15 February 2007

Seems like Rob Fedders is coming close to winning a game of Fembot Bingo!

For scoring two lines so far Rob, you win a six-pack of beer and a Cuban cigar. Just buy the items yourself and send the receipt to the feminist who was insulting you and demand that she reimburse you for your purchases.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:10 PM


At 3:24 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Lol! I finally got the boot from Amandagone, so no full fembot bingo for me.

Fun game though, Duncan. Plus, with all of the traffic flowing through Pravdagon since Mzzz. Marcotte’s 15 minutes of shame, I managed to get some good comments/quotes in about feminism = communism & the traffic to my blog has skyrocketed.

So, I am satisfied. Played a fun game and did something good for mankind at the same by killing feminism just a tiny bit more.


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