Another female criminal with a “personality disorder.”


07 February 2007


Babysitter’s life term for attack

A babysitter who tried to smother a baby boy three times before breaking his leg has been jailed for life.

Nicola Radford, 21, of Haweswater Avenue, Ince, Wigan, attacked the boy at his home, and then in hospital after his mother asked her to stay with him.

Crikey, a whole life sentence for a child-abusing woman! Evidently the Vagina Pass didn’t work this time.

Oh, wait, my mistake. She only has to serve a minimum of two and a half years. So not really a life sentence then is it?

Radford, who has a personality disorder and a low IQ…

Just like we’ve seen twice already this week, when a woman is convicted of a crime, she’s invariably said to have a personality disorder (strange how these ‘disorders’ are never specified), to swiftly deflect responsibility from her. No doubt this interstellar skank will be diagnosed with a personality disorder or depression too.

And what’s with the ‘low IQ’ business?


So she’s as thick as pigshit, big deal, that’s no excuse to repeatedly try and kill a baby then break his leg.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:20 PM


At 10:55 PM, trinitor said…

“has a personality disorder and a low IQ”

A.k.a. she’s a female.


At 11:05 PM, Lisa said…

I wonder what happens to these women in prison. When men commit crimes against children, they are subject to ‘inmate justice’. Fellow inmates take over where the courts left off and make that man’s existence a living hell. I wonder what happens in women’s institutions. You never hear about female inmates being attacked as a result of their crimes. Have women so bought into the lie that they are the victim no matter who they hurt that other inmates embrace these child killers and offer consolation? Gross injustice in the sentence, by the by.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous said…


Abuse at the hands of fellow inmates is practically considered a de-facto part of the punishment in men’s institution. Women’s institutions are much more secure because the psychotic inmates actually get treatment. Further, women have much more incentive to behave since they are more likely to receive parole than men.

It’s predictable that she’s getting such a light sentence (light, since she will likely be paroled). It’s the “perfect storm” of sentencing disparity based on gender: female perpetrator & male victim.

Studies show that male babies are 61% of SIDS cases. I wonder if she had been successful, would this have been called a SIDS death?


At 1:56 AM, Anonymous said…

I think most of them just find girlfriends, or bang the male guards.


At 3:01 AM, Egghead said…

I’m sure her sentence would have been much harsher if it had been a female baby.


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous said…

Hi Duncan, you HAVE to do a write up of this astronaut thing!

Especially the part about the adult nappies.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous said…

Men are not segregated and divided enough in jail to protect them, they segregate by gangs and such, but they need to divide as much as possible to reduce violence and lethal bullying in prisons. If a generally weak person who’s not tough goes to jail he should not be put in with inmates who are. But yet they have female prisons.

There are FAR more fucked up in the head psychos with PLENTY more “disorders” in a male prison(who didn’t get the same hidden empathy from press), and women should have to cohabit with the male inmates, end of story.


At 12:39 PM, feminist_scum said…

Unfortunately Lisa, feminism convinces women that they are never at fault for any bad they do. I’m glad there are women like you who can see through this crap. You’re a credit to women every where.


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous said…

If you read the article, it says the boy is now with foster parents. I mean, it’s obvious something is wrong with the mother since she left her son in the care of this “low IQ”, but why doesn’t the reporter elaborate on *why* the boy was removed from her custody?


At 11:59 PM, VoodooJock said…

They give those women a sawed off broom handle, and a jar of army surplus vaseline.


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous said…

Typical .Can you imagine what would have happened to Myra Hindley hasd she commited those awful crimes against children today? Yep, a couple of years in a cushy remand centre then freedom (the bleedin’ hearts would have made sure of that and blamed it ALL on Brady.)


At 4:29 PM, mfsob said…

“thick as pigshit” … or UGLY as pig shit? Makes sense either way, looking at her pic. *shudders*

Men, we have GOT to stop thinking with our dicks, and stop having anything to do with these ugly, overweight, mental or feminazi women. Because if they do manage to reproduce, we’re just screwing up and diluting the gene pool even more.

So we won’t get as much sex. Big damn deal … we take that away from these, ummm, womyn, we take away their power over us. And that is a very good thing


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous said…

If they gave her anything less than the death penalty, then yes, they did give her a vagina pass.

Three times. Three.


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