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16 April 2007

In search of the good wife


This is a rather rambling article featuring lots of nattering from self-professed female experts about relationships, but it is worth a look because this article in a major mainstream newspaper (I’m assuming it is in the print addition too) mentions long-standing anti-feminist website nomarriage.com.

Note how the writer condemns the site as “hysterical” and misogynistic. Women who endlessly berate, denounce, condemn and insult men as useless pigs are just being empowered, and are just not settling for anything but the best in a relationship, but when us men throw our hands in the air at such feminist bitches and decide not to marry them, we’re being hysterical women-haters.


The comments are rather amusing, and predictable; a load of women bitching on about how men should be told how to be perfect husbands. Us men are constantly told we should be perfect, rich, handsome, sensitive, strong and loyal husbands – and we are legally forced to provide for wives, and even ex-wives – yet as soon as someone implies that perhaps women should try to be nice towards their husbands, they go ape-shit and start getting all defensive, as if someone is demanding they become doormats and slaves.

I mean, Heaven forbid a woman ever do anything nice for a man.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:50 PM


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous said…

Incentives work. Modern women believe to snag (aka seduce) a man they should be sensual and charming. And so the spider ensnares her prey. After his life is signed-over then so goes her incentive to be sweet and sexy. Out come the claws and hammer. And women profess bewilderment at the joy being gone from the relationship.

Women demand men act as romantic towards her after marriage as before. How about women practice what they preach?


At 5:04 AM, JadedGuy said…

Fields of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come!”

In Her Dreams: “If you snipe at men, they will come!”


At 7:42 AM, Hmh said…

It’s interesting that the comments from happily married men and women repeatedly say the key is for both parties to put the other first.
There isn’t much of that going on with my current generation of young women. It’s still there, if you know how to look, but with a culture that constantly tells them “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!” this kind of naturally giving nature is hard to find.
Last comment: the two people falling into putting kids first, work second, marriage third – absolutely true, I see this around me every day.


At 4:32 PM, Christopher in oregon said…

An interesting article, and I especially enjoyed the many comments by men about western women. We are not alone in our views. I talk with men about marriage and women on a daily basis, and virtually all of them share the same views- western women are unsuitable for marriage.


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Quite a few years ago now, Oprah had a show on women who can’t find husbands. She started with a bunch of super-babes of all ethnic ancestries. Gorgeous Women. All complaining men don’t want to make a commitment.

Then, she showed a somewhat handsome man with a dumpy little wife. Both were smiling and happy looking.

She asked the man what prompted him to marry his wife. He said he’d been dating different women, and one day Cupcake came to his door. When he opened it, she came in with a nice picnic lunch and a cloth, which she put down on his living room floor and served him a nice picnic lunch she had made herself.

In the next week, he told his other girl friends he was breaking up with them, and started dating her exclusively. In a few months, he asked her to marry him.

Oprah asked him why that picnic lunch meant so much to him. He said, “THAT’S THE FIRST TIME ANY WOMAN EVER DID ANYTHING FOR ME!”

I have told this tale to women who complain they can’t find a man who wants to marry. They react with anger. Hey, that might work!

Anonymous age 65


At 8:24 PM, Anonymous said…

I have a question for all of the men that visit this site.

If western women in developed countries are unsuitable for marriage, why don’t all of you seek out a foreign bride from the developing world? I have seen a number of web sites devoted to arraigning marriages between Western men and girls from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. This is the advice of the nomarriage.com web site.


At 5:06 AM, Mark said…

Heads-up, Duncan,

“Two Mormon women tortured six young children by forcing them to eat red-hot chillies and whipping them with nettles, a court was told yesterday. …also alleged to have punched and kneed the four girls and two boys, hit them with wooden spoons and rolling pins, and gagged them.

The women …meted out the severe punishment to teach the children discipline and to work hard …over a nine-year period.

Robin Johnson, for the prosecution, said: ‘This was a case of two women who were completely out of control.'”

Tricky one. How do we find a man to blame for this one?


At 9:32 AM, nevo said…

I heard recently that England is the most generous country in the world when it comes to divorce settlement. So much is so now foreign wives are persuading their husbands to move to this country because of these divorce laws.
Can you make an article of it?



