Fembots have fucked up our society


15 April 2007

Failure has no father


Seventy per cent of young offenders are from single-parent families. Being raised by your mother on her own is not the strongest predictor of ending up as a criminal: having a father who is himself a criminal is the top of that list. But not far behind is being raised without a father at all.


The Government provides incentives to bring up children without both parents. So much so that, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, there are 200,000 more people claiming the benefits and tax credits that are due to lone parents than there are actually lone parents in the UK. The consequences of making single-parenthood ever-more economically viable are completely predictable.

It is uplifting to see that feminist/socialist policies are increasingly denounced in the mainstream press, but it is somewhat depressing that the fucking cunts in charge of what is left of Britain never seem to share – or, indeed, listen – to such criticisms and plough on relentlessly with their fucked up ideology.

The last few words of the article are the most important:

…they certainly haven’t asked the rest of us.


No-one asked our country to be put through the destructive grinder of feminism and socialism. Governments just put us through it and wants us to shut up now that more and more of us are complaining.

I dare say this article will bring strong rebukes from various feminist scum in the coming days, just like a couple of years ago when a judge pointed out that most of the offenders he imprisoned were raised by single mothers, only to be promptly told to take what he said back by a squad of single mother “groups” and whining feminist politicians.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:48 PM


At 2:19 PM, mfsob said…

Leave it to government to pay for a study that shows the other studies it based all its failed programs are were miserable failures … no doubt because the original studies were done by women with a clear agenda.


At 3:15 PM, CanuckGuy said…

The fact of the matter is, feminism has given rise to a culture where it is seen as almost proper and expected for a woman to put out kids and raise them on her own. I see more and more single mothers with multiple children these days, and many of them are on welfare as they cannot work and support their spawn. This means, of course, that *I*, as a single male, am paying for them to raise their ill-begotten and ill-behaved little monsters. In a way, I don’t even need to marry or have children to have money sucked out of me, I am already supporting the dregs of society via taxation.


At 6:54 PM, Caransebes said…

Once, for a brief moment of pleasure, a man had to pay all his life. Now we don’t even get the ephemeral pleasure of the “fuck”, we’re just “fucked” whether we do it or not.

Revolution, or perhaps collapse and extinction, are around the corner. The battered immune systems (each sexual virus puts a load on your system, you worthless idiots) of the modern whore will ensure a prosperous next riding of the White Horseman.

Thank the nearest woman for her explicit, or tacit, support for our extinction – all of us.


At 8:40 PM, mikeray said…

Another from the Daily Mail/YOU Magazine
7th April 2007

Infertile – but all is not lost

One woman talks of her pain and anguish at not being able to conceive in her forties.

They said our generation of women could have it all – love, sex, professional fulfillment, and the freedom to plan our families.

They forgot to mention a little thing called the biological clock – and here’s how I found out, the hard way, how very important that was.


At 12:33 AM, Jane said…


What all you poor guys need is a decent and loving woman to care for you!
And for you to care for her!

Not to compete with you.
Not to screw you.(in the monetary sense)
Not to use you up!

And there are women around like that.

Personally, I have never been interested in feminism..

I just believe in equality and fairness for all.

Why can’t we all just get along..And celebrate our differences eh?

I love men, and I like women..
We complement each other..

Couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck at a party full of women, with out a bloke in sight!

I enjoy the company of blokes. I like their perspective on different issues.

Btw, I am monogamous , and have been happily married to a great guy for 10 years!


At 5:36 AM, Anonymous said…

This is not an issue about race or marriage

Oh, but yes it is.

However, what do I care. I don’t live in the US. And, I am planning on going to China to look for a pretty wife there.


At 8:59 AM, Hmh said…

I just want to say I agree with Duncan’s post here completely. A fatherless underclass is quietly festering in New Zealand society and it’s amazing how little knowledge, let alone regard, this class of single parent kids have for ‘the rules’, let alone what’s good for all of us.
In New Zealand it’s called the DPB, the Domestic Purposes Benefit. Essentially each kid means more money so it’s a career instead of the safety net it was originally intended to be. Unintended consequence: munters everywhere. They’re everywhere dammit!!


At 12:51 PM, Martin said…

This definitely IS a problem. Not because the statistics say that 70 percent of criminals has a single mother, as opposed to single father – but because it’s 70 percent of all families. Wich means that we very well may have a statistic that resembles this:

Criminals with both parents: 10%
Criminals with a single father: 20%
Criminals with a single mother: 70%

This is based under two assumptions of course. That 1. The statistics are correct, and 2. It’s more healthy to have 2 parents than one.

No matter what, this should be researched, as none can deny it as a distinct possibility.


At 6:15 PM, Tainted said…


Nicely put. Adversarial behavior gets tiring. It’s nice to read a non-confrontational view once in a while.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous said…

In the past such tendencies to ‘self destruct’ society would have had instant outcomes- such as lost wars,poverty- leading to sickness/death, social unrest over these effects and a ‘STOP sign’ writ large.
We are the (un)lucky recipients of modern production techniques,medicine,farming etc. and political coddling of voters by politicos contemptuous of their funders’ rights.
Most women don’t care..they have lost their (male) protectors- who they see as marginal in this wunderland of choice.
It can’t and won’t last !!
We,who write here and elsewhere- know this well.
I’m sorry for my kids who will pay a heavy price.I read elsewhere that the global balance of oil/gas production will tip into irreversible decline in 2010 approx-to the tune of 3% p.a.Coupled with increased demand from developing countries like China, India etc. and you can guess the result. Mayhem.
Governments don’t want to discuss this any more than feminisms’ damage to society- as it will expose them to severe criticism and then panic from the public. 3 years is not long, is it?


