges against a Charlevoix defendant. In November 2005, Cox confessed to an adulterous relationship.

Murphy’s opinion received little notice when it was handed down. But it has since elicited reactions ranging from disbelief to mischievous giggling in Michigan’s gossipy legal community.

The ruling grows out of a case in which a Charlevoix man accused of trading Oxycontin pills for the sexual favors of a cocktail waitress was charged under an obscure provision of Michigan’s criminal law. The provision decrees that a person is guilty of first-degree criminal sexual conduct whenever “sexual penetration occurs under circumstances involving the commission of any other felony.”

Charlevoix Circuit Judge Richard Pajtas sentenced Lloyd Waltonen to up to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to two felony counts of delivering a controlled substance. But Pajtas threw out the sexual assault charge against Waltonen, citing the cocktail waitress’ testimony that she had willingly consented to the sex-for-drugs arrangement.

Charlevoix prosecuting attorney John Jarema said he decided to appeal after police discovered evidence that Waltonen may have struck drugs-for-sex deals with several other women.

Cox’s office, which handled the appeal on the prosecutor’s behalf, insisted that the waitress’ consent was irrelevant. All that mattered, the attorney general argued in a brief demanding that the charge be reinstated, was that the pair had sex “under circumstances involving the commission of another felony” — the delivery of the Oxycontin pills.

The Attorney General’s Office got a whole lot more than it bargained for. The Court of Appeals agreed that the prosecutor in Waltonen’s case needed only to prove that the Oxycontin delivery and the consensual sex were related. But Murphy and his colleagues went further, ruling that a first-degree CSC charge could be justified when consensual sex occurred in conjunction with any felony, not just a drug sale.

The judges said they recognized their ruling could have sweeping consequences, “considering the voluminous number of felonious acts that can be found in the penal code.” Among the many crimes Michigan still recognizes as felonies, they noted pointedly, is adultery — although the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan notes that no one has been convicted of that offense since 1971.

Some judges and lawyers suggested that the Court of Appeals’ reference to prosecuting adulterers was a sly slap at Cox, noting that it was his office that pressed for the expansive definition of criminal sexual conduct the appellate judges so reluctantly embraced in their Nov. 7 ruling.

Murphy didn’t return my calls Friday. But Chief Court of Appeals Judge William Whitbeck, who signed the opinion along with Murphy and Judge Michael Smolenski, said that Cox’s confessed adultery never came up during their discussions of the case.

“I never thought of it, and I’m confident that it was not something Judge Murphy or Judge Smolenski had in mind,” Whitbeck told me Friday. But he chuckled uncomfortably when I asked if the hypothetical described in Murphy’s opinion couldn’t be cited as justification for bringing first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges against the attorney general.

“Well, yeah,” he said.

Cox’s spokesman, Rusty Hills, bristled at the suggestion that Cox or anyone else in his circumstances could face prosecution.

“To even ask about this borders on the nutty,” Hills told me in a phone interview Saturday. “Nobody connects the attorney general with this — N-O-B-O-D-Y — and anybody who thinks otherwise is hallucinogenic.”

Hills said Sunday that Cox did not want to comment.

The Court of Appeals opinion could also be interpreted as a tweak to the state Supreme Court, which has decreed that judges must enforce statutory language adopted by the Legislature literally, whatever the consequences.

In many other states, judges may reject a literal interpretation of the law if they believe it would lead to an absurd result. But Michigan’s Supreme Court majority has held that it is for the Legislature, not the courts, to decide when the absurdity threshold has been breached.

Whitbeck noted that Murphy’s opinion questions whether state lawmakers really meant to authorize the prosecution of adulterers for consensual relationships.

“We encourage the Legislature to take a second look at the statutory language if they are troubled by our ruling,” he wrote.

Hills declined to say whether the Attorney General’s Office would press for legislative amendments to make it clear that only violent felonies involving an unwilling victim could trigger a first-degree CSC charge.

“This is so bizarre that it doesn’t even merit a response,” he said.

