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16 May 2007

There’s talk of paternity leave in the UK for fathers, whereby a woman can give up some of her paid maternity leave to him. Not that that will work. How many women will go back to work earlier than they have to and be the primary breadwinner and support a man? Not many.

Amongst the comments at the Daily Telegraph (PDF) about the story is this, from some snotty bitch called Michelle:

Men’s contribution to the family is really nothing more than a few moments of pleasure 9 months before birth and then years of making the money it takes to finance the resulting kids. Men should keep to their traditional role, which is to be the family’s ATM machine, nothing more. Men have their careers, their work. Women have their kids. And this is why men don’t have many rights when it comes to divorce and subsequent custody/visitation arrangements. They just are not needed when it comes to taking care of children, right?

In saying that, though, I do think the whole “You are getting something that I don’t get” argument from those who remain childless is evidence of what is wrong with our society. To whine because you think that someone else is getting a benefit that you don’t get reflects a selfish attitude. If you feel so aggrieved, go home and be thankful that your life isn’t tainted by having to take care of a bunch of sick kids or some such thing.

I don’t think any of us enlightened men are surprised at this attitude, that us men are just a family’s ATM machine (family being the wife and her children), that us men are selfish for wanting a privilege women have, and that if us men feel aggrieved about anything we should, in her view, “go home” and contemplate how bad women have it.

This is how most modern women think with regards to relationships:

“You men work forty-to-seventy hours a week. Protect and provide. Us women drop the kids off at school in the morning, turn on dishwasher and washing machine, lunch with mates at Starbucks, go shopping, watch daytime TV, pick the kids up from school in the late afternoon, feed you and the kids a microwavable meal then spend all evening watching TV. You men don’t complain. You men shut the fuck up about your problems,and instead consider how bad us women have it. Otherwise we’ll fucking divorce you and take you for all you’re worth.”

Plus she justifies us men not getting any rights with regards to our children by the fact that we’re not needed…then moans that poor wikkle women have to look after children.

This personifies the official double-standard fembot attitude. They say that us men aren’t needed to raise children, and indeed are unsuited to do so…but also say that us men are bastards for leaving all the child-raising to women.

This Michelle is, clearly, a snot-nosed entitlement cunt.

Her hypocritical gobshite fucking attitude – that men are just ATM machines and not needed in families – is one of the main reasons why us men shouldn’t get married.

The other main reason is the fact that this same hypocritical gobshite fucking attitude is also held by family court judges and the divorce laws.

Stay single men. Don’t become an ATM machine for some bitch and her children.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:09 PM


At 11:26 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s sickening to see this kind of vicious tripe being published.

Please believe me when I say that plenty of women do understand that the presence and involvement of the father is important to the children.


At 11:52 PM, Anonymous said…


“To whine because you think that someone else is getting a benefit that you don’t get reflects a selfish attitude.”

Doesn’t that make feminism one big whine then?


At 12:15 AM, Anonymous said…

As always, the article you have posted has touched a nerve. By choice, I have no children. Defacto, I have “no dog in the fight” but …… in the article, the wench uses the singular possessive pronoun “MY” children vice the plural “OUR” (as in the mother AND FATHER). Women here in the USA do likewise. Talk about disrespecting a husband/father!!! I have and will continue to tactfully correct any woman who uses the singular especially when I know that woman is in an intact, traditional marriage. Thus far, no woman has ever contested me when I have corrected her. I suspect deep down they know I’m right.


At 12:33 AM, Cybro said…

She did make the point for us that we should not get married.

“Men’s contribution to the family is really nothing more than a few moments of pleasure 9 months before birth and then years of making the money it takes to finance the resulting kids.”

Exactly you moron, it’s not worth a few moments of pleasure in exchange for years of wage slavery to your fat ass.

It amazes me how females can contradict themselves in their own arguments and think that they are brilliant all at the same time.


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous said…

I found a funny link using a table from ‘The Economist’ magazine. It shows that England is the worst place for a man to divorce in Europe and Germany is the best.

Duncan can move to Germany and marry there because of the EU.


At 8:22 AM, Anonymous said…

Haha, seriously. Spurt my morning coffee all over my monitor while reading that.


At 9:01 AM, Mark said…


don’t miss this little gem posted by nick on May 15, 2007 10:32 AM.

“often the drive for children comes from the mother more than the father. I had one child willingly and then was forced to have more by being told that if I didn’t I would be divorced and prevented from seeing my first child. Never mind realising that women are equal, in the case of family law they are most certainly superior in being able to get away with this emotional and financial rape. I am all for equality of the sexes, perhaps the equality not to have to pay maintenance to women who act in this appalling way or lie about their contraception.”


At 10:16 AM, Hmh said…

Duncan – Fuck yeah. I’ve already been through being an ATM for a girlfriend. That was bad enough. Imagine naggage… sorry I mean marriage to some stuck up entitlement princess who won’t see the holes in her own logic but knows she can take your kids away from you any time she likes. So cough up to keep the waters sweet sucker… or do the new NZ lifestyle decision. Leave your wallet in an empty vat of acid and then get seen running from the fertiliser factory to a glorious life of no fat bitch freedom!!

Ahem. If that was a little confused, it’s a reference to a real case recently where a married man did just that. Left his wallet behind to make it look like someone had completely dissolved his body, including the teeth, in the acid vats. However – a man fitting his description, wearing clothes matching the ones he had on, was seen running directly away from the factory across open ground on the same morning. Hmm. Of course his wife was on the news a few days later with the carefully trained boy saying to the camera “please come back Daddy”. He hasn’t so far and after seeing that performance from his wife it isn’t hard to understand why – a WOMAN would have a) not lost her man in the first place and b) had the fucking spine to not use a child for gross manipulation.

Duncan’s right guys. If this is the ‘normal’ attitude then they don’t give a shit about you.


At 12:02 PM, Patriarchal Phoenix said…

Oh, Dear God in Heaven!

Western Women are so DUMB!

Although I live in a part of the USA where some traditional values still exist, I doubt it will last more than a generation or two more.

Women have said that they are more than just baby factories, well guess what? I, and other men are more than simple ATM machines.

I’d Love to have some paternity leave!

“Honey, I don’t care if you just gave birth, back to work with you. Me and the new infant have a lot of father-child bonding time in front of the X-Box/PS3 to get started on!”


At 8:33 PM, Egghead said…

Projection, projection, projection. That annoying tart realizes that she’s worthless, so to make herself feel better, she has to pretend that men are worthless.

Typical of a westernized woman these days.

– Egghead


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous said…

“There’s talk of paternity leave in the UK for fathers, whereby a woman can give up some of her paid maternity leave to him.”

This is quite interesting. If you look on Page 4 of the government’s consultation on this ‘Choice and Flexibility’ you find you don’t have to be the father to get Paternity Leave. You have to be the:

‘father of the child, the spouse or civil partner or partner of the child’s mother’

So paternity leave is nothing about fathers. To be eligible you just have to be sleeping with the child’s mother, you don’t even have to be a man to get it.


At 4:55 PM, Brian said…

Hey Duncan, I can prove that a men do not equal ATMs. The fact that a child would have to push the buttons on the ATM in order to get money means that the ATM has more physical contact with that child than the father has.


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