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Oedipus Schmoedipus
September 23, 2007


11 May 2007

One thing we often hear burbling from the incessently flapping gobs of women is that us men want a wife who’ll basically be like our mothers, that us “silly stupid little men” just want a mummy rather than a wife. That old hag, whatsername, Maureen Dowd, specifically said as much during one of the regular anti-male tirades she indulges in to push all the blame for her own spinsterhood onto us men.

This, of course, is a load of bollocks.

If us men wanted to marry a woman who would basically replace our mother, who would essentially be more of a mum than a wife, then surely we would be going after middle-aged women. But we don’t. We go after young women. Perky 16-22-year-old women. Always have, always will.

Perhaps emasculated young men seek a mother-figure in a wife/girlfriend, but proper normal men – certainly those raised by a healthy father and not just a single mother – want a young woman who’ll be a wife/girlfriend.

Admittedly, when seeking a wife, us men will look out for maternal skills and characteristics – such as a caring nature and fondness and patience towards children – but that’s not for our benefit, that’s for our future children’s benefit. After all, us men don’t want an uncaring ball-busting harpy being the mother of our kids…nor, indeed, do we want to put up with such a woman as a wife.


Worn out wannabe brides
September 20, 2007


20 April 2007


Before feminism, females would generally marry young, often before turning 20. Thus they gave most of their prime and fertile years (16 – 24) to a husband who – assuming he was a good husband, and most were – would be loyal to her and give to her the best and most productive of his years by providing for her.

Now, of course, most women want to marry later, often past 25 or even 30. There is talk of the ‘eleven-year party gap’ in some women’s articles, whereby women sleep around for a decade after leaving University then marry at 32. Once they’re all used up. That’s the plan anyway, none of the articles along these lines seem to mention post-31 women who went along this route and managed to find a devoted hubby, they just talk to the deluded party-girls in their twenties who insist everything will all go to plan.

I hear plenty of young women at work talk of putting off marriage, one even getting worried when she thought (incorrectly, as it turned out) that her boyfriend was planning on proposing to her.

“No way am I getting married now,” the 22-year-old said, “I won’t marry until I’m at least 26. After all, what if someone better comes along in that time?”

Another young woman insisted – in all seriousness – that “40 is a good age for a woman to marry.”

Not all women use these youthful years to sleep around wantonly, but plenty do. One 24-year-old woman at work is apparantly on her third boyfriend of the year already and it’s only April (she is talking of wanting to get married soon, but that’s probably because she had an illegitimate kid by some thug a couple of years ago, and she no doubt wants a stepfather for the bastard.) The article I posted about a few weeks ago, about the ‘eleven-year party gap’, quoted one woman of 23 who bragged of sleeping with 40 men.

One woman I dated a few years ago (and ditched after just the one date) happily told me over dinner an anecdote of getting yelled at and grounded by her parents when she was 13 ‘because I was always sneakin’ out and getting drunk with these older guys from school who I hung out with and who bought me and me mates booze.’

Yeah, I can figure what ‘hung out with’ means. She and her drunken mates were getting some of the old in-out from these older guys. This woman was 27, so she’d evidently been humping away for fourteen-years. Eew! Swiftly-nexted. Pronto.


Thanks to feminism, there are not enough rich men to go round. Boo-fucking-hoo!
September 19, 2007


02 April 2007

Post-Bridget, it’s looking even worse for the girls


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an alpha female requires an even more alpha male as a mate. But a recent report suggests today’s successful woman with her high standards and picky notions will have nobody to marry: women now make up 57% of university graduates and outnumber men in every subject in higher education (though not engineering or maths, yet).

For the post-Bridget Jones and Sex and the City generation, it’s bad news. The sobering truth is that demographics being what they are, more and more educated, eligible women are facing a choice: downgrade your notions of Mr Right, or face up to life alone.

I love articles like this, that reveal how badly women have shot themselves in the foot.

“Oh boo-hoo, we stormed into the universities and workplace, shoving men out of the way in the process, and now we’re finding we’ve inadvertantly hampered our chances of marrying Mr Right Sucker who’ll let us retire in our 30s.”

