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Benefit nation
September 13, 2007


12 February 2007

One third of homes dependent on benefits

One in three households across Britain is now dependent on the state for at least half its income, it emerged today.

Official government figures showed that more than seven million households are getting most of their income from government handouts.

This is what Socialists want, for households to be increasingly dependent on the government rather than independent and self-reliant. That way they’re easy to push around.

The best way to do this of course is to remove men from families by rewarding women for getting knocked up out of wedlock or for getting a divorce.

In many single-parent homes with two children, the proportion of families that would be financially crippled without state support is now as high as 61 per cent. That compares with just nine per cent in a two-parent home.

See? Remove men from families and they soon descend into welfare dependency and poverty. Yes, women are sooo strong and independent (after all, we all know that single-parent homes invariably equals single-mother homes, and the few single-father households around are also statistically more affluent than the single-mother ones.)

As it states in the article, many people don’t bother improving their situation if they’re getting by on benefits. Why work if you can get paid not to?

It also applies to people like me, who do work but – as I pointed out in the previous post – refuse to go beyond the call of duty and climb the career ladder because, not only is the primary incentive for obtaining wealth (to attract a wife and support her and the kids) gone thanks to insane divorce laws and insane women, but the more you earn the more you’ll be taxed to support the lazy and the feckless. Screw that. The only real incentive left to work hard is to save up to emigrate, although as feminism has long since infested traditional places for Brits to emigrate to (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and is beginning to infest other countries (India and Japan for instance) even that plan is not foolproof.

This nation is well and truly getting flushed down the toilet, and before anyone solely blames Labour, the Cuntservetive Party – under the leadership of David “Mangina to the Max” Cameron – will only pull the chain just as hard.

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Just when you thought it was safe to move to Japan…
August 7, 2007


14 November 2006


This humble blog of mine takes a second consecutive trip to Japan where there’s a new era of divorce set to begin:

A potential avalanche of divorces is set to occur after April 1, when a new system under the public pension scheme will begin, making a divorcing wife eligible for a maximum of 50 percent of her company employee husband’s pension benefits.

Many women in their middle or older years are believed to be waiting for the system to begin before divorcing their husbands, according to analysts.

With the new system to start in less than six months, civic groups have been sponsoring explanatory sessions in many parts of the country. A great majority of attendants have been middle-aged and older women.


If a woman never worked full-time during her marriage, she will be eligible for up to 50 percent of her husband’s benefits.

Japan = fucked

Remember, women fundamentally have no morals. If they can benefit from something, they’ll do it. Doesn’t matter if it’ll upset, devastate or completely ruin someone else, least of all mere men and children…if they can do it and get away with it, they’ll do it.

It’s all about the money. That’s all it is. When women look at co-habitation, marriage, seperation, divorce, remarriage…all that matters to most these days is “How much can I make?

Rarely will they “think of teh cheweldruhn” as they claim, or think of the husband, as they don’t even fucking bother to claim. No, it’s about what they can make. Money money money. Give give give.

“I didn’t earn it, but I feel entitled to it, so it’s mine! Refusing to hand it over is oppression! My grandma couldn’t vote (probably) so, erm…GIVE!”

Don’t marry. Don’t marry or co-habit, for your sake and for your financial security’s sake!

That goes for our Japanese brothers as well of course, who we will no doubt be welcoming in vast numbers into our cyber-safehaven of Matriarchal Refugees.

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Hand over more money, citizens of Airstrip One!
July 30, 2007


25 October 2006

£1,000 fine for householders who refuse council tax ‘snoopers’

A new army of council tax ‘inspectors’ is to be given the right to enter people’s homes and issue fines to anyone who refuses to cooperate.

Camera-wielding officials will be able to take photographs inside properties, including bedrooms, and rule they should pay more if they have home improvements such as patios and conservatories.

Residents could be fined £1,000, and then £200 every day after that, if they do not let the inspectors in or fail to properly ‘assist’ them.

Great, so now some government workers involved in the absurd extortion racket of Council Tax are allowed to enter your house and take photographs of your things and, should you be so lucky as to be able to afford home improvements, they’ll up your Council Tax bill.

