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04 May 2007

‘If my sister’s kidney fails I won’t donate one of mine’


This is the case of a woman refusing to donate her kidney to her sister – should she need it – on the understandable basis that her sister is a drunken slut.

Here’s the healthy non-kidney-donating woman describing her sister’s life:

At first, [my sister’s] career went well; she was promoted to the company director’s PA by the time she was 19.

She was earning good money, while I was struggling to get by on a student grant; generous to a fault, she bought me expensive presents and always paid for dinner when we met up.

But then it all started to go wrong for her. She started a doomed affair with a married man who took advantage of her youth and naivety.

He treated her very badly and broke her heart, and I think many of the things that went wrong for her later in life can be traced to this man.

Ah right, so it’s all this man’s fault then is it? He “took advantage of her”? It’s always the same; when something goes wrong in a relationship the woman was taken advantage of. As opposed to accepting that she deliberately got involved with a married man who only wanted her for sex.

And as for her “youth and naivety”…she was over 19, she was an adult. Aren’t women meant to mature quicker than guys?

Anyway, back to the biography of this charming woman:

Not long after he ended their relationship, [my sister] suddenly announced her engagement to a young man she’d known only a few weeks.

It was clearly a rebound relationship, but within months, they were married.

We all knew it was going to be a disaster, so no one was very much surprised when they split up less than two years later.

Perhaps she could have put it down to experience and moved on with her life – but then she found out she was pregnant.

Her ex-husband demanded a paternity test, which duly proved the baby wasn’t his, and when she was just three months pregnant, she moved in with a new boyfriend. He was initially very supportive, but when the baby was born, he started to resent him.

So she split up with her hubby, fucked another guy then got pregnant by him, then was soon shacked up with another guy. What a slag.

Thinking he would come round to the idea of fatherhood if he had his own child, she deliberately got pregnant again without telling him. As soon as he found out, he left her.

Good on him. The bitch deceived him into fatherhood and he didn’t want any part in it. Women would no doubt condemn him as a ‘deadbeat’, but if women can have their unborn babies hacked up if they decide they don’t want to become a mother, then why shouldn’t guys just walk out on the mother if they don’t feel like being a father? Especially when duped into it.

At 23, she was alone with a 12-month-old son and a newborn baby. She couldn’t cope, and social services were called in.

She decided to put the children into care for six months while she got her life back together. Naturally, the family was dismayed, but she started therapy and a course of anti-depressants, and we all rallied round to support her.

The doctors had diagnosed her with a personality disorder.

Her psychiatrist told her not to get involved in another relationship until she was more stable, but once again, she met a new boyfriend, moved in with him, and got pregnant.

The new baby was born just 25 months after her first child – she’d had three boys in just over two years by three different fathers.

This time, the boyfriend did at least stick around, but we all wished he hadn’t.

He didn’t have a job, and spent much of his time taking drugs and drinking. But my sister seemed head-over-heels in love.

Her two older sons were returned to her, and she got married again and tried to make a home for her young family.

Now it was my turn to help her out financially.

At that point, having worked as a producer at ITN, I was married to a CNN correspondent and forging a career as a writer.

Philippa would call saying she had no food for the children, so I’d drive over and take her to the supermarket to stock up, or pay her rent when she was about to be evicted.

Her husband got her on to drugs…

How do you know? Maybe she started taking drugs voluntarily? The same old story; a woman is in a relationship, she starts doing dumb shit, therefore it’s the guy’s fault. Either way, she’s advanced from a slut to a junkie-slut.

…and the children were soon running wild. Within a couple of years, her second marriage broke down amid accusations of affairs and abuse.

She overdosed several times, but always called for help before it was too late. We were worried sick, but even when we managed to get her into rehab, she checked herself out after a week or two.

She couldn’t cope with the children, and put all three boys – now aged six, five and four – into care. This time, social services wouldn’t let her have them back.

It’s interesting that this woman condemns her sister for having three kids by three different fathers. It shows some remnants of the morality of the Patriarchy – when women stayed with one man their whole life and bore only his children (in theory) – still exist in the minds of some women, namely those who look down upon women who have children by more than one man. However, in the West, things are changing, with it being seemingly a taboo in the mainstream to criticise women for having kids by different fathers. Look at the celebrities like Bjork and Angelina Jolie who have kids by different men as if it’s no big deal. Sluts.

After her children had been in care for three years, she finally got them back, married for the third time to a man who seemed much more stable, and seemed to be turning her life around.

Then, once again, she went off the rails. Her husband left her, having caught her in bed with another man, although she claimed they were just “cuddling”.

