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04 February 2007


I amused myself this evening watching some torrents of Bottom, the British sitcom from the early 1990s.

There’s a rather funny incident whereby Edward “Eddie” Hitler (Adrian Edmondson) answers the door and finds a woman standing there.

Under the impression the visitor is his flatmate’s date for the night, Eddie (who is pretending to be a butler to make out his flatmate is wealthy) offers to take her coat.

The woman refuses to give up her coat, and after a struggle, Eddie punches her in the face. She hits him back. Furious, Eddie smacks her in the face again.

Finally, the woman points out that she is not coming round for a date, but is actually collecting money door-to-door for victims of domestic violence.

Eddie contemplates this for a moment, then smacks the woman over the head with a hammer and sends her tumbling down the stairs. Eddie steals the charity collection tin, then tosses some of the coins down the stairs, saying “Have some yourself dearie.”

Funny stuff, and something that you’d never see on most media channels in the West these days at all. You can see men being kicked, punched, beaten and generally abused by women to canned-laughter all the time, but never the other way round. In fact I believe the BBC have an official, written policy of never showing violence against women and children in a humourous light. Showing violence against men in humourous light is apparently fine though.

Bottom was taken off the air after three series and Rick Mayall (Edmonson’s co-star and co-writer) launched a tirade at the BBC in 2005, saying that the place catered to only ethnic minorities, homosexuals and women. Damn right.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:24 PM


At 10:05 PM, feminist_scum said…

Loved that show, absolutely fucking loved it! One of the best shows ever, shame there’s only 14 or so episodes. A damn shame. đŸ˜¦ He’s right by the way.


At 3:58 AM, FredXblog said…

Ah Bottom- a fantastic show that wasn’t afraid to make great comedy

Other giants were Love Thy Neighbour and Till Death Do Us Part

These were the stuff of legend

Shows that weren’t afraid to be un-PC

Nowadays, we are stuck with TV that has to toe the line

In a way, I think comedies have de-evolved over the years, and have gotten worse- not better- than shows that were made in the 70’s and 80’s

So fuck you PC Britian and femcunts in the media

Fuck you very much


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous said…

MANY Western Women are this insane:

Sarah Goldberg

Imagine if you were trapped in a marriage to this deluded, schizoid bitch. Everyday having to deal with this insanity. Avoid Western Women.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous said…

Duncan this is interesting article about “Postmodern families” personally it disgusts me. My father was always my favourite and if my mother had had me without a father i would have been FAR different and a LOT worse. Why should other children be made without a father? This disgusts me, the worst thing is the children don’t even know what it’s like so they have nothing to compare it to so they will think they are fine. If they can’t find a man then don’t have the fucking children at all. It’s all about me, me, me for them.

I know it’s off-topic but it’s probably the thing that most disgusts me apart from paternity fraud.


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous said…

here is another article sperm donors being contacted.


At 5:42 PM, Lisa said…

You know, it never even occurred to me how entertainment shows women abusing men as funny but never the other way around. Good post.


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous said…

anonymous 3:51 thanks.

That Sarah Goldberg clip is hilarious.


At 8:33 PM, Anonymous said…

If it’s that damn good, Rik, why don’t you find independent financing and make it yourself?

There’s clearly a market, grow a pair, get out there and make it yourself and shop it.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous said…

Loved that show. Thanks for posting about it – I just bought the set today “Young Ones/The Full Bottom” from


At 10:45 PM, Rik said…

Anon wrote:

“If it’s that damn good, Rik, why don’t you find independent financing and make it yourself?

There’s clearly a market, grow a pair, get out there and make it yourself and shop it.”

Because the BBC own all the rights to the show.


At 10:56 PM, julie said…

I know this is off subject but I am going to do it anyway. But just on subject, Bottom was a great comedy. Adrian was in another with 3 other guys that was also funny. The only worthwhile comedy now is live comedy. IMO
These women that write horrible remarks are a concern. Our young girls are learning to treat men differently also through school.

It is as if females think because men are stronger physically, then they are stronger mentally and emotionally. And this is the wrong message to be sending out.

If Universities wanted to do study on gender, they should have done it with both genders involved so that each could understand the other. But as we know that wasn’t part of a solution. Separating them was.

But we don’t have to be separate. Working together can become the norm again if we really want it and are prepared to work at it. It is fair enough to say to me that I should be talking to my sisters about this and I do but not to the feminists. They cannot be reasoned with. They are a product of woman gone wrong. Men however have not done this (Yet) They are still reasonable.

I am all for the bachelor step now as it is too great a risk to do life differently but I am very afraid it will be taken advantage of. Alot of you know about the New World Order which impresses me about your connected sites.

Is that really a better answer?

Of course this may never come if the war in the East gets too out of hand. But we can’t life waiting for death.


At 11:07 PM, HAWKEYE said…

i used to live for the young ones,all the great comedy comes out of england because they can laugh at themselves which makes it funny,
so sad to see this ,i guess the best comedy we can hope for now is shows like desperate housewives,
ha ha arrrrrrr


At 7:12 PM, pjanus said…


I see you are trying hard to come to grips with the future that the ‘puppet masters’ would enslave us with.

I assume from your last couple of Posts that you have read up on the ‘Frankfurt School‘ and have viewed the factual documentaries The Century of the Self and the Money Masters.

The Marriage Strike is probably more of an attempt to wake women up than anything else. Will it work? Perhaps. But I am inclined to believe that women are too self absorbed and will readily embrace the safety and empowerment of the ‘nanny state.’ Women are not listening.

It is possible that if enough men are educated through the means of cyberspace, that we could thwart the plans for the New World Order. This will be extremely difficult. The Womens Movement started off from a position of angels on pedestals supported with the huge power of the ‘puppet masters.’ Our enemies have been very clever. They have created the social conditions where disenfranchised men and boys will cause chaos. They have then, through the media, actively and sublimely demonised men. So men will be starting off from a position of evil with no support.

We will probably sleep walk into this New World and wake up at the last moment. A revolution will be costly. It will, as ever, be men who pay the price. 40 Million men were slaughtered, in Russia, between 1913 and 1945, 60 million in China, so they say.


At 3:17 AM, julie said…


Thanx for your comment. I haven’t read what you presented but I will.


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