“I can’t wait until my husband dies.”


23 February 2007

Why marriage can be a chore for women


Single women who are desperate to shed their Bridget Jones status are warned today of a major pitfall of finding their man.

Research shows that getting married prompts a 50 per cent increase in housework.

I doubt it, most women don’t do housework and they have gadgets (invented by men) that take the load off. Even if this is true, they fail to mention marriage often means a 50% to 100% drop in proper work.

And what about men’s major increase in workload and massive drop in freedom and having money to spend on himself without asking for permission from ‘er indoors (not to mention a 50% to 100% drop in sex.)

Check out these comments from a couple of women:

I certainly agree with this report but I didn’t realise there was an upside to doing all the chores – next time I feel like moaning as I’m doing all the housework, I’ll just remember that I’m actually shortening his life and my golden years won’t have half as many chores!

– Claire, Dorset, UK

The solution is simple but there are two rules:

1) Marry a man who works away during the week, thus he can get his dry cleaning and meals dealt with

2) Make sure he has a mother who loves ironing his shirts. She will be offended if she can’t continue to do so.

Therefore your life has no extra domestic duties, you can go out on a Thursday night with friends and husband can come back to a stress free home on Friday (rugrats not included).

I did this.

Still divorced him three years later.

– Diane, Harrogate,

That, my brothers, is how fucking cold-hearted most modern women are; they hope for their husbands to kick the bucket (and are happy to know they’re helping him along the way by nagging him into slaving away at work) and will divorce a husband for the fun of it even if he’s done nothing wrong.

The above attitudes are honestly common amongst most women. Many are just good at hiding it.

And manginas and feminists, stupid fucks that they are, honestly wonder why so many men now have such a contemptuous attitude towards women. It’s called Karma. Deal with it cunts.

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At 3:22 AM, Anonymous said…

Look at all those pathetic, whiny cunts pissing and moaning and lamenting…


If they even knew how to operate any type of household machinery they would be effing dangerous!

None of them can even lift a vacuum cleaner or attach the fucking hoses or attachments onto them. They just grunt and struggle. None of them can even rinse the dishes off before loading the dishwasher. ‘Tis truly comical to merely catch a glimpse of a femmie try to clean up.

Every single one of them washes clothing with the hottest water available, destroying the fabric after just a few washings. Every fabric need a certain washing temperature to preserve the strength of the fabric. Just look at the settings on a wash machine in a laundromat after a female has finished using it. All the settings slammed up to the max. The dryer heat is fully maxed out, shrinking the material to shit, causing the stitching to snap and unravel.

I’ve seen all this enough times to know that it’s true. The slightest common sense from a man doing any domestic chore will easily out-perform any female.

Check out the single bitch’s house or apartment, guys. They live like the same pigs they claim we are. Talk about projection….


At 9:22 AM, HAWKEYE said…

tell me about it


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous said…

I don’t expect the Daily Femail to post my comment as per the usual so I’m leaving it here as well.

This is what Suzy from Tewkesbury writes (emphasis mine): ‘….he has to vac the house before he is allowed (sic!) to go to the pub….’ . And this is what she writes a few lines later: ‘Marriage is about sharing (sic!)…’ That’s her idea of “sharing”: do as you’re ***** told!! How self-deluded do you have to be to believe both at the same time? In case you’re still wondering why there is a Marriage Strike coming to a neighbourhood near you, Suzy has just given you the answer.


At 5:02 PM, a feminist’s nightmare said…

well i am not surprised, i ve heard many women saying stuff like that they want wanted their husband to share their workload, but at the same time, they do shit.
and anon 3.22, you’re so right, they claim they always wash everything with hot water and stuff is cause it kills more germs! they haven’t realize yet, that germs are necessary to survival, i mean look at the increase of pour sick and allergic kids to everything! It is due to their stupid mother being scared of germs! they do not realize using antibacterial everything is worse for our health than those poor germs.

Feminazis are fucking stupid.


At 8:25 PM, Lisa said…

I guess if women can’t value the lives of their unborn children (their own flesh and blood), it’s hard to get them to value the lives of their husbands. How disgustingly sad. So divorce benefits aren’t even enough anymore? The poor sap has to be dead now. Less messy that way, I guess. No haggling in courts and such. Gross, gross, gross.

And duh! Of course the amount of housework is going to go up with another person in the mix. Same is true for adding kids and pets. Then add in all of the crap so many people buy and the ridiculously large homes so many feel the need to live in now. Crap has to be dusted, washed, organized and put away. Huge homes have to be vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed. Heck ya it’s a lot of work. So much of it is a result of their own wants and desires. They want the perks without the added responsibility. My husband asked if me if I felt tempted to move to a larger home when our daughter was born. No way. I have just enough time to keep the space we have now clean and functional. Extra space would equal more work and would invite the potential to acquire more crap to fill the space. Women who want to live in mini mansions (which forces their husbands to work ridiculous hours to finance their surroundings) obviously have no intention of cleaning the house themselves.


At 8:35 PM, VoodooJock said…

And they wonder why us “immature” men aren’t lining up to marry them and knock them up.


At 9:48 PM, mfsob said…

Reading the comments after that story, some of them genuinely scared me. I mean, I have grown wise to the ways of the predatory female, but apparently that species in Great Britain is not only predatory, but lethal as well.


At 12:41 AM, Candide said…

Obey the feminists and AVOID WOMEN. View them as a biohazard. Minimize the risk.


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