Another mining disaster


20 March 2007

Russian mine explosion kills 75

At least 75 miners are dead, a number that could rise, and at least 43 are missing after a methane gas explosion Monday at a coal mine in southwestern Siberia, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

My deepest sympathies for the men and women who have died in this disast…

Sorry. I mean, my deepester sympathies for the MEN who have died in this disaster.

The sex of the deceased is not noted but I doubt very much if 50% of them are women. I would be surprised if one fucking cunt was amongst the dead.

And I doubt very much if the ‘non-equal-outcome gender-specific quota’ of the death-toll of this tragedy is going to spur some fembots into a big push to shove some more token-women into mining.

After all, despite women’s collective demands for “equality in the workplace”, they don’t seem want to do dirty and dangerous jobs.

Such jobs, apparently, are too good for them.

Dirty jobs, dangerous jobs, harsh jobs are, in the eyes of women, the responsibility of the expendable and worthless half of humanity.

Us men, basically.

Yes, us men, us men who are somehow expected to form an endless queue of volunteers who will happily risk life and limb on oil-rigs or down mineshafts to ensure cunts the world over have enough fuel to drive to their Wimmin’s Studies Class to bitch about how victimised they are, or enough electricity to power the televisions through which some Talk-Show Host informs them they are the most oppressed demographic in history, to which lazy do-nothing “housewife” Western Cunts bark and shriek in multiple-chin-wobbling approval like clapping seals, in between scoffing down yet another tube of Thug-Spunk Flavoured Pringles.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:01 PM


At 12:40 AM, Tom o’ the Woods said…

I work in the construction industry (Yes, I wish I’d paid more attention at school.)and am constantly struck by the point raised in this post. There are a few jobs that women would have difficultly doing given the heavy lifting involved but there are a far greater number they could do (If they so chose.) This is not merely a hypothetical thought as I very occasionally come across women working on a site. They are always immigrant women, mostly Chinese, yet they pitch in as much as the men in almost every trade. Working in construction is not pleasant! However if women are so concerned about equality between the sexes then you would think they would apply it across the board. But no. Women, in general, only carry on about equality in the professional area, the nice jobs, happily leaving all the shit work for men.


At 1:50 AM, HAWKEYE said…

no offence to the miners


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous said…

Women are vastly underrepresented in the sewer maintenance and mucking business. Let’s institute a mandatory sex balancing of the business–you know–start by forcing unemployed females into the sewers! If a glass ceiling is such a bad thing, then we certainly cannot tolerate a glass floor either. Equality is a bitch, bitches.


At 4:19 AM, Fred X said…

Good stuff Duncan

I’d add that femcunts waited deliberately before they even wanted ‘equal’ work rights

They wanted THE most comfortable

THE most luxurious

And THE most hassle-free environments MAN ever created

They only ever wanted the prize without paying the dues

And whenever articles fail to mention men as victims- I’m once again reminded just how normalised- and widespread- the desposability of men’s lives are


At 4:21 AM, ntk said…

Thug-Spunk Flavoured Pringles.

That is comedy gold, Dunc. I just have to borrow that line.


At 4:17 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

Does anyone ever notice that out of the 343 firefighters killed in the World Trade Center disaster, not even one woman firefighter was among the victims? This FACT is rarely mentioned in the media. Where were they? The NYC fire department has plenty of female firefighters in their 12,000 or so members, why did the women get so lucky? Were there none present? Did they keep women out of harms way? Were the women cowards, and not willing to risk their lives?

One wonders.


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous said…

In a strict biological sense, men in fact are more disposable than women. You only need a handful of men to impregnate hundreds of women. A country could lose 90 percent of its men to war, and it will recover. (and the intellectual masculine backbone of the country, the elite, won’t fight anyway). Whereas a country which loses ninety percent of its women of childbearing age would face extinction. This is from a strictly biological point speaking. In Antiquity, invaders of a city would take the nubile girls as secondary wifes, enslave a few children and kill pretty much everybody else, specially adult men.


