Another insurance-motivated murder


06 February 2007

Wife convicted of plotting plumber’s murder for life insurance payout, faces death penalty

Jurors have convicted a Florida woman of conspiring to murder her plumber husband so she could collect $500,000 in life insurance.

This is the second case in a week of a woman convicted of spousal murder for money.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:17 AM


At 12:52 AM, Ulrich said…

I won’t be surprised when she gets a lighter sentence than the idiot guy involved in this.


At 3:13 AM, Anonymous said…

Will she escape the labia of justice?


At 6:31 AM, Pete Patriarch said…

The murder plot was hatched out of fear that the plumber was planning to divorce Tobie and move closer to his extended family, according to testimony.

Now that the poor husband isn’t around to defend himself, they can throw all kinds of accusations at him, hoping a few will stick. And since when was divorce a justification for murder? We all know which gender divorces the most, should we declare open season on them?

“She was a raging drunk,” defense attorney Michael Nielsen said Wednesday. “[She] was not mentally capable to form the intent to kill.”

The EXACT same thing would be used against a man at trial (that he was a raging drunk). Hooray gender-based double standards!


At 8:02 AM, Anonymous said…

She’ll never get the death penalty. The power of vagina is just too big.


At 1:39 PM, Off Centre View said…

And again an article tries to excuse a woman’s actions by claiming that she was incapable (in this case because she was an “alcoholic”) of doing such a thing. If a male does something horrible like this he is vilified or told to “take it like a man”.


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous said…

Duncan read this lol.

“I am amazed how much I love this,” says Tina, one of the students. “It’s permission to be sexy. I feel like a total goddess.”



At 10:16 PM, Anonymous said…

Think she’ll get a tougher sentence than the cat killer?


At 10:40 PM, mfsob said…

Wait … I didn’t see in here that she was “depressed” or “had been abused as a child” or … you get the idea.


At 10:00 AM, Off Centre View said…


Nope, it didn’t say that she was “depressed” or abused as a kid. Someone in the article (it might even be her dad) says that she was an “alcoholic” and therefore incapable of doing such a horrible thing like murder though…


At 11:12 PM, Lisa said…

And since when was divorce a justification for murder?

This wasn’t even a divorce. This was a possibility of divorce and a possibility he would take her kids away. This woman deserves the needle. And the guy sounds like a good dad if he was contemplating taking his kids and removing them from a home with their alcoholic mother. Now this woman has shown she can kill. All the more value on his potential decision. In my mind, she killed a man worthy of father of the year and she should pay the ultimate price.


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