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Libby Purves article
September 23, 2007


31 May 2007

Oh, the garden looks lovely, darling


This article from Libby Purves (one of the few female columnists in the UK who doesn’t hate men) concerns marriage, and how being nice to each other is a good way for spouses to remain together. In fact she rightly spends a lot of the article denouncing modern women for their often spiteful and ungrateful attitudes towards their husbands – and men in general – and entitlement complexes.

[W]ho could argue when Ebbutt says that there is an art in being married, and that you should not “exhaust your artistic power in getting married” but put some effort into staying that way.

This view has faded a little in the age of modern companionate marriage and rising female expectations. It sometimes seems, reading and observing, as if the notion of deploying effort, cleverness, and determined goodwill inside marriage (or prolonged partnership) has atrophied as women got more confident and physical sexuality took centre stage. In advice, fiction and TV there is polarisation between those who advocate frilly, vampish absurdities to “keep passion alive” and those who think that equality means perpetual competition, and a tedious sexual politics that jealously counts who does every household chore and celebrates women who bitch about the deficiencies of the male. I lose count of the chick-lit novels celebrating the shallowest aspects of female nature – shoe addiction, silliness, shopaholic Gaye Gambol profligacy – while excoriating men for being irrational about football, or cars, or reluctance to “commit” (frankly, until the prenup becomes law I would be nervous of committing my lifetime’s earning power to a lot of the self-obsessed fictional airheads we women are supposed to love).

Even older-women’s fiction – and journalism – often wilfully ignores the emotional rights of the male. One new novel is about a woman so neurotic about being 50 – for God’s sake! – that she is vile to her long-suffering husband, splashes out on flash underwear, sleeps with a stranger and pays scant attention to her offspring. And we are supposed to identify with the silly cow! Other frequent discourse tackles the “problem” of a man retired or redundant, suddenly being at home all day under his wife’s feet in “her” domain. Never mind that he paid for most of the damn house, sweating in a boring office and commuting for 30 years. Never mind keeping passion alive; how about keeping simple friendliness alive?

The new commonplace of the higher-earning woman also needs a bit of work. Men need to learn that it is childish to flounce around claiming to be emasculated by earning less, and then run off with some woman lower down the earning chain just in order to be worshipped again. But women, frankly, often need lessons in being graceful and tactful about being main breadwinners. They are not always so. I am still haunted by a letter in The Guardian some years ago from a woman who was supporting her redundant husband while he wrote a book, and said that she felt aggrieved and didn’t like him expressing opinions at dinner parties because her earnings had paid for the newspapers that enabled him to have the opinions in the first place. I am sorry to say that the reply to this was not “Curl up in shame, you unloving materialist bitch!”, which would probably have been my approach.

This may be why I am not an agony aunt.

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Brief hiatus
September 23, 2007


28 May 2007

I’m in the midst of moving at the moment, off to the tropical climes of sunny Wales, so I’ll have little internet access for a few days. Back soon.

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Blogger’s Choice Awards
September 23, 2007


18 May 2007

The Best Political Blog Awards at the Blogger’s Choice Awards has Angry Harry amongst the nominations.

At the moment, Sir Harry has 16 votes, one of them being mine.

If you could – and, of course, if you agree his blog is better than all the others there (such as feministing; the real one, not the parody) – it’d be great if you guys could vote for Angry Harry’s site. I don’t know how much publicity or sway this ‘awards’ has, but it’d still be great if an anti-feminist blog got a good score. Angry Harry is one of the veteran anti-feminists out there; certainly, his was one of the first anti-feminist sites/blogs I encountered.

Unfortunately you do have to have an account with the Blogger’s Choice Awards which does require e-mail verification. That does mean either giving them your e-mail address – and potentially leaving yourself open to spam, although I’ve no idea if they’d sell your address to spammers – or, being safe rather than sorry, creating a new temporary e-mail address for the sole purposes of signing up (which is what I did.)

It will, annoyingly, take a good few minutes to sign up just to cast your vote, but like I said, I think it’ll be worth it to have Angry Harry up there towards the top, ideally on the front page. It will mean not only more people visiting Angry Harry but also more people discovering the anti-feminist blog/circuit, of which AH is a major hub (he links to most anti-feminists, including moi.)

If you need further inspiration to make the effort to sign up and vote, the fuckwitted fembots of Feministing are currently at No. 1 with over 300 votes. It’d be funny to have the most prestigious of anti-feminist sites snapping at their hairy heels.

