Did someone order a marriage strike?


21 February 2007

Marriage rates plummet to record lows


The number of adults choosing to marry has fallen to the lowest level since records began, according to provisional figures published today.

This brief report doesn’t go into thoughts and theories of why this is the case, such as men’s reluctance to marry due to horrific divorce laws and a horrific choice of potential wives, but at least it doesn’t engage in the usual triumphalism of bragging that women don’t need men. Which, naturally, is bollocks, given that although I know plenty of women who hit 30 with no husband, I’ve yet to meet one who thought it was a great achievement worth celebrating.

In total, the actual number of couples choosing to walk down the isle annually also fell to the lowest levels since 1896, with only 244,710 marriages in 2005, compared to 273,070 in 2004, and 242,764 in 1896.

So the number of actual marriages in the UK at the moment, with our population of just over 60million, is roughly the same as in the 1890s, when the population was only around 28million.

The whining from the growing hordes of spinsters will only get worse as more and more of them slam into the big three-oh barrier with no hubby and no kids.

My advice; sit back and laugh.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:13 PM


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous said…


There are some non-slutty girls in the UK, but they are so hyper-religious that they are holding off on marriage until they meet a wealthy – and VERY Christian man. At least they don’t sleep around…

If you do want to try a singles group of decent women, check out londonchristians.co.uk.

These same Christian women are worried that most men are corrupt and the few Christian men left are blessed with singleness.



At 11:20 PM, ColdHammer said…

Well, considering that you were around doing this blog for some time now, Duncan, don’t you think you’re one of the big indirect reasons why the marriage rate has dropped?

I think someone should seriously look into it. I can already see the headlines now:

Scientists conclude that Duncan’s Eternal Bachelor blog has indirectly resulted in a 10% drop in the marriage rate.

I think you should drink a beer and make a toast to your mark on society! Plenty of worn-out wimmin’ and many single men happy. I’m pretty sure if there was a heaven, you’ll get in for saving many male souls from the grip of agony and slow painful death.


At 2:34 AM, mfsob said…

It’s too late for me, I was led to the slaughter before I had time to figure out that the American Dream was all one big, fucking, monstrous lie, dreamed up by corporate American and the feminazis.

But I preach the gospel of singledom every day to men who still have a fighting chance. We may be winning only a few right now, but we ARE winning.


At 2:46 AM, arnold ziffel said…


Along the same lines as coldhammer’s post, you should put in for a government research grant on reasons for the marriage strike. We can all post comments as to why we joined the marriage strike, and you can get paid for running your blog.


At 4:57 AM, Anonymous said…

I think it would just be the ginchiest idea to send the “empowered 30+ wymyn” in your live a card or something. I mean those very special unmarried ones that get on mens’ nerves either a “go grrrl singles rule” card or one from a “secret admirer”. My point is that they are there and NOT going away, so a guy might as well have some fun with them, while ensuring blowback is ducked. Tee hee


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous said…

Anonymous at 11.17 pm wrote:


There are some non-slutty girls in the UK, but they are so hyper-religious that they are holding off on marriage until they meet a wealthy – and VERY Christian man. At least they don’t sleep around…”

An interesting post, but if these women are waiting for a wealthy man, then in some respects they are no better than the skanks/sluts that whore themselves around.

I say this because one of the major double standards of feminism is, that on one hand they preach financial independence of men, but still expect men to “bring home the bacon”, and to pay for the expensive five star lifestyle eg.big house,regular overseas holidays,expensive jewelery etc.

Also why is it, in these so called times of “equality”, that men in western countries are always expected to “prove” themselves to women by how much money they can waste, oops sorry, spend on women. As far as I am concerned love,respect and loyalty (from both parties in the relationship) needs to be earned, not bought.

Sydney,NSW, Australia


At 2:50 PM, a feminist’s nightmare said…

well that is excellent news,
those bitches not getting married, hopefully will not reproduce too much and therefore won’t have anyone to whom pass down there stupid influences. So hopefully they will soon start dying, and with them, feminism will disappear, ( i know wishful thinking, but, it still is some small good news,)
need to look on the bright side of things as much as possible.


