Feminists angry because mother who abandoned baby is judged and criticised


16 May 2007

A few choice words from a harmful and sexist angle


This ridiculous article is by Melanie La’Brooy, a fembot fuckwit who writes for The Age, invariably whining about how hard poor wikkle women’s lives are.

In this torrent of blithering, she is whining about some newspaper – gasp – daring to actually condemn a (currently anonymous) mother who abandoned her baby.

Sydney has always had a shock-jock tabloid culture that Melbourne has never wholeheartedly embraced. For example, the Telegraph’s sister paper, The Herald Sun, ran the same photo [of the abandoned infant] but chose the caption “Where’s my Mum?”, which was simultaneously more sensitive and grammatical.

It would have been easy to write off the offensive headline as just another crudity from the same media culture that generated Alan Jones, but then our Prime Minister, sensing an opportunity to play his favourite game of Battler Empathy, came out with the following extraordinary defence of the newspaper. “I feel for the mother, I feel for the baby, I feel for the woman’s family, but fair go to the Tele. After all, that is the natural reaction. You go out in the street and talk to ordinary people — that’s what they would say, ‘How could you abandon a little baby?’ “

It seems that Melanie La-La-Land’Brooy think it’s horribly cruel, shocking and crude to judge and condemn a woman for abandoning a baby.

So why didn’t the headline read “How Could They?”. Because not once have I heard anyone mention the father.

Leaving aside IVF and allegations involving Boris Becker and a turkey baster, most pregnancies begin with a male and a female having sex. Yet nine months later, when a baby is left at a hospital, barely do we hear the word “parents” in the media. Instead it’s the mother who cops it.

Do you want to know why that is? It’s because fathers rarely abandon babies in ditches, hospitals or on people’s doorsteps (and if they did they would – rightly – be condemned as bastards. Women who do the same, however, are inexplicably poor victims.)

In the same way fathers are far, far less likely to divorce the mother of their children and abandon their child compared to the rate at which mothers abandon their children’s father and fight tooth ‘n nail for custody of the kids then cut their daddy out of their lives.

It was understandable that the immediate coverage focused on finding the mother, because there were obvious concerns for her health, both physical and mental. But now that a media and political storm has been generated, where is the father in all this? Re-read John Howard’s comment above. He expresses sympathy for the baby, the mother, even the mother’s family. But the father? Not a mention.

Huh? What do you care about the father? Families don’t need fathers. Children are better off without them, blah-blah-blah, that’s all we hear from femtards these days. That’s the official line in the West. In all likelihood the mother is an unmarried slut and the father probably doesn’t know he is a father.

This is exactly the same criticism that I make of Tony Abbott when he runs around the country saying things like: “The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.” Once again, no mention of the fathers. No doubt all the men out there who had a little something to do with those unwanted pregnancies will be greatly inconvenienced by not becoming fathers at 15.

The old it-takes-two-to-tango crap feminists come up with about parenthood, something that goes flying out the window when it comes to whether the father has any say in whether his baby is killed in an abortion clinic, or any rights to raise his children after divorce.

And does she think that all these women and girls having abortions were knocked up by 15-year-old boys? Most teenaged girls who get knocked up were fucked by adult men, and in fact a lot of abortions are adult women who should damn well know that unprotected sex=pregnancy (or the possibility of it.) In any case, when the fuck did a feminist ever care about whether men and boys are convenienced or not? When the fuck did any feminist express anything other than hatred (mixed with – if not inspired by – envy) of males?

Let’s assume that it was the mother and not someone else who left the baby at the hospital door. She wrapped her child in towels, providing the baby with what warmth she could. She left Catherine where she knew she would be found quickly and cared for. Everything she did was in accordance not just with human but maternal instinct.

Oh, well that’s okay is it then? She wrapped her baby up warm before abandoning it to strangers.

This Melanie whatsername twat is actually saying the baby’s mother is a great mother because she wrapped her baby up warm…regardless of the fact that this was prior to abandoning the child she probably couldn’t be arsed to raise.

Then there’s the headline of the article itself, whereby she declares it is “sexist” to criticise and condemn a woman for abandoning her baby, and that it is “sexist” to imply that the baby has been hard-done by in being abandoned.

