Name: Duncan Idaho

This is an anti-feminist blog for eternal bachelors, us sensible guys who have decided that marriage is a losing proposition here in the Matriarchal West, whereby saying “I do” means giving a woman the ability to strip you of your assets, children, home and future earnings.

Feminism has ruined the West, totally knackered in relationships between men and women, and made a lot of people – primarily women, ironically enough – thoroughly miserable. So make the best of things! Join the Marriage Strike, tell modern Western Women to get lost and live for yourself.

(Note: these are archives of the original Eternal Bachelor blog.)


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Losing all hope is freedom.

11 Responses

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about selfish bitches who purposely inflict single-parent families on their children.

    As a woman who lost my father when I was five through accidental death, I can assure you that these women are doing their children no favors by having them without a father.

    Our culture is quite sick indeed that it celebrates single-motherhood by choice, not to mention all of the other “advancements” of feminism, which, as far as I can tell, have left men and women more alone in their relationships than ever before.

    The distinction should be made, however, between procreation by choice and adoption. In fact, I would say that the latter should be respected, if not applauded. Obviously, children are better-off with one stable parent and environment than a myriad of foster-parents or orphanages.

  2. Oh Sweet Jesus! I thought I was the only man in the world who has written females off for good. I am happy to see there is some one else who also have done the same thing

  3. I will admit to growing up and making my mistakes. I did my best to survive. Have you considered more articles on recovery. I don’t hate anyone. I just want to stop hating myself. I don’t need to be blamed, I just want tools for recovery if you have them. Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Where do we go from here?

  5. dude we should join forces I like your blog

  6. This website and blog gives a very untraditional approach to divorce and alimony. It is interesting to read individuals perspectives about divorce and alimony. As an Arizona family law lawyer who has practiced alimony in Arizona and divorce in Arizona for the past 20 years I am very amazed by the responses. Divorce and alimony are extremely difficult to deal with, but with proper legal support any person can get past these hard times. If anyone needs help or is interested in watching some videos about divorce and alimony please visit my website.


  7. Just working my way though the PDF. Wish I’d seen this when you first started writing! Nice to see some UK material. It still seems just as fresh and relevant nearly 10 years later. I don’t think that’s a good thing, sadly.

  8. Feminism has destroyed traditional marriage, especially in Australia. This blog is a favorite of mine because it highlights the following which are still relevant.

    Marriage today is dangerous for men’s health for the following reasons:
    1.Domestic violence lies
    2.Losing custody of children
    3.Paternity fraud
    4.No-fault divorce
    6.Life time alimony
    7.Loss of property and income

    Live the long (good) life. Don’t marriage!

  9. Came across this blog and wow! I’m not the only one with these thoughts, great read and very funny, keep up the great work everyone! give women nothing! Peace X

  10. There is always two sides on a coin, not just women even men everything in life itself is not real. There is nothing absolutely 100% good on this earth that is spiritual to understand the true meaning of life, mother’s love is unconditional and unselfish, we hindus believe mother as god and mother nature as the prime god. You may have experienced tough life but that should never stop you from being a true human appreciating the justice of life on earth. Remember its easy to publish generally false misleading information, try being honest. Even if there are bad women there are good women as well. Men and Women have same souls only with different physical bodies. I can see even the Western men are equally bad in lifestyle like women. Be the truth seeker, do not let yourself appreciating the hate for women or old people or disabled or men or anyone. You have a gift to recognize the false interpretation of life…please use it wise. People usually encourage hate things don’t be carried away. Support for affected but do not protest against human nature. Marriages are meant to be blissful now in present everything is corrupted food, ethics, discipline, environment so its out of control to even prevent the misery happening in society. Just imagine how many children get bad things from this world. We can be the change to make the world change God bless.

  11. Love this site, Mr. Idaho! Love your post as well. Your posting contains much truth to it. Love it! I noticed your post was done in 2005. Do you still play Soldier of Fortune? That is some good stuff!

    Take care and catch you on the forum!

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