Parents almost officially redundant in UK


16 March 2007


Is your baby playing with its toes yet? If not the government wants to know why

Babies will be assessed on their gurgling, babbling and toe-playing abilities when they are a few months old under a legally enforced national curriculum for children from birth to five published by the government yesterday.

Every nursery, childminder and reception class in Britain will have to monitor children’s progress towards a set of 69 government-set “early learning goals”, recording them against more than 500 development milestones as they go.

Nothing smacks of a Socialist tyranny more than a government’s obsessive interest in its people’s children.

First off – thanks to Socialism and it’s angry big sister, Feminism – young children spend more and more time in daycare centres as women go off to the ‘fulfilling’ 9-to-5 jobs feminism promised them. Then these daycare centre’s staff are issued clip-boards and told to assess the babies.

Throw in a vast Social Worker industry with the power to take children from parents based on any old criteria, and you’re not far off the Marxist ideal of men and women as identical drones working away whilst their babies are raised by the government.

I was expecting the phrase “for the child’s best interest” to crop up in the numerous quotes by ministers in the many reports of this story, but it hasn’t appeared. I guess the British government doesn’t even bother dishing out that tired excuse anymore. It’s got its subjects by the knackers in it’s big Socialist fist now so why bother even pretending this is for the children’s good? They can just do it and tell any Brits who dare squeal in protest to fuck off.

The DfES says the framework is a means of ensuring high standards of early education and care that will reassure parents that their child’s development is being supported, no matter what form of childcare or pre-school education they use.

Early education is provided for by parents. The government shouldn’t have any automatic right to interfere with children past the age of 5, let alone before then.

Beverley Hughes, the children’s minister, denied the goals would lead to a “tickbox approach” to assessing children, though she acknowledged this had happened under the previous system. She rejected suggestions that a 92-page set of practice guidance featuring 513 skills and attitudes children should acquire which accompanies the framework was excessively detailed.

She’s a politician. She’d deny her name was Beverley Hughes if it was in her interests to do so. Incidentally, Beverley Hughes got her degree in Social Science; an oxymoron, surely. A worthless degree for dumb Marxist cunt if there ever was one.

According to the practice guidance, babies from birth to 11 months should be assessed for “the different ways babies communicate, such as gurgling when happy”. As they begin to scrutinise the skills children need for writing, carers should note the interest infants show in “the marks they make when they rub a rusk round the tray of a feeding chair”.

Strange, I didn’t actually see this presented as a key point in Labour’s election manifesto before the last election; “Your babies will now be scrutinised by government workers!”

Funny that. Maybe it’s because no-one but the most hardcore commie would have voted for the bunch of cocksuckers if they had done so.

In preparation for learning about numbers, babies will be monitored on whether they enjoy “finding their nose, eyes or tummy”.

God forbid any baby boy touch his willie when he’s having his nappy (or diaper, for you Americans) changed. He’ll be sent off to a re-pre-school-education camp for being a potential rapist.

What’s notable amidst the apparant curriculum for Airstrip One’s future citizens is this:

40 – 60 months

Understand what is right, what is wrong and have a conception of why this is.

Again, this is the realm of parents, who teach young children this concept and have done so for fucking generations without the bastard government’s beauracrats “help”.

But more importantly, bear in mind the leftie feminist filth that infest the government and the “education” system. This will no doubt amount to little boys being forced to learn that it is Wrong to insult girls, hit girls, criticise girls, show affection to girls, or basically do anything that a girl may or may not be upset by. Whilst little girls are taught that they are great, boys are stupid, and what’s right is whatever she feels is right. After all, that’s what goes in on in the rest of what laughably passes for education these days.

(There’s a load of comments about this story here at The Telegraph; most of them from people who consider this idea to be doubleplusungood.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:11 PM

At 9:44 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

I suppose one of the main (unstated) reasons for this program is to provide some more government employment for the otherwise unemployable legions of women who’ve just graduated with a now useless degree in psychology or sociology or whatever.

A ‘jobs for cunts’ scheme really.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

I thank God my one child was born in the USA. I’m divorced, but my child is being raised in a Christian school and by a Christian mother and stepfather.

