Woman jailed for crime, shock!


30 January 2007

Jail for lonely-hearts conwoman

A woman who conned tens of thousands of pounds from men she met through newspaper and internet dating sites has been jailed for two years.

Emma Golightly, from Meadowfield Gardens in Walkerville, Newcastle, claimed to be a wealthy businesswoman.

The 22-year-old, who even convinced one man she had cancer so he would marry her, used her victims’ credit cards to fund her lavish lifestyle.

Apart from committing bigamy and feigning cancer, how is what she did really that different to what a lot of women do anyway, namely pressuring and seducing a man into marrying them and using their victim husband’s money to fund their lavish lifestyles?

[The Judge] accepted that she was suffering from a personality disorder but said the offences of theft, deception and attempted deception were so serious that only custody could be justified.

At least she’s off to prison, but note how, predictably, she’s regarded as suffering from a personality disorder. What disorder? Being a thieving liar? Strange how women who commit crimes always seem to be diagnosed with some sort of disorder or illness.

I suppose most judges (including many male ones it seems) think women are normally incapable of lying and cheating.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:32 PM


At 7:40 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Perhaps her personality disorder was being female.

Before anyone jumps on me for the suggestion, just stop and think a moment. The claim of personality disorder is a bog-standard excuse for any female doing anything wrong. It can be pleaded by men too of course, but is far less likely to be either believed or taken into account before sentencing. So it is a decidedly female excuse; and it is so commonplace that the real surprise would be to find any woman convicted of anything who was NOT in the grip of one kind of personality disorder or another. Can anyone find a case where this has happened? A woman convicted of a crime who does not plead some kind of mental problem, inflicted on her by someone else (usually of guess-which sex)?

Indeed if any woman refused to use such an excuse, you might have to conclude that she really was suffering from some kind of mental aberration, for failing to help herself to the get out of jail card that the system so readily places in front of her and invites her to pick up.

We are but a small step away from the familiar old “not guilty by reason of having a vagina” defence, are we not?

So when personality disorder is so closely associated with any female who has been convicted of a crime, and that disorder is never due to her own failings or weaknesses but can always be blamed on some other person, are we not justified in concluding that it must be an intrinsic part of the female mental make-up to be susceptible to such disorders?


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous said…

The male judges are generally worse. At least occasionally a female judge will see right through that nonsense, and be offended. I think I’ve only heard of 1 male judge that actually had a problem with female unaccountability.


At 11:03 PM, mfsob said…

Finally, a judge with some brass ones, and an English judge at that! Maybe there is some hope for your island nation after all.

But again, looking at her picture, I find myself wondering, WTF were those men thinking???


At 11:49 PM, Anonymous said…

you are right! it is likely all men feel that women don’t lie to us as we were taught by our own mothers these rules.!!
Amazing what you learn when your eyes are opened, I looked back on the 29 years I was married, worked 2 jobs,and then was tossed aside when we had a problem with my biz and she could not leave fast enough!!

Now, I have a nice house I like, a car I like, and funny, my cat does not mind if I am late!


At 8:49 PM, Anonymous said…

…and it is so commonplace that the real surprise would be to find any woman convicted of anything who was NOT in the grip of one kind of personality disorder or another.

I have no problem with that. The flip side, of course, is that such a being should have NO power. That was the case for centuries and civilization grew and flourished. Post feminism women (crazy/stupid) have been empowered and western civilization is going into the toilet. It is no coincidence.

In the 19th century they used to liberally prescribe Laudanum for women to combat their hysterics. Right back then they saw through women’s BS and concluded they were batshit insane and destructive if left to run amuck.


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