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Stretching the definition of “sacrifice”
July 25, 2007


10 October 2006

In divorces, women frequently claim they “sacrificed” their career after marriage, despite the fact that most married for the sole purpose of quitting their career (why else would a career girl marry a wealthy guy, rather than an unemployed guy who’ll be a stay-at-home-hubby, if not to live off of him?) There are endless women at my workplace who moan about how much they’d love to marry a rich guy (or a “rich sucker” as one dreamily simpered the other week) to become a Lady of Leisure and quit their 40-hour-a-week office jobs. Working more than five-years after leaving education is for us men only, apparantly.

A man could argue in a divorce court that, when he married, he quit the job of doing the housework, which he loved so much, and (sob) throughout all those years of marriage, he (boo-hoo) missed out on perfecting the art of ironing and hoovering.

“But housework isn’t fun!” would be the natural comment of women and divorce “judges”.


Neither is working in an office or factory! As they damn well know. But to most modern women, life is for them to enjoy, but for men to endure.


July 25, 2007


09 October 2006

Woman charged with using baby as weapon

A woman used her 4-week-old baby as a weapon in a domestic dispute, swinging the infant through the air and striking her boyfriend with the child, authorities said.

The baby was critically injured in the attack early Sunday, said District Attorney Bradley Foulk.

So she abused her baby and her boyfriend with one swing? There’s that famed female multi-tasking for you!

Strange, I thought women never committed domestic violence or child abuse? According to feminists they don’t anyway. Oh, wait, I forgot; feminists are full of shit.

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The Glass Ceiling exists! 15 women say so.
July 24, 2007


09 October 2006

The City’s still a man’s world, women tell study

Women in the City sector that has created more female leaders than any other say that they are being held back by their sex, according to a study of senior City professionals.

Right, so they claim they’re being held back because of their sex. So what? That doesn’t mean it’s true. It almost certainly isn’t, given that many modern women seem incapable of holding themselves responsible for their own failings and choices.

It’s like the frequent claims that, according to “studies”, women are underpaid, a conclusion obtained from asking women whether they felt they wanted a pay-rise. Well, duh! Ask any demographic that question and most would say yes.

They blamed a long-hours culture and male-orientated networking events, as well as, in some cases, women’s reluctance to push themselves forward for promotion.

So in other words, there is no glass ceiling, as we all know. It’s just women not wanting to work long hours (“It interferes with our desire for a work/life balance!”) or just not going for promotion.

Maybe there’s a glass ceiling at my workplace, one to stop me from being a manager. After all, I’m not a manager, solely because I can’t be bothered to push for promotion and nor can I be arsed to put in the extra hours. Yet according that criteria there’s a glass ceiling designed to keep me down. I am so oppressed, sob!


“We have to WORK for a living? Grrrr!”
July 23, 2007


04 October 2006

Mothers lose right to equal salaries

Women who take time out of the workplace for maternity leave have no automatic right to the same pay as male colleagues who are doing the same job but have not had time off, Europe’s top court ruled yesterday.

The landmark ruling, described as the most important sex discrimination judgment for ten years, means that companies can legally pay some workers more for length of service even though a woman’s ability to compete on time served will be curtailed by her decision to have children.

The headline is incorrect; they haven’t lost their right to “equal pay”, they’ve lost their right to unequal pay, because if they choose – emphasise that, choose – to have kids and take a lot of time off, then they’re rightfully paid less. If they’re paid the same as male colleagues who actually stick around and do the work, then men are being paid unequally.

Amazing to see some sense from the European courts. It’ll probably be overturned though.


July 23, 2007


03 October 2006

It’s against women’s nature to want to lead by Mary Kenny

Another interesting comment from the Daily Telegraph.

When the failure of women in general to have attained equal pay or equal leadership in the workplace is publicly discussed, it is still put down to constructs such as “the glass ceiling”, or the way in which girls are “socially conditioned” not to aspire to top pay or high leadership.

The evident fact that most women are, by definition, not driven by testosterone-fuelled competitive ambition is seldom suggested. Far from females being “conditioned” by society, it is Nature doing the programming.

