Women victimised by their failure to save


19 February 2007


Women ‘losing out by saving less’


The savings gender gap cost women more than £160 million in lost interest alone last year, a report claimed today.

What? Oh for fucks sake.

The “savings gender gap” doesn’t cost women all this money in lost interest, women cost themselves it by not saving.

Research from financial services firm Axa found that during 2006 men out-saved women by a multiple of 1.5 times, setting aside £5.3 billion more in total.


While the typical man saved £1,206.50, the average woman could only squirrel away £794.89.

Of course, women also end up in far, far more debt than men too.

Naturally, the Patriarchy is always blamed, or the wage-gap, or body snatchers from outer space, fucking anything other than women and their own wanton consumerism, not to mention their outdated and foolish belief that they are guaranteed a husband who will pay off her debts and share his savings. Dream on. There may be a few Suckers In Shining Armour, but they’re dwindling.

There’s already one comment from some woman whining that they’re paid less (true, on average, but only because they work less and at easier jobs, on average) and they’re overcharged for things, which is bollocks, given that there is plenty of overpriced designer gear aimed at men, but most of us are sensible enough not to buy it, especially if we can’t afford it.

More of us men are going our own way, taking care of ourselves and investing in our own future and no-one else’s. Women are more than welcome to try the same thing, that is if they’re not too busy spending their wages on clothes and shoes then maxing out their credit cards the next day for more junk.

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At 6:37 PM, Outcast Superstar said…

I for one won’t be there for them once there clocks start ticking. They want to self entitle themselves and party away their prime years to exciting bad boys and thugs, their choice.

Just don’t be shocked when “suckers” like myself won’t bail out on their whorish behavior. If I decide to have anything to do with women later in life it will be because I am renting 18-22 year-old hotties in places like Rio, and Bangkok not some ungrateful career woman in their 30’s with their biological clock ticking.

Remember female fertility peeks out at 27. When women in their late 20’s-mid 30’s want to have sex with you, run for your life, their biological clock is ticking, and a $300K child support bill is just around the corner.

One is better off taking trips and renting young beautiful exotic women then being stuck with an ungrateful pig.


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous said…

“body snatchers from outer space”



At 7:08 PM, Anonymous said…

That’s right. Prince Charming and the Dragon are having to much fun playing video games, grilling steaks and drinking bear to save Princess from herself. Lock that bitch back up in the tower where she belongs.


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous said…

Good blog!

My mind does weird things to me. As I read that blog, I remembered my biological daughter, which I say to differentiate her from my Real Daughter. She has been married, um, maybe 10 or more years.

When she married Tommy, she told him there was one condition, that she would never cook for him, because any woman who cooks for her husband is his slave. And, Mr. dumb***k actually went ahead and married her! I noticed with extreme interest that she did not at all mind him being her slave.

However, I digress. Strong concerns about the evils of sexism did not stop her from, soon after the wedding, showing him her large credit card debt, and informing him he was expected to help pay it off.

(Note they were both in the AF, and until just before he exited, when she, a typist, got promoted to E-5 because she passed the physical and he didn’t, [he was actually in good shape, but he flunked the vagina test], making to the penny the same money.)

As stupid as he was for marrying her, he told her to pay it herself, he wasn’t helping since he didn’t incur the debt.

Now, however, she done got religion, and is a stay at home Mom, so she gets it all.

Anonymous age 64


At 8:40 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Speaking as a patriarchal oppressor myself, I have quite a stash in my bank because I don’t spend it on overpriced spangly things at the shopping mall. Nor do I buy clothes that cost next to nothing to make somewhere in the third world, to be sold at a thousand per cent profit just because it has some French tossers name on it.

If women are soooooo clever how come they haven’t worked this out for themselves? Women don’t save because they’re self-centred and greedy. If they end up skint or in debt that’s tough shit. Grow up and look after yourselves ladies and stop whining because you can rot for all I care.


At 9:25 PM, Lisa said…

So many women have convinced themselves they are saving money while shopping. I sound like a broken record to my friends. I keep telling them to stop saving via spending. Every time I hear “I saved $30 on these shoes” or “I saved $50 on this purse” I want to gag. With pride, they marvel at their good fortune for how much they managed to save on a purchase. When I bring to their attention the simple fact they may have spent less than they could have, but they by no means SAVED money (aka tucked it away in the bank) I’m told how silly I am. Interesting how some of my shopper friends have managed to ‘save’ thousands of dollars at the mall and I’ve managed to save tens of thousands of dollars at the bank by staying at home.


At 2:26 AM, mfsob said…

I used to think my ex was fairly smart about money, until I realized that it was MY savings that were being tapped whenever a big purchase came up – car, something big for the house, fancy vacation, etc.

Now that we’ve been divorced for some years, yes, I am living modestly, and slowly but surely building back up my savings so I will have at least a decent retirement.

She, on the other hand, is financially screwed after marrying a looser and spiraling into bankruptcy (Ch. 13, so she HAS to pay most of it back) in less than 2 years.

Revenge can be sweet, it can indeed.