This third husband was clearly a Nice Guy, and he suffered the fate of all Nice Guys; he got cheated on. He was his wife’s walking wallet, and some other guy was her lover. He was fucking stupid to hook up with a mental-case ex-junkie single mother though.

I don’t blame her for much of what’s happened.

Why not?

This is what is wrong with many people, and society as a whole; it assigns little or no blame to women who fuck up their lives.

This bitch hooked up with losers, junkies and married men, committed adultery, duped a man into pregnancy, attempted Paternity Fraud and is now a pissed-up alkie. Was it the evil Patriarchy forcing the likkle innocent angel to do all this? No. She’s just a fucking dumb slut with no self-control, no morals and no redeeming qualities.

Plus she’s hardly being punished for her behaviour. She lives in a council house on benefits. She’s got a roof over her head and the bills and groceries are paid for by – you guessed it – British taxpayers like me. And us taxpayers are paying for the social care of her three kids.

It’s good that her sister isn’t donating this whore a kidney. Hopefully it’ll ensure the bitch dies and stops being such a burden on this country.

I laughed at this comment incidentally:

Oh, this is such a touching story and having read it all through, I have to say that I think both sisters are special people.

It’s from a woman, naturally. “They’re soooo special!!!” No they’re not. One is quite sensible – but not necessarily special – and the other is a dumb fucking junkie whore.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:39 PM

At 6:07 PM, Captain Zarmband said…


Can you tell me where to find these women who do exactly what men tell them to do? I’m pushing fifty and I’ve never met one like this yet. Every time I read a tale of woe about how a woman has f*cked up her life she claims that she’s be made to do this, forced into that or “a man made me do it”.

I’m baffled…..can you help?


At 6:22 PM, ChicagoMan said…

whoah whoah whoah,

He treated her badly? It’s always the man’s fault.

As if her fucking lousy judgement for getting involved with a married guy don’t count. Sure the guy has to be a dick to cheat on his wife, but putting the blame on him? I don’t think so, her sister was fucked from the get-go and that situation says it all, it just simply came to its normal conclusion.

Both sisters are selfish little brats and fucked up their lives, they just do it in different ways.


At 6:26 PM, Patriarchal Phoenix said…

Okay, I have a few minutes to spare to comment in between studying for my finals.

Crazy lady with no self-control, here’s some words of wisdom for you: What you sow today, so shall you reap tomorrow.

(Actually that advice is good for most everybody, but this skank needs it the most.)

Sadly, I’ve met several young women here in college who are probably on the same wavelength as that skank. Fucks around with different assholes every couple of nights, smokes so much it makes 19th century London with all it’s smoke stacks look like a Green Peace rally gone horribly, horribly wrong, and drinks the amazon river in alcohol. I’d be surprised if most of them live to see 40 years of age.

My life may not be perfect, but reading articles like this, and reading about other men’s experiences with modern women, I understand it could be whole lot worse.

Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with any of that!

I’m 21 years old American Male. (As an aside: With modern medicine, my healthy lifestyle, and my family’s genetic history, I’ll probably live into my 90’s, if not beyond!! I have at least another 7 decades of fun ahead of me! That’s just something else for me to gloat about!) I’m Happily single. And I’m taking it easy on the sidelines of life, watching people around me screw up their lives.


At 6:31 PM, Systemic said…

Um, why are all these dick less AFC manginas marrying such pieces of trash to begin with?

It seems NO woman is ever trashy or loserly enough for a man to marry these days. How pathetic.


At 7:11 PM, Off Centre View said…

Hi Duncan,

Another typical case of a woman whose long indulged irresponsible behaviour finally begins to have consequences, although Great Mother State (GMS) is probably doing everything she can to encourage such further irresponsibility. I wonder how long before the GMS passes laws forcing relatives to give things like kidneys or bone marrow to family members is direst need?

Oh, and maybe the lady you quoted describing the story as “touching” was actually referring to the ‘other’ kind of “special”?

Off Centre View

p.s. I’ve just started a series on my blog about how the modern crisis in society comes from the ideological conflict between Plato and Aristotle. Plato’s teaching lead to things such as totalitarianism and feminism, while Aristotle leads to our modern ideas of democratic representation and the traditional and prosperous patriarchal system.


At 4:38 AM, Anonymous said…

Captain Zarmband, I’m pushing 50 too, and I also have never met one of these women who do what they’re told. My mother is out of control, my grandmother was a force to be reckoned with, and my great-aunts, all born in the 19th century, were tyrants of the first order. The fiction that is feminism pretends these typical women don’t exist. On the other hand, all the men in my family were quiet, well-mannered chaps – what was once quaintly called “gentlemen”. I presume they all realized that quiet surrender was the price of peace, once they had married and found themselves shackled to the beast. To this day I continue to be amazed by otherwise intelligent men who ignore the evidence of their own eyes. HL Mencken was right to suggest that women hold their husbands in contempt because smarter men would not have married them.