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Pook’s Mill
September 23, 2007


17 May 2007

Looks like Pook’s Mill is being updated again. Good stuff, it’s a great blog.

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September 17, 2007


02 March 2007

A fine post by Richard Ford.

We think that the small things in our life are not important- we allow women to choose the colour scheme of our home and the furniture because we like to please them. In this way we gradually build the chains that bind us through our own labours, we create an abode that is only a home for the woman. We do this because we think it will buy us peace- but the opposite is the case. Gradually we find ourselves living in another persons home- we find ourselves unable to relax in quite the way we used to. The area of our lives that are exclusively our own business is gradually reduced to nothing. We find ourselves effectively homeless in our own homes.

From Carnival of Reaction.

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September 16, 2007


20 February 2007

Two links that you may have seen before but which I’ve only recently encountered:

Callum Phoenix Rising

An Irishman Against Feminism

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New blog
September 12, 2007


04 February 2007

The Inferno

For those of you guys out there thinking that Cupcake won’t screw you over in divorce court or cry domestic violence when you put your foot down on her lifelong shopping spree, I urge you to pay attention to the small things. Those small things should be clues to you. The average privilege princess is trying not to screw up until she has you trapped in marriage.

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More articles
September 12, 2007


01 February 2007

Here’s a couple more interesting pieces concerning articles from yesterday:

‘Stop feminising our schools – our boys are suffering’


The simple truth is that by the time our boys have done 12 or even 14 years in the feminised environment of today’s schools, they all ask: “What’s the point?”

If boys are not getting into university, or not applying in the first place, it’s because they’ve been turned off learning. They’ve been given a message that it’s not for them.


It’s a teacher truism that little girls want to please and little boys want to win. The trouble is that our whole system is geared to a strange idea of egalitarianism which has somehow been confused with fairness.

So we are weak on rape? Think again (PDF)

In our zeal to protect women, are we going to legislate so that a drunken man is accountable for his deeds, but a drunken woman is not? Why do we encourage women to see themselves as victims? This week I met a mother whose teenage daughter and friend had gone out on the razzle. The friend went to bed with a man and the next day was full of regret. She called: would her friend go with her to the police?

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Fame for F. M. Watkins
September 6, 2007


25 January 2007

This article (PDF) (which I found courtesy of Cool Tools 4 Men) is by Erin Pizzey and points out the anti-male and anti-family nature of feminism. What is rather cool is that I see a regular commenter at my humble blog, Field Marshall Watkins, got a comment published on the Daily Mail’s page:

There are different forms of feminism. These ‘radical’ feminists are gender feminists. I am not surprised by this record of their behaviour. Feminists want to criminalize men and masculinity at all costs. Marginalize men and render them nothing more than sperm donors and wallets. Which are the disposed of when not needed.

The number of refuges available for women as opposed to men is ridiculously disproportionate. Especially considering the fact that at least 50 percent of domestic violence is initiated by women. But it’s just another example of the feminist idea that all women are always victims and never perpetrators. They shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions, indeed, men should pay for women’s actions.

With the Men’s Movement, this is beginning to change.

– Field Marshall Watkins, London

Bravo sir.

In fact he has an anti-feminist blog himself:

Another Day In The Jungle

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Independent and Irresponsible
September 6, 2007


24 January 2007

Why is it NEVER a woman’s fault?


The author of this article does make the silly assumption that feminism has turned into an anti-male movement, when in fact it always has been just that. Also she mentions a lot of cases of babies being killed by mummy’s new thug-lover, but fails to add that, whilst this is indeed increasingly commonplace, it is women who are more likely to abuse and kill children. Plus she’s still under the impression that women are equal to men.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly good piece. Nice to see some people in the mainstream media are noticing women gained all their rights and privileges without the responsibilities.

When the prison doors clanged shut behind her, Hayley Kenny began her four-year sentence this month with plenty to think about.

She could think, for instance, about the long weeks during which her violent boyfriend, Craig Pearce, had abused her two-year-old son Kieran – while she stood back and did nothing.

She could think about the day she came home from work to find that Pearce, now serving 18 years, had punched the child so brutally in the abdomen that it was evident to a plank of wood he was dying – but she stood back and did nothing.

She could think, too, of the judge’s words: that if she had only lifted a telephone to call an ambulance, Kieran might have been alive today.

