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04 February 2007

Colombia mine gas blast kills 18

A gas explosion at a coal mine in north-eastern Colombia has killed at least 18 miners.

Although it is not explicitly stated, it is clear that all the miners who died were men. As is the case with all the other mine blasts, such as many recent ones in China, including one that left more than a hundred dead.

No, you wouldn’t catch women doing such dangerous (not to mention dirty) jobs like that. They’re too busy sitting in air-conditioned offices, with health and safety rules strictly enforced, and even laws that enable them to file a harassment lawsuit should any man say something they feel uncomfortable with, even if it’s something as lame as “Hey, nice blouse Suzie.” And as they sit there, filing their nails, they bitch and moan about how oppressed they are.

I say it’s time men stopped doing dangerous jobs like mining and construction. Let women try and do them. If they don’t bother – which they won’t – then laugh and watch as nothing gets mined or built and society stagnates and crumbles. Har har!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:44 PM


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous said…

That’s what is so retarded about the women were or are oppressed argument. If women were slaves or chattel in the West their lives would have been VERY different.

If women were oppressed slaves it would have been “MEN AND CHILDREN FIRST” off the HMS Titanic. Women would have been used as flotation devices or their bodies stuffed into the hole in the hull to keep the ship afloat.

If women were oppressed slaves they would have been sent off to war and die by the thousands on the battlefields. The corpses of disposable and worthless slave women would have littered the killing fields of Verdun and the Somme. The cemetaries at Gettysburg and Arlington would be filled with female cannon fodder.

If women were oppressed slaves they would have been sent to work in mines and risk breathing choking dust, death by suffocation, or being crushed in a mine collapse.

If women were oppressed slaves men would have stayed at home and sent the female slaves out to do the hard and dangerous work.

Instead men CHERISHED WOMEN. PROTECTED WOMEN from the worldly dangers. Yes, women worked. But it is a million times safer and easier to do work around the house than a commute and risk death in a construction accident building a dam (men were entombed alive in concrete), for example. Women’s greatest risk at home was burning the pot roast. Their commute was bedroom to kitchen and then living room (to watch her soaps, Dr. Phil, Oprah who would tell her what a victim she was by getting to stay at home).

I openly LAUGH in the face of any woman or mangina that tells me women in the West are or were oppressed.

Western women completely fucked themselves when they turned on the men who were protecting them and put women on a pedestal.

Since Western civilization is dying and Muslim civilization is rising (if demography is destiny holds any truth) western women may fulfill their own prophecy.


At 5:35 PM, byrdeye said…

Of course. If something bad happens to Men, they leave the “Men” part off and just give a number.

If something bad happens to women though, they are sure to add “WOMEN” in there.

This double-standard thus inflates the “suffering” of women while hiding that of Men.


At 9:31 PM, mfsob said…

Excellent point, byrdeye! You never see the media moaning about how many men bit the big one … but if even one female does so, somehow the story becomes much more newsworthy. Damned if I know why.


At 2:40 AM, Lisa said…

I think it was Schpengle Carrot-Tripe who wrote a nice piece on how women are forever challenging the glass ceiling yet want nothing to do with the glass floor.


At 7:12 AM, Anonymous said…

I here no woman crying for equality here – oh wait, maybe when it comes to be the boss of the miners.


At 12:48 PM, Anonymous said…

I take your point, but I doubt most women in Colombia/China are working in air conditioned offices filing their nails…

And I doubt your average western man would willingly work in mines under the conditions that some of those people do, much less be physically capable of it.

Of course I agree with you 100% on the western situation, but I don’t necessarily see it as applicable to a mine in Colombia, where life is no doubt shit for all concerned.


At 6:20 PM, pattykakkes said…

I doubt most women in Colombia/China are working in air conditioned offices filing their nails…

Actually, in China they do. Men do all the outdoor hard labor and factory dirty work whereas all the cushy office and A/C retail jobs are reserved for women. Unless you’re a farmer, then everybody works their ass off in the fields.


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous said…

pattykakkes said…

Men do all the outdoor hard labor and factory dirty work whereas all the cushy office and A/C retail jobs are reserved for women. Unless you’re a farmer, then everybody works their ass off in the fields.

Which is why parents who are only allowed to have one child will often have a fetus aborted when it is a girl – they know that a boy is an asset to them, while a girl is a burden and a liability.


At 11:13 PM, HAWKEYE said…

in a modern mine about 1/3 of miners are female ,but the men still have to “carry the can” when it comes to the tough stuff,
oh and watch your back, no un PC comments ,makes it hard to get the job done


At 5:16 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

The Sago Mine Disaster was a coal mine explosion on January 2, 2006, in the Sago Mine (pronounced /’se?go?/) in Sago, West Virginia, USA near the Upshur County seat of Buckhannon, West Virginia. The blast and ensuing aftermath trapped thirteen miners for nearly two days. Only one miner survived. It was the worst mining disaster in the U.S. since a 2001 tragedy in Alabama killed 13, and the worst in West Virginia since a 1968 event that took 78 lives.

In addition to the tragedy, the Sago Mine disaster is also widely remembered for its high-volume publicity and around-the-clock news coverage. For nearly two days the disaster occupied the airwaves of television stations such as CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and all major American news broadcasts. The disaster even gained significant international attention. As a result of the high-profile nature of the transpiring events, major misinformation was given to the public. The most significant misinformation led to the wide-spread announcement in the press that 12 survivors were found and only one had died, only to report shortly after that in fact there had been only one who survived while the other 12 had perished.

The truly heart breaking part was the Notes of love and concern left by the Dying Miners for their Families. Yeah these were those vicious Patriarchal Oppressors the FemNags continually drone on about.


At 12:46 AM, Anonymous said…

For a number of years, there has been p*****g and moaning about a major conspiracy in Ciudad Juarez, near the border in Mexico, to murder large numbers of women. I was in Mexico when that hoax first started.

I kept waiting and waiting for a certain bit of information that seemed never to be included, as important as it was.

Why, horror of horrors, at least 300 women murdered over ten years!!!!!!

So, how many men? Finally, after many months, a Mexican newspaper reported that 15% of murders in Cd. Juarez were women, which means of course 85% of murders were men.

That 15% female murder rate is EXACTLY the average for all of Mexico. I think that’s lower than the US murder figures.

One common skank response to this sort of information, sighs, rolls eyes skyward as if supplicating the mighty S**t Goddess Gaia, “Even one woman murdered is too many.”

Uh, you mean even 6 men murdered is not too many? Thanks for making your views clear, fiend.

Anonymous age 64


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