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06 February 2007

Duke Lacrosse Grand Jurors Speak Out

This Duke Lacrosse epic has highlighted a lot of anti-male bias in the legal system of the US (and which essentially applies to most Western countries too), including the obvious lack of ethics and the Always Take The Woman’s Word For It mentality of some prosecutors, and has been closely followed by many American guys. Here, on the infuriatingly banner ad/pop-up heavy abcnews.com site, some Grand Jurors talk of how they would not have indicted any of the accused based on subsequent information, given that there was so little evidence.

The jurors naturally thought it absurd that the so-called victim couldn’t say for certain whether she had even been raped or not, let alone who by, and were perplexed by the apparent fanaticism of prosecutor Mike Nifong to nail those gosh darn potential-rapists at any cost.

Ultimately, the district attorney could not be sure [a crime took place] either. In December, eight months after the grand jurors brought their indictments, prosecutor Mike Nifong dropped rape charges against the players when the accuser said she could not recall key details of the crime. The grand jurors who spoke to ABC News described being surprised and baffled by that development.

“What do you [the alleged victim] mean you’re not sure whether you got raped or not? That…didn’t add up,” said the second grand juror.

“It raised a lot of doubt,” the first said.

“The next thing I was wondering is, ‘OK, if you [the prosecutor] are dropping the rape charges, why are you even going to try to go forward with charges of assault and kidnapping? If no rape occurred, why go ahead and try to prosecute on the other charges?'”

One juror, bizarrely, later worries that the stripper at the centre of the case has had her name “besmirched.”

Um…she’s a fucking stripper and clearly a liar. Oh nooooo! Her reputation as a pure innocent lady is besmirched! Jeez.

Those wanting to read up on the case should head over to Khankrumthebulgar’s blog, as he has a good archive of material pertaining to it.

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At 1:41 PM, mfsob said…

I think when all the dust finally settles in this fiasco, the “victim” will be shown for what she is, a gold digging slut who saw what she saw as an easy chance to cash in on some rich white boys. I hope her name, address and photograph are plastered all over the papers and TV, and the new DA (Nifong having been run out of town by now) shows he has some balls and indicts and prosecutes her for falsely claiming rape.


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