All men are rapists!!!


31 January 2007

Are rapists getting away with it?

Yes, according to feminists and the government. And their definition of rape is very broad indeed, as that serves the purpose of throwing more men in prison primarily on the say-so of women.

What they fail to note, of course, is that if a rape complaint does not end in prosecution then in all likelihood there was no rapist! So there’s no rapist to “get away with it.”

Obviously if a woman is genuinely raped but the rapist is not located, then a rapist has got away with it, but that’s not the case if a guy is accused of rape but it is found the woman consented. It’s not like burglary. If someone’s house is broken into and their DVD player nicked, and no suspect is found, then a burglar has gotten away with it. But if a woman consents to sex, changes her mind the next morning and shrieks “Raaaaaype!” but the jury sees through her bullshit and deigns to find the alleged rapist innocent, then no rape took place and so no rapist has “gotten away with it.”

Of course, I’m being silly here and applying logic to the scenario.

Logic has no place with man-hating feminist scum and the vote-hungry vermin politicians who bow down to their whim.

“Young women these days are quite sassy and have more of an idea that these things shouldn’t happen to them.

“The sad thing is that the whole system lets them down. They go to court confident that they’re going to get this guy and the system can’t come up with the goods. Then suddenly we’re not dealing with the rape but the refusal of the system to give them justice.”

Oh boo-hoo, so women can’t make a rape accusation stick because – gasp – the system actually requires fucking proof a crime took place and that the defendant is actually responsible?!?! Well then, time to call for the definition of rape to be broadened and to increasingly regard men as guilty until proven…well, guilty I suppose.

She would like more judges and prosecutors to be specially trained in sexual crimes, and expert witnesses to give evidence to explain the behaviour of complainants, which is something the government says it is considering.

In other words, more judges and prosecutors to be exposed to feminist propaganda, to be indoctrinated into the belief that women never lie and men are always guilty.

“The response of victims is the very thing that stops the cases from getting convictions, such as they didn’t go to the police straightaway, they couldn’t remember what happened.

Oh for fu…

How many times does it have to pointed out; if a woman was not raped because, in fact, she consented to sex, she’s not a fucking victim because a “rape” did not take place.

Bee would also like the public, including juries and police, to be better educated about how widespread rape is and how “normal” rapists can appear to be.

More demands for feminist propaganda. She wants police and juries to be told that rape is endemic, that 4-in-4 women are raped or whatever, and that just because a man looks innocent, acts innocent, appears innocent on the basis of all available evidence, is actually fucking innocent, he’s most probably a rapist anyway because a woman says so and women never lie.

Fortunately there is some sense from this guy, a solicitor:

Mr Hett does not believe rapists are being acquitted, only that juries are identifying flimsy accusations. As an example, he highlights a recent case where a woman accused her husband of rape, five days after they had sex.

“He said, ‘we had sex and she’s my wife. I didn’t force her.’ He faced four counts and it was dropped a day before the trial. It goes to show that police bring frivolous cases. Most complaints are unwarranted.”

He does not believe there should be any changes to the law because it is already “too easy” for serious complaints to be made. But he says he works on cases all around the country and cannot see the system in Gloucestershire being any worse than elsewhere.

But no sense from this cunt:

Dr Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society, says police and prosecutors’ attitudes towards victims need to be more sensitive.

Fuck off. The Fawcett Society is a ridiculously worthless organization that campaigns for equality but is actually just a bunch of men-hating fembot scum. Sadly they remain annoyingly influential. Though some judges and solicitors are trying to retain some sense of justice in the system for men, they will no doubt be largely ignored by politicians, who see that ensuring it is easier and easier for women to get a man locked up on her say-so because it’s a great way of getting the woman vote.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:42 PM

At 8:08 PM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

lol I love it. I did a piece on that piece (of shit) BBC article earlier. I knew MRA’s would be having none of it! Blatantly misandric bollocks. I can’t believe it, they want to try and make excuses for these bitches, what next, fabricating evidence to get more convictions? Don’t doubt it…


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous said…

…as that serves the purpose of throwing more men in prison primarily on the say-so of women.