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous said…

You only need a handful of men to impregnate hundreds of women. A country could lose 90 percent of its men to war, and it will recover.

Not true. Reproduction is not the only aspect of human society. Such society will soon cease to exist, as it will be overridden, one way or the other.

(and the intellectual masculine backbone of the country, the elite, won’t fight anyway)

Will this elite do crappy jobs then also? You know, jobs which keep the society running? Jobs like… Mining? And whole maintenance of infrastructure? Etc.? Who will do all this then? The elite? Women? Don’t make me laugh.

Men are necessary (not just the elite ones). And there’s a lot more to this necessity than reproduction.


At 9:54 PM, Male Rights Network said…

Just another case of male proletariat and female bourgeois.

Expect this to be really pronounced in around 20 years time as current pro-female educational trends proliferate. Systematic wealth transfer (aka Marriage/Divorce) will compound this. Does anyone else but me see that the creation of a distinct bourgeois and proletariat based on gender has a lot more in common with the Capitalist system than Communism? The idea of “career woman” and the utter discontent with women working in areas such as catering, caring and cashiering is essentially Capitalist.


At 10:13 PM, Randall said…

Google for Shits n Grins, Sago Mine Disaster. There were 14 miners in West Virginia in a Mining Accident. Only one survived out of the 14. And it took months of therapy for a “recovery”. This is the Evil Patriarchy that FemNags refer to. I told one is she said that in My Presence I would smash her Skull in.

As their final act, touchingly these decent Hard Working Men. Wrote a letter telling their loved ones. They were sorry for Dying on them. And that they would be all right, not to worry. They loved them. I swear too many of our Women should be removed from the gene pool. They are unfit to breed.


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous said…

anon @ 5:47:

And in a strictly biological, warfare sense, these handful of men are….protecting these women from the conquering masses? There is a reason why feminism leads to the downfall of empires, masculine thought and ability both destroys other societies and protects its own. When you dispose of the males, the society soon crumbles.


At 10:45 PM, ditchthebitch said…

I don’t mean to get off topic, but this woman mentions Eternal Bachelor in this entry on this blog

..saying that anyone who is on MRA blogs is a ‘potential DV perpetrator.’


At 1:39 AM, k-dog said…

In corrections I regularly witnessed female officers fail to respond to distress calls on the radio, even when another officer was in difficulty. Equal rights does not extend to equal responsibilities even in those jobs women do deign to work.

The male correctional officers pulled the overwhelming majority of the physical workload and control of inmates. Of course, we did have a number of female officers get a little too cozy with inmates, including at least two who became pregnant by an inmate “boyfriend”…

I liked the job in most ways, but the lack of effort by most females in the job did get my goat. Of course, they received pay and evaluations equal to the males…


At 1:45 AM, Anonymous said…

I saw an ad last year for coal mining jobs in West Virginia. $60k to start, $100k+ in 5 years. Even at $100k I wouldn’t do it. Back breaking, punishing, lung destroying, damn hard work. My hats off to the men that actually do mining work. They earn every penny.


At 1:58 AM, k-dog said…

Captain Zarmband raised a similar issue in his blog on “pay parity” in Britain on 12 March:

“Women in the workplace want the same money as men who do more demanding and often dangerous jobs. This is a change from the time, say twenty years ago, when women wanted to do jobs predominantly done by men (fire-fighters for instance). A few women tried it and after finding out how hard it was transferred to other duties, usually training or cushy admin jobs. The feminist tactics have changed now and what they want is pay ‘equality’ for easier jobs that are dominated by females.

“This has nothing to do with equality and more to do with the creation of a society where women pick and chose which cushy jobs they want, at a rate of pay they want, and leave all the dirty, dangerous jobs for men to do at a reduced rate of pay. Snivelling politicians are backing them too as it doesn’t matter to them that men are getting the crappy end of the deal….YET AGAIN!”

Guess we won’t be seeing too many female miners in the future either, eh?