You couldn’t make this shit up as satire it’s so fucking stupid and arrogant.

This is the sort of fuckwitted mentality of never criticising women – especially mothers – that is flushing the West down the drain, sending us well on the way to reverting us to some sort of pre-historic, Matriarchal Fertility-Goddess worshipping stone age.

I hope desperately that the mother is found soon and given the care she needs.

I hope desperately that the mother is found and shoved in jail for abandoning her baby, and perhaps sterilized to teach her for being such a bad mother (although, to be fair, I suppose I should at least credit the mother for not having popped to the abortion clinic to have the baby killed, although that’s not the point; neither aborting a baby or abandoning one because mummy couldn’t be bothered to deal with a child – and couldn’t keep her legs shut – shouldn’t be options that are both legal and, in feminist’s views, perfectly acceptable to women.)

I also hope that the father is found or comes forward and is asked his opinion on what role he is to play in his child’s life.

His opinion won’t matter; his role – or lack thereof – in his child’s life will be whatever the state tells him his role will be. Probably “Fuck off and make sure you send the Child Support cheque every month. Or else it’s off to jail with you.”

One final thing. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Telegraph, has an approximate net worth of $6.7 billion. Ask Rupe to shell out for a sub-editor, will ya, Penberthy? If you must be obnoxious, then at least attempt to be literate. Your stupid headline should have had a question mark.

Shame the owner of The Age can’t afford a sub-editor either, Melanie, then it might try to cover up your illiteracy. ‘You’ is not spelled ‘ya’.

No matter what this fembot might say, I fucking well will judge women; and I judge most of them these days to be irresponsible, immature, greedy, unable to take criticism, and more often than not, totally fucking batshit insane.

(Thanks to an anonymous commenter for the heads up to this article.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:47 PM

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous said…

I love feminists. They are so stupid.
I lack words to describe my disgust.
This feminist just cares about the selfishness of the woman (“hopes she gets care and is concerned about her”).

This feminist really just cares about the child abuser and believes that other people do the same.

It is so unbelievable.

Western society is going down, no doubt about that.
It is more and more obvious that feminism destroys societies.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Can’t comment on Men=ATMs

Only has a mail-in comments option.


At 9:43 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Can’t comment on Men=ATMs

It should work now, I think I accidentally selected Comments Off for that particular post.

Thanks for letting me know.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous said…

Oh my fucking god.

You have to google “Melanie La’Brooy” the whore who wrote that article, turns out she writes novels about slut feminists too. Oh my fucking god.


At 11:29 PM, Anonymous said…

Yet another woman who can’t control her sex urges, then runs from the consequences – even abandoning a child.
Why is it we men can see that so clearly, and have no difficulty saying so in plain language?
Why is it we are more likely to hear a woman defend the indefensible, than stand in judgement of another woman?
Aren’t other women aware how damaging this is to their own interests?
Men’s estimation of women as capable, honest, reliable, compassionate and just has plummeted over the last 20 years.
Why would any man of sound mind vote for such women, have one for a boss, risk his life defending one and, god forbid, ever marry one?
It takes no genius to see what will come of this. When a full half of the human race accepts no limit on its caprice, assumes no responsibility for its actions and refuses to acknowledge its values are in need of correction, then it isn’t going to last for long.


At 12:02 AM, Abaddon_fff said…

Women fail to realize many things. One of them being the very thing that they shout the most about. “IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE A BABY!”, this is of course before state and federal governments step in to “enforce” equality. I am sure, that many Men WERE willing to be fathers to their children, however, thanks to feminism, and the rise of Matriarchal values, Men are considered nothing more than workers and sperm donors. I am sure much of this has been re-iterated on your blog.

Women tend to think about other womens plights in life, this is in my view inherently biological. Men are different, but I think that this is changing quite rapidly, much more rapidly than society can handle. Notice the rise in MRA blogs, and think, what will it be like in the next 5 years? Men like me will be 30 by that time and waking other young Men up to the lies they have been fed.

Women such as this are no different than the tens of thousands of women that abandon their children every YEAR to be raised by the state. Why is it that Men are hunted down for child support, while these women aren’t? While I believe child support to be a fallacy, in the first, I am simply noting how governments, are anti-male in the first place.


