Us nasty men aren’t complimenting women enough, it seems


18 May 2007

Men wary of paying women compliments


Men have become too worried about political correctness to pay women simple compliments, according to a new survey.

We’re not worried about political correctness; it’s the sexual harassment laws that political correctness bought about that worries us, not to mention the fact that a woman can retort with an abusive insult that you can’t respond back to without either getting sacked, arrested or beaten up by a passing Captain Save-a-Ho.

There have been several reports of this today – slow news day I guess – and all invariably have comments or quotes from women saying how they love compliments and want to receive them.

Aw, poor girlies. They’re not getting enough attention, or being told how pretty they are. Maybe they shouldn’t have followed their ‘liberation’ movement that demonised and even criminalised male sexuality.

It’s like a report from California last year about how career gals were getting all upset because men in the workplace often didn’t talk to them or invite them out for after-work drinks because the guys were worried about sexual harassment charges. Back then – like now – there is no talk of relaxing these rules or perhaps changing women’s attitudes (like not being man-hating entitlement princesses.)

Fewer than one in five women questioned (16%) received the “recommended” five compliments a day, and 12% said no one had paid them a compliment in the past three months.

What’s this about the ‘recommended’ five compliments a day? Do women fall into a coma if they don’t get them?

Another important reason why women aren’t receiving as many compliments these days is because many don’t deserve them. That seems to have been overlooked by all these news reports on the story.

If women want more compliments, how about acting and dressing as if they deserve them? It’s rather hard to find anything about most modern women to compliment (let alone an incentive to do so) when many act and dress like either sluts, or like some bizarre, warped, confused wannabe-man.

Complimenting modern Western Women
A beginner’s guide

“Nice slag-stamp. Makes you look like a right slag, as well as
drawing attention away from the vastness of your enormous arse.”

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:09 PM


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous said…

She has a really nice ass.


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous said…

The ass is really nice. Where do you have the picture from?
Sadly she is no marriage material due to the tattoo.


At 7:25 PM, mfsob said…

Jesus wept … minimum recommended number of compliments per day?????

What the fuck? I’m just grateful if I’ve still got a job to come back to the next day!


At 9:32 PM, dan said…

Compliments for modern day Western Women: “Nice tramp stamp, how many cocks does that make for you this year?” or “Well, it’s good to know at least you FAITHFULLY fuck one guy per relationship, even though you break-up and start over every 6 months to a year….at least you’re more of a TRUSTWORTHY whore!” let’s see, what else, “Oh, you gave it up when you were how young, and you’ve had how many partners since, gee, I hope I’m in the top ten at least.” um…”I just love it when you roll your eyes at me as if my very existence is an inconvenience to your perfect world,” and last but not least, “Please I want to hear more [‘blah blah balh my boyfriend blah blah blah my boyfriend took me to the beach, blah blah he took me to dinner, the movies, blah blah, we spent the night at his place, blah blah] no, no, I really want to just fucking hear more and more….please DRIVE IT IN TO THE GROUND!! I mean, I know you saw me looking at you and you wanted to let me know you have a bf. You wan me to know you know, now please, right on the chin, let’s hear it, ‘so dan, are you seeing anyone? No? Why not? You know…blah blah my boyfriend blah blah, but someday YOU’LL find someone special…”

Sorry for the ramblings there. Really, I just barely scratched the surface. What’s really aggravating is that we can’t even express our disgust to them openly without being labeled “hate-monger.” No wonder they expect lady-like compliments. Sooner or later, they may pass a law where we get fined for NOT complimenting


At 11:29 PM, Anonymous said…

Compliments? Here in the States, there really isn’t much to compliment anymore especially about a woman’s appearance. Recently, I had a 30 year old woman who giggled as she proudly proclaimed she did not own a pair of nylons/stockings or thigh highs. I seldom see a “lady” (?) in a dress or skirt anymore. I could go on and on but I’ll spare all.


At 12:23 AM, Anonymous said…

Here’s some compliments to try out:

“You look like an expensive whore.”

“You look pretty good, for your age.”

“I can barely detect the stink of 10,000 ejaculations on your breath.”