At 10:20 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

I enjoyed this comment at The Times:

Behind every “strong” woman is a weak man. Inside every “strong” woman is an inadequate little girl. Behind every successful man is a “strong” woman usually telling him he’s wrong !

Too true.


At 3:56 PM, ChicagoMan said…

Women in the US today flat out just think that showing up is enough effort.

Men ALWAYS go out of their way to impress a woman and to keep her.

Sex is not effort. Simply laying their on your back not doing anything is not effort either.

The man does almost all the work in the relationship these days, almost all the work in sex. The woman does nothing.

Then these women wonder why after 5 years of marriage the romance stops.

WEll you selfish pigs, how would you like it if you went out of your way for someone everyday for 5-10 years and they NEVER reciprocated. Hmm I think your efforts would gradually decline.

Yet, they STILL blame these men on Oprah for not being ROmantic.

Come on AW, are you that stupid?

Oh wait, yes you are


At 6:26 PM, Captain Save’Aho said…

I think it’s right that the Times writer warned readers that nomarriage.com is hysterical and misogynistic. Others feeble minded souls may be sucked into the hell that is the MRA world.

And you should be ashamed of yourself Duncan!


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous said…

you guys need to read this one…


At 10:01 PM, mfsob said…

chicagoman has nailed it – the “My presence is my gift to you!” is THE mindset of probably 80 percent of American women today; as for the others, 10 percent are institutionalized and 10 percent are senile.

My ex fit this mold pretty much to a T – she put on a fantastic dog and pony show, and I fell for it. Totally. At least things were OK until child no. 1 arrived, thennnnnnnnnnnnn the long downhill slide started. By the time child no. 2 arrived, I was so far down her “list” that I ceased to exist as anything other than a paycheck and heavy lifter, and general all around shit shoveler.

Don’t do it guys. Don’t get married. Masturbation can take care of that “need” way better than any woman could even thing about doing … your mind will remain intact … and at the end of the trail, you’ll still have your shirt on your back and money in your pocket.


At 11:13 PM, scream4056 said…

Captain Save’aho right from your profile:

I’m a single guy trying to transform himself into a new man like my hero Hugo Schwyzer.

Nuff said……


At 11:36 PM, Tainted said…

captain save’aho is a parody. One only need look at his blog.


At 3:11 AM, Anonymous said…

here is a case of I have a vagina therefore you can’t execute me.

I say, bury the bitch alive why don’t they?


At 5:53 AM, Male Rights Network said…

I can’t quite work out, is Captain Save’Aho for real? He seems like a total nutjob. He seems to be so far down the line of “look at me I’m a mangina if I disengage my brain, fairness and logical faculties it’s bound to bring some benefit, e.g. sympathy votes!!”… That it’s almost like sarcasm.

Interesting that he lists Eternal Bachelor under “Blogs I Avoid Like The Plague”, yet he does not seem to be avoiding them like the plague, does he?

There is no such thing as a male feminist, but these collaborating mangina men are in many cases just as useless and disruptive to our cause as the feminists themselves. Cases in point: Bill Clinton, Louis Zappetero (Spain), Tony Blair.

Legislative. Bias. Against. Men. Implemented. By. These. Mangina. Scum.


At 10:04 AM, Masculist Man said…

The man does almost all the work in the relationship these days, almost all the work in sex. The woman does nothing.

Then these women wonder why after 5 years of marriage the romance stops.

If you can put up with that shit for 5 years you have the patience of a saint as it would get old for me a lot quicker than that.


At 12:38 PM, Tyger said…

It really seems as if American women believe we, as men, are there to serve them. Women play on their traditional role when it benefits them, specifically in this case, they let us pursue them, because to do otherwise makes them ‘easy’, ‘promiscuous’ or some other bad word (which they still are anyway).

But this service only goes one way. Requesting traditional behavior from your woman is tantamount to slavery. Women refuse to please because acting submissive, nice, caring are all seen as weakness to them. Modern women are empowered. That’s why they talk in deep, manly voices; That’s why they are no longer nice; That’s why they wont bother cooking for you. If there is only one thing they know, it is that they are NOT going to be submissive or kind to any man!

