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01 February 2007


I’ll tell you why women are running out of men to marry

Let’s put it bluntly: nice female middle-class graduates are either becoming permanent Bridget Joneses, or marrying nice male graduates, and they seem on the whole to be turning up their nice graduate noses at male non-graduates. And when the nice middle-class graduate couples get together, they have the double income to buy the houses and push the prices up — and make life even tougher for the non-graduates.

The result is that we have widening social divisions, and two particularly miserable groups: the female graduates who think men are all useless because they can’t find a graduate husband, and the male non-graduates who feel increasingly trampled on by the feminist revolution, and resentful of all these hoity-toity female graduates who won’t give them the time of day.

This article by the cheery, scruffy-haired, scouser-offending Tory MP and part-time television presenter Boris Johnson sums up how women have shot themselves in the foot with feminism when it comes to relationships, how career women cut down the number of ‘eligible men’ because they refuse to marry down.

Boris does implies that feminism is a “good thing” but one that has downsides, which sounds daft, unless he’s pointing out the fact that feminism is a “good thing” just for some women, but has a huge amount of downsides for all men, all children, most of society and quite a lot of women too. He also claims to be an “ardent feminist” but I believe he’s being sarcastic; but then, it’s hard to tell with Boris. He’s an odd chap.

Better than the article itself, though, are the comments themselves, absolutely loads of them. There are a few femtards and manginas, but many seem to be anti-feminist. Many stray off the topic and rant about feminism and Western women, with some bragging about having found nice foreign wives. Funniest of all is when one woman attempts shaming language and sarcasm and a guy responds by quipping that she had better start liking shelves as she will probably end up left on one.

Here’s some of my favourite comments:

I am a man who had a largely barren experience with women in the UK, now I am happily married to a Slovak lady who is great. It strikes me that in the totally necessary battle for sexual equality, many young women in the UK view being nice and helpful to a male as some sort of weakness. Example, if I make a cup of tea for my sisters, then no one bats an eyelid, their making a brew for me would signal subjugation. Ladies, remove the beam from your own eyes before complaining you can’t find good men.

Hey relax, don’t worry. What does it matter? In the next 20-30 years it will be something else. Women will have gone bald with all the stress of running things. Men will be relaxed and fantastic at golf. Kids will be imported from orphanages around the world and I will still be sunning myself in the tropics with many teenage babes pamper me. Oooo baby!

well… maybe all men should just become homedads… let all those brilliant highly educated high achieving women break those glass ceilings… it’s great fun being at home…playing Xbox, football with your kiddo’s, drinking coffee with your other homedad mates… great fun, doing a bit creative cooking,trying to achieve nirvana… what’s a better life than that?

It has taken you a long time to wake up. Twenty years ago a lot of my colleagues – mostly graduates – were having vasectomies and were saying that they never intended to marry. They also said that they had no intention of running a relationship for more than two years.

As I was thirty years older than them I thought it a very strange attitude; however over the years I have come to see that perhaps they had something after all. In fact, I no longer find it strange at all!

Of course, one consequence of this outrageous social engineering is that the ‘useless’ young men will become very angry young men, who will go around making life increasingly unpleasant for ‘nice graduates’ of both sexes, as Boris so eloquently pointed out in a recent piece about the ghastly murder of a wonderful young lawyer.

Never mind, no doubt in some male minds it is a price worth paying for all the ‘nice male graduates’ to have a large pool of spare ‘nice female graduates’ to play away with. Feminism – great stuff for some males, eh.

Then the nice female graduates divorce the nice male graduates who become poor nice male graduates, and so the pool of suitable men for our elite females becomes even smaller, until they reach a ‘certain age’, when the remaining desirable males aren’t interested in them as a bit on the side, and they give up and join the huge army of ‘past it’ lonely women with everything except what they long for most, committed love.