The denial of these inborn sex differences leads to all kinds of bafflement and problems, from teenage pregnancies to women’s priority lists in the Tory party.

It’s a good article and nice to see a woman coming forth with this in the mainstream media. Shame that she doesn’t realise that – just as feminists and socialists hoped – it is far too late for women to return to having families. The economy has adapted to two-incomes, and the economy, in any case, is dying thanks to the outrageously generous maternity leave, welfare benefits, subsidised childcare and all the other shit taxpayers have to pay for women to be “independent.”


How women can have it all, at business’s expense
July 23, 2007


03 October 2006

One year’s maternity leave for all mothers regardless of length of time with company

Women will be able to take a year’s maternity leave even if they get pregnant on the first day of a new job, according to controversial new laws.

The new rules, introduced on Sunday, were slammed by business groups which fear they will cause chaos for companies around the country.

In a further blow, they force firms with less than five staff to keep open a job for a woman who takes maternity leave.

Under the old regime, small firms – which find maternity leave more difficult than larger firms – were exempt if a woman took more than six months’ off.

A spokesman for the Forum of Private Business said: “It leaves small firms open to abuse from employees who start a new job in full knowledge that they intend to take leave early in their employment.”


A woman can now join a firm on Monday, get pregnant on Tuesday and take a full year’s maternity leave.

Ah yes, nothing like being a woman and getting the good part of work (pay) without the bad part (like, erm…working.) Granted, the last 13-weeks of a 12-month leave is unpaid, but for most mothers that’ll just mean hubby/boyfriend will have to work extra hard to cover her loss of earnings for that period.


Article about Bridget Jones
July 19, 2007


30 September 2006

Are we having fun yet?

Ten years after Bridget Jones, Lesley Thomas finds the thirtysomething search for perfection — marriage and babies, or fast-paced single living — is as haunted and as vexed as ever

Like most articles written by a woman, this is a rambling affair with no real point, theory or conclusion.

I think it’s trying to conclude that miserable spinsters are happy or something, and that the fact that one-in-five women are reaching the end of their fertile years childless is down to the fact that most probably didn’t want children anyway and all this endless whining from women that “I can’t find a man willing to commit, boo-hoo” is all in our imagination. It might even just be yet another attempt to comfort spinsters that married women are miserable really, so don’t cry dear. I’m not sure. Trying to find a point to the article is like grasping at soap in a bath with your hands tied behind your back.

Still, there is some glimmer of logic:

If young women were deliberately postponing marriage, wouldn’t there be armies of sad young potential husbands and wannabe dads all spurned by their twentysomething female counterparts, too busy climbing the greasy pole to make babies with them? I’ve certainly never met any of those men.

Damn right. All we hear about is how strong indepedent women are spurning us useless men, yet all we hear about in the Real World is women whining about how they can’t find a husband whilst us men merrily remain bachelors.


Learn about computers, be empowered!
July 19, 2007


25 September 2006


“I am teh empowered!!1”

Women in IT

*Do you have excellent communication skills, a confident personality and ambition ?

*Are you motivated by the prospect of a challenging and dynamic career ?

*Have you always wanted to get into I.T but lacked either experience or training ?

“Yes, yes, yes!” say many women.

Shame they didn’t add:

*Are you willing to work long and possibly unsocial hours, and to suddenly realise when you’ve finished the training that a “confident personality” counts for fuck all in I.T. compared to a detailed knowledge of network architecture, computer security and programming languages, and a general ability to actually be able to do the damn job?

That way they’d save about 95% of female applicants from bothering to apply.


Iran invaded…by fembots!
July 18, 2007


19 September 2006

Women graduates challenge Iran

The number of women graduating from Iran’s universities is overtaking the number of men, promising a change in the job market and, with it, profound social change.

Well, given that it’s stated later in the article that these women aren’t going to want to work in heavy industries like oil-refining, I guess the profound social change will be that their economy will end up a shitty service economy like Britain’s.

The article was written by a woman incidentally, as you can tell by the laughably bias women-are-soooo-great tone of it.

