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22 January 2007

Women face debt time-bomb from fear of bankruptcy due to social stigma


Thousands of women who are in desperate debt are shying away from bankruptcy because of the social stigma.

Refusal to take this difficult decision is piling on misery and creating even greater debt problems, according to a study from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.(CCCS)

The CCCS says that 61 per cent of the people it recommends to go bankrupt are women – three quarters of these are single.

No surprise there.

They spend more than they earn on frivolous crap, and increasingly these days are unable to find a sucker who’ll marry them and pay off their debts.

However, more than half of these women refuse to take this drastic step, seeing it as a sign of shame and failure.

Well technically it is a sign of failure. At least most men who file for bankruptcy tend have attempted a business venture, whilst it seems most women go bankrupt because of ridiculous consumerism.

There is also a group of have it all single young women who have loaded up credit cards on clothes, partying and holidays.

Yup. And I know plenty of them. I laugh my arse off when I see them panic as they get older and realise that a Sucker In Shining Armour is probably not going to turn up and marry them and their debts after all. Har har.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:35 PM


At 11:19 PM, Outcast Superstar said…

I don’t know guys are interested but I wrote a piece called Fuckers and Suckers which I have posted on the Do Not Get Married Message Board.

After reading the nomarriage ebook, the author talks about two groups of men fuckers and suckers.

Keep in mind western women love excitement and hate boredom. When they are in their teens and early 20’s they don’t want stability that suckers have to offer because that is boring.

Keep in mind that women don’t think for themselves but decisions on who they date or sleep with is usually made by the council not by the woman herself. This council is usually made up of her mother, sister, and friends etc. If dating a nice guy is not considered to be fun and popular by the “council” he is going to get snubbed.

There is another group of guys called fuckers. Women love to have sex with these guys during their prime years. Although they offer no stability to these women, however women will still sleep with them. The reason why women will is because they are unpredictable and therefore they are deemed as very exciting.

Once these women get to there late 20’s – early 30’s they will fraudulently sell their looks to suckers who make a good income in order to get married. In other words they will put on a pony show for them until they get the ring. After a few years of marriage, these women are going to get bored and everything is the suckers fault. They will look for affairs and cash out on their suckers knowing that they will get the house, child support (if they have children), and alimony. All she has to do is file a false abuse charge (no proof necessary) to make all this happen. Even as a bonus, the sucker even gets to pay for her attorney fees.

Also, remember guys a women’s fertility starts to decline at age 27 not in her 30’s and 40’s. If any of you want to start a family I highly recommend to make sure that the woman you are going to start a family with is no older than 25.

Despite their not being any legal justice in this country, Mother Nature has a justice of her own.

Those suckers who once ached for these women will lose interest in them once they get to be in their mid to late 20’s. The last thing they are going to find attractive are used up women in their late 20’s-30’s. In fact these women must be avoided at all cost. They got a disease called baby rabies. They are going to do everything possible to get pregnant and trap you into a long term relationship where they can get provided for.

However, once those “suckers” get financially stable they will get to travel to foreign countries and enjoy beautiful women. Also, while in the United States, they will have developed fun hobbies to do when they are not working. In fact these “suckers” will not have to deal with the stress of fear of divorce, a nagging whore, false abuse and rape chargers, get to keep their sanity and money, won’t have to worry about raising kid that aren’t theirs etc.

However, the women who neglected the “suckers” in favor of the “fuckers” during their prime years are going to have to face justice. It’s not legal justice but Mother Nature justice. Once they get to their late 20’s for every year a man ages, they will be aging by two years. They will wrinkle and get ugly very fast. Investing thousands of dollars in makeup in order to form a bond with a “sucker” is not going to get the job done because they failed to form a bond with a “sucker” during their prime years. Their biological clocks will be ticking and they will get very desperate. They are going to want to be talking care off, like living off a “sucker” so they won’t have to work. Disgusted by their behavior, the “suckers” will not want anything to do with them and will rebuke them. They are going to have to work long hours for the rest of their life because they could not find a “sucker” to take care of them. They will whine and complain that the “suckers” will not commit despite them snubbing them in favor of the “fuckers” during their prime years. They will rot all alone with no one to take care of them, many of them will not get to have children, and will be living very miserable lives until death all because they thought it was cute to let the “suckers” rot all alone while they go squander their prime years to the “fuckers” That my friends is what I call justice!