At 1:24 AM, Anonymous said…

Oh, so many problems:

First – classic compliments don’t fit anymore today. You can’t make a whore compliments for her decent way of life, right? I have problems making a woman with ten pounds make-up, wearing the most provocative dress and accessories a compliment about the way she looks. In fact she is bashing me in the eye with that,plus: I don’t think that means good looks. I also hate the way they are constantly fishing for it: “Don’t you think that looks good?” (Well, nothing special.), “Have you seen how this guy was staring at my chest. He was so friendly all the time …” (Well, you aren’t really hiding it …), and if you don’t jump at it they express how very much offended they are by you. Don’t get me wrong – I know women who deserve a lot of compliments, and I make them, when I think it’s appropriate. But it is not that way of compliment they usually dream themself of. It’s almost always about the way they look. And hell – there are so many good looking women, but they are brainless zombies.

Which brings me to the second problem: I don’t want to lie. I guess, this should be no problem, but I can’t do this easily, it’s a question of self-respect too. If she asks me: “Ain’t I the most pretty girl here?” I can hardly tell. Their beauty fades like the seasons, and stupidity is a much uglyfying factor. If they understand I don’t only care for her look (and I think thats a special womanly form of wrong diagnosis, because they always expect men judging them the way themselves do – completely externally) they try to impress with “knowledge” – f.e. telling me what they have seen on the discovery channel or read in a book (when they were younger, mostly, and forced to do so, probably). Their thoughts never go deep, they almost never have a topic that requires deeper investigation and research, and I’m not only really fast bored but sickened by the shallowness of their thoughts. (Interestingly you can easily talk with many men, even if you just got to know them, about every topic.) And than they have the nerve to suggest me making a compliment about their mind, usually like that: “And than she/he said … seems to think I am stupid … hahaha. Haha? (Say something!)” And what to say in this situation? Most men just say something as a reflex, but I know what they are thinking. Hearing the dumbest wife muttering, while her husband is almost in Nirvana, and I know he thinks ‘My, what the hell was I thinking marrying that dumb bitch? What the hell …’ – and I know, at that time he was probably making compliments about they way she looks and lied to her, when she was asking “Am I not intelligent?”

Finally: You have to be very careful saying which “compliment”. Today their are so many ways trapping with that. Almost every word can be defamed, if you say something the woman can take it as a compliment, or if she is more by the feminists inspired one or has her PMS she might start making a drama.

It’s not that men are generally not willing making compliments. (Hey, we can make men compliments too – Duncan, your blog is great! Thanks for your energy.) It’s only hard to be honest, when all you can find are brainless fembots with an standardized look.


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous said…

Just sent this to Gynocracy Central, formerly known as the BBC.

“On paying compliments, the rule’s very simple in the UK. Don’t. After 4 decades of feminist browbeating any man foolish enough to positively comment on how fine a female looks is plotting his own demise. You’re not France, which has a grown-up way of dealing with compliments. Learn to live with it.”

Something tells me that it will only appear on this blog…


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous said…

I only compliment women in traditional roles and many times kill two birds with one stone by also trashing the feminist movement.

“Wow, your children are so polite and well behaved, nice to see you stay home and raise them while you’re husband works,so unlike the career women with bratty kids who use daycare as a dumping ground”

“You are in darn nice shape for having 4 kids, too many women out there who let themselves turn into land manatees after the children are born”

“Nurse, you are so attentive and committed to you’re patients, the rest of the nurses are all gathered around the nurse station gossiping and getting paid for it”

“Mam, you keep these bathrooms and offices spotless and never complain. Nice to meet a real classy lady after fighting off the flirtations of loud, crude feminist co-workers every day. How about I pick you up in my Vette and we go into town for dinner and a movie tonight, my treat?”


At 1:14 AM, phoenix said…

Thank god for feminism. Before feminism, women would simply be really nice to get something they want, after feminism, they whine and bitch with more venom about everything. 40 years ago I’d probably have gotten married and then been miserable for life, sure it’d be better than marriage nowadays, but it would still be imprisonment. Thank you Steinem, and other femcunts, thank you for liberating me.


At 3:41 AM, Male Samizdat said…

If you buy the premise of the story and feel sorry for these slags (what a great term!), you can try the following compliments:

You’re not nearly as skanky as the other golddiggers here.

You don’t need breast enhancement surgery. Just rub toilet paper between them. Look what it’s done for your ass!

Nice tattoo! I understand that design is all the rage in the women’s prisons!

Wow! With a body like that, you must have shagged your way to at least three promotions at work!


At 1:45 AM, Anonymous said…

Across the pond, our Brothers across the shore have Tom Leykis to tell us how not to interact with Women at work. And to give us stories on how interacting with Women in any way socially can destroy your life, and even land you in Prison.