At 1:13 AM, FranklinBluth said…

It is pointless to write any serious comments in response to your hate-filled diatribe.

I will say this though… what the HELL happened to you to make you into such a disturbed individual.

In fact, your blog is SO ridiculous that I can’t help but think it is perhaps satire…


At 2:41 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve only just found your blog through a link from Ms Fits’ “reasons you will hate me”.

Your whole blog is premised on the mistaken understanding that the published work of theoretical or academic feminists reflect the opinions of women around you.

It sounds like you have been very deeply hurt by a woman in the past and you have my sympathy for that. However, your experiences should not should not stop you from having sympathy for the plight of a mother who was so screwed up or so desperate that she decided to abandon her baby.

It’s not some feminist conspiracy. Those who sympathise with the mother do so because they understand what a terrible situation she must have been in. It is not because they think it is some political statement about women and the family which should be applauded.

I suggest you actually speak to some women you know about their feminist views. I imagine you will find that many are reasonable modern women who simply expect political and social equality.

Women may have issues with traditional patriarchy, but that does not stop us from respecting and loving the individual men in our lives. I do not know a single feminist who believes men’s role in a family is akin to that of an ATM. Similarly, you may have an issue with radical feminist literature, but you should realise that the strong women you know are not man-hating harlots who are out to make men’s lives miserable.

And by the way, your blog isn’t merely anti-feminist, it’s anti-women.


At 3:25 AM, anonymous said…

You and this blog is without doubt just for little knob tools!

And you’re all wasting oxygen.


At 4:54 AM, Charlie said…

You sick fuck,Duncan. What the hell happened to you when you were young? Did all the girls laugh at you because of how you look? Did your mummy run off with the milkman? Whatever it was, do yourself (and all those around you) a favour and get some therapy, quick. Seriously, you need help.


At 10:26 AM, Hmh said…

Since we’re talking about fathers… I’d hear a while ago a little background to the old saw about teenaged males knocking teenaged females up and then promptly abandoning their women and kids when they’re most needed.

According to what I heard, mostly, it’s crap. What actually happens is this: She’s pregnant. She freaks out. She takes refuge with HER parents. At this point the father is inevitably pushed out. It doesn’t matter that most of these teenaged rebels start cleaning their act up in a hurry. They cut contact with dodgy friends. They sort out an income. They cut back on disposable spending. Fine. HER parents don’t care, they don’t welcome the guy into the family, and generally everyone makes his life hell until he gets the message and goes. Whether he’s a bit cut up about losing his kids (and he may have seen his baby) doesn’t really matter of course…



At 10:34 AM, Hmh said…

And now to comment on the post: This can’t be tolerated because it’s the thin end of the wedge. Care for the mother who wraps her baby up and dumps it in front of a hospital and hopes that someone finds it before it dies of cold… fine… at what point do even the police start saying they’re concerned for the welfare of mothers who dump newborns in trashcans to die? Oh hang on. They do that now.

How about the father being given the option of custody as a default right if the mother abandons the baby? Or is that a bit radical these days?


At 10:45 AM, Hmh said…

and now to comment on the article… Melanie LeBrooy can’t spot the gaps in her own cultural knowledge. “ask the father’s opinion on his part in the child’s upbringing?”

Come on LeBrooy. Opinion. Fuck opinion. What about his basic, fundamental human right to be a parent to his child??

We shouldn’t be asking his “opinion” on “what part he will be allowed to play in his child’s upbringing”. No. Since Mum chucked Catherine away, HE should be telling US what his decision is. And everyone else – the government, the church, the fembots, the social services – should be bound by law to go along with it.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous said…

take a look at this guys

and it’s on the front page of the bbc as well


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous said…

I’m ok with women dropping off unwanted children–IF AND ONLY IF–men can refuse to support unwanted children/wives.


At 6:03 PM, Mike Hunter said…

“However, your experiences should not should not stop you from having sympathy for the plight of a mother who was so screwed up or so desperate that she decided to abandon her baby.”

Give me a fucking break. A mother left her baby in the cold either to die from hypothermia or be raised by strangers.

