Get back to Uni you dumb men!


31 January 2007


Job prospects fear as boys shun university


Of course boys are shunning University; these places are feminist and PC-thug infested shit-holes these days.

I think this is a good thing anyway. Let women storm triumphantly into Universities, get themselves loaded with major debts to get pissy worthless degrees in Media Studies and Women’s Studies. Guys will either pick up a trade and/or experience in the workplace early or, better yet, do an easy job and only take care of themselves financially. Let women work themselves into an early grave at their graduate jobs.

Not that there are many graduate jobs around anyway. Most graduates end up working in call-centres or such shit. I went to Uni, but dropped out, and consequently I’m one of the few people in my department at work who doesn’t have a degree. Does it make any difference? Of course not. I’m at the same level as several women who have degrees in things like History or English, which have no influence on their job skills at all. In fact, apart from the hard sciences and engineering, most degrees are increasingly worthless because so many people have them.

“Hire me, hire me, I’m perfect for this administration job. I’ve got a B.A. in Media Studies.”

Yeah, you and every other applicant. I’ve even encountered many people – mostly women – with degrees in Law but who work tending bars or at call-centres.

Of course, boys have been failing school and dropping out of Uni for years, but that was all very well for a time, cause for a celebration, a dance of joy by women on the grave of the Patriarchy. Now, however, it is A Problem.

Why? Because there may not be enough skilled workers. Slacker boys might grow up to become slacker men, and that’s not good for the economy. Those taxes need paying. Yes, now that this previously ignored problem is a potential problem for the government and it’s massive, cash-consuming infrastructure, it has been promoted to A Problem. Of course, they dress it up as being bad for us men, that we’re going to have a hard-time finding jobs, but hey, fuck it, maybe we don’t want stressful jobs anyway. Why bother with it when it means being taxed to the eye-balls, or losing it all in a divorce?

It is also A Problem for women, and indeed there have been a few articles in recent years from the US about women complaining all of a sudden about something they previously cheered, namely the gradual female domination of now-feminized Universities. After all, we’re seeing the first big waves of high-flying female graduates entering their thirties, tired out after a long ten or fifteen-years in the workforce, and finding that there are not that many high-flying male graduates around, and God forbid they should lower themselves to marry a mere car mechanic, factory worker or plumber. It doesn’t really matter that many guys in skilled blue-collar jobs can earn more than men with degrees in white collar jobs. What matters to women is not just the salary a man earns but the status of his job and his education. So therefore women are beginning to worry, or more commonly just bitch and complain about how there are no good men left, “good” men being doctors and lawyers. Y’know, jobs that are becoming increasingly feminized thanks to (a) positive discrimination/affirmative action and (b) the fact that they need degrees, and fewer men are willing to go through the feminist-dogma saturated shit-holes that Universities are these days to get one.

So what if fewer boys are going to University then. They’re just going their own way it seems. If that’s A Problem then it sure as hell isn’t ours, and us men are learning, gradually, to only give a fuck about our own problems, not those of the government or women. Fuck ’em.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:13 PM

At 8:27 PM, arnold ziffel said…


In one of his books (I do not recall which one) am American writer named Warren Farrell made the same point that you are making, namely, that not only do women look at how much a man earns but what he does to earn it. An attorney making US$75,000 is considered a better “catch” than a plumber making US$100,00, even though the plumber may have far more control over his work environment (clients chosen, hours worked) and better prospects for steady income in the future.

The benefit to the vast majority of us who do not have (or have quit) “prestigious” jobs is that it is easier for us to fly under the radar of popular culture assumptions concerning how single men should live. Society (at least in the U.S.) seems unconcerned if men in low prestige occupations go their own way.


At 9:25 PM, Alex said…

Hi Duncan
I am an avid reader of your blog, but this is the first time I post (I just do not like to talk much 🙂 )
You should check out what is happening in Israel right now. This is incredible. A former Justice minister, Haim Ramon, was convicted of sexual assault. His crime? He kissed a girl. There are a lot of fishy things in the case, like pressure applied on the “victim” to press charges. He wanted to fiddle with appointments to Supreme court, and just before Chief Justice was supposed to be named (by him), with him saying that it was not mandatory to chose according to rules specified by former chief justice, he was accused of this crap. He resigned to have his trial, and they appointed a woman as chief justice. Everybody got the message, I guess.
This “victim”, by the way, flirted with him and proposed to him to fly together to Costa Rica.
So now in Israel a kiss is sexual assault. Almost everyone is amazed, but then courts have always been more “progressive” than the general poblic. Bastards.
Keep up the good work, and sorry if my post is broken up, it is late, and I am tired.