Stupid cunts.

Women are getting better degrees — more 2:1s and firsts in every subject — and two-thirds of medical students are now women, compared with 29% in the 1960s. So not much point in hoping that a handsome consultant will come along, whose Harley Street earnings will pay for the school fees and the 4×4.

Damn right you can throw those hopes away bitches. You left the home in the 1950s and demanded us men iron our own clothes and cook our own tea. Fine. We will do. Now we’re dropping out of universities and the workplace and telling women to pay their own mortgages and support themselves.


Toxic Wives II
September 17, 2007


02 March 2007


Don’t fall for this deadly honey trap


You may not know one personally, but you will certainly have read about them. They are, increasingly these days, the figures who emerge triumphant from the divorce courts. They are the ones who get to keep the house (no mortgage), the cars (usually more than one), the staff (approaching double figures) and, more often than not, half the husband’s fortune, regardless of what she has done to contribute towards it. Toxic wives leave everything to their staff while they shop, lunch and luxuriate – and make their husbands’ lives a misery

I’m not talking about the ones who sacrificed careers at the altar of family life only to be cruelly abandoned when their useful days are done. I’m talking about the ones who knowingly take their husbands to the cleaners claiming, while they are at it, that they could do with £20 million or so to keep them in blow-drys. What kind of person actually needs £20 million for spending money? The Toxic Wife, that’s who.

Such was the furore earlier this year over my identification of Toxic Wife Syndrome in the pages of the Telegraph that it is clear I have hit a raw nerve. From the staggering response, from Japan to Iraq and America to Berkshire (where my article is now framed in the gentlemen’s loo of a Lambourn pub), there is little doubt about the course of action required: toxic wives must be weeded out.

Let me remind you what a toxic wife is – some of you got the wrong end of the stick when I first addressed this issue, thinking I was referring to all stay-at-home-mothers and housewives. Not a bit of it. I have every admiration for women who choose the selfless task of caring and nurturing the next generation. No, the toxic wife is a completely different species.


Single and smiling
September 12, 2007


02 February 2007

Happiness: Living The Life Of A Bachelor

I’ll never get married. There are few incentives today to do so. The institution of marriage is pointless and without merit. The divorce rate, coupled with an unhealthy society, are more than enough reasons to avoid it like a bad neighborhood. As for relationships? I’ve never been happy in one, so what’s the point?

A truly superb and honest article by NG forum regular Ronald Lewis. In fact, Ronald has just started a new website, Male Reform. It’s evidently under construction, but looks promising.

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MSN “relationship” advice
September 6, 2007


17 January 2007

Why are you still single?


It may seem like every guy except you has a committed, caring relationship with a woman who loves, trusts and respects him.

Actually, it doesn’t seem like that at all. It actually seems like most guys like me are free and single, a lot of others are shackled to a wife or live-in girlfriend who treats them like shit, spend their money, badmouths them and takes them for granted, whilst just a small number (often amongst the older generation) are married to women who love, trust and respect them.

What a brainless mangina. Look at him. Just look at him. Twat.

There then follows a stupid “quiz” which is not even worth reading through.

With this kind of attitude, it’s easy to see why single men occasionally wonder why they’re still single, howling the question at an uncaring sky.

Admittedly this guy is just writing a advert disguised as an article, but still, it’s an insult to the intelligence for some twat in a hat to assume us single men are miserable at being free and single.

Why am I still single? Because I want to be, because it makes me happy, because its better than being shackled to a wife/live-in-girlfriend who’ll spend my money, nag me, and potentially ditch me yet leave me obliged to support her. This is what manginas and women – especially spinsters – need to accept; a lot of us men enjoy being single. Increasingly, we like not being married or co-habiting, as often even any form of relationship – save, perhaps, for sport-fucking – with women is a major hassle.