At 5:00 PM, phoenix said…

I won’t celebrate until the marriage rate lowers to something like 250 a year.


At 9:49 PM, So and So said…

Actually, I DO think that not being married is the SMARTEST thing I’ve ever done. So again, you are wrong, you do know a 30 year old woman who thinks not getting married is a great accomplishment. I can’t tell you how great it was to say NO. Best thing I’ve ever done. By far.


At 10:54 PM, k-dog said…

As the years go by, I’m gladder and gladder I never got trapped into marriage by some skank. Being single has enabled me to go places and do things that would have been impossible if I were paying for a mortgage and subsidizing some cupcake’s spending habits.

In 1989 I was able to take the trip of a lifetime to California after receiving an invitation from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to attend ceremonies pertaining to the Voyager 2 flyby of Neptune, the first ever visit to that planet. While in California, I visited a number of other NASA and astronomical facilities. If I had been married, such a trip would have been out of the question. Cupcake would have ensured there was no money for the trip and would have browbeat me into not going even if the money were available.

I was able to leave a job I despised in 1993—just walk away—after ten years there. Wouldn’t have been possible were I supporting some bitch.

In the late 1990s and until last year I have been able to leave on road trips to car-related swap meets (autojumbles to you in the UK) and research/fun trips to Washington, DC, and my old college a few hours’ drive away. Wouldn’t have been free to do any of this if cupcake were calling the shots and spending the money.

At the swap meets I see relatively few guys in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They’re all married—that’s why! And I’ve seen car buffs with an older hobby vehicle or a true antique who had to sell them after their new wife didn’t like the time he spent on his hobby or didn’t like having the vehicle around. Wimmin—gotta love them and their controlling ways (not).

Last year I had to leave another job that I actually enjoyed, but this was to care for my mother and stepfather (whom I’m close to). Again, were I married to some wench—or, God forbid, making exorbitant maintenance and child custody payments after a divorce—the two would be in a nursing home instead because I’d be working two or three jobs to pay the bills and wouldn’t have the option to leave work.

The hos who had no interest in a decent man with a steady job in the 1980s did me a colossal favor, it turns out. Keep up the good work, Duncan.


At 12:14 AM, mfsob said…

so and so, keeping your past postings in here in mind, you’re confusing us with people who might possibly care what your teensy weensy feminist mind thinks.


At 1:22 AM, So and So said…

Oh, and MFSOB, I just LOVE it how your responses to my blog postings NEVER answer the questions that I’m asking of you. Proves my point about you.


At 10:31 PM, Mamonaku187 said…

I say, Viva La Marriage Strike!

The governments, not to mention the economies, of the West CANNOT SURVIVE this boycott of marriage, work, and family by Men.

We are going to get our way Gentlemen.. its just a matter of when.

Considering that the United States is technically Bankrupt anyway, I would argue marriage and divorce laws are going to be amended sooner rather than later.

(See my post ‘Stop The Presses’ for more information on the insolvency of the United States government.)

Victory is coming.


At 11:18 PM, mfsob said…

I’m sorry, so-and-so, I had no idea that those random assemblages of thought were questions.


At 5:03 AM, So and So said…

**sigh** I am keeping my past post on here in mind. Its so intelligent of you to ignore someone who disagrees with you. At least the Eternal Bachelor doesn’t just completely attack people with things that don’t have anything to do with the question at hand. I’m simply pointing out that I am a 30 year old woman who thinks its a great accomplishment to not have gotten married, thus pointing out that the EB is wrong in saying that such a woman doesn’t exist. At least he can deal with the fact that he might be wrong sometimes. There is no reason for me to be married, just as there is no reason for you. Also, I never said I was a feminist. I’m just a realist. If you “guys” at these types of blogs and forums don’t want to put up with girls treating you like shit, you should go fishing in other ponds. Men are the ones who PICK OUT bitchy, selfish women to marry. Remember, its the MAN who does the asking when it comes to marriage. Maybe, just maybe, men have all these problems with women treating them like shit and taking all their money and not respecting them because these men are HORRIBLE at picking out a good woman. See how much you guys are focused on “christian” woman. Well, if you don’t want a woman who will take advantage of you or a woman who has “situational” ethics, you sure as hell shouldn’t pick a Christian woman. I would never cheat on my boyfriend because there is no one I could run to for “forgiveness”. I bare total responsibility. You guys are just fishing in the wrong pond.