These same women then sit back and wonder why they can readily have sex any time they want, but it is ever so hard for them to find a relationship! It never occurs to them that MEN want something in women besides sex. We want something to complement us, that we dont have ourselves. Sex doesnt count anymore, cause there are enough women giving it out for free.

But let’s suppose for a moment that a woman did snag a man to marry. Because women view human beings acting civilly and nice toward each other as some sort of character flaw and weakness, these women come to lose all respect for their husbands. We are supposed to cater to them and be tough with them at the same time. The laws certainly dont allow for that, and the women dont know what they want from one moment to the next.

There is no winning with Anglophone women. Let them whine on and on about how they want hot ice.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous said…


Sure men do most of the work while having sex, so they are the ones who could claim to be “tired”.

But I do not want a woman to do anything more than lying flat.
That is enough.


At 4:15 PM, CuriePoint said…


The quest for brides from the developing world is of course an option, but it doesn’t stop there, nor is it as simple as going to a website and getting fixed up with said women. With the advent of the IMBRA laws which make in well nigh impossible for a man to use the internet to meet foreign brides, those of us considering the notion are finding it increasingly difficult to comply with them.

In addition, assuming that we are successful in our quest, there remains the question of whether or not to emigrate to their home country or bring the bride-to-be back to the United States of Amerika. To emigrate is perhaps to endure a standard of financial living far below the one we have here. To bring her back to the US ultimately risks infection of her scruples by the attitudes of the Western Women we seek to avoid.

It places us all between the Scylla and Charibdis.

Those of us who are undaunted and pursue this goal are embarking on an adventure that could lead to paradise or the same oblivion we face here. The rest of us just plain old decide against relating to women beyond that which is unavoidable.


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous said…

Read the Anonymous link only if you have a strong stomach. It is the standard feminist vomit we have seen so many times.

Anonymous age 65


At 5:07 PM, Anonymous said…

Things must be tough in UK. I suspect if you go to the tomb of Winston Churchill, there are churning signs. I received a large mass mailing from a genealogy list for my surname. It referred to bravery medals for sale on e-bay, that were originally issued to members of our Irish surname. I thought it said WWII, so I mentioned the only person I knew in our family who served in WWII.

The next mail said they were from WWI. So, as a joke, I clicked on REPLY-ALL and sent a commnet, “OOOOppss!! II tthhoouugghhtt iitt ssaaiidd WWII.. SSoorrrryy!!” implying I see things double.

I received an error message from a message sent to one of the individuals on the mass mailing.

Here is the error message from E-sweeper@cosalt-workwear.com:

“A Message from you to
(name deleted by Anon 65)@cosalt-ballyclare.com
with a subject of Re: (surname also deleted by Anon 65) WWI British Bravery Medals was unable to be scanned for defined threats, therefore your mail will not be delivered. Could you please make alternative arrangements with the recipient. If you need assistance please call the IT helpdesk (+44) 0161 429 1173”



At 7:59 PM, Captain Save’Aho said…

Male Rights Network said…

“There is no such thing as a male feminist”

No such thing?

Well take a gander at this!


At 9:02 AM, Male Rights Network said…

You will of course have idiots and deluded men “supporting” feminism; however essentially “male feminist” is a contradiction in terms. They are joining something which explicitly identifies men as the enemy, and which will as such have a destructive effect on the lives of men in general, as well as the individual so-called “male feminist”.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous said…

NoMarriage.com was the first real anti-feminist site I came across about 3 years ago. I had just broken up with a real entitlement Pueto-Rican (Americanized) Princess!! I sat there at the computer and a thought hit me: “are (American) men happier with foreign women?” I typed it in and Lo and behold “Marry Foreign Women Only” was my intro to the site. Later on I discovered Niceguy’s Why Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck, Angry Harry, American Women Suck.com, and, of course, EB. Two things I learned over the years:

1. I’m not alone in realizing the problem isn’t me it’s the Westernized Bitches and

2. You can add Puerto Rican women to the list of feminazi bitches (Along with US, UK, Canada, Australia).

Sooner or later, mainstreem Media will have to give way to our cause and our voices.


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