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Predictions for luuurve in 2007
September 5, 2007


06 January 2007


April Masini; relationship expert, advice columnist,
and probably allergic to sunlight and garlic too

This “article” and its contents of the blithering of various women and a few token guys (mostly manginas) is not to be taken seriously, even less so than your average article from women about relationships. It’s just a load of silly self-professed relationship experts, authors and advice columnists trying to market their books and websites. But they try their best to be sincere so I’ll take them as being sincere and laugh at them.

“2007 will continue to be an era of ‘convenience-dating’ – online dating, speed dating, and for the younger generation, getting dates via social networking sites,” predicts Hilary Black. “More than ever, single people — especially in urban areas — are far less anxious to settle down and get married.”

Hmmmm. Strange how we’re always being told the people – including women, no doubt – are “less anxious to settle down and marry.” Maybe young women who can easily go and get another boyfriend to replace the current one think like that, but I don’t ever seem to see women past the age of 28 or thereabouts who are keen on ‘convenience-dating’. At that age, convenience dating tends to mean just getting sport-fucked. Assuming any guys pay attention to them.


Male pill news
August 26, 2007


27 November 2006

UK scientists invent male ‘pill’ that can be taken hours before sex

British scientists have developed a revolutionary pill that men could take as a one-off contraceptive just before a date.

The tablet would prevent a man from being able to impregnate a woman, but within a few hours his fertility would return to normal.

It’ll be great when a reliable male-pill is available. No more one-night stands with women who promise they’re on the pill and then, nine-months later, you get a request for eighteen-years of Child support.

I’ve already heard rumblings of femnags beginning to whine about a male pill. “Oh boo-hoo, men could deny a woman her right to motherhood.” Fuck you.

Critics argue, that men lack women’s motivation to prevent pregnancy, making it hard for women to trust them to take a contraceptive pill.

What planet do these critics live on? We have a shitload of motivation for preventing pregnancy; namely the vast amounts of Child Support as well as the fact that we regard a lot of modern women as being unsuitable potential mothers.

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A single night for singles, cunningly named Singles Night
July 30, 2007


20 October 2006


I noticed a notice on some telegraph poles in my neighbourhood recently, advertising a “Singles Nights for the over 30s” at some local pub tomorrow.

Methinks it’ll be mostly women there. If it were under 30s then it would possible be an even mix or mostly men; after all, twentysomething women tend to have what men want – youth and looks – and many twentysomething men tend not to yet have what women want – money, a house, an established career. Plus most young women don’t “lower” themselves to going to organized things like singles nights because they don’t really need to. They can just go into bars and look available. Unless they’re so ugly they look like Bernard Manning in a wig, or have accidentally wandered in to a gay bar, they’ll quite probably be flirted with at some point.

Beyond thirty, though, it’s a different story. Women – especially those beyond 35 – do not have what men want. Their looks are fading, their biological clocks are ticking and often there will be quite a bit of emotional baggage and possibly even an illegitimate bastard or two. Not to mention the fact that most women by that age will have humped a fair number of guys. This is not wife material. Men beyond thirty often have what women want; assets, a house, career, etc. Plus us men don’t have looks that fade as quickly as women’s, and we can also have children until well into middle-age.

Additionally, of course, singles nights are not really hook-up nights, for people to get together for casual sex. They’re meant to be for people looking for relationships of the long-term variety, and once more this will appeal more to commitment-desperate women than us men. If us men make it past 30 without marrying then it usually means we were never keen on marriage anyway, or had utterly ruled it out altogether, or if we were keen on marriage when younger then it became less important to us as we got older.


Thoughts on co-habitation…and it’s impending demise
July 26, 2007


17 October 2006

There has been some debate over whether the marriage strike is taking effect. Granted, many of us guys may like to assume so and this can cloud judgement. Certainly, there are still plenty of men willingly tying the noose…I mean, er, knot.