Feeling sorry for this mother because ‘she must have been pretty screwed up do to it’ is akin to feeling sorry for a sadistic rapist on the the grounds that he ‘must have been pretty mentally disturbed to do such a thing’.

After all a rape victims previous experiences shouldn’t prevent her from feeling sympathy for the plight of a poor man that was so screwed up that he would help gang rape a school girl.


At 8:36 PM, Egghead said…

Your whole blog is premised on the mistaken understanding that the published work of theoretical or academic feminists reflect the opinions of women around you.

Um… no. It’s premised on experiences with the women around us.

Anyway, thanks for playing.


At 3:22 AM, k-dog said…

HMH said:

“Since we’re talking about fathers… I’d hear a while ago a little background to the old saw about teenaged males knocking teenaged females up and then promptly abandoning their women and kids when they’re most needed.

“According to what I heard, mostly, it’s crap. What actually happens is this: She’s pregnant. She freaks out. She takes refuge with HER parents. At this point the father is inevitably pushed out. …”

Or even worse, the father gets prosecuted for statutory rape. Though sex with a girl/woman under the age of consent is illegal, constituting that charge, virtually the only times I’ve heard of its enforcement are when the girl’s parents want to push it. This holds even when the “man” is a juvenile himself; in fact, he almost invariably is, or is at least under 21 and just into the age of majority. This means that a teenager who has sex with his high school girlfriend gets a felony charge and has to register as a sex offender for life.

The specifics depend on what state you’re in, but even juvenile convictions that are supposed to be later sealed now follow you for life, thanks to the Internet. A while back I read a comment online from a man who is now 24 who was prosecuted for having sex at 14 with a girl who was also 14. She consented. He was prosecuted as a juvenile and his records were supposed to be sealed upon reaching a certain age. (Of course, she wasn’t prosecuted for anything.) The problem is that 10 years later he is having to explain to employers and others the details about his bust at 14, because old online databases still have info about his conviction. Even though it was all supposed to have been expunged long ago!

The unfairness is this: in the US it appears that most girls are becoming sexually active well before 16. Perhaps it isn’t “most” but “many”; regardless, it’s still a lot. (Certain US studies raise serious issues about men in their 20s and 30s forcing young teen girls into sex. That’s bad and isn’t what this is about.) I think the constant exposure to the degenerate culture, sexualization of girls and women in media and entertainment, rampant promiscuity among “adult” women including the girls’ mothers who are supposed to be role models, and a lot of other factors have led to this. Of course, parents in general have fallen down on the job of trying to protect their daughters from the dangers of early sex, except for the vindictive ones who push those statutory rape charges against a teen boy who cannot mount an effective defense—and that’s just as destructive as doing nothing. (You never hear of someone in their 20s or older getting convicted of this charge.)

Statutory rape charges become anachronistic when the girls themselves are becoming sluts at an earlier and earlier age and enticing the boys to do things that are unwise. The girls consent even though they are “too young” to do so in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, the rules still protect young women and punish young men for the women’s choices to have sex.

And that leads to other laws such as the baby abandonment stupidity that Duncan discusses here. It’s probably best for the father in many instances that he not know about his infant, or else instead of respecting his rights to the baby, the authorities might try to find some way to prosecute him instead. “It’s his fault she left the child in a dumpster! He abused his girlfriend! He left her!” Can’t you see it coming?

As some of the other posters allude to, abandonment is just another “choice” for women about parenthood that men don’t get to make. Women can abort, adopt out, keep, or now abandon the baby and the father has no option most of the time—no option except to be a walking ATM or face charges if the authorities choose, that is.


At 5:15 AM, Anonymous said…

An adoption center would have taken the child with out the need to make the child suffer the cold (children do not produce enough body heat for a blanket to protect them against the elements, I shudder to wonder how much of those cries the nurse heard were due to the baby’s pain and suffering)the mothers actions are inexcusable. I hope the mother is NOT found, the state would make immediate attempts to re-unite them, and that is not a fate this baby deserves.


At 6:44 AM, Anonymous said…

anon 241

Duncan likes women: having sex with them having children. He dislikes feminists and most women are feminists today and utterly selfish.


