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14 May 2007

MI6 woos ‘Jane Bonds’ with offers of family-friendly employment

James Bond would surely raise an eyebrow. MI6 has decided that, if it wants to recruit more female spies, it must move with the times.


MI6, like its domestic counterpart MI5, is desperate for more women officers so part-time spying, childcare vouchers and “generous maternity pay” are on offer.

And women who are single when they join up are promised they will not have to leave should they marry, and have children.

“Part-time spying”?

Oh, fucking great, now we’re really up shit-creek.

So we’re going to have female spies and agents carrying out surveillance on a suspected terrorist cell, or deep undercover at Finsbury Mosque, except they go home at three, don’t work weekends and take a year off occasionally for maternity leave? Yeah, that’ll work.

And “childcare vouchers”? Hey, Miss Jane Bonds, how about letting hubby stay at home and take care of the children instead of insisting on dumping them on strangers? At taxpayer’s expense.

Why do we need more female spies anyway? It says 38% of applicants are female. It’s not as if that’s a teeny tiny minority. And if the only way to get more female recruits is to just offer them whopping amounts of (paid) time off for maternity leave and the choice of working part-time, then what’s the point? In any case, like soldiers, many female agents would only get knocked up if they sense they are about to be posted somewhere dangerous.

Then again, women would make fairly good undercover agents I suppose; they’re experts at faking attributes and even entire personalities to get what they want.

Oh well, the James Bond movies have long since turned into a pile of politically correct mangina hogwash, the real MI6 might as well go the same way. Life imitating art and all that.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:27 PM


At 7:14 PM, days of broken arrows said…

Hey Duncan,

Please write a post about this ugly ass bitch who mocked this model and scholar. Proof that shitty women prefer prisoners and junkies. Western culture sucks. Read this, you’re gonna throw up. Luckily the readers of the article agree he’s a catch and she is a cow.


At 8:08 PM, Peregrine John said…

Hm, well, they’re good at faking it if it feeds their imperatives. So as long as the indoctrination can replace those with the needs of the State and somehow detach the tendency to drop everything on emotional whims… well, we should do fine with Jane Bond!


At 8:16 PM, mikeray said…

Spying can be a dangerous job if you get in trouble with the enemy.

And even if a single woman gets into trouble, it will become another Faye Turney-like incident – and the Mother card will be played to get sympathy.

It is fine that MI6 wants to have women officers and that women are ready to balance their family and part-time spying, but not all will be able to do it and either their work or family-life may suffer.

And those who manage to do it, they will be complaining that they get paid less – in spite of working only part-time and also getting childcare and maternity benefits – than the male spies.

Quote from the BBC :

Female spies using sex to obtain secrets may be a staple of espionage thrillers, but it has emerged that in reality British intelligence did not approve. MI5 also instructed its staff on how to stop their female spies falling in love with targets, files newly-released to the National Archives show.

“A clever woman who can use her personal attractions wisely has in her armoury a very formidable weapon.”

…and then they will complain of sexual harassment on the job and sue for millions.

Future headlines:
Mothers working for MI6 in dangerous jobs suffer from Wage Gap and sexual harassment on duty.


At 9:18 PM, k-dog said…

Duncan, so many of us Americans have long assumed that MI5 and MI6 were coolly competent, well run organizations in a manner that our US counterparts, the FBI and CIA, all too often fail to replicate. Call it the James Bond perception, combined with the cachet a British “RP” (received pronunciation) accent has in the US.

Well, this news in your post blows that all to hell. As in so many businesses and organizations, the men will end up carrying and covering for the women who fail to do the task competently or at all. “Sorry, I can’t help watch and capture the dictator who killed ten million of his people. Got to go get my hair done and then go home and fix dinner.” “Can you cover for me while I get a manicure and paint my toenails?” And so forth, ad nauseam.