At 3:21 AM, Phoenix said…

Just yesterday they were talking about being more mature than us, and being better with money, but today the story is that we actually save money while they burn it. Am I the only one that had to read crap about men “wasting” money on plasma tvs, computers, video games, etc? Funny, when we do it, we wasted it, but we’re not the ones in debt, and we have more money saved anyway.

The sad thing is that “something must be done” which means they’ll just start taxing us more, and giving women “debt assistance” programs (i.e., free money, taken from our savings).


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous said…

We should help these women who are discriminated and thus do not save enough. A tax paid by men could help them out.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous said…

You need to take a stand against your “shopper friends” and tell them they are assholes and that you won’t tolerate their stupidity any longer. You need to do more than just merely agree with us men about how women suck so much these days. Men already know that most women are flighty, capricious, ding-dongs.

Also..a funny thing I just saw on a show about Tokyo…women who can add their age to their weight (in kg) and equal 80 or less, get to drink for free in at least one particular bar. Japan, here I come!


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous said…

Actually, I’ve seen a few women pull that off: They rack up a huge credit card debt and then simply marry a sap who pays it off.

A woman did this in quite a creative way with a buddy of mine. He married her and all seemed well, although she sure was quick about quitting her job. A year or so later, the credit people started figuring out where she was and what her new married name was. Then calls and letters from credit agencies started flooding in (once one of them found out, all of them knew) – which the husband wound up paying. She had simply ignored everything after she got married and moved. All the interest and penalties grew on the accounts as well.

Watch out for that maneuver. LOL


At 2:44 PM, A Feminist’s Nightmare said…

good points,
and you are right by saying that so many women just spend their money and never save in their bank accounts.
i have met plenty of them.
A Feminist’s Nightmare aka fem 25


At 2:56 PM, Bryce said…

As I’ve said more than once before, “strong, independent womyn” actually are anything but.

My “poor,oppressed” grandmother who grew up in the middle of the Depression and WW2 and lived the life of an oppressed housewife (though she did work from time to time as a teacher at a private school [which paid even less than minimum wage at the time]) was able to save more money than today’s liberated career chicks. Part of the reason is that her mantra was “make it last, use it up, wear it out, and do without.”
When Grandpa passed away, she not only survived, but thrived, because she saved enough to pay her bills and splurge once in a while.

What I learned is that wealth has more to do with what you save and what you spend than what you earn.

Oh, and did I mention that one can save quite a bit by not playing the game of trying to impress women?


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous said…

Women victimised by their failure to save feeds female narcissism. Viewing oneself as a victim is the precursor to the entitlement mentality. Women love this because society excuses their destructive behavior. Any emotional pain caused by dissonance can be projected onto men or the patriarchy.

– Women dread two things. Being (1) alone/outcast and (2) childless. A marriage/mating strike will do #2. Ignoring and ostracizing women, at every opportunity, will accomplish #1.


At 4:16 PM, Off Centre View said…

Lisa, I think you’ve hit a good point there. People can justify spending a load of money on something if they think that they have sometimes been clever in ‘saving money’ somehow, while not seeing that it is actually all a bit of a con-trick to get people to spend even more money.

I was in a shop with a female friend the other day, and was astonished to see the number of ordinary items for women, like handbags, that were incredibly expensive and yet almost indistinguishable from each other. I also remember an ex-girlfriend who had a wardrobe that was just full of shoes – most of which she would probably hardly ever wear and mostly just cluttered up space. I never asked her why she had so many shoes (or how many hundreds of pounds they probably all cost!), but I do wonder what her reply would have been.

I’m currently taking a master’s degree and am currently living out of the UK, it’s costing money but I see it as a sound investment for the future – not like a pile of shoes that just clutter up the place and all look the same anyway. I want my future to be bright and aim to have a strong financial foundation before I even think of settling down, and even then only with an extraordinary woman.


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous said…

haha lisa that’s so fucking true. I guess that’s why all those “payback cards” were invented. all those stupid people/women buying tons of stuff to get a “free” gift.


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous said…

It is like bailing water out of a boat with a Hole in the bottom. It is a losing cause. Women who spend money to save money lack basic Math Skills, or reasoning. They have bought into the Merchants Advertising myths.

Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without. Old New England wisdom still makes sense today. Simple formula live on less than you make. Invest a surplus into an income producing asset.


At 5:42 PM, arnold ziffel said…

The issue discussed in the cited article is known in economics as “opportunity cost”. One way to define it is “The most valuable forgone alternative”. Money spent is, by definition, money that isn’t saved, and the interest on the foregone savings is the opportunity cost of spending.

This concept applies to men and women equally, so it is not just a “women’s problem”. It’s really not a problem at all. The opportunity cost of spending is a foreseeable consequence of behavior. The article sounds like more media pandering to women. affects women.


At 6:53 PM, Lisa said…


You need to take a stand against your “shopper friends” and tell them they are assholes and that you won’t tolerate their stupidity any longer. You need to do more than just merely agree with us men about how women suck so much these days. Men already know that most women are flighty, capricious, ding-dongs.