For her dereliction of the most basic motherly instinct, 23-year-old Hayley is now the first woman ever to be convicted of the new charge of familial homicide, or allowing the death of a child.

And hurrah for that: frankly, if it were left to me, I’d throw away the key.


September 6, 2007


23 January 2007

Hot off the cyber-press:

Outcast Superstar

Includes this post, Fuckers And Suckers, which has proved somewhat popular amongst the rounds.

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Another link
September 6, 2007


14 January 2007

Specter’s Den

Women fear the MRA revolution because now, their skankiness and dishonorable behavior, coupled with a legal system that supports it is making men turn their back on women in disgust. Whether a woman desires you or not makes little difference, when she discovers she cannot control you and you have no desire for her, it strikes fear into her heart. She’ll wonder how many men are like you. She might even call you gay, looking to draw some blood and hurt your feelings. Laugh at her and walk away. She’s used to thinking everything with a Y chromosome wants her. None of us were born women haters, so next time a skank calls you a woman hater, tell her “Women made me that way!”

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Two new links
September 6, 2007


12 January 2007

Black Misogynist

Men’s Movement (MySpace)

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Baby blues
September 5, 2007


12 January 2007

A young woman at work the other day inspired surreptitious sniggering from me as she bragged that she wanted to have four children but did not want to have any until she was “at least thirty.”

Oh boy.

Women seem to be endlessly narcissistic these days, with their endless infatuation with themselves individually and as a sex. Yet they have a startling lack of knowledge about biology. Their most fertile years are between 16 and 21, and the biological clock starts ticking down by the late 20s. By the thirties not only are women less fertile – possibly as barren as the Sahara by 35 – but the risk of birth defects and miscarriages rises too.

According to Wikipedia:

Birth defects, especially those involving chromosome number and arrangement, also increase with the age of the mother. According to the March of Dimes, “At age 25, a woman has about a 1-in-1,250 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome; at age 30, a 1-in-1,000 chance; at age 35, a 1-in-400 chance; at age 40, a 1-in-100 chance; and at 45, a 1-in-30 chance.”[3]

Multiplying the conception rate times the miscarriage rate times the birth defect rates should yield a rough likelihood of a healthy birth:

30-year-olds: .91 x .85 x .999 = 77%
35-year-olds: .84 x .80 x .9975 = 67%
40-year-olds: .64 x .55 x .99 = 35%

So even at 30, there’s almost a one-in-four chance the woman will miscarry or have a spaz baby. By 40 it’s a two-in-three chance. Sure, no pregnancy is risk-free for either the mother or baby, but clearly you’re far better off trying to have children with a woman under 30; ideally under 25. Obviously us men know this instinctively, hence our tendency to go for young women instead of old flappy-titted career bints, although women – especially old flappy-titted career bints – tend to assume this is some sort of vast sexist conspiracy and go friggin’ mental.


September 3, 2007


29 December 2006

I just found this site when its host kindly left a recent comment on my blog:

Male Rights

You are not a rapist

As absurd as the above statement sounds, it’s something which is actually central to feminist theory! Contrary to what the media have unconsciously forced you to believe, you are not a rapist, inherently evil or anything like that. You should reject this propaganda at source and recognise it as an attempt to undermine masculinity. There is no need to be guilty for any aspect of being a man, and there are infinite reasons to be proud of the achievements of man.

There’s a place for people to leave comments towards the bottom right of the page, and naturally there are a few critics. I say “critics”, it’s just a few dumb fucking women and manginas leaving the same-old same-old:

There’s a couple of predictable attempts at criticism from some funny little man named Mark Boyle:

Men have physically, socially, financially and often emotionally dominated women for thousands of years.


This yoke seems a bit mental altogether. Are you sure you havent been beaten up by a womens hockey team or something.?

Noooo, shaming language! Have mercy! No more, puhleeeze! (Snigger snigger)

And this Mr. Boyle says he’s proud to be a man? He’s not a man, he’s a dildo seeking an owner, like all manginas are.


“Stop teh backlash!”
August 30, 2007


25 December 2006

In both recent comments, as well as occasional articles by some women (including a few self-proclaimed ‘ex-feminists’), us men are frequently told we shouldn’t be angry at women, that we should all get along and such nonsense.