At 7:26 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Martin wrote:

“Criminals with both parents: 10%
Criminals with a single father: 20%
Criminals with a single mother: 70%”

I’m afraid your info is inaccurate, in fact, single dad’s are no more likely to have dysfunctional children than families where both parents (natural parents that is) are present. So logically custody should be granted to fathers if the law wants what is “in the interests of the child” as is claimed. We all no that’s not true as the law panders to noisy feminists and female voters. As far as politicians are concerned children do not matter, nor do men.


At 8:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Personally, I have never been interested in feminism..

Many women say (or claim that). But feminism still benefits them so they shut up and chide guys for just “not loving women anymore”.

Jane, in case you’ve been asleep, women changed the rules. Feminism DESTROYED the relationship between men and women.

Men have adapted to the NEW way women act. Men are increasingly following either via predatory behavior (sexually use women and dump women) or avoidance behavior (bachelorship, move overseas).

If you really want to change things (and not just give lip service) then fight to rollback feminism. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show!


At 1:40 AM, Anonymous said…

Let me get this straight. “All us poor guys need is a decent and loving woman to care for us” and “there are women around like that”. Got it.

And while we’re at it, all we need to do is eat grenades for breakfast in the hopes that none of them explode. Got it.

All we need to do is take turns sticking our dicks into a boa constrictors mouth and not get bit.
Got it.

Ever hear of a lottery ticket. That is what a relationship with a western woman is like, only the odds are worse.

Since you’re not interested in feminism I guess that we can expect to see you hammering away at the fuckwad politicians and their bullshit laws? Didn’t think so.

Have you taken a look at the theme of this blog? It isn’t “chins up, dicks up, fellas keep on tryin’.
It’s ETERNAL BACHELOR. Another words: FUCK THIS SHIT!! Got it?

What is it that compels women to come in here with words of encouragement? You’re married. You’re off the market. Are you afraid that one of your sistas won’t be able to find a sucker? Afraid of losing your plan BBD?

We don’t need a pat on the ass or words of encouragement. If you really want to help out you can roll up on a cunt rot forum and blast the carpet munchers. Or take the political angle.



At 5:50 AM, Anonymous said…

I really, really just plain want nothing to do with women anymore.

The last few dates I went on I could literally feel the glaze form over my eyes. Bitch probably noticed, but who gives a fuck?

Women should never have been given the vote. Neither should men with degrees in psychobabble ‘n shit.


At 1:32 AM, Jane said…

Sorry you feel the way you do Arthur..
It’s true, I am not interested in feminism.. Just equality for all.

Neither am I some militant female.

I have two children (10yr old girl and a 6 yr old autistic boy) and stopped working when my first was born. My husband and I both agreed that for us it was the best thing.

But boy did I cop some flak for that decision. Not from men , but from women.
For some time I was made to feel bad and useless because I chose to stay at home in a more traditional role.

I could have worked, and of course in the monetary sense we would certainly have been better off..But I didn’t think I could do both jobs well…. And believe me at times I get bored and fed up with cooking and the housework. But you know what, I’m not Robinson Crusoe here. My hubby also gets bored and fed up with his work too.
That’s life I guess..

And, at least I have more time and energy for him in the evenings..

I actually came across this site by accident, but having read many of the comments and opinions, I can honestly say I have some understanding of how you feel. Having been treated like a pariah and a moron for some years by many women. Of course I cannot fully understand what you blokes have been through not being a man.

But I do know there ARE many women out there who are unscrupulous uncaring bitches. But, there are also some genuinely nice and caring ones too!

I do sincerely wish you all, the very best in the future.


At 10:56 AM, Misogynic_Gent said…

Of course, we should also look at the possibly that Anonymous’s post is a provocation by someone trying to make Duncan and the Eternal Bachelor blog look bad.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Since fembots have only shaming language in their arsenal, perhaps the nimbler ones have discovered a new tactic. I’ve got a hunch that Anonymous 9:36 is really a woman pretending to be a legit bachelor. He sure is quick to turn on fellow bachelors, which hasn’t at all been the spirit here.

At any rate, I was a bit anxious to see how you blokes would react, so I’m relieved and pleased with your responses. Good call Mark and K-Dog. I support what you said completely, so according to Anonymous 9:36 I’m also a mangina. Nice try 936 but I don’t think it’ll stick anytime soon.

This is important enough to comment on, cause I can’t think of anything more detrimental to the reputation and survival of this blog. That is, if 936’s radical comment begins to metastasize.

In my opinion, Eternal Bachelor has improved and hopefully will continue to improve, but 936 wants to bring us down into the gutter.

I’ve seen extremism here once before but it wasn’t as overt, so I didn’t say anything. In the future, it will probably be good practice to openly separate ourselves from such comments, so that our silence won’t be interpreted by bloodthirsty feminists as consent.

We Shan’t allow careless moral anarchists or fembots in disguise to compromise our stronghold by being too complacent.

Most of the time I’m content to just kick back and enjoy the blog, but this needed to be said.

Keep up the good posts Christopher, Paul and others.



At 5:31 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

I ended up deleting the anonymous comment above about the Virginia Tech massacre plus a few responses to it. I’m not normally one to censor things, which is why I originally put them through, but on reflection it was not only way off topic but was getting somewhat crazed with various threats between commenters, which could get this blog closed down.

Back on topic chaps…


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