Meanwhile, Waltonen has asked the state Supreme Court for leave to appeal the Court of Appeals ruling. He still hasn’t been tried on the criminal sexual conduct charge. His attorney said a CSC conviction could add dozens of years to Waltonen’s current prison sentence.

Justices will decide later this year whether to review the Court of Appeals’ decision to reinstate the CSC charge.

The appeals court decision is available at Search for Docket No. 270229.

Contact BRIAN DICKERSON at 248-351-3697 or


At 3:23 PM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Duncan, another little treasure you should check out.


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous said…

This is a great movie called “System? Down” It has former N.O.W. president on it and she’s coming out about the truth. It’s got some fantastic trailers.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous said…

But guess what? There’s a “single Christian man shortage” inside the Church as well as outside these days.

Astonishing article. Talks all about the symptoms of the problem (husbandless women), but nothing about the cause of the problem (feminism). Can these people critically think? At all?? Do they fathom the phenomenon of cause-and-effect??? Unbelievable…


At 9:19 PM, Rob Fedders said…



Megolamania much?


At 10:28 PM, Other said…

Rob Fedders said… “Another typical woman, coming here and lying her fucking ass off, trying to play some fucked up game.”

Rob, read this entry to the NO MA’AM blog.

“it is becoming painfully evident that women really don’t care about men’s plight and certainly don’t want to bother with such annoying things as “justice.” Women really only get concerned about men when they realize that something a man does or doesn’t do affects women. For the rest, women really just don’t care.”

Just about ALL women care *only* about things that directly affect them or “their” children. Try explaining things like how the rise of single motherhood ruins society and all you’ll get thrown back in your face is that you hate women etc, etc.


At 2:12 AM, Pete Patriarch said…

Can these people critically think? At all?? Do they fathom the phenomenon of cause-and-effect???

People literally can not put two and two together – they will blame everything besides feminism. Which is to be expected, since feminism according to most people is about female “equality” – ie, women are more than equal to men.


At 8:05 AM, julie said…


If any of you (I am sure a few of you already have) are putting me in my place then great. I do want equality and I especially want to be put in my place when I am ‘Being an idiot.” I always have respect for those that pull me up when I need it. I am so strong headed sometimes it is not funny.

I have already apologised to Kelly Mac for my pathetic behaviour.

I don’t see things how you do. Straight up. And I don’t see my country needing to be divided anymore. I think sometimes that there are men that actually want the world to fall apart so that they get a buzz or kick out of it. As if they want to prove something to the feminists. Well, I want no part of revenge nor do I want casualties. I just want change and then I want to sick back and watch flowers and grass grow. Oh, how wonderful that sounds to me. Actually planning on spending my retirement in the female prison for they have absolutely everything while normal retiree folk struggle. LOL

I do detest some of your opinions and I am really concerned if our site in New Zealand starts showing some of the things you say for our politicians and newspaper editors read our site.

Anyhow, I apologise again for spitting the dummy. And I will come back to hear your anger at me.


At 8:40 AM, Specter said…

Thankyou for the mention, Eternal. You’ve got a great thing going on here.


At 1:24 PM, Iwaya said…

@days of broken arrows: I was wondering when someone was going to point out that article with the times link. it fairly blew me away, what she was saying!


At 4:27 PM, patriarchal-phoenix said…


.<–That dot is the world’s smallest violin playing “My Heart Bleeds for You”


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous said…

When my wife and I have an argument and she’s clearly at fault, why does she try to reward me with sex?

If I am wrong in the argument, I don’t reward her with anything, but…I try to change myself so that I don’t make the same mistake again again and again.


At 8:05 PM, Peter said…

Julie, you are clearly a lesbian, and I have only one question for you:

Do you really, REALLY enjoy the taste of another woman’s private parts? Wouldn’t it just be simpler to open a can of tuna and let it rot in the summer sun?



At 8:06 PM, SNAKE HUNTERS said…

Such Passion, and Hatred! All shedding more heat than light.

Opinions stuck in cement!

Now hear this:

I’m a bit older than most, and can
add some logic & reason to this wild discourse.

Love, is…”Intense Goodwill”.

