Mothers who can’t be arsed to raise their baby can dump it in a hatch


26 March 2007

‘Dump your children here’ drive to stop mothers killing their babies

Desperate mothers are being urged to drop their unwanted babies through hatches at hospitals in an effort to halt a spate of infanticides that has shocked Germany.

At least 23 babies have been killed so far this year, many of them beaten to death or strangled by their mothers before being dumped on wasteland and in dustbins.

Fucking hell, is this what the West has come to, whereby babies can be dumped into hatches? There was a similar scheme started in Italy a while back.

Incredible. To stop women from killing their babies, the government let them just dump them? How about actually fucking punishing the murderous cunts for once? If a woman kills her baby, try charging them with murder and banging them up for life, rather than with the bullshit charge of infanticide and giving them a suspended sentence or community service. Hold women responsible for fucking once.

But no, instead they’ll just let women dump their babies. No mention of what a child’s father might think (assuming the sort of mothers who would dump an unwanted baby in a hatch would actually know who the father is) about all this. Then again, men will have the same say in whether their baby is dumped as they do in whether their baby is hacked up and flung in a bin behind an abortion clinic; absolutely fuck all.

If men won’t – or even can’t – pay Child Support, they are damned as Deadbeat Dads and hounded, investigated and imprisoned, told to be responsible for their children. Yet women can abandon them, assuming they didn’t get round to having it aborted. “Never mind loves, you don’t want to have to take responsibility for your children. Only men do. Come and dump your kids anonymously, no worries.”

There have been quite a few cases in recent years in the UK of babies being found abandoned, often dead, and the mother has been tracked down to ensure she is okay…as opposed to punished.

It’s also significant that the article starts off talking of ‘desperate mothers’. Strange how women who kill or abandon their children, or may do so, are always ‘desperate’. Men who kill or abandon their children are never described as ‘desperate’ but women are. No matter what the crime, it seems, they’re desperate, or depressed, or were poor misguided dears lead astray by an evil man. Anything to avoid implying they’re selfish or just plain evil.

Police investigating the murders are at a loss to explain the sudden surge in such cases, which have involved mothers of all ages all over the country.

It’s not difficult to explain. Women are allowed to have abortions freely and easily in the West. Or, if they have the child, they can abandon it or even kill it and face little or no punishment. Obviously the incorrectly termed ‘fairer sex’ are going to eventually have a belief that they can kill babies like it was no big deal, knowing they will face no real punishment.

Feminism is like a cult of death, encouraging abortion, justifying infanticide, applauding women who kill their husbands and celebrating rising male suicide rates.

For the past week, Susanne H from Baiersdorf in Bavaria has been on trial for strangling her baby daughter and putting her in the freezer. The 39-year-old mother of two boys, aged 10 and 4, feared her boyfriend’s disapproval. “He threatened to throw me out if I concealed another pregnancy from him,” she told the court.

That sums up the sheer lack of morals in Western Women. She didn’t want to be thrown out by her boyfriend – and maybe have to support herself – and that, to her, was a good enough reason to kill a baby and shove it in the freezer. Any sane society would hang her in public. Fucking cunt.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:58 PM

At 12:52 AM, Bottle Blue said…

You make me sick you retard, why don’t you and that other misogynist FredX stop blaming women for your problems. Eeew you mra bastards will never fit in with normal people.


At 1:39 AM, mfsob said…

Well, don’t forget the biggest reason modern Western Women would treat their very flesh and blood like this – THEY MIGHT BREAK A NAIL!!!!

And that, compared to anything that may happen to their offspring, is the true measure of a tragedy to today’s woman.


At 3:52 AM, Anonymous said…

There are laws here in some U.S. states that allow you to leave a baby at any fire station, no questions asked.


At 4:03 AM, arnold ziffel said…


Feminism isn’t ‘like’ a death cult, it is a death cult. A very influential death cult, regrettably.


At 5:07 AM, ze german said…

About the language used in the article,

In my opinion, the language used is bordering politically correct, for this text.

Seriously, when will people see that you need to be responsible for your actions, and you can’t hold down one sex with inescapable responsibilities, even if he did not accept the cause, but put the other sex on a pedestal as if it is a 1500 year fucking glass vase.

Put these women behind bars, and let the rot.

At least the babies’ soul will have found some justice then.

I am willing to pay my taxes for their prison sentence, but providing these cunts with therapy from my money while letting the jobless dad rot in jail for child support,

Fuck that.


At 6:39 AM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

There is a real change, as Male Rights Network said on my blog.

Soon women will become immune from criminality. They can do anything, kill anyone and the law will still protect them using this bullshit feminist notion that women can do no wrong.

Women can do no wrong? That is such fucking horse shit that the people who allow these bastards to run riot in the courts and workings of the Govt, influencing policy and the like, should be dragged out of office and hung at the gallows.

It’s a disgrace. Dump your baby hatch!?!

I’m sure the Marxo-feminists are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of the deaths of yet more innocents.


