Lock up your daughters. Even the rich slutty ones.


09 June 2007


America tunes in to see Paris [Hilton] sent back to jail, kicking and screaming


The celebrity heiress was dragged from a courtroom screaming and crying after a judge ordered her to go back to jail. She was whisked off to the medical centre at Los Angeles’s Twin Towers jail less than 36 hours after the local sheriff’s department had told her that she could serve out her sentence at her luxury home in the Hollywood hills.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” she shouted as a female deputy escorted her from the courtroom. “It’s not fair. It’s not right!”

Much as I hate to give yet more attention to this tedious brat, it is funny to see her get what she deserves. A lot of people have been saying that she only got out after three days because she was rich. Maybe so, but being female no doubt played a big part in it.

Sadly enough, her behavior is only remarkable for being so public; this hysterical whining about being held responsible for her actions is common amongst most women, even non-rich ones.

What’s worse is the fact that, in the UK, the idea of women not having to be punished for their actions could become an official reality. A serious suggestion in the UK to all but abolish prison for female criminals and give them community service sentences by default was made in the UK earlier this year. Oh, and the report suggested the empty former women’s prisons could be filled by – you guessed it – men. All this because some women in prison have committed suicide (like male prisoners don’t? A boy of just fourteen did so recently. In 2002, there were 94 suicides in UK prisons, and outrage because – oh no! – nine of them were women. More shock in 2004 when a whole thirteen of 95 prison suicides were women. Nevermind the men I suppose.)

Paris Hilton, at least, won’t be getting off as easy as she’d liked.

Judge Michael Sauer declared that she should serve the entirety of her 45-day sentence for breaching probation on a reckless driving offence. Before her early release on Thursday morning, she had expected her sentence to be cut in half.

Good. Nice to see there’s a judge somewhere in the West who refuses to accept the Pussy Pass. Off to jail you wench!

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, check out the South Park episode Stupid Spoiled Whore Play Set:

Wendy: Who’s Paris Hilton?
Red: “Who’s Paris Hilton?”
Annie: You don’t know?
Announcer: [someone takes a picture as he approaches the mic.] Hello, everyone! [drumroll] The Guess Clothing Company is pleased to have as its new spokesperson model, a woman all you young ones can look up to, Ms. Paris Hilton. [she appears and flashbulbs go off amid squeals from females in the crowd. She then lifts her bra and shows off her breasts]
Bebe: Wow, that’s really her! Paris! Over here!
Wendy: I don’t get it. What does she do?
Annie: She’s super-rich!
Wendy: …but what does she do?
Red: She’s totally spoiled and savvy.
Wendy: [annoyed] What does she do?!
Man: [walks by and overhears] She’s a whore. [takes his camera and snaps a few pictures]
Paris: [her left eyelid hangs heavy] Hey everyone. Sorry if I’m a little spent. I did a whole lot of partying last night with a LOT of different guys.

Great stuff.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:33 AM


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous said…

“Women are being sent to prison in unacceptable numbers and are suffering disproportionately when they are inside,” Howard League chief Frances Crook said.

A mangina.

“The intention is not to give women offenders preferential treatment, but achieve equal outcomes for women by responding more appropriately to their offending behaviour and rehabilitation needs,” the spokesman said.

See – it is all about ekwaliteee!

Preferential treatment for women means equality.

Expect to see crimes rise.


At 1:06 PM, Patriarchal Phoenix said…

YES!! Lock that worthless slut up!!!

She has given nothing to society! She has cured no diseases. She has solved no problems. Has has helped build no buildings.

She’s not even that attractive in my opinion. It’s not just her slutty aspects that I find unattractive. I just don’t think she’s all that pretty to begin with! Fuck I’ve seen janitors on campus that could kick her ass in a beauty contest (No, I’m not exaggerating, these janitors really were that hot).

This judge is one of the good ones!

I wonder if this warm, fuzzy feeling I’m having right now is similar to what the masses of 18th century France felt when Marie Antoinette was brought out to be executed…


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous said…

As always, a good, salient post. The situation regarding Paris Hilton is just the tip of the iceberg here in the colonies. My facts may (???) be a bit off but recently the wife of a Protestant minister in Kentucky shot and killed the minister. Her punishment: 60 days in jail. (For my American friends ….. help!Correct me if I’m wrong). Had the minister shot the wife, he would have gone to jail forever plus 3 days. Fellas, as bad, there will *ALWAYS* be male dopes out there who will marry the Paris Hiltons, Lindsey Lohans and Monica Lewinskys of the world. DON’T MARRY! PERIOD!