Most healthy men and women can find it, if they stop listening to their “friends” and remain open to
a possible solid relationship. I feared commitment until I met the
right person. We have been married
56 years, and we are both damn glad
to be so fortunate! reb


At 9:13 PM, Boyd-Boyd said…

Hey there Snake Hunter. Does the name MANGINA ring a bell in your empty head? Are you that pussy-whipped? I suppose after that many years of marriage, what little manhood you had has long since made a b-line for the hills. You could always get something from your doc, but the assumption is that you at least have some manhood to start with. Best of luck, oh neutered one.


At 6:47 PM, julie said…

Gee, I expected more flak but then I guess we all have to listen to Snake Hunter (81 years old) for he is as real a man as they get. (I suppose) And I wouldn’t think just because a man loves a woman, then he is a Mangina. From what I gather Manginas are socialists.


As much as I consider myself wasting my time to speak with you, I have to say that the one gripe I have with both lesbians and gays is that lesbians call any male who shows his sensitive side ‘Gay’ while gays think that all strong women are ‘Lesbians’ The reason I have a gripe about this is because you both have a ‘top and bottom’ in that you both have a masculine and feminine person in the relationship as if you have a wife and a husband. Of course, you can’t 100% generalise on this but I hear your relationships don’t usually last if you have both feminine or masculine. If this is the case I can’t see the logic in your thinking to HATE. Other than that I think gays make a huge contribution to men’s rights.

Anyhow this Snake Hunter sounds interesting. Wow, his wisdom, being American and possibly a republican is too much to not to want to listen. Americans IMO are very patriotic. I can see why America had to use feminism else they would never have got so much control over its people.


At 10:41 PM, VoodooJock said…

Trying to compare a woman married 56 years ago to the shitty women we have today is like trying to compare the craftsmanship in a Pinto to that of a Ford Pinto.

Your wife was raised in an era when women were expected to hold up their end of the marriage bargain. There wasn’t any of this entitlement bullshit. And the women then didn’t consider men to be inferior at best, and enemies to enslave at worst. Try finding a young woman your wife’s age when she got married who doesn’t look at men as sub-human, inferior, bumbling fools for whom putting on ones pants in the morning is considered a major accomplishment. No sane man, certainly no man with a shred of intelligence and education, would choose to spend his life with someone who despises them.

Give me a break, snakehunter. It’s really great you and your wife have been married so long, you should be commended for that, but the likelihood of a young man the age you were when you got married of finding a partner of the caliber you found is about the same as finding the Grand Dragon of the KKK in the middle of Watts.


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous said…

“I can see why America had to use feminism else they would never have got so much control over its people.”

That is exactly what you want isn’t it? The government controlling the people.


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous said…

Julie, on your NZ forum, you said we should tell you to take a hike. Well, alright, please take a hike.

I recently posted a comment here and on Canadian Liberal addressing your very attitude. The attitude that while our respective governments, under orders of your lovely sisters, do horrid things to men, and every day try to find even worse things to do to them, we are supposed to be NICE!

I gave as an example three groups of people who were facing outright atrocities and what happened to them when they tried to respond as you think we are supposed to respond.

First, from 1890, in Germany, outright hatred for Jews was openly expressed. The Jewish leaders insisted the correct response was civil and dignified conduct in the face of physical and legal attempts to abuse and destroy them. Today, Jewish leaders say, “NEVER AGAIN.”

From 1865 till 1965, the American blacks faced similar abuses, physical abuse, loss of legal rights, their daughters raped, their sons lynched for maybe looking at a white woman. In some towns, they had to leave town before dark. Crimes against them were ignored. Their leaders urged young men not to fight, why, it would cause them to lose credibility.

Well, in 1965 or so, a group of men calling themselves said, “Enough already. If you attack blacks, we are coming with automatic weapons and we are going to kill you.” The crap stopped,though everyone tries to pretend it was the motivational speeches or Martin Luther King that got Civil Rights.

