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05 February 2007

I put “divorce” and “men” into Google’s news search engine and found a trio of articles:

Marriage: The decision of women alone? (PDF)

The opinions of normal men were excluded entirely. Thus, we learn nothing about marital relationships as they are symbiotic in nature. The truth can never be known regarding marriage if one only analyzes the opinions of one sex.

Finally, an article pointing out how absurd it is the way women are the only ones consulted about the declining marriage rate, and questioning the obviously ridiculous claim that women are somehow overjoyed that more and more of them are hitting middle-age single and childless.

This article, on a similar subject, namely women’s increasing singlehood, was clearly written by a complete mangina given that he implores us men to improve or we’ll remain bachelors. Oh no, mercy, not bachelorhood, a man’s worst nightmare! Snigger.

These words are for men only (PDF)

If I may humbly suggest, guys, we need to proceed in a businesslike way. We have a very good product to sell – adorable, cute-as-buttons men – and all we need to do is to market our gender more successfully. It’s no good just indulging in a spiteful show of flatulence and snorting noises while wondering how in the world women would not find men irresistible.

Shove it up your arse. Women are the ones who have to sell themselves to us; us men don’t need them. We can defend ourselves, support ourselves and do our own ironing too. By delaying marriage until their looks have gone, by whelping illegitimate bastards, by slutting around, by being so obnoxious and self-centered, not to mention successfully demanded outrageous anti-male bias in the divorce courts, women are the ones who have chased men away from marriage. If women really are happy being old, single, childless and slaving away at their “careers”, then fine, but if not – and I doubt many are – they’ve got a lot of work to do before us men find them in anyway tolerable, let alone irresistible.

It seems women all the way over in Uganda are turning into spiteful shits too and the men, not surprisingly, going on their own Marriage Strike:

Uganda: Where Did the Men Go?

According to Stella the right age for marriage is in 30’s and 40’s after “having fun”. To her, there is nothing to look for in marriage apart from having the same guy to yourself. Marriage to her would be a source of “psychological stress”.

To her men are lumpens and fools who fear commitment, even though a world would be boring without them. Stella is in a relationship, but is not yet ready for marriage.


Justine’s suggestion on the other hand sounded more amusing, eccentric, and even spiteful: “You just stage-manage yourself, get pregnant and have a child with him, then find a minor excuse to throw him out.”

She said that women are sometimes required to trick the men in order to get babies because many men freak out and run away if you let them know you wanted to have their baby.

Fucking hell, is nowhere safe from skank behaviour?

That article, incidentally, was clearly written by a feminist and a mangina, given the mere token show of men’s opinions on the subject, not to mention the vomit inducing shaming language in the final paragraph.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:02 PM

At 12:14 AM, Mark said…

I blame it on ‘care in the community’ for putting the delusional out on the streets.


At 12:37 AM, Cowhead said…

“I am a muslim, but I would want a born-again man because they have good principles; even if you beat him, he can’t beat you back!” Aisha said.

Absolutely disgusting. The bitch should be slapped for saying that, what a fucking cunt.


At 12:41 AM, D. Chode said…

Great site here.

Yea, I remember when that NYT article came out and was talked about on the evening news they interviewed the fattest, ugliest single women they could find. Of course, the nasties were reveling in the attention and saying “we don’t need a man”. The reality is that men don’t want them.

The idiots at NYTs of the world don’t realize that men resent be treated like shoes or purses that are disposable.


At 1:57 AM, Lisa said…

Duncan, I’m not sure if this topic interests you at all. This is a link to story making big news in the US right now. It’s about Western women outsourcing to India for surrogate mothers. Some do it for infertility and some do it so they can have a biological child and not have a pregnancy to disrupt their careers. Gross.