The hatred and resentment men have for feminism seems to be rising ever more, as does the apathy and derision more of us have for most modern Western women, and at the risk of sounding over optimistic, it appears to be finally breaking into the mainstream media.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:24 PM

At 9:55 PM, Phoenix said…

I find it hilarious that these single young men are “dangerous” to society. When these young men are growing up, they’re considered “nerds” or “losers” and completely harmless, when they grow up, suddenly they are dangerous. These manginas and femtards never bother introducing evidence to back up their claims. Common sense tells you most young men without women do the same things they’ve always done, find hobbies, play games, relax. The criminals are never exactly single because there is no shortage of women ready to bang them at the drop of a hat. It’s when young men with money (and exactly how do you get money by being a bum anyway?) refuse to marry that women claim they are dangerous. I think we’ve proven the correlation is not with “resentful single males” and crime, but rather single mother “families” and crime. Either way, these men have no problems getting sex with women, and they have no intention of marriage (and the women don’t want to marry them, because the woman wants to marry in order to be funded by her husband, not for “love” or because there is a child or anything).

I’m sure Duncan would be able to explain what I’m saying much better than I am, but hopefully it makes sense to everyone reading it anyway.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous said…

From my conversations with lots of guys about women, I honestly believe that about 40% of men out there hate promiscuity in women. That is why men will date these women but will never commit.

Why marry a girl or even make her “your girl” if she is simply another Brigit Jones? Who cares if all those women are emotionally starving to death? They gave away all their physical and emotional love to men enjoyed them and threw them aside.

Boris is right about the new distancing by class, but add in the factor of decent men’s rejection of trashy women and the numbers really make sense. One can see the difference in women. I remember 40-year old women in the 1970s. They were happy and mostly well-adjusted. The same aged women in 2007 are downright scary. They are hardened, used up and angry with all men for what they allowed bad men to do to them.

If lots of men simply don’t care anymore, one has to ask: What should they be struggling for? Why work to succeed? You get to have a woman who has been used by 15-50 men? The single life more than “makes sense”, it becomes the choice of sanity for men.


At 3:25 PM, woeisyou said…

So…men are useless when they accept the feminist view of equality and when they don’t, they’re pigs? One of the comments even suggests that women whom men don’t want to marry are somehow discriminated upon.

And what does “rising up to the challenge of feminism” mean anyway? Beating a woman up for even suggesting anything resembling equality?


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous said…

If lots of men simply don’t care anymore, one has to ask: What should they be struggling for? Why work to succeed?

Correct. A primary trait of matriarchies. Men are not motivated to do much of anything, other than fucking, fighting, and taking it easy. Why work for a family if I don’t even know if the kids are mine? Civilization grinds to a halt and then retrograde. More males will decide it’s not worth it (college, career) and just do whatever the hell they want to do. No more motivation to keep building (and repairing?) the civilization. It won’t be sudden (baring a major war or other catastrophe). Western civilization will die like a steadily deflating balloon.


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous said…

Re: Western civilization dying like a steadily deflating balloon…

Correct, but it may not die everywhere, although large parts of it will die at varying degrees of speed if nothing changes real soon, I mean real soon.

For instance, in my city, Toronto, it is clear to everyone that westerners are on the way out bigtime and in a hurry. And the government talks about dramatically increasing immigration, even doubling it, in a country with already the highest rate of immigration in the world.

I recently spoke my mind to a bunch of immigrants about how multiculturalism and feminism are shit and pushing westerners out the door. They all agreed and actually exhibited some genuine sympathy, like they really thought it is tragic that a civilization would elect to die.

If present trends in Canada stay the same or accelerate, the major urban areas will in effect become no-go zones for white men due to institutionalized discrimination, er, I mean “affirmative action” or “positive discrimination” that is federal law. Who would hire them with all the women and dark-skinned people in front of the line? Not to mention the genuine prejudices that many immigrants harbour.

For fun I now make a point of asking visible minorities: “Who you gonna blame next?” I mean, they’ll start picking away at each other once all the capitalist imperialist aggressors are dust in the wind!

None of this benefits them either, incidentally, for many of them deep down want good western guys running shit for them, although they’re loathe to admit it.

Who’s gonna run a city like Toronto? Shit, 5-6 million people, one of the largest urban areas in North America. They ain’t all gonna join hands and sing “We are the World!”


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