At 1:02 PM, Lisa said…

Dear God, can you imagine the nightmare it would be if we actually had equality in the workforce??? It’s an excellent and valid point that women aren’t really seeking equal opportunity in all occupations…just the safe office types. I don’t feel the solution is to have 50/50 representation in jobs like mining and such. Can you imagine how bad men would have it then? Anytime women became pregnant on their work teams, the men would have to absorb extra work to make up for their limitations. I mean, an employer would be discriminating if a woman was relieved of her position because she wasn’t able to do her job. Accommodations would need to be made. The men would be expected to adjust. What is likely a difficult and miserable job to begin with, would be worse simply by having team members who couldn’t pull their fair share of the work.

Women need acknowledge true equality doesn’t make sense and probably can’t be achieved. They need to quit blowing smoke over how bad they supposedly have it in the working world. They need to recognize men are more likely to fill the roles that are back breaking and dangerous. Without these jobs, society would grind to a halt. We wouldn’t be very sophisticated without roads, coal, steel and construction. I think anyone who breaks a sweat for a living and risks life and limb (especially for minimal pay) deserves the utmost respect.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous said…

Good point, last anonymous

But, right now this is not an issue. We have way too many women in the Western World for our biological needs. (Not to mention that with foreign women to make babies we don’t need ANY western women.)

We (they) are slaughtering millions of babies each year. So, I suggest we don’t need about 1/3 of the women we have. (See above remark about not needing any.)

I like the part in the history books where the Huns come in and kill all the wimpy men, and rape all the women. That is so cool, I get all goose-bumpy just thinking about it.

Anonymous age 64


At 9:08 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

I have tried to find confirmation that the disaster victims were all men, and it seems to be so. I located one report – just one – that said there were 200 “men” in the mine when the explosion went off.

All the rest used the terms “miners”, “workers” or just “people”. These are of course standard references used by journalists and reporters when they want to hide the fact that the victims being exposed to these dangers are all male.

But of course I should have known there was no need to dig so far for the truth. I could have assumed there were no women killed because if there had been, that fact would have been screaming at us from every headline. We would have been reading “100 killed, including two women” just to emphasise which two were the important people and which 98 were not.

A postscript to the anonymous comment about men being more disposable from a biological viewpoint. There is some truth in that, but not much. And certainly not any more now that the world’s population is so huge. That has completely diluted any rarity value women ever had.

Imagine a society of 100 men and 100 women. Now kill off 90 of the men. Are we sure that society will still survive? What if six of the remaining men are homosexual and have no interest in the women, and the other four all turn out to be impotent or infertile? Or maybe there is one man left who can impregnate all the females, but he is a congenital idiot. Even if he isn’t, the next generation will consist entirely of half-brothers and half-sisters. Who are they going to breed with? Whatever, bang goes your little society. They should have valued their men more highly before they sent so many of them off to get killed, shouldn’t they?

Besides, the whole concept is untenable for any society that attaches any value to individual life. Nobody should be regarded as expendable just because they represent a common “type”. I can’t kill a woman and then claim it doesn’t matter because “there are still plenty of women left”. Same goes for men.


At 2:32 AM, Anonymous said…

…anyone who is on MRA blogs is a ‘potential DV perpetrator.’

…anyone with a vagina is a ‘potential prostitute.’

That aside how avoiding close personal contact with modern females, much less moving under the same roof with one of the creatures, makes me a domestic violence risk escapes me. Oh life in femo-freak world.


At 6:38 AM, Anonymous said…

“I’m a mess,” she says, lowering herself into the corner of a velvet sofa. “The treatment for cancer ruined almost every organ in my body.” She has neuropathy in her hands and feet, crunched vertebrae, a heart condition and she nearly died from kidney failure. “I enjoy life to the degree I can,” she goes on. “I hate what my country has become. The future doesn’t look happy; whoever thought it would come to this?” She stares off, silent for a moment. She is angry, obviously? “I’m very angry. We should never have gone into Iraq. I don’t know how we will recover.” Straight into it, then.

All of the technology that saved her life was invented by men… ungrateful fucking bitch. And what the country has become (fucked up) is 99% because of feminism… stupid fucking bitch…


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