Funny how feminists have spent decades hurling abuse at men and boys and expressing hair-raising bigotry and hatred at males, yet now us men are getting sick of it and getting just a tiny tiny bit fucked off and, in some quarters, downright apocalyptic with rage, these bitches are backpedaling and demanding we all just along, that we should end the sex-war (but not repeal all the anti-male bias in system and culture) and that we should not express any dissatisfaction, let alone contempt, at women.

It apparantly never occurred to feminists who started all this shit, nor the women who followed it, that animosity has a real nasty way of boomeranging back at those who fling it at other people. Oh dear. Snigger.

Seriously though, it would be nice if the relationships between the sexes weren’t actually as fucked up as they are. Shit, I’d like to find something else to rant about than feminism and how annoying most modern Western Women are, or indeed to be able to avoid having anything to rant about at all. How nice it would be to live in a pre-feminist era, married to a nice wife, with lots of kids, and maybe running a light-hearted blog about, I dunno, frogs or something.

But, sadly, that’s not the case; feminism has fucked everything all up, ruined families, messed up children, knackered societies, not to mention – ironically – condemning plenty of women to a life of lonely childless drudgery with no guy willing or daring to marry them. Yet despite this, and despite women now being the most pampered demographic in human history, feminists still rampage around shrieking and whining and trying (and often succeeding) in getting governments to stomp men and boys further into the mud.

So, the backlash will just have to continue, until we either shout feminists into cowering submission, or just refuse to marry, have children or slave away and pay taxes until our society suffers the just (and inevitable) fate of any society that becomes geared towards the whims of feminists; namely, complete collapse and extinction.

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August 28, 2007


09 December 2006

Pook’s Mill

Hurrah, Pook is back.

There are many things I do not understand about life, but there is one thing I know with certainty: you cannot live your life through other people’s eyes. I believe most people trap themselves into a type of hollow life where they keep acting to please others… be it their girlfriends… their families… their employers… and forget about their soul.

Pure 100% MGTOW.

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August 27, 2007


06 December 2006

As hard as feminists tried to destroy a Father’s relationship with his own children….

A superb post from Christian J’s blog What Men are saying about women.

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August 27, 2007


01 December 2006

A load of links to browse through:

The Counter Feminist by Fidelbogen

The female-supremacist hate movement called ‘feminism’ must be opened to the disinfecting sunlight of the world’s gaze and held to a stern accounting for its grievous transgressions.

VoodooJock’s Travelling Salvation Show

VoodooJock provides real-world advice to assholes who desperately need it. No Oprah, No Dr. Phil, NO BULLSHIT!

Feminist Filth

For decades feminism has hidden behind the banner of “equality” to give an appearance of fairness. It is an illusion.

Feminism is only about more privilege for women with less responsibility. Examples: Exempt from The Draft, lenient treatment in criminal courts, preferential treatment in family court, employment equity legislation that benefit only women, federal funding for women’s political groups, sports groups and university women’s’ studies programs – but none for men. Yes, feminist filth is everywhere.

Men’s Aid

The idea for Men’s Aid was initially conceived in 2002 as a way to highlight and help other parents who had problems with the inequality of the UK family courts and their associated services. Over time we realised that there was a lot of injustice and bias against men in local and central government policies and services. A Men’s Aid constitution was signed on the 15th of April 2006 and became a registered charity less than 6 months later on the 7th October 2006. The aim being to help and support all men suffering any form of abuse or discrimination.

Incidentally I found the Mens Aid site by seeing a poster for it, complete with its URL in big letters, stuck to a telegraph pole downtown. It was right in the city centre, where thousands of people walk past every hour. Hopefully that’ll mean plenty more men have discovered the site (until some feminist probably gets round to tearing the posters down.)

Dump Your Wife Now

Finally a site for the unhappily married man. Forget counseling we are all you need to kick her to the curb.

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Khan I kick it?
August 9, 2007


19 November 2006


A brief review of my links revealed a startling lack of Khan Krum the Bulgar amongst them, so this is swiftly remedied.

[Hilary Clinton] is a Closet Socialist/Communist and much more Radical and Angry than Bill. Hillary is also a violent tempered Woman who has abused her Husband with impunity.

If she becomes President life in Sex Prison for Men USA will become akin to a Soviet Gulag in Siberia. She will become our First Lesbian Commander in Chief. And Hollywood Liberals will have an Orgasm over it.

(Obviously it’s not the Khan Krum of Bulgaria, although I’d link to his blog too, if he was alive and had one.)

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