At 6:40 AM, Anonymous said…

Is it true that these women who are caught and convicted of infanticide face no punishment in Europe? They are dealt with harshly in America for the most part; I think one woman in Texas was sentenced to death for drowning for children. But then again, that is Texas.


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous said…


Letting women off for disposing of their kid’s is a travesty. WTF has happened to society. These are definitely the end-times. Women will have to account for their sins and god will not let them off. It will down the deep black hole for these cunts. May God have mercy on their souls.


At 7:20 AM, ntk said…

Good grief. Imagine if a man were to drop an unwanted kid off – he’d never hear the end of it. Women can though, unsurprisingly.


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous said…


I hope these abandoned children will become the praetorian guards of the new socialist empire and abuse and murder these cunts in the future. Fitting justice? From the USA.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous said…

umm.. this is off topic, but capt save’Aho is actually an anti feminist blog. sometimes the sarcasm is hard to see but it is there. i found the site really offensive too at first but then i kept reading (not sure why) and it suddenly jumped out at me that he wasn’t being serious.


At 10:51 AM, Thunderchild said…

Not an original idea – a lot of Catholic convents used to have something called a Torno; which was a one-way revolving door where things could be left and never seen again !!


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous said…

This is one of the consequences when you mix Pagan (UN) overlords, and a desire for population reduction.

To all those folks that blame religion for all the wars and ails of the world; you really need to reconsider your views, and look at how the world was only a few thousand years ago when Pagans (amongst others) were killing children in the name of sacrifice, population control, or ‘birth defects’.

Early Christian Opposition to Infanticide

From its earliest creeds, Christians “absolutely prohibited” infanticide as “murder.” Stark, at 124. To Christians, the infant had value. Whereas pagans placed no value on infant life, Christians treated them as human beings. They viewed infanticide as the murder of a human being, not a convenient tool to rid society of excess females and perceived weaklings. The baby, whether male, female, perfect, or imperfect, was created in the image of God and therefore had value.


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous said…

Actually, Germany has had a similar policy for a number of years. The article may be recent but the policy of “dumping off” an unwanted baby is not. Here in the USA, some jurisdictions also allow mothers to “dump off” unwanted children at hospitals and (gasp)police or fire stations. Nice, huh?


At 3:47 PM, Jerkmenistan said…

Ah, but to punish her would be to punish her two living children by denying them a mother. Her boyfriend can’t be legally compelled to care for them either, so that’s another reason not to lock her up for murder. Yet in this battle over the “best interests of the children” (don’t deny that it isn’t), what about the best interests of the DEAD BABY? I know locking up the mother won’t bring the baby back to life, but BABY MURDERING must stop, especially if the mother’s motivation is to prevent her from being thrown out of a house she shares (and probably doesn’t pay anything for) with her boyfriend.

This woman MURDERED HER BABY to prevent the loss of creature comforts. Yet what about all of these women’s shelters and other government-sponsored pro-women assistance services? Couldn’t she have gone to them for help? What about having an abortion in the first place? If abortion is against her religion (as is unmarried sex, but let’s not go there), then she could have told her boyfriend that she’ll put the baby up for adoption.

All in all, she committed a heinous crime, and compounded that crime by doing it out of her own self-interest.


At 5:25 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

This is nothing new, I’m afraid. In the old days, women routinely dumped their babies in the river Thames, and also in the Tiber in Rome. Women are, by nature, like rats who will consume their own. It;s interesting that when surveys are taken, women overwhelmingly favor abortion, while men overwhelmingly oppose it.


At 6:10 PM, Jane said…

Duncan, have you read the comments? It’s really amazing, but the majority of commenters either blamed fathers or said that those murderous bitches, sorry moms, were unhappy and needed help. I hardly could believe my eyes! I think hanging is too good for those women, actually.


At 1:19 AM, in shock said…

what the hell?? I didn’t know all of that and seriously I can’t believe women would do that although I dont doubt it factually…. but doing that to your kid just because you want to make YOUR life better…..that makes a woman nothing better than a piece of crap if she’d do that. Not all of them would (I wouldn’t), but still………feminism did a lot to screw around with the way things should be.


At 5:09 AM, Anonymous said…

Why can a cunt drop her bastard in a bin, but a man has to pay child support? We need a registry where men can go sign off on supporting unwanted children–and wives!!!!


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous said…

Yes it is disgustingly irresponsible. It is called “Babyklappe”, women can dump the children of men there, but hell happens when a father dumps his child there!!

These irresponsible women should be married as soon as pregnant. And who murders shall go in prison for life. That is the right way.


You make me sick you retard, why don’t you and that other misogynist FredX stop blaming women for your problems. Eeew you mra bastards will never fit in with normal people.

If there is a retard, it is you.
Women need to be responsible. Do not fuck, or raise your child properly.
It is incredible. And especially when the woman is underage, then she receives so much compassion instead of being punished for whoring around.

I think, you would be outraged if men did this, right?


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous said…

And just today,

In spite of the fire station laws in California, she let her baby die of exposure and “our hearts go out to her.”


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