The rise of single mothers is no accident


14 June 2007

Family misfortunes


The figures are stark and astonishing: because of the huge bias in favour of single parenthood that prevails in the tax credit system, a single mother with two children under the age of 11 who works 16 hours a week on the minimum wage, receives, largely thanks to tax credits, an income of £487.

A two-parent family, on the other hand, also with two children under 11, in which either one or both partners works for the minimum wage, would have to put in a total of 116 hours a week to take home the same income.


In effect, unmarried women with children are being bribed to remain single, while existing two-parent families are penalised.

The above article from The Telegraph is simple, to the point, and correct, as is this reply from a commenter:

Labour, being infected with old, Marxist, collective dogma, hates the family. Ultimately people will always be more loyal to families than the State. The first thing any totalitarian state does is to nationalise children by conscripting them into the ‘Pioneers’, the ‘Hitler Youth’ etc. Mr [Gordon] Brown wants to make us all vassals of the state.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:05 PM


At 6:00 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

I agree with the Telegraph article except on one point.

“The Home Secretary, John Reid, proposed granting single mothers entering into a new relationship with a man the right to check his past record for sex offences.

This is, in effect, an acknowledgment of the fact that a single mother’s new male partner is statistically the most likely perpetrator of child abuse. The Government, having encouraged single parenthood, is now having to deal with one of its consequences.”

The article should state that the person who is statistically most likely to abuse children is in fact the mother herself. This is a tactic of the feminists within Labour’s ranks. They highlight the small number of paedophiles to distract from the real perpetrators of child abuse, the majority of whom are women. The same applies to elder abuse.

The environment where the least child abuse occurs is when the child’s real father is present. Of course, feminists and the abuse industry never mention this.


At 6:58 PM, John Doe said…

I was struck by the last paragraph of the article which includes the statement “a single mother’s new male partner is statistically the most likely perpetrator of child abuse”. Actually, I thought it was the mother herself, but don’t have stats for the UK, is that not right?


At 9:00 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

John Doe, I think they specifically meant sexual abuse, rather than general child abuse. In terms of physical child abuse, women are the greatest perpetrators – single mothers specifically, followed by stepfathers – but in terms of sexual abuse, men generally are, at least going by statistics (which probably grossly deflate the number of female child molesters.)

However – and this is most important – the man most likely to sexually abuse a child is a stepfather, followed by a male stranger, followed by other male relatives, with the father last. In short, the children most at risk from a male child molester are those children raised by a single mother, because a male paedophile will naturally target children who have no father to protect them and whose mother will probably be grateful for any man posing as a potential stepfather.

Check out this case. It’s only one single case, but revealing nonetheless; single mum, with a five-year-old daughter, kiddie-fiddler moves in with the girl in his sights, and proceeds to abuse her for almost a decade. That wouldn’t have happened if the girl’s natural father was on the scene to protect her. But then, in the UK, the government is doing all it can to remove fathers from families; nevermind the harm, in terms of both poverty and child abuse, it does to kids.


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous said…

In short, the children most at risk from a male child molester are those children raised by a single mother, because a male paedophile will naturally target children who have no father to protect them and whose mother will probably be grateful for any man posing as a potential stepfather.

What if the mom and her boyfriend start prostituting the kids? No word yet if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is going to sue her for back taxes.

Mom accused of prostituting her 2 daughters

Police say she passed out cards that offered the teen girls for sex

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

A 16-year-old girl endured being sold into prostitution by her mother but finally went to Houston police after seeing her younger sister also forced to perform sex acts, investigators said Wednesday.

The teenager had complied with her mother — who even distributed business cards offering her daughters for sex — but feared that her 14-year-old sister would be hurt, officers said.

Nelsi Yolanda Latuda and her boyfriend, Pedro Espinoza-Escama, both of the 5500 block of Antoine, are charged with two counts each of compelling prostitution of a minor. They were ordered held in lieu of bail totaling $20,000 each.

Latuda, 35, is the girls’ mother, but they are not related to Espinoza-Escama, who is 21, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Justin Wood said.

Houston police declined to comment about the investigation or identify the suspects but confirmed that a couple were arrested Sunday on unrelated charges and later questioned about the allegations regarding Latuda’s daughters.

“They were interrogated, and they confessed to forcing the juveniles into prostitution,” spokesman Victor Senties said.

Wood said the prostitution scheme went on for months and that Latuda and her boyfriend printed and passed out business cards near their northwest Houston home, offering the girls for sex.