At 2:48 AM, Anonymous said…

Well, at least these journalists haven’t been highly educated. Paying prolly 30k/year for a law degree at Emory Law School, you get mind-numbing shiite like this from Professor Daniel Epstein:

“This paper considers recent American legal developments in the mail-order bride industry. It aims to deconstruct an image of masculinity from an industry that has been described as a form of sexual slavery and a source of significant domestic abuse. The consumer-husband is examined within the contexts of prostitution and rape, among other forms of gender violence. ”

It gets funnier in a moronic, hateful way. Somehow the law prof manages to transition (in the abstract!) to discussing necrophilia:

“Necrophilia is consistent with a sexuality that idealizes women as passive, subdued objects but it is also consistent with a form of power that seeks efficient object-relations, e.g. non-intimate sex is quicker and takes less time away from the market-production ethic. As part of a critical analysis of law, the paper suggests that feminist legal thinkers ought to explore the relationships between necrophilia and gender violence. ”

Ain’t that impressive? I really respect the ability of law schools to get students to pay lots ‘o coin to be lectured by hate-mongering imbeciles.

Really, I’m not making this up. See:

“Romance is Dead: The Consumer Husband Marries a Surrogate Corpse and the Mail-Order Bride Industry Invites Feminism to the Wedding”



At 4:24 PM, ChicagoMan said…

If women are soooo happy being single, then why do we constantly get bombarded by women saying they are so happy being single?

Men don’t do this in the media.

Clearly it is a case of insecurity FOR being single.

Women being the chameleons that they are, then exclaim loudly that they are proud of it and it is by design rather than admit to being unhappy because of their selfishness.

I don’t go around exclaiming wildly that I am proud being heterosexual. What’s the point?

The only people that do are the ones that feel ashamed and insecure. The marriage strike is working.

You will see more and more articles like this because women want everyone to think all is peachy.

Clearly these same people haven’t read all the other articles about women whining at every whim, however magically many of those don’t make it into the mainstream.

Congrats fellas, the more we see this, the more we know we are winning the battle.

Clearly why on earth would a man EVER choose marriage? It was designed to entrap a man to help raise his own children for society’s benefit.


At 5:20 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

Its as if the choices of Men don’t matter in Marriage. That the Marriage Strike is being ignored by the Empty Suits in the Media. Dumb Ass bastards who continue to promote Lies. Who is buying the “Brides” magazines.

Go to any so called “Chick Flicks”.Its all about a Woman snagging a Man in Marriage. And getting her Man. The Actors all get rich of this garbage. Men who do not fit the mold are disparaged.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is an example of bashing a Bachelor who avoided Women. So he hooks up with a Single Mom playing Captain Save a Skank. Or the Movie with Male Heart Throb Matthew McConaughey who is a successful Bachelor living with his Parents.

To me it simply shows the disdain the media has for Men.


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous said…

I’ll give the islamics one thing thing–they know how to keep their bitches in check. We ought to take a lesson from them and reassert ourselves as the dominant, and dominating, sex. It’s long past time to put them back in their place, and all it requires is for men to simply start doing it.


At 6:35 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

This is why I have always taken issue with those men who claim that you have a better chance when marrying foreign women.

You don’t.

I spent most of my life as a Mormon, and both of my brothers got involved with women they met as Mormon missionaries. One girl was from Switzerland, the other from Norway. One of my stupid brothers married one of these broads. Both of these women were certifiably INSANE, I kid you not. Such marriages were quite common in Mormonism, and I got a first-hand look at how these marriages worked out. Plus, I know several guys from work who married Filipino women, and one married a Korean.

Almost without exception, these marriages were/are very unhappy, with the women only trying to come to the U.S. in order to get their green card, and then bring all of their stinking relatives over. it’s just that simple.

A couple of months ago I was being pursued at work by a Romanian gal, who at 40, is quite good looking, but a nutty-fundy-Wacko. She finally got frustrated, and asked me to “marry her and move her into my house”. I kid you not. I felt my gonads shriveling up royally.