– Outcast Superstar


At 11:34 PM, HAWKEYE said…

if there is one thing girls are good at it is spending money on crap.
i also spend lots of money ,but i always try to spend it on something that will bring a return or a saving in the long run.
females are more worried about “appearing” to have there shit together rather than “actually” having it together.
this requires discipline and “living within your means”


At 5:30 AM, Sociopathic Revelation said…

outcast superstar summed up many things quite nicely. The one item that sticks out is his theory on “the council” of women, and how men are either accepted with sexual value or they are not. I called it “female peer pressure” at the time. I’ve experienced it myself—when I was considered hot shit by a couple of alpha females in the workplace in the 1990s at a cafe I worked at, suddenly other women were seriously taking notice. Many moons ago I wrote a piece relating to this topic, including that the opposite could hold true—the apex of the female herd rejects you, and you could become a sexual ghost until women start wanting to, as o.s. aptly mentioned, use as a “sucker.”

I tend to think women are women, usually, but what we have is an inversion of what desirable men are all about. If good men were deemed as valuable mates, women (largely) en mass would be entering into long term relations, marrying, being loyal, raising children to be productive, wise, and self-reliant. What we have is a different story. Women are going after promiscuous men, thugs, the emotionally bankrupt, metrosexuals . . . and are procreating with them to fashion spoiled brats that will be weak-willed and histrionic adults. This will have a deleterious effect in the future; we are already seeing it happening.

In Western culture, and over here in America where I reside, women still regard good, decent men as bores, men for utility purposes, and these men take the brunt of the blame for societal woes and women’s bullshit despite keeping the gears of society moving. Make no mistake about it; women expect the nice guys to sacrifice themselves for crumbs of attention and will exploit them if not tempted with a bigger, better deal in the mean time.

Women are terrible this regard; but not bonding with good men in their twenties they are seriously screwing this system up, for men, and ultimately themselves. I give America two generations to get its act together, and for women to wake up (if ever) before we are a faded superpower in annuls of history, and with that women helped make this country into a shallow, economically over-bloated mess.

I personally can’t imagine trying to save a screaming, demanding harpy in her 40s and 50s from her mounting debt and self-destructive appetites. They have little to offer; their looks have faded, their expectations are still high, they are ungrateful if any “Average Joe” shows them a modicum of attention. And who the fuck wants to raise the brats from a sociopath these women got banged by when they were younger? Crazy manginas, perhaps.

With the exception of one woman I dated, ALL of the women I had relations with in the past were notoriously BAD with money and either had nothing to show for it at the end of the month, bad credit, debt, or all of the above. Without any employment and a “supplemental” income they would have been out on the streets and starving. I’m not a millionaire, but if the place where I’m employed burnt down I could survive without unemployment for some time while finding other work. They couldn’t. And what is fascinating is that this phenomenon is spreading—women are still looking for Prince Charming and he’s simply not showing up.


At 6:40 AM, Bruce Wayne said…

right on! sex with chicks is for sissys.


At 2:14 PM, mfsob said…

Why do we have to go through this registration BS to leave comments now?


At 3:39 PM, byrdeye said…

OS – Brilliant summation! Alpha fuckers fuck and Beta suckers GET fucked. You should make your entire comment a handy blog post.


At 6:09 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Why do we have to go through this registration BS to leave comments now?

Fuck knows why that happened, I didn’t change the settings, they just seemed to change by themselves. Probably blogspot playing up again.

It’s fixed now anyway.


At 6:48 PM, Outcast Superstar said…

“You should make your entire comment a handy blog post.”

As we speak right now I am putting together a blog. I contributed a lot of good material on the Do Not Get Married Message Board. Right now I am copying some of the stuff I wrote on the Do Not Get Married Message Board onto my blog.

Ironically when Duncan had blogger comments only, I figured I should make an account. Right now I am cleaning out some of the summaries of the Cultural Devastation of American Women posts so it will be easier to read. I should have a productive blog running either later today or tomorrow.



At 6:48 PM, VoodooJock said…

Great article.

If she can’t keep her own financial (and her own domicile) house in order, why would any sane man think she is going to allow you to keep YOUR financial house in order.

If you see a woman like this drowning, be a gentleman and throw her an anchor.


At 9:12 PM, Outcast Superstar said…

My Blog is now ready for public viewing, I think you will all like it very much.



At 11:11 PM, mfsob said…

Thank you kindly, Duncan. I didn’t think it was your doing!


