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“My body, my choice to have my baby dismembered alive!”
September 20, 2007

——————————————————- 21 April 2007 This rather grisly comment was made at an article in The Times I pointed out earlier this week. It’s not pleasant reading, but does show the horror of one of the favourite hobbies of feminists; abortions. As a trainee doctor I had to watch a late abortion. The girl, we were […]

September 20, 2007

——————————————————- 13 April 2007 I got a couple of comments posted today at the Telegraph and The London Times, managing to hopefully tweak the noses of some dumb fembots and manginas. This first one is by Caitlin Moron, a child-murdering man-hating fembot cunt I despise with a passion: Why I believe abortion is part of […]

“It’s time for us women to start complaining!”
September 17, 2007

——————————————————- 05 March 2007 Haggard sisters, let’s end our silence. It’s time to bitch PDF This piece of wretched whining is from Caitlin Moran, a whining harpy who, last year, wrote an article supporting abortion for sex-selection reasons because most people would abort baby girls, meaning that females would become rare and, in turn, would […]

Kill baby girls to make men less sexist
July 3, 2007

——————————————————————————– 05 April 2006 This article by Time’s regular feminist shit-spouter Caitlin Moran betrays the usual mentality feminists have, namely that despite their supposed independence they are jolly upset that men are avoiding them. Caitlin is jolly upset that women are having to settle for men that don’t fit modern women’s high standards, that women […]