The pair arranged meetings and delivered the girls, Wood said.

“I have never dealt with a case where biological children were being prostituted out by their own mother,” he said.

Police said Latuda and her daughters are from Honduras and have lived in Houston for about two years. The girls are staying with relatives, Wood said.

Officials with Harris County Children’s Protective Services would not confirm whether they are investigating the case.

On Wednesday evening, no one answered the door at the apartment complex where the family lives. Neighbors said they often saw the girls playing outside the apartment but didn’t know them or their mother.

Children of the Night, a California-based advocacy group for abused teenagers, estimates that 300,000 juveniles are working as prostitutes in the United States. The ages typically range from 11 to 17, the group reports.

Espinoza-Escama is scheduled to appear in court today. Latuda is due for a court hearing Friday.

Latuda pleaded guilty in 2006 to possession of less than 1 gram of a controlled substance and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Same problem here in the states, with white girls quickly catching up with the minorities in bastard fuck trophy production.

The highly successful serial sperm doners quickly split the scene after impregnation leaving Uncle Sam as the adoptive “babies daddy” and us already overworked taxpayers get to foot the bill for his boundless generosity.

The single mothers thank us by racking up more mattress miles with various unemployed smooth talking losers so we can have even more future felons to support.

When you subsidize undesirable trash you get more undesirable trash, who can be surprised at the outcome of this social experiment?


At 9:14 AM, Anonymous said…

I don’t get it: There are jobs in which you would have to work 116 hours a week!!! and earn 480 for that in Britain? I think that can easily be beaten by a lot of the so called third world countries …


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous said…

The greatest predator to a child it is his mother. Women kill the most children after birth.

Sadly there is no database for men with profiles of all women who killed children or abused them.

As usual men are persecuted.

Continue to do that, slowly “Great” Britain looses its appeal to men, and will crumble.


At 5:40 PM, Manswuk said…

I’ll apologise in advance for the long post.
Two issues:
(1) Today, with the oil price above $60 a barrel, the Treasury will receive £12.5bn this year alone in North Sea tax receipts. But as of last month, the UK will become a net oil importer as the North Sea wells dry up. In May this year the UK trade gap with the rest of the world hit £6.8bn, up by over £1bn from April’s revised number of £5.6bn. The UK is expected to be 50% dependent on imported gas by 2010, and 80% dependent by 2020. The result will be a shock to the economy and a huge revenue shortfall to the Treasury. Will Labour reduce single mother benefits or raise taxes? So sorry, no prizes for guessing the bleedingly obvious – please cough up an extra 10% or so to maintain our core voters in the style to which they are accustomed.

(2) Extract from Gordon Brown’s budget speech last March: “Mr Deputy Speaker, in meeting our objectives to support families and children, I have received representations for the return of the married couples allowance, and for a transferable tax allowance between husbands and wives with children under five. On closer inspection I have discovered that such a proposal would penalise 3 million widows and their children who would be denied the allowance, and would also penalise wives or husbands left by their spouse. And I have discovered that a transferable tax allowance earmarked for families with children under 5 would be available to just 1 million married couples. And I can tell the House that far from rewarding marriage would exclude the vast majority of married couples – 11 million married couples and 11 million children excluded and left out. Mr Deputy Speaker you do not support marriage by penalising most married couples and 11 million children. ”

A peculiar argument. Surely widows can also be given a tax credit? As can widowers. As for divorced people, wouldn’t the tax credit benefit the payer of child support (usually the ex-husband)?



At 4:21 AM, k-dog said…

In the Houston Chronicle story quoted above: “‘I have never dealt with a case where biological children were being prostituted out by their own mother,’ [the Harris County assistant district attorney] said.”

Bull. For many years it has been known—but seldom talked about—that crack hos pimp their kids to get their next hit, or they allow their thug boyfriend of the moment to do the honors. If nothing else, the woman allows said thug to do as he pleases with the children himself in exchange for more drugs. I’m from an East Coast city where this activity was known to occur; the local papers wouldn’t touch that issue. This story is virtually taboo in the US because of its implicit politically incorrect criticism of the two holiest of holies: women (especially mothers) and minorities (a disproportionate number of whom smoke crack). Meth users today are probably not much better.

And authorities treat the whole issue with kid gloves. Seldom are children taken away from a crack ho for good, no matter what her conduct has been. This explains a lot of what we see with the underclass.


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