However, there is no mistaking the fact that marriage is down, that judging by women’s complaints – impossible to ignore unless you avoid them and mainstream media – they are finding it difficult to find a man “willing to commit.” It will take a while longer for it to truly sink in. It is estimated by the British Office of National Statistics that a third of women under 30 today will never marry or have children. Now most women under 30, certainly those aged 18 – 24, often don’t care about marriage. They can replace their current boyfriend with a new one easy enough, they’re steaming ahead into their careers under the impression that they can get male attention (and money) when they’re in their thirties, and often under the bizarre belief that their biological clocks won’t start ticking until they’re pushing 40 (when, in fact, it’s around 27.) It’ll take a good decade for all these women to pass thirty and for the majority to be keen on marriage, and only around two-thirds of those have either a husband or some prospects of finding one. The other third will number several million and will surely exceed the already vast and rising numbers of single women unable to find a hubby. As someone pointed out in the comments of the previous post, it can be concluded that the marriage strike is taking effect if the co-habitation laws are coming into effect; the divorce industry and fembots are clearly getting worried by men avoiding marriage.

The marriage strike did take a while to take hold though. It was the 1960s when feminism really made inroads into ruining society, and the 1970s before the lawyers and politicians got on the bandwagon with things like no-fault divorce and making sure divorce courts were there solely to strip men of their assets and, even worse, their children. Yet it was not until the 1990s that marriage rates began to drop, that more men began to avoid marriage in greater numbers, and 2002 until the term Marriage Strike was coined.


Are you the Perfect Man (TM) for this slag?
July 10, 2007


26 July 2006


Mum presents her sex CV

This link was sent to me by a kind reader; kudos to him for having the courage to trawl through the grammatical sewer of the crappy rag The Sun to help bring us this tale of dirty slutitude and hysterical optimism!

(The Sun links often change within days, so don’t be surprised if the above link doesn’t work. Don’t worry though, every word of it is captured below.)

OUR sexual conquests say more about us than virtually any other aspects of our past. Yet how many memorable moments of passion with your exes can YOU remember? And how do they compare?

Julia Hamilton, 41, [pictured above, trying laughably to look non-skankified] not only recalls her past lovers – she has pictures of most of them. They include a bad boy, internet love rat . . . and two husbands.

Julia, a project manager from Guildford, Surrey, has two daughters, Stephanie, 18, and Lucy 16. She says she is still looking for the perfect man. Here she gives Sadie Dodds her Sex CV.

Okay guys, get ready for this. She’s look for the Perfect Man! Are you that perfect man? Are you really?

Be serious gents.

Those who are not rich and who actually want to raise their own children as opposed to some other guy’s need not apply.

Bear in mind she has a lot going for her.

Bear in mind she’s past 40, has two children, two ex-husbands, has fucked a tonne of guys and, judging by her picture above, has been put through a car-crusher backwards and sprayed with window polish. Then set on fire. Then given a make-over.

I don’t know about you, gentle friend readers of this most humblest of brilliant blogs, but my CV is freshly scrawled and ready to submit to a relationship with this gorgeous embodiment of something or other or blah blah.

Okay, here we go:


Personal ads
July 9, 2007


02 July 2006

Personal ads are a simple way of observing the outrageous entitlement complexes that women seem to have. Most evidently live in a fantasy world, one identical to Chick Flick Land, where eligible bachelors eagerly marry slut-bag cum-rags in their thirties.

It’s also interesting to note how the Seeking Him sections are getting larger than the Seeking Her sections day by day. Women are getting desperate and men are running away; yet women, at the height of their arrogance, are refusing to lower their standards.

I glanced through the personal ads in my local paper for a laugh today, wondering if there was anyone I could use an example for this post. The very first ad I set my eyes upon was a perfect example! It’s of some 33-year-old single-mother. She’s a secretary, never married, has a 10-year-old boy from a “previous relationship that’s just ended” and describes herself as “cuddly”.

If a woman claims she is “cuddly” in her personal ad, that means she’s plain ol’ fat. In fact it invariably means she’s physically similar to Cthulhu.

In fact, imagine Cthulhu with big flappy tits and a tramp-stamp. We’re getting close to your average man-hungry Britskank here.


July 3, 2007


14 May 2006

These days, for us men, dating women with a view to settling down and marrying one is like having a series of grueling interviews for a job we don’t want and where we’ll have to pay our employer if we’re hired and after we’ve been sacked or made redundant.

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