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17 May 2007

My recent entry, “Feminists angry because mother who abandoned baby is judged and criticised“, appears to annoyed quite a few fembots.

Check out this wonderful selection of shaming language and insults from the comments:

You sick fuck, Duncan. What ever happened to you to make you such a sad little women-hating psycho? Did the girls at school make fun of you because of how you look? Did your mummy run off with the milkman? Whatever it was do yourself a favour and get some therapy..quick. You need help.

It’s interesting how feminists and mangina automatically assume anyone who is critical of feminists must have had a traumatic background or a terrible mother. The stupid femibumwipes can’t comprehend or even consider the fact that I actually had a jolly nice childhood and a wonderful mother, because to do so would mean these raving lunatics may have to face the fact that – like so many men of my mindset (and there are many) – I actually came to be so pissed off at feminists simply through exposure to them.

Feminists themselves inspire the well deserved hatred they are getting from more and more men.

You and this blog is without doubt just for little knob tools!

And you’re all wasteing oxygen.

Gee, a small-dick accusation, I didn’t see that coming. Try and be original.

And I don’t waste oxygen, I recycle it and turn it into lovely, healthy carbon dioxide. Which trees eat.

It is pointless to write any serious comments in response to your hate-filled diatribe.

I will say this though… what the HELL happened to you to make you into such a disturbed individual.

In fact, your blog is SO ridiculous that I can’t help but think it is perhaps satire…

What the hell happened to me? I was exposed to feminism. See above.

It’s sickening to see this kind of vicious tripe being published.

Please believe me when I say that plenty of women do understand that the presence and involvement of the father is important to the children.

It’s sickening for me to see hate-filled rants from feminists published too, but at least my stuff is only on a blog; feminist crap gets into national newspapers and on college curriculums.

Funny these feminists and manginas will always accuse anti-feminists like me of being full of hate, even though these are the same mental little lot who proceed to scurry away and write hate-filled diatribes about men.

I probably shouldn’t give these arse-biscuits the attention, but on the other hand, I know how we all like to laugh at the predictable and unimaginative accusations from these angry men-hating hairy fembots.

In fact, I think I’m getting close to getting Fembot Bingo!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:18 PM


At 5:51 PM, ChicagoMan said…

You know what Duncan, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if many MRAs actually had great parents and an awesome childhood and were raised properly.

I myself, an MRA have great parents, in fact we are having dinner together tonight and they are going to show me pictures of their trip they took recently.

My father signed myself and my brothers to private catholic school when we were kids even though we could barely afford it. He decided since we lived in the city that his children’s education was more important than him needing a car to drive to work, so he took the bus.

He played sports with us all the time. Even in high school, he came to all my matches (wrestling, hockey and tennis) even to ALL the away ones. To this day we still play anytime I come to visit.

He took me fishing all the time growing up. He took me swimming. He showed me how to build models, play with legos, build rockets. We walked weekly to the library to check out books. He helped me with my homework.

He would not let us go trick or treating alone, so he walked us for miles into the late evening.

He also grounded me when I misbehaved.

My mother worked full-time, came home and cooked full home-made meals, complete with soup starters. We didn’t have a microwave until I was in high school, and that was mostly for popcorn and to re-heat things she cooked.

I was raised right and ended up getting an advanced degree. I also moved out when I was 18 and went away to college so that basement thing doesn’t apply to me either.

I was one of the popular kids in high school as well, sorry fembots to spoil your gay nerdy small penis thing.

I am an MRA

And oh yeah, my parents are STILL married, what is it 40 years almost?

Guess that shoots down the feminist logic about MRAs


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous said…

I was wondering what was taking so long for you to break out the Bingo card


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous said…

As a fellow who has seen his parents married for 37 years (and still going!), I’ll be the first to say that FEMINISM IS THE WORST SHIT ON THE ENTIRE PLANET and all of the shaming tactics and accusations reiterate the fact that there is absolutely NO LOGICAL BASE to it, no matter how hard the femmies try to convince us otherwise.

Face it femscum, the gig is up.


At 11:15 PM, mfsob said…

Ye Gods … maybe we should write them some new material? It’s all YADA YADA YADA Men Are The Cause Of ALL MY Problems YADA YADA YADA …


At 11:43 PM, Rob Fedders said…

I think we should have a “Fembot Bingo Championship Game” between all of the MRA bloggers. Devote a whole month to it, and see who can get the most totals.

Lol! An annual event, with an award given out for the champion blog. Kind of like the MRA Play-offs or World Series, or something.

It would be so… um,…so…EMPOWERING! Mwahaha!


At 11:51 PM, Rob Fedders said…


I’m another Anti-Feminist who came from a strong family. My parents were married for 47 years, until my Dad died 4 years ago.

So fuck you, fembots.


