Pregnant women don’t have a good time at work. Aww!


29 March 2007

‘Pregnant workers badly treated’

Most bosses fail to properly manage pregnant staff and many mums feel badly treated at work after maternity leave, a report claims.

So? Why should I, as a man, give a fuck?

This is the simple retort us men should adopt whenever presented with some real or imagined complaint women have; Why should I give a fuck? How does this effect me? If it doesn’t effect me, I don’t care.

After all, women moan about anything and everything.

If pregnant women and new mums can’t cut it in the workforce, even in cushy offices, they can stop moaning, resign and fuck off. There are plenty of men who are willing to work properly without demanding their employer cater to their every need.

EOC chairwoman Jenny Watson said: “Women are now nearly half the workforce. There’s no turning back from this major social change…”

Snigger! Want a bet?

Actually, thinking about it, maybe women will soon make up 99% of the workforce as more men drop out and refuse to slave away for the Matriarchy (and, of course, we’ll be hearing endless whining from the EOC that women are burdened with having to do all the work, boo-fucking-hoo!)

…so it’s vital that workplaces are equipped to make pregnancy at work a good experience.”

What the fuck? It’s not a workplace’s responsibility to ensure women have a fucking ‘good experience’, pregnant or otherwise. They, the women, are there to do what the men are there to do; fucking work!

As usual though, women seem to think that the workplace is there to provide them with a fun time.

“If we fail to tackle the knowledge gap surrounding the rights of pregnant women and new parents at work, we run the risk of seeing these women drop out of the workforce altogether.”

Oh no! We can’t have that, can we? We can’t have women fulfilling traditional roles, or – God forbid – children being raised at home by one of their parents, instead of in some hellish state-run daycare camp…exactly where Socialist filth like the EOC want the next generation of comrades.

“As well as damaging families, this costs employers millions in recruitment and training and causes significant damage to Britain’s economic productivity.”

Any proof cunt? Any statistics cunt? No, didn’t think so. All this cunt and her colleagues have done is exactly what feminists do when they conduct what are laughably called ‘studies’ – listened to a load of women whinge and moan about every pissy little imperfection in their lives (which are outrageously pampered compared to men’s) and then release a ‘report’ that Something Must Be Done. Ideally something costing lots of money.

Quite simply, worthless overpaid scum in the multitude of Nanny State agencies like the EOC, together with the outrageous benefits to women to ensure they are paid and recruited as if they worked full time even when they don’t, harm Britain’s economic productivity. I’ve had two female colleagues in recent years bugger off on paid maternity leave, come back and then quit within a month. Obviously they planned on quitting all along but figured they would come back for a bit just so they could get their paid maternity leave. Selfish cunts.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:58 PM

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous said…

If women owned everything, ruled everything, and dictated everything they would still claim they were victimised.

For women, complaining is a national sport.


At 9:44 PM, Male Rights Network said…

Most Marxo-Feminists realise that the greatest obstacle to fulfilling their Utopian female-bourgeois society is men. Men’s raw productivity is far higher than men and women will, partly because of child-birth but also because of female hormones, etc., never be able to compete with men on raw productivity. Therefore, to achieve the Feminist Utopia you must eliminate men from the workforce.

Efficiency and productivity will all gradually be reduced so that female-friendly “work” practices can be implemented, and most women, as you can see here want to take the lazy option, they are constantly calling for the lazy option. “It caters for their needs” they tell us; it allows them a “good experience”. Whatever. It damages productivity and profits could easily be hurt in a private employer – which is why you’ll see the Communistic “new pay structures” implemented in the public sector first. As indeed is happening in the UK.

It basically boils down to laziness and rejection of work and productivity. However, the dream can only be realised if you quite literally take men out of the picture, the worker pool. All boats are lowered.


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous said…

Somewhere, in country or two far, far away, Mr Chang and Mr Patel are rubbing their hands with glee …yet again!

Frankly I’m amazed any companies find it economically viable to continue their operations in the UK with the endless stream of this type of PC BS to put up with.

…any companies other than family lawyers and the rest of the parasites of the divorce industry that is.


At 10:32 PM, mfsob said…

Actually, this looks like another chapter in their How To Destroy Civilization As We Know It plan – rock on, I say! Because I, too, don’t give a flying fuck.


At 2:44 AM, Anonymous said…



At 3:48 AM, arnold ziffel said…

At the risk of belaboring the obvious:

1. A lot of men don’t have a good time at work either. That’s why it’s called ‘work’ and not ‘play’;
2. The fact that work is not (always) fun explains why most people don’t do it unless they get paid.

Why do so many women not understand these two points?


At 6:21 AM, ze german said…


I thought they wanted equality.. they wanted equal opportunities – that belief was shattered long time ago.

I say this is sexist discrimination. It is only applicable to women, so it discriminates against men.

What the F!!!, I also want to get my days off and a bj provided by the company, when my woman has not put out for three days. The accumulating hormones are poisoning me and causing me discomfort. Thus, the employer is obliged to provide me with a fun and comfortable working place.

Once I get my bj, I can then decide if I want to chat with my colleagues about the hired comfort specialist, surf the net, or be productive without causing me discomfort.

Now, that would be equality.


At 9:37 AM, wobs said…

Can we remove the EOC from the face of the Earth? Please?


At 9:32 PM, Phoenix said…

Funny, women are what make my work experience suck, when are we going to remove them so I can be a productive, happy and efficient contributor, instead of a man that understands he can’t say or do anything a female disapproves of, lest he bring down their all powerful wrath and be dragged into their political and drama games.

Of course, women bitch about that too, they bitch about office politics when they themselves create it. Then they bitch that men are “avoiding” them at work, and demand more money for that as well. The courts really need to stop giving into these women. They whine and make up sexual harassment charges, and then when men wise up and refuse to speak in their presence or be alone with them, they whine about that too. Christ, leave us the fuck alone already would you? Either learn to make us like you or fuck off, despite how much you bitch and complain and denigrate us, we are NOT going to be attracted to you. YOU’RE the ones that get off on being abused and treated like shit, we prefer respect and love.


At 10:33 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Yes indeed. I can manage to have a less than happy experience at work too, and all without being pregnant. So am I being discriminated against?

And Jenny Watson needs to learn a few things. For example employers of pregnant women already have to fork out millions in recruitment and training…to replace those women when they bugger off on maternity leave for months on end. Is that too difficult for her to work out – or is she just too blinkered to see it?


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous said…

OMG- i finally found some people i can talk to. rock on mes amis!


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