Men who think it’s just the American culture that corrupts women are not entirely correct. It worsens women, to be sure, but ALL women throughout the world have the same rotten, dishonest, adulterous nature. A man is a fool if he thinks he can marry a foreigner and live happily ever after.

Women are the same the world over, and one pussy smells just as bad as another.


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous said…

I predict that outsourcing to other countries for surrogate mother services will be made illegal because it would enable single fathers to have kids that are genetically their own but without any risk of divorce or state-sponsored child adbuction or theft i.e. allowing it will undermine too many vested/corrupt interests in the divorce/abuse industries.


At 11:22 PM, Lisa said…

Men who think it’s just the American culture that corrupts women are not entirely correct. It worsens women, to be sure, but ALL women throughout the world have the same rotten, dishonest, adulterous nature. A man is a fool if he thinks he can marry a foreigner and live happily ever after.

Not to mention if any of these women have access to American movies they are subjected to messages of the western feminists. They are likely viewing these movies as the ideal.


At 1:31 AM, HAWKEYE said…

we have a story running in OZ at the moment where a cop is being suspended and put on trial because get this “he laughed ” apparently he laughed while interviewing a rape suspect and it has been decided that he was being disrespectful and abusive to the victim and her family,
reminds me of an episode of the GOODIES but now its for real,


At 2:48 PM, zzoonn said…

Cristopher in Oregon said: ‘…but ALL women throughout the world have the same rotten, dishonest, adulterous nature.’

I couldn’t agree more.


At 9:36 PM, mfsob said…

I love it, Anonymous 10:37! Turn the tables on the skanks and shut them out completely!


At 12:13 AM, Anonymous said…

>>This is why I have always taken issue with those men who claim that you have a better chance when marrying foreign women.

>>You don’t.

Sure you do, but you gotta’ be smarter than a rock. Using the example of two dummies who married women from two of the most screwed up nations in the world tells us nothing about women in other countries.

Also, just because the further you get from the English speaking and European countries your odds go up, doesn’t mean you can simply marry the first attractive woman you see and expect success. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT MOST MEN DO.

And, yes, if you marry women from very poor nations and bring them to the States, there is a good chance you are marrying a woman because she wants her papers. Why is this a big surprise? Does anyone know the divorce rate in the Philippine Islands, compared to 79% in California? Zero, they don’t even have divorce in the law.

Unlike most of you, I am married to a Mexican wife for more than 31 years. I also counseled divorced men, and see men doing all sorts of stupid things, then blaming everyone but themselves. The single biggest mistake men make is to marry a woman because she’s gorgeous, instead of looking for character, honesty, willingness to communicate, and personality. AND THAT’S WHAT MOST MEN DO.

A few years ago, I arranged for a Canadian man to communicate with a friend in Mexico City. I told him in plain English not to get serious until he had visited her at least two or three times. A few months later, having only communicated by telephone A LOT, he sent her money to travel to Canada. He had never set eyes on her before. But, goshie darn, she sounded so good over the phone! She ended up pregnant, they eventually married, she got pregnant again, and they divorced.

Should this be used as an example of troubles of marrying a foreign woman? No, only of stupid men doing stupid things.

The real secret is to move to a country which does not have vicious, anti-male divorce laws, and keep her there. Women do behave differently when they realize they have all the power and you have none. Just as men behave differently when they have all the power.

But, only a man who knows little about women from different countries can conclude all women in all nations are insane. Stupid, chest or face oriented men will pick bad wives even when they have to work at it.

Note that I would never again marry any woman in the US, no matter how wonderful, because of the laws. I would if I became single again, marry here in Mexico. There are a lot of sane women here; just don’t take them to the States. Feminist insanity is contagious.

Let me also point out that a Russian woman who arranges meetings with Russian women says the divorce rate of men who marry Russian women more than 15 years younger is approximately 100%.

Anonymous age 64


At 6:24 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

Anon 64;

A wise man, indeed. I ponder your words carefully, as I’m sure do the others.



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