For the last 40 years, men in countries like the US; Canada; NZ; Australia; England; and Brazil, have been mistreated, tossed out of the homes they are paying for, by adulterous wives; not allowed to see the kids they must support, sent to prison on false sex abuse charges, though for 5,000 years it has been known that around 60% of those charges are false; discriminated against in employment while being ordered to pay lots of money to the adulterous woman who is keeping them from their kids; and lots more stuff like that.

When any of is dared to speak up, people much like yourself engaged in insults, putdowns, and shaming talk, telling us we lose credibility by daring to speak out.


One would think after 140 years of this nonsense, it would become apparent that when someone attempts to destroy you, it is irrational to be civil and dignified. in response.

You, from NZ, especially have a lot of nerve talking to anyone about anything involving MRA’s. A few months ago, my son who is in med school said maybe he should go to another country such as NZ. So, I did some digging. NZ is the country in the world which treats men worse than any other country, though Canada is really close.

In the US, in 1985, there were 9.4 marriages per 1,000 population every year, with around half that many divorces.

In 2000 it was down to 8.0, and only 5 years later, had dropped to 7.5.

A recent study showed that 22% of men have vowed never to marry under existing divorce/support/false abuse laws.

In NZ, though I had to convert the systems, it is running around 5.2 marriages per 1,000 population with around half that many divorces.NZ is a disgusting place.

You boast about all the work you do, etc. Well, from 1984 till 1993, I supplied no-fee counseling for divorced men with no funding at all. I helped a few men get custody from horrid, abusive mothers, but only a few.

I am married to a woman from the Third World, in fact I am in the Third World. I chide these other men who are still in a man-hating nation that even the most ignorant, primitive black slave before the Civil War knew if he got the chance to run to Canada, though that is not the place to go now. So, why do these highly educated men sit and take it?

To summarize, nothing you say has any meaning to me. We shoot ourselves in the leg when we follow your advice. There is no talking to feminists, which includes virtually all women in the above mentioned countries, though they try to deny it.

And, there is not going to be any organization of men. Men can’t organize to fight women, no matter how evil the women are. What is going to solve the problem is most likely once again the Huns are going to come in, kill all the manginas, and rape all the women.

If that doesn’t happen, the millions of women who can’t find a husband are going to figure out what has been done to men. It won’t be they care about male suffering, because women have no empathy or compassion for men. It will be because they are themselves suffering as a result.

EB has an open policy on comments, so we have no right to tell you to get lost, as much as you deserve it, not even though you asked for it. However, I for one don’t like you at all. Your attempts to shut us up really pains me.

Anonymous age 64



Two things.


Anonymous 64- You, sir, are brilliant. Please stay.


Julie- I will resist the urge to call names, since that would be ineffective. I will merely tell you that you are part of the problem, and your time is running out. It might take a generation or two for the change, but nature will run it’s course. Women WILL be put in their place. It may be by Islam, or as a result of nuclear war or disease. But, when society crumbles, and all of them eventually turn to dust, there will be such a vengeance wreaked on women that history has never known.

You think women are raped and abused now? You haven’t seen anything. You think women are being killed by men? Just wait. Fancy wearing a burkha? You won’t have much choice.

The law of the jungle will ultimately prevail. Women will be slapped down lower than they have ever been.

By now, you’re laughing. It matters not. Go to just about any Muslim country today, and try peddling your feminist trash on any street corner, minus the proper head-covering. What do you think will happen to you?

I’m asking you to think logically for a moment. (Tall order) You know what will happen. They would slap the crap out of you and throw you in jail? Doubt me? Try it. I dare you.

Muslim men, God bless them, will not buy your crap, nor will they sacrifice their society to the foul influence of western feminists and manginas. More power to them.


At 11:50 PM, julie said…

Dear age 64,

You don’t fool me. I know who you are. But putting age 64 is a nice touch.

Let the men in NZ who have spent the last 20 years fighting this and who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars click with other community groups where women work. Stop dividing us. I know men are hurting in NZ and that the Government has not been fair on giving them a voice nor funding. Alot of the men are running out of resources. They have come to the conclusion that they need to ask the women to help. I wish they had of done it years ago. Many of the women who have community groups never knew their predicament because they were too busy funding and working in their own groups. Now they are starting to realise what is going on yet these women are not the women you did female studies with. And nor are the men who actually stayed to care. No, these women are oblivious to your studies and ideas and so are the men. I am sorry that you didn’t get your own way. Not many of us do in life.

