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14 June 2007

It’s not just false rape claims us men have to be wary of.

To summarize a recent court case; a woman in her twenties – anonymous to the public, naturally – claimed a judge flashed at her on a train in London. The judge was arrested, charged and tried on her word alone, but was acquitted yesterday on account of the prosecution case clearly being a load of vague crap dreamed up by the accuser. The judge is probably lucky to have escaped with nothing more than a bit of public humiliation and no doubt a few friends and colleagues whispering suspiciously behind his back.

This piece (PDF) by Stephen Glover points out the absurdity and injustice of women being able to anonymously make all sorts of claims against men – rape, flashing, sexual harassment, etc – and for her word to be taken as some sort of proof by the police, and her anonymity to be respected even when shown to be a fraudulent and malicious liar, even though the man’s identity is made available to the public, the female half of the public usually being frothing at the mouth and baying for his blood.

If we accept, as we surely must, that Sir Stephen was wholly innocent of the charge, it is not difficult to imagine the terrible experience he has endured.

Think, if you are a man, of how you would feel if you were falsely accused of “flashing” on a train.


Is it not extraordinary, given that there was not a single piece of evidence to substantiate her story, that charges should have been be brought?

In effect, the British Transport Police preferred to take the word of a young woman against that of a senior judge. According to Judge Workman, they did not even bother to investigate the case promptly or thoroughly. They were ready to ruin a man’s reputation without doing their homework.


According to feminist orthodoxy, which seems to have been liberally imbibed down at the British Transport nick, Sir Stephen was a sexual predator, an uncivilised beast lurking beneath a thin veneer of respectability. Send him down!

There is another troubling aspect to this case – which is that we do not know the identity of Sir Stephen’s accuser.


It cannot be right that someone should be able to make an accusation of this magnitude without having to run the risk of public censure if it turns out to be wrong or, worse still (though I am sure it does not apply in this instance), malicious.

But what really worries me is that this case should ever have been brought.

Presumably British Transport Police have some real crimes to investigate, but perhaps they are too intractable. How much easier to go against a middle-class, middle-aged judge.

We won’t respect his office, or take his word. We won’t even bother to prepare a proper case. What a depressing vignette this is of modern Britain.

Modern Britain sucks balls.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:22 PM


At 6:59 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Personally, I don’t think this woman was lying, just mistaken in wrongly identifying the judge as being the same man who flashed her on a previous occasion. It is almost unbelievable that the case should have come to court on such weak evidence.


At 9:01 PM, Anonymous said…

I have said that the Feminista control the government, courts, and the Army of Darkness (all liberal activists groups). No one is safe under the Feminista so it is no place to hide from them. They have shown repeatedly that they have no problems turning on one of their own like this judge.


At 11:04 PM, Anonymous said…

What a reversal from 100 years ago, when the word of a gentleman was enough to put anyone else in jail. (He couldn’t expect to remain anonymous in court though).

We recognise that today as unjust, but can’t recognise the very same caste system is now operating in reverse.

When you’re in exactly the same position as you were 100 years ago – only difference being the gender of the privileged – you have made absolutely no progress. Difficult then to see how anyone who was instrumental in the making of this could call themselves “progressive”.


At 11:40 PM, Gerard Pierre LEVESQUE said…

This is just flocking GREAT!

A JUDGE, a member of the caste most responsible for hoisting the feminist tyranny upon us gets the feminist “treatment” that such judges have imposed on the rest of us.

An irony as delicious as “liberal” fellow travelers ending in the Gulag, or male feminists being “positively discriminated” out of jobs.

A female has, for once, done a great job!


At 12:33 AM, C said…

What is so bad about being flashed?
Not really what anyone wants to see.
But as long as no one gets hurt who cares.

Why is it ok for a women to flash her boobs, but its this horrid crime when some old dude tosses out his nuts?

Its weird and funny. Get a life.


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous said…

good their should be move of it, if judges are made to suffer the system maybe they wont be so quick to slam the cell door on innocent men!


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous said…

Three killed in ‘wrong way’ crash

Police said evidence pointed to a car, driven by a woman, being on the wrong side of the road for a couple of miles.

I’m amazed that “driven by a woman” is mentioned and the way it’s delivered even feels a bit like a dig. Do you think this article will be edited?


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous said…

For me the interesting point here is that it was a member of the establishment who got caught by procedures and values that the establishment itself promotes. Under different circumstances the judge would have no doubt been pleased to preside over a similar case involving any other accused person. I don’t think for one moment that this case will result in the establishment questioning its own values.

I will however make a prediction. I think we will see that those men who have championed feminism will increasingly fall fowl of its values. They think they can ride the back of the feminism tiger and prosper. Those who have until now promoted feminism to further their own power will soon find themselves displace by it.


At 1:37 PM, Anonymous said…

I suspect that the police felt that they had to take it to court because of the fuss that would have occurred if they hadn’t.


At 4:50 PM, paul parmenter said…

Take a look at the comments posted at the Daily Mail. I have put my tuppence worth in, although I usually don’t get published. But you will see what is by now a pretty standard pattern of responses: misandric actions by the establishment are regularly being attacked and criticised left right and centre. These are not just a small hard core of MRAs putting their oars in; the comments come from far and wide.

These are all welcome signs that the tide is turning and men everywhere are becoming totally pissed off with the way our society is going. There is hope yet.


At 11:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Oh look, the article I posted earlier has been changed to:

Police said evidence pointed to one of the cars being driven on the wrong side of the road for a couple of miles.


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous said…

I will however make a prediction. I think we will see that those men who have championed feminism will increasingly fall fowl of its values.

True. And may I interject that this will cease to be a problem soon enough when most Judges will be women (as most law graduates and young practicing solicitors already are women).

The legal system commanded over by women/feminists (women = feminists, they are one and the same no matter what their “I’m all for equality but I’m not a feminist” claims) equals … LEGALISED, SYSTEMATIC MISANDRY AND DEHUMANISATION OF MALES; THE HEART OF THE MATRIARCHY


At 7:07 PM, Maelstrom said…

My blog is back in business. Those sluts who complained can’t stop me.


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