Nine-years of torturing children = 19-months imprisonment


05 June 2007

Two child-beating Mormons jailed


Two Mormon women who beat children in their care with rolling pins and forced them to eat chilli powder were jailed for 19 months each yesterday.

Maria Keable and Deirdre Carrington forced six children to eat tablespoons of chilli powder and raw eggs for not keeping to a strict regime of chores between 1997 and 2006.

Odd how the fact that they’re Mormons seems to take more precedent than their sex. Maybe the press is trying to imply their religion is behind their actions, thus distracting us from the awful truth that women can abuse children too, and, in fact, do so more often than men.

Either way, little more than a year-and-a-half each for nine-years of torturous abuse of six young children is a blatant employment of the pussy-pass if I ever saw one.

Further details here:

The court was told Keable and Carrington had beaten the four girls and two boys with wooden rolling pins and kicked and punched them.

They also force-fed the children with hot chilli powder – a punishment they used on a two-year-old-girl.

More importantly:

Judge Nash said the pair’s lack of remorse was a factor in sentencing.

This judge gave out a mere nineteen-months to this sadistic pair of women, yet he clearly implies that this is actually a harsher sentence than normally given in such circumstances, and thus had to justify it by pointing out the defendant’s complete lack of remorse. In other words, if they’d turned on the tears and faked a bit of guilt, they’d have probably been given six-months, or possibly just a bit of community service.

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At 3:50 PM, nevo said…

Just looking at their faces, spooks the hell out of any decent kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death to marriage!!!!!!!!



At 8:11 AM, Hmh said…

Contrast this with the treatment given to Peter Ellis in NZ: a worker in a day care centre accused of systematic sexual abuse of children in his care, he was immediately arrested and then trialled after the kindy kids had been interviewed by Justice Dept. psychologists. Bits of the case that have strangely not been made terribly public are: three year olds were asked, repeatedly, over the course of up to two months, without their parents present: did Peter do this? Or this? Or this? You aren’t covering for him, are you? There’s no need to be afraid, you can tell us whatever happened. Of course the kids ultimately gave the shrinks the answers they wanted so that the questions stopped. The prosecutor was a religious nut who for some reason was convinced that Ellis was a satanist… and the defence was never allowed full access to the pysch notes… which ran to over 500 pages, most of which contradicted itself and was full of obvious rubbish.

He was tried in what was basically a witchhunt, duly convicted, and sent down. He’s still in prison now – the whole thing happened roughly twelve years ago. He has always maintained his innocence, but has had appeal after appeal denied. Perhaps because success would mean that the system used would be questioned and changed.
Think about it: three year olds were effectively coached into making very serious allegations against a man who worked in a day care centre. There were no adult witnesses or forensic proof, and come to that no witnesses older than 5. I don’t know how the original allegations of sexual abuse were made, and frankly it doesn’t matter. At the time New Zealand was still waking up to the idea that sexual predators who preyed on children actually existed. The allegations were so serious that he HAD to be nailed to the wall, at least that was the attitude at the time.

End result: every man working in day care immediately quit. Male primary school teachers also left. It’s got to the stage now where it’s quite likely that kids leave high school without ever having been taught by a man. Why? Because I and any other man can serve twelve to twenty five on the unsubstantiated word of a manipulated child.
Then I see a case like this and I just feel like I want to smash a hole in the wall.

They’ve been caught. It has actually been PROVEN that they did it. Now give these control freak bitches the same sentence that a man would get!!


At 8:18 AM, Hmh said…

Oh, just a last word: Yes, I know they weren’t accused of sexual abuse… just hitting kids with rolling pins and feeding straight chilli powder to kids as young as two. My point is: the system convicted Ellis on highly dodgy testimony and then nailed him with the highest sentence possible. The system consistently dispenses unequal justice for men. Ask yourself what’s going to happen to a man who hits kids with rolling pins and force feeds them chilli powder over a period of several years… it ain’t gonna be a measly 19 months tops!!


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous said…

I have an idea; we all know women will do anything for money. So, we find the butchest dykiest (how the hell do you spell that? Is it even a word?) bitch on the cell block give her a camera (for proof) and for each inmate we don’t like we make a list of thing to be done to them while their inside.



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