At 3:12 AM, Anonymous said…

Just remember dogzilla, these fembots once they hit the 30’s and are no longer of any use as cum dumps for the bad boy thugs, druggies and other interesting psychopathic garbage they like so much they’ll be abusing male dogs. Wonder if the poor things can get herpies from femtwats? Mmmm, I think i’ll pass on pondering that any further.


At 4:23 PM, paul parmenter said…

I too will lend my experience to the views expressed here.

I have two great parents who are still alive and married after 60+ years. I got married too, over 30 years ago when marriage was still worth something and wives had not been given the power to destroy their husbands, take their children away, kick them out of their homes and use them as financial slaves for the rest of their lives. I think I have been a pretty well-balanced guy for most of my life.

But all that is really irrelevant, I mention it only to give the lie to the absurd claim that anyone who hates feminism can only do so out of some sort of personal inadequacy.

Regardless of who or what I am, I simply detest feminism because it is detestable by its very nature. I hate what it is, and what I have seen it do to people, families and relationships. It’s nothing to do with any failure in my personal life, but everything to do with feminism just being a manifestly sick and dangerous ideology.

Feminism is packed with lies, indeed it is predicated on a whopping great lie – that men have oppressed women for thousands of years – and is populated by liars. Everything about feminism and people who support it, stinks of deceit. My opposition to it is born out of a justifiable disgust. And I am happy to see all kinds of approaches being deployed to challenge the tide of lies that feminism seeks to engulf us with. EB represents one of many such approaches, which is perfectly valid – throwing the lies back straight where they came from, and with a bit of additional venom tossed in for good measure.

Keep it up, mate.


At 8:27 PM, tba said…

It would be so… um,…so…EMPOWERING! Mwahaha!

Ha Ha. I HATE that word now. Women use that word so much that I see that word as feminine. Why is that every time they are empowered it has something to do with sex or dressing sexually? They are sluttier than ever. They don’t need anymore empowering in the area of sex.


ddddddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn you.

Do you know how long it took me to get that image out of my head after the “Thongzilla” post??? No mas, no mas.


At 6:40 AM, tom said…

These femi-braindeads have really lost natural functions and thoughts. If something is a no-no in society, scandalous or unjust, of course the normal, caring or annoyed human being would question and criticize instead of just accepting it and letting go!


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous said…

Males are being screwed!

Males cannot have their own colleges, even though evidence shows that males and females learn better in a same sex environment. Males are debased in the media and made to look stupid and ignorant. Just think how this affects little boys that have not yet developed the ability to think for themselves. Free speech is one thing, but the debasement of a whole group is another. If males are so stupid then why have some 90% of the scientific accomplishments through out history been achieved by men. Males in the work force are being forced to conform to the way females think that things should be done. This in turn is leading to the destruction of individuality because females strongly value conformity. While males are being mistreated feminist are shouting that women are still being oppressed in the Western world. While it is true that women were oppressed in the past, now they have dominance over men. I have no problem with the feminist of the 1960’s, but feminist now want to control and humiliate men. Equality for women should not equal the oppression of men. Once I took a class at a community college. I ended up being the only male, and as a result was continually harassed by my female man hating teacher and the other female students. Once I lost a job because a female had falsely charged me with sexual harassment. On another note I have been in a relationship before with a physically and emotionally abusive female; so I know for a fact that females can commit serve emotional and physical abuse. I finally got away from her when I came into my bedroom one day and found her putting my cat into a pillow case! She had also joked about chopping off my penis and making me eat it. A male I knew in high school ended up committing suicide because of the fact that his mother had petticoated him since he was a small boy. This is equivalent to a man molesting a little girl. Females talk about men not respecting women, yet they never try to respect men.


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous said…

Despite what many of the feminist say gender differences are not mostly learned. Some are learned yes, but most gender differences are the result of hormones effects on the brain while a person is a fetus, and while a person is going through puberty. It is wrong for society to try and condition males to think and act like females. There is nothing wrong with being a guy.

Education is becoming increasingly discriminatory and biased against males by forcing males to work with females in groups. Working in a group based on female dynamics requires multi tasking. Male brains on the other hand are not wired for multi tasking, but instead are wired for doing things as an individual and focusing deeply.

Despite what many feminist say they do not speak for all females. Just because a female is a house wife does not mean that she was forced to be. The feminist are right to say that females should not be forced to be house wives like they were in the past, but if they want to be one, then that is their choice. There is nothing degrading about a woman being a good mother. Many feminist say that females in pornography are exploited and forced to be in it. I do not see how they are being exploited when they are making massive amounts of money for doing something that is fun and easy.

Current American society encourages female aggression. The media teaches girls at a very young age that it is ok to belittle and humiliate males. They are taught that this is their right. They are even taught that it is ok and funny to kick a guy in the balls. Society would never tolerate males being encouraged to be aggressive to females. Yet society turns a blind eye to female aggression against males, and the current laws give no protection against it. What makes female aggression so bad is that the male has no way of fighting back; unlike when a male is aggressive to another male.


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