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous said…

So and So,

Obviously you can’t deal with the fact that you can be discredited. Don’t bitch to us! This is OUR blog. What the fuck are you doing here??

EVERY pond is the wrong pond in ANY western “cuntry”. That’s why we’re not bothering.

Of course your gender could never be accountable for anything, that’s why you’re all too chicken shit to initiate any relationships; that’s why you could never be the one who proposes to the man. Oh,nooooo. You all are a trillion times more afraid of rejection than any of us. You all get so broken you want to die the minute you get rejected.

You bitches are weak, weak, weak!

Take your lies and your shaming language to where you are wanted, if that could possibly be anywhere at all.

Everytime you broads are cornered, you all just say, “But, I’m not a feminist.” Total, total unaccountability every time. You’re too weak to shoulder any responsibility. We don’t give a shit how you try to say otherwise.

There’s no way you can prove to us that you are not trying to take your “boyfriend” for everything he’s got. Why don’t you tell him you have no intention of marriage, and see what happens. Up to the challenge??

I thought not…


At 8:34 PM, winny said…

so and so,
EB never said a happily unmarried woman over 30 did not exist, he said he had not met such a woman.
See the quotes below. So you are arguing a point that was never made. Do you have a point or are you just wasting electrons?

Quoting EB’s article: “although I know plenty of women who hit 30 with no husband, I’ve yet to meet one who thought it was a great achievement worth celebrating.”

Quoting so and so’s post of 5:03AM: “I’m simply pointing out that I am a 30 year old woman who thinks its a great accomplishment to not have gotten married, thus pointing out that the EB is wrong in saying that such a woman doesn’t exist.”


At 8:42 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey, don’t give so and so a hard time. She is doing men a favor by not marrying. Trust me on this. Why would we pick on someone who is doing men a big favor? Save it for people who are doing bad things to men.

Let me express my personal thanks to you, so and so. We need more women like you.

As far as Christian women go, be aware they have at least as high a divorce rate, for the same exact reasons of female adultery, as non-Christians.

Anonymous age 64


At 3:41 AM, Masculist Man said…

Hey, don’t give so and so a hard time. She is doing men a favor by not marrying.

She didn’t say she didn’t reproduce just that she wouldn’t marry. If there is a possible reproduction in this case I consider that more of a grave threat than just a marriage or lack thereof.


At 7:15 AM, Anonymous said…

To Duncan on Christian non-slutty girls.

The unfortunate truth is that, for all the hew and cry about “Family Values”, the Christian divorce rate IS NO BETTER than non-Christians.

These womyn who protest loudly that they are Christian, and held to a higher accountability – just call them selves Christians because it’s a nice thing to say. Then they do whatever they want – like screw the neighbor and take hubby to the cleaners, just like an non-Christian.

Don’t be misled, and for heaven’s sake, don’t mislead! The Christian divorce rate is no different, and the pain is just the same – only the hypocrisy is greater.

The Marriage Strike will continue indefinitely until there is equality for men. It’s quite simple – just a lot of guys making decisions that are in their best interest creates what becomes a civil rights movement.


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous said…

Hi Duncan,

I’m a Single men from Israel, in my late 20s. We have a Marriage strike in Israel too! Young men are begging to hear stories of older fellows who had already fell in the marriage trap, and marriage rates are declining! Hang on Brothers, we will win this war eventually!


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