At 12:46 AM, Lisa said…

Outcast, bravo on your blog. Well written. I don’t have a Google account so I couldn’t comment there without registering. For a rant, it was pretty fair and objective. Many women do behave as if equality means getting their way all of the time. True equality means equal consequences, equal effort, equal expectations, etc. Many women want their cake, they just don’t want to have to pay for the ingredients, make the cake or clean up the kitchen afterwards.

To your original post here, there is a lot of pressure from a female’s entourage. Though, most mammas I know will push for the suckers over the other option. It’s the girlfriends who push you to go for Mr. Excitement. I see similar pressure with men in terms of getting a friend’s approval though. I dated a man once whose buddies had a ‘code system’ for letting a guy know what they thought of the woman he was with. It all came down to what beer they ordered after being introduced. Certain beers meant different things. I’m not a drinker, so I can’t remember how it all sorted out. I do remember it was a thumbs down completely if a Bud Light was ordered. I think Heineken meant they were pretty impressed. Amsel Light was somewhere in the middle and meant he should sleep with her but not let it get too serious. The non-bimbos (boring women to them, I’m sure) tended to get the Bud Light votes. The bimbos got the Amsel Light. A Heineken seemed to be a woman attractive enough to be in league with the bimbos but not laying it all on a silver platter. I finally figured out the code system after 2 years with this man. I noticed they didn’t stick with the same beer all of the time. Most men who order a Heineken one day don’t turn around and order a Bud Light the next. I was let in on the secret. Darn, but I wish I knew originally. I can’t remember what was ordered with my introduction.

Keep up the good writing.


At 1:03 AM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Outcast, great site! I’ve bookmarked it, and I’m reading through it right now. Looking forward to it.

Yeah, um, on topic now… WWWWWHHHHHHYYYY would guys ever think about getting married to a chick with a lot of debt?

I have enough debt with student loans that I’m paying off as it is, why would I, you know when I’m already deep in the hole, set up a few kilotons of TNT and create an open pit mine?!?


At 1:18 AM, Mamonaku187 said…

Anyone with rudimentary Economic training knows that a married couple by default has advantages over single folks via Economies of Scale and efficient Division of Labor (in most cases).

A single “mom” with hella kids, a car payment, etc etc, simply can’t compete with a married couple in terms of purchasing power, unless she has a kick arse career… which a lot of these silly girls don’t have.

But try these single chicks do, to their own destruction. Karma works in mysterious ways!

Gents, don’t be Captain Save a Hoe!

They got themselves into this, let them get themselves out.


At 8:36 PM, Anonymous said…

“Anyone with rudimentary Economic training knows that a married couple by default has advantages over single folks via Economies of Scale and efficient Division of Labor (in most cases). A single “mom” with hella kids, a car payment, etc etc, simply can’t compete with a married couple in terms of purchasing power”

Which is exactly why our society is increasingly dividing itself into a patriarchal upper class that gets it right, and a matriarchal under class screaming to the government “But we WANNA have things as nice as everyone else does! Waa!!!”

Do it the right way, then.



At 8:52 PM, Outcast Superstar said…

I adjusted my blog where anonymous people can make comments. Ironically with in an hour of doing so I already received my first piece of hate mail. LOL!

I intend to publish most comments that people make. The only one I intend to reject are the comments from radical feminists and PAMS. If I let them pollute my blog than the quality of the blog would diminish.


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous said…

Ironically, my wife made a comment just last night how men were so stupid to always want a brand new TV around this time of year (the Super Bowl is next weekend). I reminded her that men usually only by absolute necessities throughout the year, and are allowed to splurge this one time of the year (not that it’s a huge majority of the male population we’re even talking about here). I told her it pales in comparison to all the crap women buy throughout the year that add up to more than the cost of a new TV. At least men will get mileage out of the TV – women will buy a pair of new shoes to match a specific outfit and only wear the damned things 1-2 times a year, and probably discard them for another pair the NEXT season.


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous said…

i hope you don’t mean all women? me, i would never get married again. but i am dating someone who is very independent and doesn’t ask anything of me. so, yes, you are right. there are more whores out there than decent women. needle in a haystack my brothers. also, very hard to find women without “tramp stamps” you know tattoos. big danger sign when your girl says hey honey I was thinking about getting a “tramp stamp” on my rotten crotch to express my individuality.
regards, jj_mclure11@yahoo.com


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