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A mangina and double-standards in Physical Education
July 19, 2007


28 September 2006

Boys try to join girls’ teams following human-rights ruling

(Kind thanks to a reader for sending this link to me.)

As two Winnipeg sisters find out Tuesday if they’ve made the boys’ hockey team at their high school, their recent human-rights victory has spurred boys to try out for girls’ sports teams.

Morris Glimcher, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, said Tuesday that several requests from boys wanting to play on girls’ teams started coming shortly after the ruling was handed down on Friday.

Hah. Fuck you fembots. We’ll use your own rules against you.

Not that it’ll probably work though. Eekwallateeeeeaaah is a one-way-street.

With the exception of the Pasternaks, Glimcher said the association is waiting until its board meeting to discuss how it will handle cases of other girls wanting to join boys’ teams.

“We have to see as a board what we want to do. Our big concern is how this whole thing could affect female participation in sport,” he said.

Fucking mangina. This what infuriates me. You expect feminists to be hypocrites and men-haters, but not men.

Boo-hoo-hoo, it might affect female participation in sport. Big deal. Must females be the only one who matter? Evidently they do. Bear in mind, of course, that this fuckwit, this hater of boys, this worshiper of anyone with a vagina, this prolapsed rectum of a human being, is in charge of hundreds of children with regards to school sports. Who the fuck would trust their boys to get a fair deal from such a frothing mangina?


The BBC’s hatred for men
July 19, 2007


25 September 2006


It’s good to see Richard Hammond is evidently on the mend after his crash on the TV programme Top Gear. Even though I’m not really interested in cars, I always watch Top Gear simply because it’s one of the few remaining unfeminized programmes. There’s no drama, romance, celebrity gossip, tips on how to spice up your love life, man-bashing…none of that shit. It’s just three risk-taking blokes (including the superbly un-PC Jeremy Clarkson, who last week sneeringly declared Britain was a Nanny State simply because he was obliged by Health & Safety regulations to wear safety goggles whilst tearing up a car with an electric saw) who spend half-an-hour just mucking about with cars and setting fire to the occasional caravan for the hell of it.

Well…actually Top Gear is not completely unfeminized. The studio part always features loads of women in the audience. Absolutely loads of them! I remember reading somewhere that men have to take a woman with them on to the show, and I wasn’t sure whether this was exactly true so I decided to have a look for myself.

On the BBC’s page about how to apply to be on Top Gear it confirms this:

We also ask that groups of people coming to the recordings have a 50/50 male/female split. This is so we don’t end up with a bunch of ugly male car geeks ruining everyone’s Sunday night.

Yup, there’s the nice friendly paid-for-by-you BBC telling us men that, just by being male – and especially if we do like cars – that we’re ugly geeks, and we’ll ruin everyone’s Sunday night by being so ugly and sad.

Well fuck you BBC, fuck you thrice with the twisted wreckage of Richard Hammond’s jetcar.

And in any case, it’s not really a 50/50 split, the audience is about 90% female. Or at least, the 90% of the audience you see on camera are female anyway. This is because, far from being interested in cars, they’re no doubt only concerned about getting their chubby make-up-slathered fucking faces on fucking T-fucking-V just so they can watch it with their friends when it’s broadcast and say “Look, there’s me, squeal!!!“, which, incidentally, ruins my Sunday night.

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Men are (a) useless or (b) useless
July 18, 2007


14 September 2006


The only consolation of working in an office full of empowered womyn with their useless degrees and attitudes of “Men are useless, I don’t need them” (conflicting with their ticking biological clocks and the subsequent Estrogenuclear Detonations when the timer hits Zero) is laughing at their tangled web of misandry, general stupidity and above all hypocrisy.

For example, today, there was a brief discussion of illness. Women like to think themselves as being immune to everything from arse-cancer to decapitation, yet I’ve honestly witnessed female colleagues go home because they “felt faint”, “I’m feeling really down” or “my tummy feels bad.”

Today’s man-bashing twittering centred on how useless us men are at seeking treatment for illnesses.

“Men are stupid,” theorised one degree-possessing woman – who, incidentally, regularly reads Chat magazine and who honestly once thought that Israel was the same country as Iran – who promptly expanded on her theory that men are inherently thick by declaring that “When men get ill they ignore it, they try to be all macho and don’t do anything. They don’t visit a doctor or nothing, they just do nothing!”