Three quarters of the students in this class are women – the five men in the class are huddled together in a corner.

75% women, 25% men. Yup, that sounds like the feminist definition of eekwallytee.

“We women want to show we are here and we have a lot to say,” says Massoumeh Pahshahie Umidvar.

If you’re anything like you’re Western Sistahs, what you have to say is probably complete bollocks.

“At the moment boys don’t think that if they want to be a successful person they should be educated and because of this they leave free more places for girls to go to university.”

Mr Laylaz calls it a historic opportunity for women that they have eagerly seized. He hopes this new generation of educated Iranian women will force social change in the decades ahead.


Men are (a) useless or (b) useless
July 18, 2007


14 September 2006


The only consolation of working in an office full of empowered womyn with their useless degrees and attitudes of “Men are useless, I don’t need them” (conflicting with their ticking biological clocks and the subsequent Estrogenuclear Detonations when the timer hits Zero) is laughing at their tangled web of misandry, general stupidity and above all hypocrisy.

For example, today, there was a brief discussion of illness. Women like to think themselves as being immune to everything from arse-cancer to decapitation, yet I’ve honestly witnessed female colleagues go home because they “felt faint”, “I’m feeling really down” or “my tummy feels bad.”

Today’s man-bashing twittering centred on how useless us men are at seeking treatment for illnesses.

“Men are stupid,” theorised one degree-possessing woman – who, incidentally, regularly reads Chat magazine and who honestly once thought that Israel was the same country as Iran – who promptly expanded on her theory that men are inherently thick by declaring that “When men get ill they ignore it, they try to be all macho and don’t do anything. They don’t visit a doctor or nothing, they just do nothing!”


No I haven’t got a wife/girlfriend, so what?!
July 18, 2007


13 September 2006

I was listening to a woman at work the other day mocking the head of her department (behind his back, naturally.) Just because this guy had bossed her about a bit and complained that her work wasn’t up to scratch, she launched into a bitchy tirade with the other women.

“I bet he hasn’t got a girlfriend,” was a sneering theory the woman made without any evidence, “He should get himself a girlfriend, if any woman would go out with him that is!” This comment was followed by a snorting skank-laugh.

I often hear women making this comment and its variations, sometimes even reading it in women’s opinion columns when they’re deriding some male politician or celebrity. “I bet he hasn’t got a girlfriend/no wonder he’s single/etc.”

What’s interesting to note is that the woman at work who was claiming the guy who dared to insult Her Royal Skankness was evidently lacking a girlfriend – and hence a failure in her view – is herself single and unattached; she hasn’t got a boyfriend and hasn’t had one in the year I’ve known her. From what I gather she hasn’t been in a relationship since she left University about five-years ago. Yet for some reason she views a man who is lacking a girlfriend (or, rather, who she believes is lacking a girlfriend) is obviously a loser. Most women seem to hold on to this view, one which is obviously stuck in the ridiculous mindset that a man’s worth is solely on whether he can attract and keep a woman, and if he can’t then he’s a loser, and if he chooses to pursue things other than women, then he’s obviously a loser and a womyn-hater.


More privilege for oppressed women
July 17, 2007


12 September 2006


Ruth Kelly: “Real world? Ummm…where’s that?

New crackdown on equality in the workplace

An army of union equality officers will be let loose in companies throughout England to crack down on discrimination against women, it was announced yesterday.

More than £5m of taxpayers’ money will be handed to the trade unions to train up the legion of equality watchdogs in the workplace.

I’m sure there’s nothing better that money could be spent on than a bunch of fucking Marxist lesbians telling other people how to run their businesses.

The plans were unveiled by Ruth Kelly, the Minister for Women, as part of a Government action plan to give more mothers the right to request flexible hours and part-time work.

Ministers want to end pay discrimination against women who cut their hours so they can spend more time with their children or caring for an elderly relative.

Yet they wonder why women get less pay on average, even though they regularly work less time and often refuse to work ‘unsociable’ hours (i.e. any hours that don’t suit them, like before 9PM or after 4PM. Or weekends.)