As for your free counselling, good on you. I don’t have the certificate you have but I help men in need for free also. And I care way more than you do about the men that stay here.

I know you want to see everything fall apart for you can’t see past your own pain. Well, guess what? You are not the only person who has and who does hurt. You are one man, just one. You say you ARE the third world, great. But you are not NZ. You are not king of NZ. You are just a mere piece of sand on a beach. We all are.

As for Burkas. Hey, I have always thought of uniforms at school a good thing. At least with Burkas women won’t have to care how they look or their weight and so forth.

And men will not judge us on our appearances. But they will have to prove themselves worthwhile to our daddies.

I don’t have any reason anymore to comment on this site but just listen to it to find where men overseas are going. NZ follows these countries, so our fate is in their hands.


At 2:12 AM, julie said…

Holy Shit,

Sorry age 64, I thought you were someone else. And sorry to that someone else also. They say assumption is the mother of all fuck ups and yes that is true.

OK, what you say;

****And, there is not going to be any organization of men. Men can’t organize to fight women, no matter how evil the women are. What is going to solve the problem is most likely once again the Huns are going to come in, kill all the manginas, and rape all the women.

If that doesn’t happen, the millions of women who can’t find a husband are going to figure out what has been done to men. It won’t be they care about male suffering, because women have no empathy or compassion for men. It will be because they are themselves suffering as a result.***

has been said to me before. Why, don’t you tell that to the men that are fighting. Why don’t you tell them to stop. Tell them the precedents they make in FC and pay $1,000’s and $1,000’s for are worth nothing. If you can convince the men not to care, I will do the same.

MRA stands for men’s rights advocate, right. have you ever consider that a public person is not really public if they have a paper bag over their head. Do you ever wonder if people take seriously anonymous.

Anyhow, do tell the men not to give a toot. Then the women won’t.

But you sit in a nice position where you already have what you want. I wonder if the next generation of men and the next will have respect for what you didn’t do for them.


At 4:20 AM, julie said…

Please don’t reply to me anymore as I will most likely reply back. And I have had enough fighting you guys.


At 5:56 PM, Raymond said…

Ah, Boo-hoo, Julie. You try and pass yourself as a friend of men, but it just won’t work.

There is one nasty part of you that makes friendship between yourself and men impossible.

The smelly, oozing gash between your legs. Crude? Possibly, but my comments illustrate just how far the wedge has been driven between men and women, thanks to women. I have read a number of books and articles by women who claim to be on our side. With few exceptions, you can still read between the lines and find that men are to blame for it all.

Well, screw the lot of you. Enjoy your abnormal Pap smear, dyke.


At 9:33 AM, HMH said…

HMH here. Julie: I am an early thirties man in NZ. I grew up here. I’ve read your posts with considerable interest, mostly because I’ve heard this sort of thing many times before in the real world, delivered face-to-face. NZ has a reputation for remarkably forthright women and you’ve just shown you live up to it.

This is not necessarily a compliment.

Being a man in this pussywhipped country is a shit deal at best. At worst, well. We all know what the courts and the police can do.

I’ve had a few girlfriends over the years and direct experience has opened my eyes. I look at NZ women now and what I see disgusts me. Julie – do yourself a huge favour and read some of the old books from the forties and fifties. Look at the way that men and women treat each other. The women, simply put, are class. They are class in a way that is simply impossible to find now. They don’t mind hard, dirty, occasionally dangerous work, they have courage, and they trust their men. They look after themselves. Most of all, if they said something, a man could actually count on it being true.

It’s all gone though, hasn’t it? Every part of that has been sacrificed to short-term advantage. Lying to get what you want, manipulation to get what you want, guilt to get what you want, threats of the police and the courts to get what you want. Frankly I don’t think NZ men have ever been better. We have to be just to survive. And as for the great average NZ woman in her twenties… KIWI CHICKS, WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR HONOUR?!


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