Thrill killing


25 April 2007

Amidst recent comments, mikeray provided a link to this article:

Girls ‘just felt right’ murdering friend


TWO teenagers who wanted to experience murder told police it “felt right” to strangle a friend and bury her body in a shallow grave beneath her West Australian home.

The 17-year-old girls, who cannot be named due to their age, today faced a sentencing hearing in Perth Children’s Court after pleading guilty to murdering Eliza Jane Davis in the small coal mining town of Collie on June 18, 2006.

I suspect brief custodial sentences followed by a bit of counselling will no doubt be applied, rather than the life sentences requested by the prosecutor. After all, the killers have vaginas, and that, seemingly, excuses any behaviour.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:16 PM


At 9:53 PM, Gottenhart said…

I bet men will be blamed for this as well, the list will just keep getting longer. Bet the Pussypass will be used Duncan.


At 12:11 AM, Blademonkey said…

I’m advocating a vigorous application of prison shanks to these two boneheads. Some might say that revenge killing is not legal, well, it does feel right in this case.

I bet the two will understand where i’m coming from on this.



At 12:48 AM, Anonymous said…

Absolutely disgusting! What an utter disregard for human life. I say an eye for an eye and let these bitches hang!


At 4:36 AM, Anonymous said…

they will probably get a higher sentence than normal. remember it’s frowned upon to murder women even if it’s by
other women. if the victim was male on the other hand…


At 9:37 AM, nevo said…

They can’t put them in jail for very long anyway, they are young and needed for procreation.
The prisons in England are all full up and new prisons are not ready for occupation some are not even started building it yet.

Protect yourself from black widows the best you can



At 11:08 AM, Anonymous said…

I can’t believe kids these days, although I am 22 when I was in my youth kids weren’t as bad as now, well quite as bad. I can’t believe anyone would kill someone “to see what it’s like” and it was their friend too (a lesson I learnt when younger don’t completely trust your friends even) sick fuckers, even gangsters have a reason to kill, but for these selfish bitches it was to to see what it felt like. I remember seeing Crimewatch UK a few weeks ago a teenager was stabbed coming home from the Cinema. There is motive or reason and guess what the police believe the guy who stabbed that boy done it as a fucking dare, selfish bastards. These females deserve life in prison and I mean life not 20 years then let off for good bloody behaviour (why do they allow that anyway?) a crime like this should get the most years for imprisonment.


At 11:42 AM, Kumogakure said…


It felt right??

Why are these hoes not being publicly flogged, then executed like the cold blooded murderesses they are?

Oh, I forgot. Only men are capable of stone cold killing.



At 1:02 PM, Anonymous said…

Just started reading this blog, found a link on another forum. Don’t know if you saw this news item from the US about some bint who topped her husband because she was worried about him divorcing her. Nice to see some bird getting what she deserves! Shame about the kids though

Keep fighting the good fight!


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous said…

Judges just keep showing their same colours in this part of the world.


Some woman gets sentenced for raising her four daughters as thieves and to operate as a team of shop-lifters. How much jail-time for this obvious multiple abuse of children? None. Of Course. I can only assume she’s a single mother without a boyfriend – otherwise some guy would be doing cell-time for this witch’s wickedness.


At 12:47 AM, TJ said…

Anonymous 1:02PM,

Great find with the link on that McGuire psycho here in the USA that killed her husband and dismembered his body…

Here’s a classic line that was reported:

McGuire maintains that her husband left her after a violent argument in their apartment April 28, 2004. She later sought a restraining order and filed divorce papers. Prosecutors say she concocted the incident and note that, earlier that day, the couple had closed on their “dream home” in rural Warren County.

It is nice to see that she will now be in her true “Dream Home” for a long time to come!

This bitch was looking to divorce the guy in order to be with her boss but realized that he would fight her for custody and it would be less expensive and easier to attain her happy life if he was out of the picture.

The power of the vagina to call 911 and get a restraining order on a provoked and concocted scene.

The woman should be given life without parole.

The selfish cunt left 2 children without a father and a mother (a shitty on at that). Imagine those poor children having to deal with the fact that their mother murdered the father over her own affair.

Amazingly, these stories are happening with incredible frequency now. These women and society at large are going mental. This would be a terrific feature for the front page of the blog.

Complete with picture and video links.

You have to love her flicked on emotion and tears as they read the guilty verdict…As if she was expecting Not Guilty to be read.


At 1:42 AM, Anonymous said…

I’m quite interested on how the verdict will be on this particular case as I am writing an essay about the rights of men for my senior law class. (for a feminist teacher, it should be interesting)

I mean, if they get off with anything less than a life sentence, then it says to the public murder is ok, as long as you’ve a vagina and some paranoia about the victim. Added bonus if you “don’t want them to suffer”

Then again, we already know this.


At 2:42 PM, Javier said…

Besides the fact that they “just felt like it”, two things strike me as paramount in this story:

(1) Premeditation. “Sunday morning me and (her) woke up, and we were just talking, and for some reason we just decided to kill her,” one of the girls told police in her interview. It’s not like like there was an argument, a knife/gun was pulled, and someone got shot. They actually TALKED about what they were going to do beforehand.

(2) Stronger premeditation. “I knew we had wanted to kill someone before.” This is probably worse as they are very dangerous individuals for thinking about doing this for a while now.

If this were an adult male, he would be put to death as quick as possible. Since it is two 17-year old GIRLS, they will be let off scott free. Yeah, they’ll spend a few years in a juvenile center if found not able to stand trial as an adult, but really now. Plus, they’ll be given free room and board, and be provided free mental health counseling to deal with their premeditated thoughts.


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous said…


You didn’t like my video you fucked asshole hahahahahhaha

At least I know you are reading this.


Soon my blog takes you traffic away.

I’ve already sent an email to blogspot about your blog breaching the terms of service for calling women cunts, gonna get back to me after they’ve taken a look they said.

Get ready to be shut the fuck down.


At 5:23 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

The reason I didn’t let you originally post the link to your video, anonymous above, is that there was no video at the appropriate link. Why would I waste my reader’s time and have them follow a meaningless link to an empty youtube profile?

Thanks for the threats to close me down and steal my traffic though, they made me laugh very heartily.


At 7:06 AM, Anonymous said…

Oklahoma Joe

I have always thought of killing cunts because I would like to know how it felt. NOT!

These cunts are really fucked up! Probably being raised by fucked up women. Let society go down the tubes. LOL.


At 5:32 PM, Anonymous said…

At least the victim was a woman. That’s one less we have to deal with! Right guys?


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