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous said…

It’s a bet these women won’t be used in mosques, or to barter sex for secrets.
Sounds to me like there’s a new front opening up in the intelligence world, one that’s relatively safe and well-suited to women.

We ordinary citizens of the west could be deemed “threats to the state”, so maybe we need watching. The lady at the newsagents, your local’s barmaid. But that’s only an example to illustrate the point, not something I really believe.
I’ll have to end on that note, as it sounds like someone’s breaking down my door, and I…


At 1:10 AM, Anonymous said…

are you sure this isn’t a satiric article? sounds too silly …


At 2:50 AM, Anonymous said…

is google sexist?

feminists are insane!


At 7:58 AM, ze german said…

I wonder how these women will infiltrate an all men muslim extremist cell…

She really must be good in faking she is a man..

But then, why not take a man????


At 11:20 AM, darkbhudda said…

Where the hell are all these women supposed to come from? Every single industry is being pressured to hire more women. Even industries where the majority of women show little or no interest, such as mining, are expected to have a majority of female workers.

Where are the women demanding men become hair dressers and nail technicians? Playing “Manager” while men do the real work I’ll wager.


At 1:17 PM, Davout said…

“…so part-time spying, childcare vouchers and “generous maternity pay” are on offer”

Who is going to pay for all that bullcrap? Why it’s us men of course! When the little ladies are out playing part-time Sherlock Holmes, men somewhere will have to rub their noses harder into the grindstone.


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous said…

To be honest, female spies are probably deployed to replace secretaries or something similar, rather than year long undercover operations. Think about the recent fertilizer bomb plot (admittedly that was MI5) where they replaced the secretary at the storage facility.

I’m sure MI6 knows what it’s doing and has just painted this up to get some good publicity at the same time.


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous said…

I think it’s pretty clear, based on social and immigration policies, that Britain lost the will to survive as a sovereign nation some time ago. How long before it’s just another appendage of a socialist Eurabia? Stand up men, while you still have the option.


At 4:24 PM, Anonymous said…

Who is this “we” that feminists keep referring to, as in “we” need more women this, or “we” need more women that?

In the last year I’ve read that “we” need more women firefighters, railway conductors, pipefitters and refrigeration mechanics. I guess now that they’re the majority of pretty much everything else they have to work their way down the list.

Western countries “need” vast, sprawling feminist bureaucracies that require all industries employ women at minimum the exact proportion that they exist in the population at large.

51.3% female jurisdiction? Well, then, “we” need 51.3% female cops, firefighters, electricians, bankers, so on and so on.

And what about where women dramatically outnumber men? Hmmm…well, say the femeaucrats, in those cases gender doesn’t matter.

“Our social science research clearly concludes that male involvement in the education sector has negligible impact on educational outcomes….blah, blah, blah.

Guess what guys? Next step is allotment of jobs according to how much fecal matter you taste from a man’s asshole.

“We” need 10% gay cops because 10% of the population are gay.

And racial stuff, too.

“We” need 17% visible minority cops, government workers, nurses, soldiers, welders, because 17% of our metropolitan are are non-white.

Ahhh, my boys, welcome to the new transcontinental fascist order: DIVERSITY.

And we’re all gonna pay a huge price in quality of life for operating this way – man or woman, black or brown or white, gay or straight, able-bodied or not.


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous said…

“WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” “WOMEN” “INTELLIGENCE” Women working in intelligence. Funny how the only way that word can be associated with a woman is if she is let into a profession invented by men who invented nation states who invented tools who invented fucking all.


At 6:37 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

If MI6 is so keen on diversity, then how about taking into account the fact that there are over a million Muslimoidz in the UK and – according to various surveys – over a third of them want the UK to become an Islamic Republic, which fits most sensible person’s definition of an Islamic Militant?

According to the mantra of diversity, there should be a few such Britain-hating Islamic Militants in the employ of our security services.

