Women discriminated against, noooo!


28 February 2007

Women with young children are the most discriminated-against at work, a study published later will suggest.

Ah, glorious victimhood! How women love to wallow in it.

I swear that if women ever finally ran out of purile shit to bitch about or if there were no manginas willing to listen to them anymore, they would emulate the flagellants in Monty Python & The Holy Grail by walking around in public, wailing and smashing themselves in the face with planks of wood, just so they can show how poor and oppressed they are.

A mother with a child aged under 11 is 45% less likely to be employed than a man, the Equalities Review will find.

Erm…maybe they choose not to be employed? Maybe because some don’t have to because they are supported by either a husband or – in the case of single mothers – today’s husband-surrogate, the government. Most unemployed women are supported by a husband or the government, often living quite comfortably, whilst most unemployed men are, at best, supported by their parents, or out living rough.

It is also thought to say that the next most disadvantaged groups are Pakistani and Bangladeshi women.

Again, surely this could be down to choice. Perhaps Asian women are more traditional and actually enjoy spending their twenties at home raising babies, as opposed pretending to be a man in the office and deciding to have kids when they’re 40, like most dim-witted homegrown women.

Check out this comment from some bitch at the Have Your Say page

This is why I’m so thankful I work for the public sector. I hated working for the private sector because of the crazed obsession with profit. I love my job because we just don’t have to worry about being penalised for being a parent – male or female.

Damn right cunts like her love working for the public sector; they don’t have to worry about profit. Or being efficient, worthwhile or in anyway competent. Civil servants – particularly women, who dominate the public sector – are virtually unsackable, and they can have big career breaks, work flexi-time and have paid leave when their kids are ill without giving a shit. After all, it’s only us chump taxpayers who pay their wages and pay their fat pensions when they retire at 60, five-years before the rest of us.

I worked for the civil service briefly. The office was utterly dominated by women and, shit, I’ve never encountered a less efficient bunch of stupid cunts. One single mother came in on Monday morning, got a phone call from her illegitimate bastard’s school telling her that the bastard was ill, and she went home and was off all week. With pay. The female manager was hopeless and spent most of her time dreaming up whacky and pointless courses about ‘teamwork’ to send us on. Anything to piss the budget up the wall to make it appear the department was vital when, in fact, the entire place could have been closed down and bulldozed without the public being any worse off.

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At 6:59 PM, Jesus Christ Supercop said…

Again, surely this could be down to choice. Perhaps Asian women are more traditional and actually enjoy spending their twenties at home raising babies, as opposed pretending to be a man in the office and deciding to have kids when they’re 40, like most dim-witted homegrown women.

Well, maybe some of them, but in Islamic culture women don’t necessarily have a choice in the matter, or in many other matters. Getting “honor murdered” if you become too Western is not out of the ordinary, even in Europe.

The comment where some woman is bewildered by the “crazed obsession” with profits probably illustrates what went through the heads of the people who made the study. It’s in the best interest of the private sector to hire the most competent employees possible. Someone who has to devote time to taking care of a child or someone who’s simply incompetent is not a particularly good choice. But, if you’re a woman or non-white, then I guess you have a divine right to be employed.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous said…

The most “discriminated against” are men: during divorce they loos kids, rights and money.

At work they do all the dangerous tasks.

Most homeless are men.


At 8:33 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

There was a huge response to this article, 1390 comments in just a short space of time before they closed the door. I can’t claim to have read them all, but I waded through a large number and I was very impressed by the substantial proportion – I would estimate not far off 50% – that rejected the whole notion of women with children being “discriminated against”.

There were many comments that those workers without children had to take up the slack created by women who beetled off home at every excuse to look after their kids, and how they were given priority over choice of holiday time etc. Plenty more pointed out that it is men who are discriminated against. I tell you, the message is getting through loud and clear. There are increasing numbers of people who are plainly sick to death with the constant whining of women that they are on the receiving end of every form of discrimination. Remember these comments came thick and fast on a very high profile website, the BBC News.

I particularly liked the perceptive comment by one guy that the only reason women can claim to be forced into difficult choices is because thay have the choices to begin with. Well said, sir.

I also note that “the review was carried out by Trevor Phillips, the head of the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights.”

Yes, the ubiquitous professional grievance-monger Trevor Phillips, now in his latest incarnation as head honcho of this newly created super-nanny quango. Which of course gives us the explanation for the report. This is just Phillips back at his usual practice of shit-stirring, trying to justify the existence and fat salaries of himself and his army of bureaucrats. They simply have to find discrimination in as many areas as possible, in order to keep themselves in cushy jobs. So where better to start than with that old favourite, women in employment?

This will be just the first of an endless series of reports and reviews commissioned, conducted and controlled by this empire of spongers, which will all “discover” discrimination against their favourite victim classes – i.e. all those with a vagina and with anything other than a white skin – everywhere they choose to look. And of course we all know where they will be choosing to look, and where they definitely won’t be.

You can, in other words, safely ignore everything that will be spewing out of that pile of hypocritical parasites.

Which is exactly the comment I would have posted if I had got in quickly enough.


At 10:52 AM, mfsob said…

Ah yes, the glut of women in public sector and civil service jobs … I can speak to that first hand, but I’d rather not make every decent, normal man in here sick with some of the revelations.

Say what you want about women, in this instance they are very, very smart – they are taking jobs that, once in, it is impossible to get them out of no matter how incompetent they are or how much work they miss or how much they screw off when they are at work. And make no mistake – better than 70 percent of these “jobs” could be eliminated tomorrow and no one – absolutely no one – in the general public would even notice they were gone.


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