It’s not as if Council Tax is for the benefit of many people. 25% of it is solely to cover the vast pension for civil servants, who get to retire five-years earlier than everyone else. Bear in mind, incidentally, that Council Tax isn’t what us Brits pay instead of Income Tax, it’s what we pay in addition to it. Then there’s National Insurance. Oh, and VAT (known as Sales Tax in most other countries) is 17.5%. Bloody Socialism! Still, someone has to pay for the bloated government, hairbrained fembot schemes, freeloading single mothers and the like. Shame it has to be those of us who actually try to work for a living, something that is becoming increasingly pointless.

And on top of government workers demanding entry to our homes to see how much more money than can squeeze out of us, we might all soon have our DNA on file, along with ID cards containing retinal scans and fingerprints.

Hey, good job Britain came out on the winning sides of the Second World War and the Cold War eh? I mean, imagine if we didn’t! We could have ended up an oppressive state where individual freedoms are trampled and most of our earnings are turned over to the state, couldn’t we?


For fucks sake…where’s my passport, suitcase and one-way-ticket to Somewhere Else?

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Generation Pissed-Off
July 18, 2007


18 September 2006

The IPOD generation: insecure, pressured, over-taxed, debt-ridden

Young people are facing a bleak financial future in which the state will take almost 50p in every £1 they earn, a report claims today.


It warns that those under 35 are fast becoming the IPOD generation – Insecure, Pressured, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden. The financial pressures on them have become so acute, the report claims, that the average 20- to 35-year-old graduate will face an effective tax burden of around 48 per cent.

Fucking hell, 50% of all our earnings going to the State? I knew we paid high taxes but I didn’t realise it was that high.

So when I’m at work, one hour is for money for me, one hour for money for a Matriarchal Government I despise, one hour for me, one for the government, etc.

Socialism and Feminism have utterly ruined this country. It’s a rubbish piss-pot where men are unnecessary save for mining for money, where fathers are deemed irrelevant until it’s time for Child Support, where men can be jailed on the word of a spiteful woman, where women can kill husbands and children and avoid prison or even conviction, where the toadying PC politicians react to every successful or attempted terrorist attack by primitive Muslim swine by having big meetings with Muslim “community leaders” and kissing their arses, and where we’re taxed to poverty to fuel a big government that deserves nothing.

If this country was invaded and I was asked to join the army and fight for Britain, I’d laugh, wipe my arse on the draft form and post it back to the government.

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I guess Japan is ruled out as a place to escape the Matriarchy
July 16, 2007


30 August 2006

(Thanks to ZP for discovering this)

Wives get red light to go on warpath

Many husbands, Sunday Mainichi finds, have no idea how much their wives hate them. The great awakening is bound to come next April, when a legal amendment [in Japan] will entitle a wife to a share of her husband’s pension.

Fuck marriage.

Stay single.

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Abandon Britain III
July 16, 2007


18 August 2006

One in three Brits want to retire abroad

The findings from a pensions industry study add to growing evidence that the flood of Britons leaving the country is now greater than at any time since the 1970s.

They suggest both that a huge number of people are anxious to find warmer, more exiting and less heavily taxed places to live in retirement, and that many of them have the means to do so.

Britain = fucked

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Abandon Britain II
July 11, 2007

03 August 2006

More Britons consider move abroad


A sure sign of a sinking ship.

The Have Your Say page has a few wise words of warning, that the grass isn’t always greener, yadda yadda. But otherwise, so many people seem keen on fleeing the place.

A number express pride in what Britain used to be, but not what it’s turned in to. I can understand that. I’m no rabid Nationalist, but I’m proud of the great things and people that made Britain. Industrial Revolution? Cool. Shakespeare? Nice. Churchill? Cigartastic! But the place has just about completed it’s transformation into a fully-fledged Socialist Matriarchy which takes from the productive and gives to the unproductive, regards men as good for nothing but harvesting of sperm and money, not to mention having a government that cares not one whit about standing up for it’s own people (witness what happened after the 7/7 massacre in London, Blair hurriedly meeting up with Muslim ‘leaders’ to reassure their ‘fears’; what about reassuring us you politically correct arse biscuit?)


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