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04 February 2007

The Inferno

For those of you guys out there thinking that Cupcake won’t screw you over in divorce court or cry domestic violence when you put your foot down on her lifelong shopping spree, I urge you to pay attention to the small things. Those small things should be clues to you. The average privilege princess is trying not to screw up until she has you trapped in marriage.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:26 AM


At 4:28 PM, Darrell said…

With the last few articles being about marriage I thought I would post this link
from todays Sunday Times.

It would seem that the marriage strike is taking root and the poor things are having to make do with Mr Okay instead of Mr Right…….. I wonder how low they can go ?


At 4:31 PM, Ulrich said…

Thanks for the plug Duncan.


At 12:49 AM, Anonymous said…

Rats, Darrell, link didn’t work. don’t know why.

Women have always had to make do with Mr. Okay instead of Mr. Right. And, they can talk for hours as to why they settled for less than Mr. Right, even though the obvious reason was, Mr. Right didn’t give them a second look. But, it’s always the husband’s fault, of course.

Anonymous age 64


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