Greer sneers at the recently deceased
July 17, 2007


06 September 2006


‘That sort of self-delusion is what it takes to be a real Aussie larrikin’

by Germaine Greer

The animal world has finally taken its revenge on [Steve] Irwin…

Nothing like a revolting old feminist hag to sneer and mock a dead man before he’s even been buried. It’s fairly common, of course, for stupid liberal fuckers to actually think that animals deserve the same rights as humans, and its equally common for feminists to think that men are worth less than animals, even a stupid fish.

At least Steve Irwin seemed endlessly cheerful and left a legacy of enjoyable shows – the few good things worth watching on TV these days – as well as a son and daughter. On the other hand, Germaine Greer is a miserable old ratbag who has spent her life being angry and full of hate, and she will leave a legacy of nothing but a few poxy narcissistic books crammed with self-pity and self-delusion, and furthermore she murdered so many of her own unborn children – sorry, aborted her fetuses like a strong liberated grrrl – that her insides were completely ruined long before she hit the menopause about sixty-years ago, so she will die without passing on her own DNA. Good.

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Car adverts
July 17, 2007


05 September 2006

During a rare moment of bothering to watch TV to the other day, I caught an advert for a Nissan car.

It featured a guy driving up a snowy hill with his young daughter, a brief montage of them building a snowman, and finishing with the guy holding up the little girl so she could put in place the carrot for the snowman’s nose.

The voice over read: “Because a father will do anything for his daughter” with a shot of her smiling and him picking her up. This lead in to the endline, that the car was great because there was no greater adventure than family life or some pretentious marketing slogan or other.

It was quite pleasant, not to mention jaw-droppingly shocking, to actually see an advertisement that not only failed to bash or humiliate men, but actually hold men up, a father especially, as a thoroughly great person. Astonishing. Sure, they’re only trying to sell a car, but it’s still possibly significant if, just maybe, some marketers somewhere have realised that endlessly bashing men is going to cost a company money (given that Hollywood movie makers haven’t yet correlated their endless misandry in films with an accelerating drop in profits and, in particular, men vacating cinemas.)


July 16, 2007


21 August 2006

Games industry is ‘failing women’

The videogames industry is continuing to fail women by not producing suitable content, a senior executive at Electronic Arts (EA) has said.

Oh boo-hoo, poor wikkle women are being “failed” because there aren’t enough games aimed at them.

There’s plenty of games they seem to like out there, such as The Sims. Maybe they just don’t want to play games. Maybe I don’t give a fuck. This guy does, but only to make money of course.

I just thought of something. The majority of soap opera viewers are female; damnit soap operas are failing men!! Something must be done!!! Somebody call somebody! Etc.

Seriously though, let’s hope computer games don’t start becoming especially popular amongst free-spending girls, otherwise games – the only real media still not feminised – will go the same way as movies and turn into all out man-bashing shit just to attract women who, it seems, are only attracted to things that involve bashing men.


Fucking BBC
July 12, 2007


15 August 2006

I decided to flick the TV on as seen as I woke up extra-early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Straight away, on came the BBC news, with some solemn female newsreader informing us that “a new study” reveals that more than a million children are effected by domestic violence. No specific man-bashing…not yet anyway.

Naturally there was no hope of any mention of women committing domestic violence, or that women are responsible for more child physical abuse than men, or even that domestic violence and physical child abuse committed by men is more common in “non-traditional” families; i.e. single mummy and her new boyfriend.

No, instead, they went off to a case-study of a girl “who witnessed her father regularly beat her mother, and who often beat her. Her tale is identical to so many many children.”

I turned it off. Fuck it. It’s not even 7:00AM and I’m having my faced rubbed in feminist propaganda. That was the first time the television had been on in five-days; don’t even know why I turned the fucker on in the first place.

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Way. Own. Gone.
July 12, 2007


12 August 2006

There was an article in the spoof news website The Onion once, claiming that a “majority of Americans are out of touch with the mainstream.”

This reminds me of the state of affairs as more and more men tune out of “mainstream” media as films and television become ever more feminized. Films, television, music and publications that are supposedly mainstream and enjoyed and shared by all are, increasingly, the domain of just women as more and more of us men abandon them.

With regards to movies, all we seem to get are mindless romantic comedies and chick flicks featuring women doing dastardly things to men, or remakes with the male characters emasculated and the female characters turned from screaming damsels into empowered career bitches. There are endless soap operas and reality TV shows to occupy women’s lust for gossip, even gossip about people who don’t exist or who they don’t know. The shelves of newsagents become crowded out by endless women’s magazines, that are about women and women’s health and have pictures of women on the front and are actually called things like “Woman”, “Woman’s Own” and “She” (talk about collective narcissism!)