Shit, I shouldn’t have said that; some newly-recruited femhag PC fuckwit at MI6 is probably reading it right now and think “Hey, yeah, woooh, good idea, get Abu Hamza on the phone. He’s disabled as well; we’ll kill two diversity birds with one stone!”


At 8:54 PM, Mike said…

Good God,
This sounds like a recipe for disaster.
The clown that started the Equal Opportunities in Employment needs a good kick where it would hurt the most.
One thing springs to mind when I hear idiots say things like “we need MORE women in this field or that field”, is Quality, not Quantity.
I’m an Electrician and I have attempted to train female apprentices before and to put it simply, women don’t have the aptitude or the logical thinking to be Electricians, even though the PC Modern Apprenticeships brigade here will tell you differently (very differently!).
Never mind that they don’t want to crawl under houses with nasty spiders and whatnot or pull heavy cables up in the roof of a factory,
the feminists would have us believe that women can do ANYTHING as well, if not better than a man.


At 12:11 AM, dan said…

Here in America a few years back, when John Kerry was running for President, one of his promises was to “double the amount of troops in the special forces.” I remember thinking how incredibly stupid that sounded because 1. He was making an obvious attempt at the woman’s vote and 2. What makes special forces special forces are that only a VERY FEW can make it! And guess what….we have no woman Navy S.E.A.L.s, no woman Green Berets, Army Rangers, Delta Force, Marine Recon. That’s just the way it is folks! The only way to double the amount of special forces would be to make the demands half as difficult. Part time spies? Sure, just as soon as they can work out a schedule with the part-time Terrorists who only hate Christianity and the West, on the clock, of course! And obviously the criminals NEED to be considerate of HER schedule or it wouldn’t be fair.


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous said…

Keep in mind that spying isn’t all stakeouts and infiltration.

A lot of it can involve just sitting in an office and sifting through information, which isn’t unsuitable for part-time work.


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous said…

Off topic but yet another fine example of motherhood.


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous said…

Do me a favour blokes, the above blog is run a by a woman soldier in iraq. I love to go on there and abuse her. Go and drop her a line.

She thinks she is fighting for your freedom. Not only is she a fake man cunt, she’s a murderous harpie.

Go and give her hell from the bachelor crowd.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous said…


OT, but this one should lead the national advertising campaign for never getting married to a Western Witch (WW):


At 2:33 PM, Off Centre View said…

No wonder our borders are so porous and all of these terrorists keep getting through – they’ve got a jobsworth managing the defenses!

Too much political correctness undermines a stable and secure society. One should not take risks just to appeal to an internal demographic. As someone else said, the Turney thing in the press is enough to push that women should not be in the front row of dangerous initiatives. On the other hand, if a particular woman is genuinely better suited for a role than a man, then I have no problem in that role going to her – as long as she is treated the same way as a man would be treated, without preferential treatment.

Sigh, that’s never going to happen. Guess it’s women getting every privilege all the time again.

Off Centre View

P.s. Duncan, I’ve posted the second part of my Plato vs Aristotle article on my blog, where I go into Plato’s notion of “Justice”.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Duncan you wanna be sick.

Google news, search, “Baby Catherine”

I need to breathe,


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous said…


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous said…

“Oh, fucking great, now we’re really up shit-creek”

I know it’s only a figure of speech D.I., but we’ve been sailing up shit creek for a long long time.
What gets me is that the Feminazi’s (and the Daily fookin (fe)Mail) bang on about how men have been emasculated !!…when the reality is that it’s women who have been efeminised. Having to balance a family life and a career?? boooo hoooo… life’s so hard! There are millions of single-parent full time working dads…the difference is we dont moan about it constantly, and expect the taxpayer to make up the difference cos we need to be watching Jeremy Kyle each morning while the kids are at school


At 3:09 AM, tba said…


you forgot to include your blog address. I would love to come by and read what you wrote about Plato and Aristotle.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

feminist will fucked up western civilization with in the year 2025.


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