At 9:46 AM, Field Marshall Watkins said…

“The doctors had diagnosed her with a personality disorder.”

What the fuck does that mean? Oh I get it, it’s another way of absolving her of responsibility.

Personality disorder? Of course, she’s a stupid selfish scumbag bitch. I could have told them that.

Just another silly bint with no discipline, morals, boundaries etc. Increasingly typical.

And they’re special are they? HAHAHAHA. Why, did they cure cancer? Create fusion power stations? Save lives?

Fucking funny. 🙂


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous said…

He treated her very badly and broke her heart

means: he did not give her alot of money.

I noticed that this woman went from one marriage to another. She used multiple men as walking wallets.

It is incredible and clearly shows that such a girl should be married young and then hold in check.


At 2:40 PM, mfsob said…

It’s real simple, you used up worthless piece of female shit: Bed. Made. Lie.

And oh yeah, did you notice how even though she she chose through her own free will to lead a life of drinking, drugging and skanky behavior, it’s STILL a man’s fault? Delusional cunts, both of them.


At 5:03 AM, Anonymous said…

You know how they say “What if we could go in a time machine back to Austria in the 20s and kill an art student called Adolf?” Well what about going back in a time machine and killing both these sisters when they were children. And Duncan, fuck saying the alleged successful sister is ‘sensible’, she is the one saying men got her sis onto drugs etc. She is also fucked they both are fuck them both. Destroy them.


At 5:45 PM, Anonymous said…

Duncan said:

“Ah right, so it’s all this man’s fault then is it? He “took advantage of her”? It’s always the same; when something goes wrong in a relationship the woman was taken advantage of. As opposed to accepting that she deliberately got involved with a married man who only wanted her for sex. And as for her “youth and naivety”…she was over 19, she was an adult.”

Yeah, I dated a woman just like that. She let me feel her up on the second date, gave me a BJ on the third date, and not long after that invited me to her apartment, dragged me into her bedroom, tore off our clothes, spread her legs wide… well, you get the idea. And then when I broke up with her, she accused me of using her for sex! And this woman was 40 years old; if she was still naive at that age, it was her own darn fault.

Yes, what I did was wrong, but I think she should get at least half of the blame.


At 5:48 PM, Anonymous said…

“HL Mencken was right to suggest that women hold their husbands in contempt because smarter men would not have married them.”

You know, I’ve always suspected that was true. That’s why I won’t marry a woman who already has kids, or a woman close to my own age, or a woman who makes more money than I. I think she would despise me for doing such a thing.

Could you tell me the exact book or essay where Mencken wrote that?


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous said…

Actually, I’m amazed that the well-behaved sister wasn’t negatively influenced by the bad sister. I would have expected the goody-two-shoes to eventually give in to temptation and peer pressure and start whoring around with her sister, possibly becoming an even bigger slut.


At 2:24 AM, Anonymous said…

You’ll find it in Mencken’s essay ‘In Defence of Women’. It’s online, so a google search will find it pretty quickly. Don’t be put off by his initial praise of women, and lampooning of men – he goes on to reveal his more candid insights into the thinking of the two sexes, and makes it pretty clear that bachelordom is the mark of the superior male.


At 5:57 AM, Empathic said…

Interesting too that this woman was able to cast aside her children on several occasions but continued to be seen by the welfare social workers as an adequate mother who could get her children back. Were the children’s fathers offered an opportunity to care for those children and to be supported financially by the State as sole parents while the mother paid child support? And what of the thousands of parents whose children were forcibly removed from them into State care and never returned; did all those parents do much worse things than this mother did in abandoning her children? No, of course not; many of those mothers were devoted, loving parents but refused to leave men whom the State social workers didn’t like or were suspicious of. Many of those fathers were devoted and loving but made one mistake for which no second chances were given. Oh well, at least this woman’s children are likely to go on to become misfits who, when they have their own unplanned children to screw up, will ensure ongoing jobs for the State social workers.


At 9:09 PM, Mike said…

What a fucked up story that is.
Personally I wouldn’t give any part of my body (relative or not) to a walking disaster like that either.
Yet we hear the same old thing time and again, it’s ALWAYS the fault of a man when a woman gets herself in the shit, whatever happened to taking responsibility for ones own actions?.
Women like this make me want to hurl.


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