I’m not allowed custody or visitation (feminists can cheer at this), but my daughter is so persistently asking for her dad that I now get visitation.

Good people exist regardless of sex. Good girls want to see their dads and will fight to see them. Those girls grow up to be good women.

Every single time government gets involved, the children lose.


At 11:18 PM, Mamonaku187 said…

This is the End Game.

This is the goal of Feminism, and Cultural Marxism.

This is what its about… although I’m surprised that Labor is showing its true colors so quickly.

Feminism is not about women.

It is all about divide and conquer.

Women have no power to stop the government from taking their children away from them a la Plato’s The Republic.

By being the whores of Big Daddy Government, they can’t say anything. If the womens complain too much, they will be swiftly cut off from the government aid that they have grown to be dependent on.

And Men, their natural allies and protectors, will do nothing to stop the seizure of their children by Big Daddy Government.

They chose long ago to sell their souls to the devil.

Women will find out that its just about time to pay the piper!


At 11:21 PM, Davout said…

Look for the ‘gotyournose’ 101 and ‘pullmyfinger’ 201 classes for parents coming out over the summer. This will be followed by Zenzitifitti seminars for all those miscreants (males) who just doggoneit can’t get loveydovey parenting right.

On the bright side, part of the shit hitting the fan will inevitably fall on the ‘supermoms’ who will surely resent being judged on their cockall parenting abilities. Inevitably, they will blame the govt. who will blame men for giving women the independence they so desire. Probably, this wil lead to something like a tax on non-married people (read: men).
There is a precedent for a tax on single people, thanks to Caesar Augustus:

Lex Julia et Papia Poppaea


At 3:58 AM, mfsob said…

Yeesh, you Brits are well and truly fucked. Sorry for you.


At 9:57 AM, Anonymous said…

This will be called the baby assessment center.
It will be determined who will make a good manger, politician scientist or feminist.


The government does have too much money to spend obviously. Children at this age should be the responsibility of parents.


At 1:00 PM, don_m said…

Wow! So when will Britain start the embryo factories?

You already have the drugs, promiscuous sex, and a busy body government willing to “raise” the children. Easy credit for all to buy junk they don’t really need.

Due to the fiat money system there is already a class of alphas, betas, deltas, gammas, and epsilons probably already taking whatever drugs necessary to medicate their lives.

Brave New World just around the corner….

Not that the US is far behind.


At 1:39 PM, Lisa said…

Daycare is squashing children’s development. I compare my daughter to kids who share the attention of one adult amongst 7 kids and my daughter is miles ahead. Friends have told me my daughter will have delayed social skills because she does not get enough interaction with kids. Hah! We interact at the library. We interact and baby/mommy exercise class. We interact on walks. Kids in daycare ‘interact’ while planted in front of televisions and swapping tons of germs. Many of my friends’ kids have been sick more than they’ve been healthy. You tell me how one develops well when ill all of the time. They don’t. My daughter is nearly 1 and has a cold once and never had a fever. She’s been 100% nearly everyday and is gaining a firm grasp on her world as a result. Nothing beats one on one time with a parent who is completely focused on showing their child his/her world.

I agree these assessment ideas are likely driven by women. It’s so like women to want to compete and find fault and squash individuality. Idiots. It’s not going to work to start with babies and toddlers though. It’s too late then. If they aren’t going to force pregnant women to see a doctor, eat right, take vitamins and give up cigs/beer, chiming in at 7 months to make sure a kid can pull your finger is of little benefit.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Social Services = Government Child Molesters


At 5:27 PM, Anonymous said…

Beverley Hughes: Stop Molesting Our Children


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous said…


How many children do you have?
Do you intend to have 10 and more?

I am just curious, it seems that you are a very good mother.


At 12:05 PM, nevo said…

This one is beyond the pale.
In the cold war the whole world strode in an uneasy balance of power with billions of tax payers money used to defeat communism. Only to, once achieved its defeat, impose its own brand of western communism.
Starting with the children.

It makes the generation of our fathers the stupidest creatures on earth.



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