At 2:13 PM, Anonymous said…

Another quote from South Park:

“They’re those things with vaginas in them!”

(Episode 305)


At 4:15 PM, Anonymous said…

You want to talk pussy pass? Google “Mary Winkler.” The cunt shot her husband in the back with a rifle, then plead “battered wife syndrome” (i.e., woman’s license to murder in the USA). Her sentence? Three years in prison, but she’s eligible for probation after serving 210 days, and the cunt gets credit for the 143 days she has already spent in jail. Judge Weber McCraw (mangina) said that up to 60 of the remaining 67 days could be served in a facility where she could receive mental health treatment. PS–she’s probably going to get custody of her children!

Moral of the story: Date, fuck, chuck, but never marry or cohabit–the cunt will probably murder you and sue your estate for mental distress!


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous said…


check out:
Henderson,Cathy (dies this coming 13th)
Holberg, Brittany
Coleman, Lisa
Richardson, Chelsea (fat hog who wanted to inherit a house and money)

all of these in particular failed to have the pussy pass get them out of being executed also they had done something particular beyond the pale of reason. Killing their own kids, killing an elderly man in a particularly violent way. The problem with Paris Hilton is she’s a well known tramp, these are unknowns simply because they don’t have gold plated vaginas.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous said…

What she is really crying about is that she won’t be able to snort pounds of cocaine with her slutty friends in jail. She will be in rehab soon enough with Britney and then we’ll all have to suffer when the news is plastered on the TV about their recovery from being “lost”. Just shoot me now!


At 7:13 PM, Male Samizdat said…

Just pour water on Prisoner Number 9818783. She’ll melt, and then the press can go on to something else unimportant.


At 4:47 AM, Hmh said…

Aww poor Paris!! Good grief girl, just how privileged a life have you had that spending 40 days locked up has knocked the bottom out of your world?!

I’ve bumped into this personally in the real world as well – women who have never been punished in any meaningful way for having done something wrong, and who fly off the rails or freak out completely when they finally get more than told off. As far as I can tell it’s because they simply can’t handle the knowledge that they’re in the wrong and they have some making up to do!


At 8:22 PM, k-dog said…

“Mom! Mom! It’s not fair! I’m being held accountable for my actions! It can’t be!” Boo hoo, sob, etc.

About sums up this tawdry story, doesn’t it, gang?

Too bad the media continue to cover Paris, Madonna, Britney, Angelina, and all the other celebrity skanks. Personally, I’m sick of them all.


At 1:14 AM, Anonymous said…

Hilton is a worthless skanky piece of shite. What’s with all that crying shit? You’d think she had been sentenced to Auschwitz!(Now there’s a daydream! Shove her in the TARDIS and send it back to Germany 1943, where she is mistaken for Juden.The tears would then be justified.) Regrettably though,the silly cow will be out soon enough, to revel in the gutter press and television publicity.

Now,it’s a fact that young sluts these days look up to, admire and even ape this type of skank celebrity. Hilton,Spears, Diaz – they’re all the same aren’t they? Talentless, not even passing fair to look at( with their faces plastered in make-up, it’s hard to even get a take on what they really look like without the warpaint),morally deficient and possessed with the power to influence young Western females (admittedly that covers a lot of them – the herd mentality prevails..)

Nope, sanity reigns, justice has thankfully prevailed. Clink!

Now, to all decent men: don’t even look the road a slut is on,pay them no attention, don’t even acknowledge their worthless existence. Stay single,just spend your cash on yourself, learn about the world and past history, relax, unwind, read good books and save some dough. Modern women need and crave attention, they actually need men too, although many are loath to admit it.(even though the average slut has had more game than a Victorian Whitechapel whore) They have brought the marriage strike upon themselves.Sit back, watch and let the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin!


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous said…

her attention that she “gained” in past years was not because she was sought after. celebrity is not like that anymore. that trash paris paid her way for publicity and coverage. that’s how it is now. but that “money” cannot get you out of jail. i hope she withers in jail. i hope she and everyone like her get it really bad.


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous said…

This is what happens when you don’t discipline your children. And all to many western women are nothing more than grown children.


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