Given that modern women like thugs, ex-cons, and unstable men that beat them up maybe this is their twisted subconscious way of making men more desirable.

“You have a degree and a job? Loser!”

“You have a criminal record? Hey bad boy TAKE ME LIKE A VIRGIN AT THE PRISON RODEO!”


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous said…

How many times does it have to pointed out; if a woman was not raped because, in fact, she consented to sex, she’s not a fucking victim because a “rape” did not take place.

That’s true, but even more true is the number of times the typical woman lies per day? I’m talking ball-face lies. As a rule how can you believe anything women say?



At 10:13 PM, Javier said…

Of course we all see what happens when the REAL truth comes out (aka the Duke University rape allegation). Men having a good time at a party, only later to be accused of rape. Unlike most rape allegations that prove to be false, these poor gents didn’t even participate in the actual act!


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous said…

I like this. In fact, I think it should be extended to even more absurd levels so that we can go beyond a marriage strike, and we can start going on a complete woman strike already. That’s the only way anything will ever get fixed now.


At 3:23 PM, other said…

I see Rebekah Wade at the Sun is up to her old tricks again.

No mention of female perpetrators of DV like her good self then.


At 10:55 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

We must do everything to secure a 100% conviction rate for men accused of rape. In fact even 100% is not enough, because we know there are millions of women getting raped every day who are too traumatized or intimidated even to report the crime. So clearly the conviction rate needs to get way over 100% to make up for this shortfall.

So as well as jailing every man who is accused, we must also start jailing men who have not been accused, but who must be judged guilty because they might well have committed rape. It’s just that their victims have not come forward.

But even this is not enough. Nowhere near enough. We must do everything to encourage these poor victimized and traumatized women, endless thousands of them, to come forward and name their attackers. Once they see justice being done by the jailing of large numbers of men who have not been accused but ought to be, that will encourage more and more women to join the noble cause. They can then be shown how to legitimise the jailings by ensuring these men have a proper accusation hung round their necks as the prison doors clang shut on them. So there cannot be any complaints there.

Yes, we must encourage women to come forward and pour out their harrowing stories. Perhaps a little financial incentive, just a minor compensation for the trauma they have suffered, would help the process along nicely. It will be the least these poor victims deserve.

So out they will come, in their droves. From the sink estates, from the women’s shelters, from the homes, hospitals and schools. From mansions and slums, palaces and hovels, fields and factories. A great, undefeatable army of battered and bruised women, demanding justice for themselves, their mothers, their sisters and their daughters. They will rise up and cast those evil men into prison.

But is it enough just to jail all those rapists after the event? Surely prevention is better than cure. So boys must be stopped from ever getting to the position where they can unleash their raping urges on poor women. Better to get them safely into jail first, surely. And because we never know when these violent urges will first manifest themselves in the male psyche, we had better start early. Straight after birth would be best. Just to be sure. You never know.

A trifle draconian? Not at all. Just put my suggestions into practice, and I can guarantee that no woman will ever be raped again. What a glorious new dawn that will represent! Now isn’t that an objective well worth achieving? And so what if the guilty have to pay for it? They should not have been born with the capability of being rapists in the first place, should they?


At 12:32 AM, Panzer said…

Hey Paul Parmenter outstanding post, except you left one thing out. As soon as the accused is sentenced, right before sending him to prison, cut his balls off. With that he will never rape again, oh wait, maybe it would be better not to. After all, you could get the same guy two, three or more times. Hell what was I thinking, trying to apply logic to a money making scam, silly me.



At 9:42 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

Yes indeed Panzer. Leaving the threat of castration hanging over the heads of these miscreants, like the sword of Damocles, will be a much more excruciating and refined punishment than just giving them the chop on day one and allowing them a lifetime to get over it. We must find ways to be as cruel as we can possibly be. Nothing is too bad for the male sex.


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