At 9:49 PM, FredXblog said…

Cracking stuff Duncan

Yes- most women do opt for more worthless degrees like P.R./Media Studies or some gender-bender course or other

Some degrees (esp. traditional) like Law, Politics, English, Maths and History look impressive on paper, especially at 2.1/1st level, but you don’t actually need them to get on in life

It’s actually better to get in with a good company and work your way up within it so as to avoid the crap that comes along with further education

I wouldn’t say its a complete waste of time to go to university- but I don’t think it’s the absolute goal that Blair used to harp on about not so long ago

There is a lot of bullshit and politics that takes place in uni’s, plus if anyone ever took a ‘dodgy’, gender-orientated course like Sociology and the like, you will find you’ll get shafted if you’re male

Especially if you don’t toe the PC line

I had some friends who took such courses and they wished they hadn’t

It’s a disgrace how feminism creeps its way into our lives, in any one of its vile forms


At 10:09 PM, Javier said…

It’s all a house of cards the feminists (and manginas) helped build that is slowly deteriorating and will fall one day. When it has, people will be left scratching their heads as to what happened. Even then, I’m sure most people still won’t understand the cause.


At 10:18 PM, darkbhudda said…

If I had a son I would tell him to go into a trade.

Work, being an international company, prefers people with university degrees. Even in cases like IT where the degrees are worthless. Certification is far better for your job skills, unless you are purely doing project management. Even then you would be better served doing a project management course. You’ll learn more in far less time.

I spent a couple of years at Uni doing a Bachelor of Arts, hey I was young and stupid, every single course had a minimum of 1/4th feminism.

Even music had a compulsory “Women in Music” course. The lecturer would go off on insane tangents such as how universities couldn’t handle female mature age students, sorry WTF has that got to do with harmonic chord progression? Particularly bizarre since every class had multiple female mature age students, but I only ever saw one male mature age student.

But then, males don’t have an entire society geared to support their every whim.


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous said…

In order to maintain the fantasy that men and women are equal (in intellect and productivity), they must ensure that women are never over-represented in any particular field. Once there is a growing female majority – particularly in a professional field where the focus is on immediate outcome – the lie quickly becomes exposed.

So if men start going into the trades, white collar work (performed increasingly by women) loses productivity, focus, and therefore perceived value. Women’s studies grads know this very well, which is why they insist that education remain coed; but they also know that they can only sell the “patriarchal oppression” lie – which claims that patriarchy, not lower standards of professionalism and productivity, is to be blamed in cases where women’s work is valued less than men’s – once. When a plumber is valued more than a lawyer, nobody will believe anymore that it was the “patriarchy” which artificially created this standard. By then it will be clear that it’s because women are less intelligent than men (both on average and especially at higher IQs) and less productive.


At 10:43 PM, mfsob said…

Yep – women are shallow … like THAT is news to any of us.

I would love to embrace the slacker lifestyle to a greater degree than I have been able to, but for one God awful concept in US law – the dreaded “imputed income.”

There have been a couple of jobs that have come along in the last year that I would have really enjoyed, things I could have gotten into, but that paid about half what I make now. No worries for me, I can survive on not very much and be content. But my ex … if I filed for lower support, she could take me back to court, and the judge could rule that since I USED to make good money, I must have deliberately taken this job just to shaft her, so I MUST still pay the current support level.

That, or spend the rest of my life in debtor’s prison, I mean jail. Come to think of it, being a ward of the state …


At 3:56 AM, Phoenix said…

mfsob: while I sympathise with your situation, is there any reason for those of us that haven’t gotten married to worry about imputed income? Methinks no, so I really am only worrying about paying off my loans (I regret them, but I needed something that would get me a career) and then it’s all capital for a few years. Sure one day lawyers will be worthless, but if I can just get 8 years out of this, I’ll have long since stopped caring.


