Father of four? Not really.


22 February 2007

The mother of all betrayals


A DOTING dad told yesterday how he brought up four kids as his own — only to find they were all fathered by his wife’s secret LOVER.

Cheated Charles Bostock, 69, spent years thinking the three cherished girls and a boy were his children.

He only discovered the shock news when his 49-year-old wife Sarah fell pregnant with a FIFTH child by married love rival Richard Mills.

What a shitty depressing story. It shows you cannot trust women. This is more common than you think. If you ever have kids, get a DNA test to ensure they’re yours. Otherwise you’re relying primarily on the word of a woman, something only a fuckwit would do. Most women would lie about what they had for breakfast if they stood to gain something.

My advice to this guy is simple, and it involves a sawn-off shotgun and a trip to his ex-wife’s house and then her lover’s.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:26 PM


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Absolutely atrocious. What the hell was going on through that woman’s mind when he found out? Sadness? Regret? No. “Oh well…tee hee” US wymmen claim they have feelings, they want communication etc. I say hell no. Men have real feelings like a massive iron beam that penetrates to the sea bottom. We FEEL. We dont just have half ass emotions about life. Todays US wymmen have only shallow emotions they can barely fathom. Womens hearts dont break like a mans. They just SNAP. Theyre like lego’s in the dark, once she finds both pieces, she can put her “broken heart” back together. When men’s hearts break, you just can’t “tee-hee” everything back together. Men are the stronger sex 100 fold. This woman can go back to her little hut and pretend her life away. Monster.
There are certain boundaries you dont cross. My heart goes out to this man. He won’t have Oprah or any audience to bear his pain. Certain women don’t feel, they’re just frilly side emotions, little spit mittens that crumble under the rains of real reality. You have a thorn in your side, but she has to have a sword through her heart. Pathetic.
And feminists wonder why men have always led the human race since it came into fruition….


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous said…

God-damn, thank you for saying it!


At 7:58 PM, Mark said…

If there was any equity or justice left at all in UK family law, this guy could sue both his partner and her lover for a fortune, with as near certainty of victory as makes no difference. IANAL, but from what I do know of the current state of family law and the present political and legal climate, it seems highly unlikely that he has any hope at all of fair treatment. Duncan’s suggestion then, combined with the core reason that we have juries – as a buttress against exactly the kind of tyranny as seems to exist in the British family law system – may well represent his best hope for any kind of justice. It would be a fascinating case at trial: the prosecutor needs a 10-2 guilty verdict to convict. Would they get it? Would you vote guilty?


At 9:11 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

I’ve long advocated that all children should be DNA tested to get a birth certificate. Not only would this remove any doubt and confirm the status of the child in advance of the mother’s husband coughing up years of financial support, but it would also help the child’s later health care because many illnesses have a genetic component. That’s why doctors ask about one’s parents health when investigation an illness. If women object to this the answer is simple…..don’t screw around with other men. It should also be a criminal offence to lie about a child’s parentage when registering a birth and in divorce cases. Getting child support by false pretenses is nothing more than criminal fraud.


At 12:06 AM, mfsob said…

Making it a felony to lie on a birth certificate might be a deterrent, IF we could trust women at all … we can’t, as this story conclusively demonstrates. So I agree, mandatory DNA testing at birth, and if it’s not his, then the MAN gets to choose what to do, and the women gets, at a minimum, a $10,000 fine and 200 hours of community service.


At 12:52 AM, Anonymous said…

“It should also be a criminal offence to lie about a child’s parentage when registering a birth and in divorce cases.”

It is. Birth certificates are covered by the Perjury Act. If the mother lies about who the father is it’s a crime – good luck finding anyone who’s been prosecuted for it though.

“Getting child support by false pretenses is nothing more than criminal fraud.”

Completely true, but good luck finding any prosecutions.

There was a bit of a fuss a while back about this. Men who’ve been wrongly identified as the father get paid their money back by the CSA – but by the taxpayer, not the woman who wrongly named them and took the money, she gets to keep the cash.


At 5:17 AM, . Daneel Olivaw said…

In Thailand the lover would pay the cuckold husband for deceiving him. There is a lot we in the “civilized” world can learn from them.

-R. Daneel Olivaw


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous said…

This woman needs to get in prison for life. She destroyed the life of a man.
Then no woman would dare repeating such behavior.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous said…


I once read that, here in the USA, it is estimated that 7% of all children born into a (so called) traditional marriage are biologically fathered by a male other than the wife’s husband. This statistic is, at best, suspect. After all, what was the methodology used to arrive at such a number? However, even if the correct number is *ONLY* (???) 3%, it is a tragic reflection on some women and the current state of marriage. What about the numbers of women who cheat on their husbands and whose cheating does not result in pregnancy? Fellas, its a jungle out there. Be careful. All the best.


At 4:43 PM, Lisa said…

I meant to add the medical profession is completely aware of this problem. In the US, pregnant moms who have Rh(neg) blood are automatically given RhoGAM during pregnancy. RhoGAM is only necessary when an Rh(neg) mom has partnered with an Rh(pos) dad. This is necessary b/c if the baby happens to be Rh(pos), the mom’s body may reject the child and miscarry. It’s more of a problem for future pregnancies. In any event, if your husband is Rh(neg), you shouldn’t have to take the shot. If the mom and dad are both Rh(neg), it is genetically impossible to have an Rh(pos) baby. Well, most doctors automatically give the RhoGAM to pregnant Rh(neg) moms b/c they can’t trust they are being given honest information on the paternity of the child. My obstetrician came right out and said this to me directly. My husband is Rh(pos) and I offered to her I would need the RhoGAM as and Rh(neg). She said they don’t even ask about the dad anymore b/c they know the correct father hasn’t always been identified. In short, I was getting the shot no matter what I told her my husband’s blood type was.


At 7:48 AM, Anonymous said…

What a terrible and sad story.

Whilst, you have to feel sorry for the poor cuckold father (and having nothing but contempt for his slut of a wife), the people you also need to be concerned about are the children.

I’m no psychiatrist, but what terrible psychological damage could this potentially have on these kids.

Firstly, they are told that their father is their father, then they are told that they are the offspring of another man (due to their mums skanky behaviour). You can’t tell me that this couldn’t do some psychological damage to these children.

The mother in addition to being a huge slut, is also a selfish bitch.
Doesn’t she realise how many people (her husband and her children), would be hurt by this??

In Duncan’s post he suggested a sawn off shotgun as punishment for both the wife and her lover. Whilst, I agree with Duncan, however I think shooting the bitch is too good for her, she deserves to be tortured slowly, so that she can see what pain her selfish and deceitful actions have caused.

Sydney, Australia.


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