Japan’s population dropping
July 17, 2007


06 September 2006

Japan: Still Shrinking


It may not seem like it in the pedestrian-choked streets of Tokyo, but Japan is about to get a lot less crowded. Thanks to a fertility rate that’s dropped to 1.25 children per woman—well below the 2.1 needed to keep a population stable—the number of Japanese is set to peak next year and then fall rapidly to 64 million, or half the current population, by 2100.

For strange reason though, government last year decided to combat the plummeting birth-rate by throwing more taxpayers money at various schemes to get more women into the workplace, whether they (or workplaces for that matter) want to or not. WTF? That’s what causes this sort of mess in the first place.

So the Japanese population will probably half in the next 94-years! It’ll be the same in European countries too, with many nations here – including the UK – having birthrates under 1.6 (Spain’s is a mere 1.1)

Now that’s a sure sign that feminism has taken hold in a society.

If a country’s population starts dropping rapidly, it means it’s ravaged by either plague, war, famine or – worst of all – feminism.

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Polly’s pole
July 16, 2007


30 August 2006


City woman who quit over sexism admits pole dancing

She claimed to have quit a high flying career in the City because she could not stand the sexism.

In particular, Cambridge graduate Polly Courtney complained about her male colleagues’ nights out that would ‘typically end up in the local strip club.’

Strange then, that the 26-year-old, who has just completed a novel based on her harrowing time in the Square Mile, freely admits that enjoys a spot of pole dancing herself.

Yes, but I suppose she is being liberated and expressing her Inner Goddess’s sexuality in pole dancing, but men who watch her and other pole-dancers are uber-sexist bastards guilty of visual raype!!!

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More subsidies for strong independent working womyn
July 16, 2007


28 August 2006

More rights for working women as Labour eyes female vote

Working women may be given extra employment rights under plans being drawn up by Labour.

Mothers could be paid sick leave if their children are ill and given more legal rights to work part-time as the Government attempts to woo back the women’s vote in its war with David Cameron.

Oh great, so if a woman’s ill (and they take more sick leave than men) you have to pay her, and if her kid’s are ill, you have to pay her.

Furthermore, this proves how fucked the system is and why it’s largely pointless for men to make demands and appeals from political parties in the West; they couldn’t give a damn about us. If they did, they’d listen.

Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives may all be headed by men, but they are all fighting it out to hand more rights and subsidies (i.e. bribes) women to win their vote.


Apparantly it’s “blood-boilingly misogynistic” to not want to marry career women
July 16, 2007


27 August 2006

Guy talk hits career women where it hurts

THEY are picky about who they will marry, tend to have flings, put off having children to the point of infertility, keep dirty homes and are miserable to boot. So why marry a career woman? The argument that working women make lousy wives was given a new lease of life last week by Forbes, a top American business magazine, prompting a slew of furious protests from women readers. One typical response was that the article was “blood-boilingly misogynistic”.

Written by Michael Noer, a senior editor with, it began: “Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.”

This Forbes article has been discussed on plenty of anti-feminist websites. It’s fantastic, it’s really pissed off a load of dim-witted femtards. The amusing thing is, the guy isn’t even revealing any stunning secrets to men, he’s simply saying what most of us knew already, that career women are of no use to men. We’re not “intimidated” or “afraid” of career women, as they themselves like to insist, we simply don’t want them. The only thing us men cannot do without women is make babies, so what on Earth is the point of hooking up with a woman who doesn’t want children? Or who doesn’t want them until she’s pretty much infertile anyway?


Mind your manners, men
July 12, 2007


15 August 2006

Excuse me, it’s time for gallantry
Thomas Blaikie

This guy is selling a book so his crappy article is little more than an advertisement. But still, it’s worth a laugh.

From casual social contact with women to dating and romance, men find themselves pulled in two directions. Men aren’t sure how to be gallant without it being interpreted as sexist or patronising. And it’s not just men over 45 (more likely to have been brought up with fixed ideas about the proper way to treat a lady) who are worried. Thirtysomethings and even twentysomethings are confused as well.

