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01 February 2007

Here’s a couple more interesting pieces concerning articles from yesterday:

‘Stop feminising our schools – our boys are suffering’


The simple truth is that by the time our boys have done 12 or even 14 years in the feminised environment of today’s schools, they all ask: “What’s the point?”

If boys are not getting into university, or not applying in the first place, it’s because they’ve been turned off learning. They’ve been given a message that it’s not for them.


It’s a teacher truism that little girls want to please and little boys want to win. The trouble is that our whole system is geared to a strange idea of egalitarianism which has somehow been confused with fairness.

So we are weak on rape? Think again (PDF)

In our zeal to protect women, are we going to legislate so that a drunken man is accountable for his deeds, but a drunken woman is not? Why do we encourage women to see themselves as victims? This week I met a mother whose teenage daughter and friend had gone out on the razzle. The friend went to bed with a man and the next day was full of regret. She called: would her friend go with her to the police?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:34 PM


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous said…

dead on and accurate.

public school, by and large, was a miserable prison sentence of boredom and monotony.

one class stands out, my favorite teacher, one of the few i even bother to remember, used to stand the people who passed his tests up after each exam. Those with an A stood first, and received a reward, those with a B stood second and were commended, everyone else stayed in their seats. And it made me proud the first time I got to stand.

Compare that to any English class I ever took, nearly every one taught by a woman, where the same stupidity was shoveled towards us every year. I distinctly recall pointing out an obvious mistake to one teacher, only to be told to shut up. But it irritated me to hear her talk about Shakespeare writing his plays three thousand years ago.


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous said…

My favorite teacher was an old WWII guy who ranted about the Soviet Union and talked about shooting Germans down through his sniper scope.

“I’d see that Hitlerized son of a bitch and pull the trigger. His head would flip back like a smashed tomato.”

Cool! None of the girls liked him, but he was the ideal male teacher. He killed Germans in WWII, told boys to be adventurous, investigate whatever they wanted and see women as someone only to have babies with.

I am a bit sad that few of the hardcore guys are still around. I guess women screeching for men to be sensitive really took its toll.


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous said…


And anyone else

have any of you noticed that the themes turning up on this and other MRA blogs seem to pop up in the Mass Media 2-4 weeks later?

I think Duncan and others are on the crest of a very big wave here.



At 1:23 AM, julie said…

All these blogs have an impact on the media and other groups because men have not spoken out, until… well I don’t know as I have only sort of started. But many people want to hear what the men have to say. They don’t know what is going on for men because they don’t speak as the women do. There really are alot of good people out there.

As for being upset about the HATE. I never even knew there were words in the dictionary to describe women hating men and men hating women. If there is anyone else out there who is as blind to this as I have been then here is a site to look at explaining what is going on. There has been a gender war back in the 80’s. Well low and behold, I never knew that either. I understand now what has passed and I now have no problem with the name calling.


At 4:01 AM, patriarchal-phoenix said…

Every day, I become more and more convinced that we, as a species, have already lived through a matriarchy, it was called The Paleolithic Era…

(For any fembots in the crowd, who majored in women’s studies, before you’re head explodes with the creation of an actual thought, the word Paleolithic means the stone ages…)


At 6:42 PM, byrdeye said…

“Women’s studies” should include fidelity, budgeting, domestic skills and appreciating your man.

Not whining, over entitlement and misandry like it does today.

And that, my friends, is the problem…


At 5:03 AM, Anonymous said…

Men have been speaking out, but they are silenced. Imagine the outrage if these articles had been written by men instead of women? Remember the Forbes debacle?

Only women are allowed to discuss gender issues in big media. Only women are even allowed to advocate for men’s rights in big media. Pardon me if I’m not very thankful.


At 6:06 PM, Mr. Misogynist said…

When will these STUPID women realize that by destroying chivalry and patriarchy, they destroyed the one thing (two, I suppose) that stood between themselves and barbarism? They have removed from society the things that were designed to make life safe for women. We see the rise of gangs, rape, murder, and no one to protect women. It will only get worse, as men continue to be mangina-ized, and lose all desire to be women’s protectors. Women don’t realize that we are all just one nuclear bomb away from total anarchy. Just one. That’s all it would take to send our western civilizations into anarchy, and then where will women be?

I don’t suppose I care any more. Not really, anyway.


At 6:20 PM, khankrumthebulgar said…

The FemNags have a problem with Men speaking out. As they have been the only voice heard until very recently. They have control of the Empty Suits in the media. And now that Men are rebelling emasse. They have no idea how to stop the revolt.

So they label any Male opinions contrary to Gender Feminism as “Hate Speech”. Meaning we Hate to Hear Men speaking out on their own behalf.


At 4:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Anonymous 5:03AM said…

“Only women are allowed to discuss gender issues in big media. Only women are even allowed to advocate for men’s rights in big media. Pardon me if I’m not very thankful.”

Because women do all the frivolous spending that keeps the floundering big daddy western governments from having to surrender the nations to the highest bidder. Everything seems to revert back to this.

Femmies can shit aaaaaaall over everything and everyONE, and they DO, and get away with it, because that’s all the fucked up governments care about..


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