Anon @ 10:18, I think you know as well as I do what would happen if I took your advice verbatim. They’d plug their ears and stomp away in a tiff and I wouldn’t get anywhere with them. The best I can do at this point is to chisel away at their beliefs and habits with well placed, non-hostile logic. Most women already despise logic. If you add hostility to the mix, it’s just more likely you’ll get a deaf ear. I’m sure I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. I have changed a few mindsets by approaching them with non-hostile logic.

I agree completely women who see through this nonsense need to find a way to act. I’m trying to do just that. My way has to be different than a man’s though. Feminists will attempt to discredit anything that sounds like it is coming from a man. If I can cover some of the same things from a different angle, it has a better chance of working for me.


At 7:09 PM, A feminist’s Nightmare said…

anonymous 7.32 am

why should we help those idiots?
if they spend and can’t save, that is their own problem, why should we help them? they can stop buying expensive brand clothes and shoes and crap adn work harder.


At 8:14 PM, Anonymous said…

I was doing some Googling related to finances in marriage, and I found this post by a woman on the ivillage forums. I thought you guys might find it insightful as a guide into the female psyche.

In my first marriage it was all combined, although I wish now that we had seperate accounts from the beginning. I am very thrifty, conservative, and budget well. My ex was the opposite. I would have been much better off having a seperate account.

With my 2nd marriage we keep everything seperate. His ex made it a point in their divorce to be sure and get EVERYTHING for her and the kids when he dies, including his bank accounts, and the life insurance policy I have on him if she should decide to ask for it. There’s no way I’d put any of my money towards anything of his because she’d get it in the end. I spend some of my money on things for him, for instance I bought all the Christmas gifts for my family and his with my money. We don’t have a mortgage as we live at a the farm of a lifelong friend of his in return for keeping it up. We each pay for our own vehicle, insurance, cell phones, and credit card. We split the other bills each buying 1/2 of the groceries (although I often pay for more than 1/2), He pays the electric and I pay the TV, and land line phone. We bought a new motorcycle last year and since it’s something we do together all the time, we each pay 1/2 and it’s in both our names. He pays the insurance on it. Also my DH chews tobacco. It’s a nasty and expensive habit but he’s a grown up and allowed to do this if he chooses. He also stops and gets a drink at the quick shop several times each day. I don’t do these things or have any bad habits so I really don’t want to spend my money on something like this. If our money were combined I’d feel like I might be paying for some of it and be resentful. We each take turns paying when we eat out.

I have mixed feelings about it all. On one hand I like having the accounts and finances seperate, on the other I know that he paid more for his ex (because she didn’t work for years) than he does for me, and wish that he’d put in a little more financially to take care of “us” rather than be so 50/50 on everything. I know that may sound a little selfish but it’s how I feel.


At 10:12 PM, Jerkmenistan said…

“On one hand I like having the accounts and finances separate, on the other I know that he paid more for his ex (because she didn’t work for years) than he does for me, and wish that he’d put in a little more financially to take care of “us” rather than be so 50/50 on everything. I know that may sound a little selfish but it’s how I feel.”

Let me see if I understand everything. She pays a little more here and there, yet she would prefer that things not even be 50/50. That is to say, not only does she not want to pay a little more than her fair share of the expenses, she doesn’t want to even pay her fair share of the expenses. In fact, she’s downright resentful of her husband’s first wife, who reaped all of the benefits of not working and allegedly stands to get a significant chunk of her husband’s money (translation: stands to get a significant chunk of the money she feels entitled to receive).

What gives either of these women the right to expect ANY PART of the husband’s money? Both seem to want to kick back and live off of the husband, with the first one actually having the opportunity to do so (and apparently hoping to again, without the responsibility of being his wife).


At 3:17 PM, Captain Save’aHo said…

Many of these women you mock have children to support. Think about that for a minute and maybe you toxic bachelors will be ashamed of yourselves for being so selfish!


At 12:12 AM, Panzer said…

“Many of these women you mock have children to support. Think about that for a minute and maybe you toxic bachelors will be ashamed of yourselves for being so selfish!”

Hmm, nope, cant say I am. Anybody else?



At 4:02 AM, Anonymous said…



At 5:28 AM, Candide said…

Sorry Cap’tn Saveaho, but that turkey won’t fly here. Us “Toxic Bachelors” are often the ones blown off by women our age from puberty thru their latter 20’s. I’m not interested in enabling all the baggage, including kids- often by different fathers-when she’s looking for an “unselfish nice guy” to “settle for” and marry. After all, women being liberated from the patriarchal oppression of marriage is a significant tenet of feminism. I’d be utterly patronizing if I presumed to be some “macho” white knight.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous said…

‘Captain save-a-ho’? This has to be a wind-up? Surely nobody could be that much of a mug?


At 4:05 AM, Anonymous said…

Save a Ho is joking.

Check out the Captain’s blogger profile. It’s satire and funny. Which is unusual for satire.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous said…

This lady who has 1 post so far seems to have very strong views on how ‘poor female souls’ have to put up with so much.


At 3:58 AM, Masculist Man said…

Now, however, she done got religion, and is a stay at home Mom, so she gets it all.

The church, like other institutions, serves women. Fuck them all.


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