Here we go with this mangina spewing forth the same drivel as so many women do; “Poor men, they’re confused! They’re told they should treat women as equals but often that they should be chivalrous too!!”

Actually, we’re not confused, we see the hypocrisy and double-standards and want no part of it.

Of course, all this proves that men do care about manners. We can dare to move just a little (but only a little, of course) beyond the stereotype of the spitting, interrupting slob, who doesn’t know how to blow his nose nicely or how to tuck his shirt in and who, at night, turns into a drunken sub-human, braying and puking round the streets of places such as Prague where he’s gone for his mate’s stag party.

I really do despair. Is it worth carrying on fighting for our fellow men when there seem to be a never endless supply of wankers like this? Wankers willing to denounce themselves and their fellow men as worthless slobs, just to sell a book?


July 12, 2007


11 August 2006


Didn’t Jesus copyright that pose?

The Golden middle-class Goddesses

What makes otherwise sensible middle-class women dress like this and dance on a hilltop with only their animal ‘spirits’ for company?

Too much free time?

Welcome to the weird world of…The Golden Goddesses.

Usually a specialised affair, this year [the Golden Goddesses “conference”] has been inundated with visitors, who have converged on the small town after reading about Goddess worship in Dan Brown’s blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. Some have even flown halfway round the world specially for this five-day extravaganza.

Oh dear.

“She’s the creatrix, the female face of the divine,” says Kathy, ushering me to a seat between Georgina, a fully trained priestess, and Christina, who teaches Arthurian studies at Bristol University. “Oh, never mind. You’ll get the hang of it.”

That doesn’t sound like a particularly serious or devoted Priestess, if her description of her deity trails off with “never mind.” Still, I’m sure Golden Goddess devotees don’t really mind at the shallowness of their silly cult; after all, at their religious ceremonies, they get to wear orange and golden dresses, which are, like, soooo pretty.


The No-Shit-Sherlock lab’s latest study
July 12, 2007


09 August 2006


Pay bills? We’d rather have new shoes, say women

While their mothers may have been content with three or four pairs of shoes, today’s women are not satisfied until they have a perfect pair for every outfit.

The result, according to the research, is that one in ten women now spend more than £1,000-a-year on shoes, while a staggering one in four would even forgo paying the bills for that must-have pair of designer heels.

Remember chaps; that shoe-bill will be yours when you marry and she quits her job.

‘It doesn’t matter how fat or miserable a woman is feeling, when she goes shoe shopping everything fits. Shoes have an incredible ‘Cinderella effect – they can transform not only an outfit, but also a woman’s mood.

‘Swapping a pair of flat shoes for high heels can change a woman into a sex kitten in seconds, in that sense shoes are rather magical.’

Erm, no it doesn’t. Andrea Dworkin could squeeze her big bloated feet (when she wasn’t dead) into a pair of sexy red stilettos and most men would still rather be thrown into the Sarlacc Pit than kiss her.


Whinge while you work
July 12, 2007


08 August 2006

It’s amazing how much women seem to complain in the workplace. On and on they moan and grumble; “I’ve got so much to do”; “Look at all this I’ve got, it’s not fair”;”I’m so bogged down with stuff, you won’t believe it”;”I really struggled getting out of bed this morning, I can barely face coming in.”

Admittedly there is not much complaining coming from younger women, aged 18 to 26. However, when a woman has been in the workforce for a few years, the complaining really starts, and by about 30 it’s in full gear. Obviously there are still some exceptions, and I have known a couple of older women who are really enthusiastic about their jobs, but rarely do I encounter a woman past about 27 who doesn’t seem to complain either quite regularly or, if not, incessently about their workload, how much they’ve got to do, how much they hate their jobs, and so on, sometimes backed up with the lament that they wish a “nice rich man” to come and save them.

Naturally, this is all to do with how a significant number of women seem to think that they’ll be working full-time for more than ten-years, ideally less. A survey of newly qualified female doctors, for example, found that three-quarters expected to be working either part-time or not at all (either on a career-break or completely retired) by 35. It’s probably even higher for women who drift into Pink Collar jobs with little enthusiasm to begin with.


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