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02 May 2007

Wife put excrement in man’s curry


A disgruntled wife has admitted feeding her husband a curry containing dog excrement after their relationship broke down.


Depute Fiscal Margaret Dunnipace told the court that on 13 March, after placing the dinner in front of her husband Donald and watching him start to eat it, Martin had burst out laughing.

At first she claimed she had laced the dish with arsenic but then confessed she had added dog excrement instead.

Note how she’s labeled “disgruntled”, which implies she has some sort of reason to be pissed off and vengeful.

She claims she was subject to “mental abuse”, a vague allegation women usually make to justify all sorts of rotten fucking behaviour. She also claimed her husband dared to question her parental skills. Again, there’s no evidence he did, and even if he did, he probably had a good point. If she feeds shit to her husband fuck knows how she treats her child(ren).

Oh, and it seems she thought her husband was having an affair, but it turned out he wasn’t. Never you mind dear, you just act on impulse and do something rotten.

That’s the worst thing about marriage, it seems; your wife will imagine wrongs and their brains will start plotting what women are best at – being spiteful. Whether it’s feeding you dogshit, divorcing you and stealing your assets, aborting your baby, cutting your cock off, shooting you dead or whatever, they’ll feel justified in doing it, and a few claims of being “abused” or whatever will ensure little or no punishment comes your way.

I can just imagine all the bitches in the country e-mailing this story to each other and sniggering about it.

“Yeah, you go grrl, take that you stupid man!”

At least the guy has the house, but don’t expect that to last. He’ll be out of there come the divorce and she’ll be laughing with her fucking mates all the way to the bank.

(Incidentally, the fact that this cunt’s husband didn’t realise that there was dogshit in the curry he was eating until she actually told him sort of implies her cooking skills are not of a particularly high standard. “What do you mean, ‘does my dinner taste of excrement?’ Why yes, it does. Just like always.“)

I was wondering why the guy didn’t immediately smash the bitch’s face in, before realising that he would have ended up in prison, regardless of blatant provocation.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:20 PM


At 10:53 PM, Tainted said…

I saw this in the paper today on the train. Somehow, I had a feeling this would come up here.

On an entirely unrelated note, have you seen this?

Not merely content with eroding mens rights, they even try it with womens rights!


At 2:21 AM, Anonymous said…

Spiteful? This is outright sick.
I just can’t believe how twisted some people are. Didn’t get the slightest laugh out of me.
Speaking of spiteful, get a load of this mad woman’s false rape story.
The lengths she went to to make her story believable are breath-taking. Good on the cops for taking her to task and charging her. She’s now urging genuine rape victims to come forward, in spite of her own disgraceful behaviour. Any apology to the men in general whose reputation’s she further harmed? None. Nothing. Turns my guts.


At 7:13 AM, Anti Misandry said…

It really doesn’t say much for her culinary skills, does it? LoL


At 9:01 AM, ze german said…

About women’s imagination:

To make things better in a downhill relationship where I was the messy one, and to show I make effort to make things better, I started to do laundry and dishes without her needing to say something. Started fold my clothes, did not leave stuff around.

After a week or so, we had a fight, while shouting around, I got to hear that she suspects I am cheating on her and my guilt is why I am being so not-messy….

What the fuck.. I thought, and anyway, the relationship did not survive long…

Whatever you do, it is useless, as anything you do can be pulled to have any meaning… So why bother, I think sometimes.


At 12:30 PM, nevo said…

The law is nothing but a shameful joke for this country.
Last Saturday I have attended an open day in the Milton Keynes County Court. I have also attended a mock proceedings of a case about a single mother with a “couldn’t care less boyfriend” who was about to loose her children to foster parents.
The first thing I noticed was that the father or the stepfather were not in court. The court itself was an all women affair, with the sentencing judge being the only male.
The end was predictable. The mother lost her children because of continious non-accidental injuries to her children.
I left the courts a lot wiser about womens world and their sex racism against men.




At 1:54 PM, Jerkmenistan said…

Boy-o-boy. Here in the States, that would be considered a CRIME. If I were the husband, I would immediately get up, go to the bank and withdraw all of the money from any joint bank account, cancel all credit cards, etc… She wants a fight? She’ll get one.


At 8:30 PM, ChicagoMan said…

Men, this is one of the reasons why you need to hide your assets into something that is not that traceable.

I recommend gold coins. Take a little bit out of each paycheck and sock it away somewhere other than a bank or CD. Each time you have enough, buy a gold coin using a money order or have someone do it for you, or go to a dealer and pay cash.

Hide said gold coins somewhere and let them accumulate wealth. (I don’t remember if you could still get anonymous safety deposit boxes in the states anymore). If you have a non-Mangina brother such as myself in the MRA movement, only tell them about this (in case you die). Make a living will and leave the key to that brother or some type of item with the key hidden.

I mean, why waste your contribution to a retirement account that will get raped in court, when you can just use that money (call it your leisure money) and put it into something that isn’t as traceable.

That is if you want to even risk getting married, otherwise save a way.


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous said…


I am not good with the computer but you may want to post the following stories from the Fredericksburg Freelance Star, newspaper (Virginia). The articles appeared Friday 4 May.

Woman jailed on perjury charge (against man).

Woman finds herself in wee bit of trouble.

Happy reading


At 7:20 AM, Blademonkey said…

Dudes, it’s a white woman making curry, of course it’ll taste like shit. The fact that the dude didn’t catch onto it right away it’s because the dog crap may have made it taste better. With this kind of behavior going unchecked, women like this are hurting herself and her kind. Now the marginally decent women out there who did not condemn such behavior will reap the blowback of such.

BTW, I don’t even know that white women cooks. She must’ve been really good in the sack for the dude to hook up with her.


At 6:14 AM, Empathic said…

I note that this woman abused her position of trust as the meal-preparer on that occasion. When men “abuse their position of trust” as parents etc this is seen as an aggravating factor to whatever wrong they did. Women are often in the position of making their contribution to a relationship in part through cooking, and the men have to trust them in that regard. For me, this aspect considerably increased this woman’s wrong-doing. And why is she not facing criminal charges? Surely her action was physically violent, dangerous and emotionally and psychologically abusive? In my country and I imagine there too the police will automatically make arrests in domestic violence situations regardless of the “victim’s” wishes or lack of formal complaint. Many such situations involve much less clarity about who is the offender and who is the victim, and the man is likely to be the one arrested regardless of the particulars. But this situation was unambiguous; the woman committed serious violence to the man. Surely the police should be rushing in to arrest and charge her?


At 10:05 PM, Mike said…

Ahh yes,
Both of these stories came out of New Zealand.
This is what happens when you have wimmin running the show.
I wouldn’t expect there to be much in the way of actual punishment in these cases, our feminised courts system will just say “It’s a shame it came to this, you must have been under a lot of stress, try not to do it again”.
Regarding the female that made that false rape allegation, apparently, it was reported in the papers here in NZ, this is not the first time she has tried a trick like this.
I say bill her for the total cost of the police time, require that she make a sizeable donation to a Mens Support group and then give her a stretch in prison.
People like this need to be made an example of, to those that are considering doing the same.


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