Feminism is succeeding in parting the sexes


16 March 2007


Bridget Jones generation will dominate UK by 2029


The number of people living alone is predicted to soar from 6,536,000 three years ago to 10,347,000 in 2029, creating a Bridget Jones generation.

Well, marriage is too risky for us men, there are few women worth marrying, and women are seemingly incapable of shaping up or proposing to men anyway. And the government, using taxpayer’s money, has taken of the role of Father for all those single mummies out there. Plus co-habitation will go the same way as marriage now that it’s been re-branded Marriage Lite. What did the government think would happen? Dumb motherfuckers.

Gotta hand it to feminists, they did a good job. I mean, credit where it’s due, they have succeeded in their aims at driving the sexes apart and ensuring more and more women will, like hardcore fembots themselves, grow up alone and single. Rather amusingly, on the other hand, us men seem to be coping quite fine with eternal bachelorhood.

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At 9:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Not that surprised really how things are turning out. I am a confirmed bachelor having kids or a wife is not what I want in my future. I am happy alone and am quite the solitary type. However I think many women will hate the single life deal as many women feel like they may crack without a relationship. It’s not just women a lot of men (needy) ones who will hate the single life too. At 22 I have chosen bachelorhood and welcome it I am sick of society and what they expect us men to live up to which is basically to cater to women until their death bed. I am turning my back on society. Heres to being free guys.


At 3:20 PM, mfsob said…

But I thought this was what the feminazis WANTED???

Just goes to show how fucked up women truly are – they want what they can’t have, and when they do get it, they don’t want it anymore … Christ …


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous said…

Be on the lookout for the new trend I’ve spotted. Here in Canucks-ville
women ( and now increasingly young women and girls ) are grouping together in houses or large apartments. It seems when their current relationship runs aground, they seek solace in others of the same fate and thus board together. Leaves me shaking my head though when they’re in their late teens and twenties.


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous said…

Watch THX-1138 to get an idea where we are headed in the next couple of decades.

What’s wrong?
I need something stronger.
Take four red capsules. In 10 minutes, take two more. Help is on the way.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous said…

Zen Priest has stated that Feminism would free Men. In other words the shit deal Men had in the past. You know “The Patriarchy” was a great deal for Women. And a shit deal for Men. Now that Women are abandoning it. Men are being freed from the obligations of Marriage, supporting a wife and children. Living for themselves for a change. Women are now whining. They can thank their Feminist Sisters for this. Deluded idiots think they can come to the table. With a lousy deal and Men should jump through hoops for them.

Guess what Grrls think again. Screwed yourselves this time. Men are laughing their asses off at your stupidity.



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