At 4:02 AM, Anonymous said…

One thing I’d like to do about that “imputed income” issue is to take out a loan based on this. It would be signed sealed and delivered to the “imputer” to be co-signed. Put up or shut up time. 😀


At 6:21 AM, Anonymous said…

Yes, they’re panicking. No graduates to plunder. Whatever shall they do? A successful parasite doesn’t kill the host.

I’m in the tool and die trade. I have 25 years experience and am quite proficient at my job. My current employer kisses my ass to keep me happy. Other shops try to coax me away. If I desire to work “under the table” tax free, it’s just a matter of making a few calls. Reputation is everything in this trade, and mine is top drawer.

The sweetest part is that there are no women on the shop floor. Nor do they wish to be. It’s a highly technical and exacting trade, and completely without glamour or status.

I wear old comfortable work clothes even on my days off. It’s a trip to see wimmin curl their lip at me in disgust when our paths cross. HAHA! dumb bitch, I’ll keep my money and dignity. You can have your glamorous career, your cats and your big greasy dildoes.


At 12:46 PM, Bruce from Oz said…

In order to maintain the fantasy that men and women are equal (in intellect and productivity), they must ensure that women are never over-represented in any particular field. Once there is a growing female majority – particularly in a professional field where the focus is on immediate outcome – the lie quickly becomes exposed.

Yup. Do you notice how everyone complains about the HR department (if the workplace is big enough to have one) being incompetent and inefficient? That department is always run by a majority female and is the feminist fortress.


At 6:24 PM, Mr. Misogynist said…

Hey, Guys;

Let me tell you something. I’m the only one in my family who dropped out of college. I drive a bus for the large transit agency in my city, and I just got my statement of earnings, or whatever you call it, in order to do my taxes with the Infernal Raping Service (IRS). I made just under $60,000 last year, with outstanding benefits and retirement. A number of guys work what is known as the extra-board, doing a lot of overtime, and it’s not uncommon to make over $90-100,000 a year. We have a large light-rail system, as well as a growing street car system, and I can move over there any time I get bored. I can also move into any of the many supervisory positions as they that aren’t technically “management”, and don’t require a college degree.

A high percentage of our operators DO have college degrees, and an amazing number have graduate degrees.

Take it easy in life. Find a job you like, and screw college. It’s just so much brain-washing anyway.


At 8:53 PM, Anonymous said…

This is why I’ve never paid any attention to all the female whining about there not being enough good men around.

That’s a big fucking lie. If they want to get married, let them shut up and “marry down,” like we often do.


At 4:13 AM, Anonymous said…

if a woman rarely marries down, then that means men are almost always marrying down.

interesting point. i suppose in the good old days, at least instead of being just a parasitic leach, they were a beneficial leach. now they can’t cook, aren’t particularly nice, and tend to be shallow and abusive.

i think i’d prefer an ACTUAL leech.


At 12:19 AM, HAWKEYE said…

notice they have removed most of the comments on the storey ,all the ones that made reference to feminisation being the problem


At 11:32 PM, Trish said…

You’re all a bunch of fuckwits!!! Trish from Australia- Get the fuck over yourselves!!!!


At 6:31 PM, Anonymous said…


Two words for you:

South America

Seriously, plenty of decent places to live, work and play. What you need to do is:

1) learn Spanish
2) save up about $10000 US
3) head south

With the money you saved you can live for quite a while – cost of living is much lower down there. Drift around from job to job for a while and apply for permanent residency as soon as find something stable. Your Ex’s lawyers and the courts will have one hell of a hard time finding you down there. You can have your life back if you’re willing to take the initiative.


At 8:35 PM, AndyS said…

In order to maintain the fantasy that men and women are equal (in intellect and productivity), they must ensure that women are never over-represented in any particular field. Once there is a growing female majority – particularly in a professional field where the focus is on immediate outcome – the lie quickly becomes exposed.

You would think. Usually they then turn it around and turn it into a shame fest that talks about how men are holding their own, are lazy, stupid, not pulling their weight, don’t care enough, bums, freeloaders etc…. and how this puts an additional burden on women and children.


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