More leniancy for female child killers


02 February 2007

Mom gets 10 years for drowning kids

Amanda Hamm, 30, was convicted in December in the deaths of Christopher Hamm, 6, Austin Brown, 3, and Kyleigh Hamm, 1, who were trapped in the car in Clinton Lake in 2003. She was cleared of first-degree murder charges that would have sent her to prison for life.

Prosecutors allege Hamm and then-boyfriend Maurice LaGrone Jr. planned the deaths because the children were in the way of their relationship.


Ten measly years, of which she’ll probably serve about half, for killing her three little kids.

What a fucking joke. Still, it’s not really surprise any more, having an Almighty Vagina gets you off either scot free or at least with a light sentence.

Note that her boyfriend, who helped her kill the kids, is serving life without parole. Then again, he doesn’t have an Almighty Vagina, and thus is held responsible for his actions. Ideally, the pair of them should be just be hanged.

Her boyfriend wasn’t the father of the kids either. Imagine how shit that must be for the dad, that his three children were killed by their mother and her new thug lover because they were “in the way”, and not only that, the bitch will serve no more than a decade.

And back to my side of the pond:

Mother jailed for drug car deaths

This woman may not have been premeditated in her actions, but nonetheless she’s responsible for killing two of her own kids and two other people’s kids by driving recklessly whilst wasted on drugs.

During the trial jurors heard how she had initially claimed Lee Gray was at the wheel of the stolen Ford Fiesta when it was involved in the crash in St Chad’s Road, Tilbury.

That’s right, just try and blame everything on a dead teenage boy and get out of holding yourself responsible bitch. At least it didn’t work in this case but nine-years is still a joke of a sentence for four deaths.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:22 PM

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous said…

What a complete miscarriage of justice. This evil witch should rot in gaol for life for killing her own kids.

This rather terrible story once again shatters the feminist myth, “that only men commit violent crimes”.

What the fuck is wrong with women today??

Is it just me, or is todays modern feminist-brainwashed woman becoming more rude, aggressive and narcissistic??

Sydney, Australia


At 4:58 PM, Cowhead said…

Actually, there were three fathers in the case, not just one. Each kid had a different father. I’m not even surprised anymore about the sentences. I’m just surprised that more of these cunts aren’t being attacked by men whose lives they’ve ruined. I don’t know if I could hold myself back. It must take an incredible amount of restraint on their part.


At 6:00 PM, Mr. Misogynist said…

All I can say is this: Typical woman. Some murder their kids through abortion, others wait until they’re born to do the job. And they ALL slowly kill their husbands.

When will men learn that women are truly walking evil?


What will it take?


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