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Women discriminated against, noooo!
September 16, 2007


28 February 2007

Women with young children are the most discriminated-against at work, a study published later will suggest.

Ah, glorious victimhood! How women love to wallow in it.

I swear that if women ever finally ran out of purile shit to bitch about or if there were no manginas willing to listen to them anymore, they would emulate the flagellants in Monty Python & The Holy Grail by walking around in public, wailing and smashing themselves in the face with planks of wood, just so they can show how poor and oppressed they are.

A mother with a child aged under 11 is 45% less likely to be employed than a man, the Equalities Review will find.

Erm…maybe they choose not to be employed? Maybe because some don’t have to because they are supported by either a husband or – in the case of single mothers – today’s husband-surrogate, the government. Most unemployed women are supported by a husband or the government, often living quite comfortably, whilst most unemployed men are, at best, supported by their parents, or out living rough.

It is also thought to say that the next most disadvantaged groups are Pakistani and Bangladeshi women.

Again, surely this could be down to choice. Perhaps Asian women are more traditional and actually enjoy spending their twenties at home raising babies, as opposed pretending to be a man in the office and deciding to have kids when they’re 40, like most dim-witted homegrown women.

Check out this comment from some bitch at the Have Your Say page

This is why I’m so thankful I work for the public sector. I hated working for the private sector because of the crazed obsession with profit. I love my job because we just don’t have to worry about being penalised for being a parent – male or female.

Damn right cunts like her love working for the public sector; they don’t have to worry about profit. Or being efficient, worthwhile or in anyway competent. Civil servants – particularly women, who dominate the public sector – are virtually unsackable, and they can have big career breaks, work flexi-time and have paid leave when their kids are ill without giving a shit. After all, it’s only us chump taxpayers who pay their wages and pay their fat pensions when they retire at 60, five-years before the rest of us.

I worked for the civil service briefly. The office was utterly dominated by women and, shit, I’ve never encountered a less efficient bunch of stupid cunts. One single mother came in on Monday morning, got a phone call from her illegitimate bastard’s school telling her that the bastard was ill, and she went home and was off all week. With pay. The female manager was hopeless and spent most of her time dreaming up whacky and pointless courses about ‘teamwork’ to send us on. Anything to piss the budget up the wall to make it appear the department was vital when, in fact, the entire place could have been closed down and bulldozed without the public being any worse off.

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Airstrip One’s extortion racket
September 16, 2007


27 February 2007

Close your door to the mafia tax collectors in the town hall

Our town halls are filled with officials who have lost the concept of public service. Instead, they feel they have the right to demand more money from us, to threaten us about the way we dispose of our rubbish, to spy on our every car journey, and to hector us about the joys of multicultural diversity.

Municipal pen-pushers are fast becoming the shock troops of Big Brother Britain, as was graphically demonstrated by the news that councils may be given authority to tag cars and use the council tax revaluation exercise not only to take more of our cash, but also as a means of acquiring detailed information on every household.

In a dramatic extension of town hall extortion, residents could find themselves having to pay higher taxes because they live in a quiet neighbourhood, are close to local facilities or have made improvements to their properties. Inspectors could be given powers to demand entry into homes to take photographs and demand information from the owners.

How I envy anyone who has already managed to evacuate Britain.

I’d like to see some jumped-up civil servant knock on my door to inspect my humble abode and check to see if I live in a quite neighbourhood, with a view to extorting more cash from me. I’d stripe him/her with a razor and, as they lay bleeding and screaming whilst holding what’s left of their face, I’d politely inform them “This is not a quite neighbourhood by far, as you can see. There are civil servants being slashed with razors in the street! It’s disgraceful! Bring back hanging I say. Etc etc. Good day to you sir/madam.” SLAM!

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Yob fondles crotch at David Cameron, mimes shooting him
September 16, 2007


23 February 2007


Heheh. Rather amusing. Hug that hoodie you mangina!

(This article quotes the retarded yob’s equally retarded and monumentally oblivious mother, but there’s no mention of a father anywhere. Ho-hum, what a surprise.)

Seriously though, this stupid degenerate little twat (the yob I mean, not David Cameron, although he is a twat too) is typical of the yobs that infest nearly every big city and town in the UK. Strangely enough, they’re mainly seen in council estates which are basically big single-mother ghettos. These hooded smack-head thugs are the spawn of the Matriarchy. And Cameron honestly thinks that shaking down fathers for more child support (whilst making sure single mothers are not criticised in any way, shape or form) is somehow going to solve this problem? That git in the picture (again, I mean the yob, not Cameron, although he is, coincidentally, also a git) will no doubt have fathered a few illegitimate bastards by the time he’s thirty. Let’s see the new-improved CSA garnish his income from burglary and dope-dealing for Child Support and see how far that gets them.

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Feminism ruins society, men blamed
September 16, 2007


16 February 2007


Cameron blames fathers for ‘broken’ society (PDF)

Fathers should be compelled to look after their children in an effort to tackle the breakdown of family life and discipline in society David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said today.

Father’s children”? I didn’t realise fathers had children these days, they belong to women. Women can abort kids, get full custody, get pregnant via a sperm donor (willing or otherwise) with no intention of the father having any input at all…whatever they want.

Hang on a minute though, it looks like some blame has to be placed for children’s misery, and that means – ta-daah! – suddenly children belong to father’s again! What a shocking surprise.

He said the shooting of three teenage boys in south London in the last fortnight had shown that British society was “badly broken”.

Issues like teenage gun crime, Mr Cameron said, could not be dealt with by better policing or tighter gun controls alone when the problem – and the solution – lay within families and communities.

Indeed it does lie in families and communities. Not in more laws and government interference, which is usually proposed as a solution, as Cameron pretty much proceeds to do.

“Every working parent knows that you can’t have it all.

Not really. Plenty of women still labour under this assumption.

“There is a natural conflict between hours worked, money earned and the time you spend at home. I believe that businesses have an overriding corporate responsibility to help lessen this conflict, and make it easier for parents to find the proper balance for their lives,” he said.

No, businesses don’t have to make it easier for parents. Businesses are there to make money. All this forcing of businesses to ensure people (primarily women) get their work/life balance in order is fucking the economy up, not to mention causing increasing resentment.


This country sucks
September 16, 2007


15 February 2007

Councils train thousands of anti-smoking police

Thousands of council officers will be on the streets this summer, patrolling bars, restaurants and shops to police


Councils have been granted £29.5 million to pay for staff, who will be able to issue £50 fines to people and take court action against premises if they flout the law, which comes into force in July.


In Liverpool, there will be a core team of about 20 to 25 staff, although around 200 staff are expected to patrol the city in the first few days after the ban.

Liverpool City Council official Andy Hull told the BBC: “We want to make our presence felt from the start, and while we will probably just issue warnings on the first day, we won’t be afraid of making an example of people or businesses if they try to make a stand.”

This smoking ban is a pile of shit. I can understand banning smoking from public buildings, but in private establishments like pubs, it should be up to the owner to allow or ban smoking.

What a joke. Almost £30,000,000 of taxpayers money so we can have a load of jobsworthy twats sneaking around pubs spying on us and hitting us with fines if we happen to dare smoke a cigarette. And this is meant to be a free country? You can almost sense the civil servants drooling at the idea of more powers to fine and belittle the public. All for our own good, apparently.

What a joke. A time-traveler from Britain in the 1950s would piss themselves with laughter at seeing what a nanny state this ruined shell of a country has become.

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