Dumb Ass bitches have screwed the pooch. With false accusations, the legal definition of a Hostile Environment. Any Man is insane to interact with Women. Let them die alone with their Cats.

Good news. Raw data shows that 12% of US Men are marrying Foreign Women. And another 22% have joined the Marriage Strike. That means 34% of US Men are not interested in US Women. With those who are Married, Gay, in Prison the numbers available are shrinking rapidly.



At 11:03 AM, Anonymous said…

given the previous comments on here, has it maybe occurred to anyone that you lot are the reason some females get bitchy when complimented.

i know several who just *love* being called a slag /end sarcasm.

would you talk to your mothers like that? think about it.


At 10:41 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

would you talk to your mothers like that? think about it.

No, I wouldn’t call my mother a slag.

Because she didn’t give birth out of wedlock.

On the other hand, if my mother was a single mother, then yes, I would call her a slag.


At 1:48 AM, VoodooJock said…

I go months without getting a compliment, and I don’t particularly notice. So much for that ‘gender is a social construct’ argument. Pretty hard to argue how women requiring 5 comments a day is some sort of social construct. I didn’t see it codified anywhere.

What man in his right mind would want to compliment someone who is likely of the sort that would proudly claim how stupid and irrelevant men are as soon as his back is turned? Funny how much you despise us, until you need something from us.

So what is it, sisters? Are we irrelevant, relevant, or only relevant when you want something from us? I’m curious to know what your answer is. I already know what my answer is.


At 5:32 AM, phoenix said…

Fembots and their lack of logic…they’re whining that they’re not being complimented enough, not that they aren’t happy with the compliments they are getting. Your post (Anonymous above Duncan) makes so little sense that my head hurts. Seriously, I can not understand what you are trying to say.


At 9:35 AM, Misogynic_Gent said…

Anonymous 11:03 said…

given the previous comments on here, has it maybe occurred to anyone that you lot are the reason some females get bitchy when complimented. i know several who just *love* being called a slag /end sarcasm.

I’ll spell this out for you. First of all, not many bachelors give women compliments here.
And we expect contemptible women who’ve been insulted and ridiculed to get bitchy. Further, nobody expects insults such as “slag” to be taken as a compliment.

If you know what sarcasm is, then why didn’t you detect it?

Why don’t you look at previous comments, where women are actually complimented?
Take Lisa for example. She didn’t get bitchy when commended. And unlike you, she was smart enough to discern insults from compliments. I also complimented a stay-at-home mom (in spite of her grumpy attitude beforehand) but that’s about it.

When I do give compliments, they’re genuine & therefore meaningful. Praise should be reserved for those who actually merit commendation not condemnation.

Modern women generally deserve insults rather than sweet-talk. I don’t respect slutty women with tramp stamps, hence such women should expect to be treated with CONTEMPT by like-minded bachelors.

Well, If women don’t like being called slags, then they shouldn’t have become such slags! Likewise, If they don’t fancy being perceived as sex objects, then they should stop dressing like strippers. They should start conducting themselves as ladies instead of promiscuous Jezebels.

Guys who shower loose chicks (single mums by choice, etc.) with flattery are usually desperate phonies interested in casual sex. Plenty of women are probably aware of such deceivers, but choose to remain oblivious, so as to disguise their sluttishness through these sham relationships with numerous “partners.”

As of late, the most hilarious line that chicks buy from their transitory “partners,” putting off marriage would be, “I don’t want to get married until homosexuals are allowed to.” HAH! I’m sure self-deceived women just eat it up and pretend to believe their fibbing paartners.

Anonymous 11:03 said…

would you talk to your mothers like that? think about it.

What Duncan said. No. The sort of woman you choose to become dictates how you’ll be addressed by us. You should lose that collectivistic (I’m every woman) mentality. Most modern chicks are less than half the woman my mother is. They think of themselves as intimidating goddesses – so deserving of praise. In reality they’re undesirable skunks!

They are STD infested slags! Shame on those gold-diggin’, two-faced flakes! Why those muffin top trollops! Any of that descriptive of my mother, you ask? Nope.

Few Western Women deserve compliments, so instead of five compliments per day, perhaps they need five insults till they shape up.


At 6:30 AM, naturalsexy said…

Body and skin pollution alert! Someone has escaped from the prison or shack! Turn-off. Disgusting!


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