At 9:10 AM, Hmh said…

Dear Franklinbluth… if you’re a man then OPEN YOUR EYES. This is not about people. It’s about a shit culture and an utterly shit legal system with a massive sexist bias in it.

If you’re a woman, then imagine if you will a world where:

You are viewed by law enforcement officers as a lying, violent SOB simply because you are male

Your significant other can take out an ex-parte court order, alleging abuse, without witnesses, evidence or a court appearance, with a telephone call, blocking you from re-entering your own home or rental flat… forever. I’m not making this up, it happened to a friend of mine when he was 19. Did he deserve it? Maybe, probably not. Did she keep all his stuff, even though he respected the court order and sent a friend around to move his gear out? Of course she kept everything!!

Carrying on, imagine having uniformed police officers being 95% more likely to turn up, to prevent you, by force if necessary, from touching your own children or even seeing them if there’s a custody dispute… simply because of your gender.

Imagine AUTOMATICALLY losing the family home in the event of a marital breakup. That is the law here in New Zealand. And AUTOMATICALLY losing custody of the children. If you’re lucky then they stay with you over every second weekend.

If you’re accused of a sex crime then your life is stuffed. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shit ID, a malicious, lying dumped girlfriend or not.

Finally, imagine knowing that simply by virtue of your gender, that you may be called to fight, bleed and die for your country. Arms, legs shot off, guts ripped out by mines, burned alive by flamethrowers or phosphorous grenades etc etc. If you refuse you go to prison where the other prisoners kill you.

This blog is not about people. It’s about the bizarre corruption of the system and our culture that academic feminism has been working for the last 40 years.


At 11:37 PM, Nilk said…

Fairfax Community Network

Mystery mum’s message by Michael Randall

The mystery mother who dumped a baby outside Dandenong Hospital last Sunday week has contacted authorities.

According to reports, the woman made contact via a family member last Wednesday afternoon.

The family member called a hotline set up specifically for information on the mother’s whereabouts.

Through the anonymous call it has been established that the mother is recovering wel from the birth and has been watching baby ‘Catherine’ on television.

However, she was “terrified” to come forward for fear of prosecution and a media storm.

Dandenong police fear for the mother’s safety and continue their pleas for her to make further contact.

Sergeant Gary Gladwell said: “She should not be afraid of coming forward.

We’re not looking at prosecuting her; we’re trying to get her the help she needs.

It’s a bit frustrating to think she’s out there and needs some help. If she comes forward we can organise that for her, but at this stage we can’t find her to give her that help.”

Dr Catherine McAdam, head of pediatrics (sic) at Dandenong Hospital, said that at 6am on May 13, after hearing the baby’s cries, a member of the nursing staff found the girl wrapped in towels in a cardboard box outside the hospital door.

“We named her Catherine after all the people who were caring for her,” Dr McAdam said. “Obviously, my name’s Catherine and there were a couple of Kates, and someone else had Kate as a middle name. That [her name] was the one thing I could give her.”

‘Catherine’ was treated for hypothermia, breathing difficulties and a partially collapsed lung and conveyed to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she was kept overnight.

“She’s making an excellent recovery and is now taking all her bottle feeds. She’s very alert and doing all the normal baby things,” Dr McAdam said.

She said she felt great sympathy for the mother.

“Mum must have a lot of difficulty as she must’ve felt this was the only way she could ensure her child received the upbringing she wanted.

“I’d love her to be helped. I implore her to come forward. At some stage, the child will want to know her mother.”

The Mother’s Day find sparked nationwide media interest and, as a result, many offers of a home for the infant.

From my local paper, The Journal. The Dandy hospital is not even a ten minute drive from downtown Bogan Central, where I reside. Thought you might like to see this.


At 6:29 AM, Anonymous said…

Another small detail of interest.

A wealthy philanthropist, Maurice Jacobson, has offered the mother a $300,000 apartment if she comes forward and claims the baby.

Life is so very hard for young mothers.

I hope the same understanding will be shown to me if ever I lapse and abandon my children.

I shall be thinking of her while I’m being raped by my new cell-mates.


At 1:48 PM, Bignose said…

Any chance you could avoid the phrase “Heads up”? You write excellently, but that particular phrase makes me temporarily lose consciousness, and I wake up with a violent head-ache.


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