A significant number of newspapers are becoming more feminized as well, with The Sun and it’s No Means No campaign; straight out of radical feminist literature and into the mainstream, not to mention it’s campaign against Domestic Violence, spearheaded by editor Rebekah Wade, herself a domestic violence perpetrator (oh, wait, she’s a woman who battered her boyfriend; I guess that’s not domestic violence, that’s just empowerfuckingment.) The Daily Mail is pretty anti-feminist and anti-Marxist, but even so it still has a full section just for women, as do most other newspapers. The cover of the Times supplement the other day featured an illustration about the cover story, asking whether men and women’s brains are different. It portrayed a blue brain asking a pink one “Why are men easier to psychoanalyse?” and the pink one replying “Because when it comes to recalling childhood, they’re already there.” Heading the article itself was a cartoon depicting the joke “How many men does it take to change the toilet roll? No-one knows because it’s never been seen before.”


Chick Flick
July 12, 2007


07 August 2006


Ah, another “hilarious” movie about women dishing out all sorts of cruel and unusual punishment to men, hot on the heels of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

This one, John Tucker Must Die, involves three women who find out they’ve been dating the same guy, the eponymous anti-hero Mr Tucker, and they set out to get their own back, which seems to involve setting him up to break his heart and laugh as he suffers.

Maybe there should be a remake; Jane Tucker Must Die. Three guys have been jerked around by Jane Tucker, who has been dating all three at once. They set out to break her heart and make her upset! And it’ll be aimed – like John Tucker Must Die – at teenagers.

Think that would get made? Me neither. It would be misogynistic!!


Rather appropriately, the title is written as a Tramp Stamp

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Damn those slacker boys!
July 10, 2007


31 July 2006

Guys Just Want to Have Fun

It looks like more people are waking up to the way women are beginning to take over Universities and Colleges in the US and the West as a whole, although don’t expect anyone, let alone a woman, regard this as anything other than an opportunity to mock men.

The trend has occasioned some predictions of a coming matriarchy in which high-achieving women will rule over a nation of slacker guys. We’ve all seen the movie, an endless loop culminating most recently in You, Me and Dupree. That little girls’ T shirt slogan–GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL–is beginning to look less like a slur and more like an empirical observation.

We already live in a matriarchy, as seen by the way girls are applauded by wearing offensive misandrist T-shirts that say GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL and boys are drugged up and regarded as potential rapists even before they say anything against females. Families are now mothers and “their” children, men being just sperm donors and walking wallets. That’s the sign of a Matriarchy, as is dropping population, expanding welfare state and imminent national bankruptcy.


Look at our new pet…I mean, son.
July 9, 2007


15 July 2006


‘Our baby doesn’t need a daddy’

In the week gay women got the go-ahead to have IVF on the NHS, one couple who paid for treatment insist their son won’t miss not having a father…

Oh well, if they insist their son won’t miss having a father, then it must be the case, right? Why don’t they try asking their son when he’s older whether he likes not having a dad and instead being raised by two selfish fucking rug-munching men-hating scumbags.

Certainly Ruth and Jude, 37, a detective constable with the Met, believe that their son Ben doesn’t need a father — as long as he has two loving parents.

Ruth says: “I feel the most important thing for any baby is that it is born into a loving family, not that it has a mum and a dad. If a child has such a loving and caring upbringing, the typical father figure is not required.”

Your son has not been born in to a family, loving or otherwise!

How many fucking times does it have to be said; a family is a mum, dad and children. Not one woman and her bastard or two women and their bastard.

Note the first couple of words this Ruth says: “I feel…

She feels that the kid doesn’t need a dad, so therefore it must be true.


Beer bellies
July 9, 2007


14 July 2006


Beer gut bill tops four figures

The average British male spends £1,144 per year cultivating his beer gut, research shows.

What the flaming bumwipes is this?

Some pathetic article from the Dweebie Beeb that somehow concludes that men spend money in order to get pot bellies? Do they think we sit around going “Hmmmm, I’m looking a bit trim, I’d better eat more kebabs so I can be even fatter.”

I mean…for fucks sake!

The study basically looked into the spending habits of men with regards to buying drinks and snacks.

That was it.

It had nothing to do with weight, just how much guys spent on drinks and junk-food. The only mention of beer-bellies was that a third of men worried about getting one; that doesn’t mean the other two-thirds had one and were proud. Unbelievable!


Article in The Times
July 9, 2007


02 July 2006

Get out of here, dweeb, by India Knight.

I know it’s only one incident but I think this kind of pointless, spontaneous unburdening of male rage is now commonplace — in fact I think it’s behind road rage, air rage and all the other rages. They’re not about cars or planes or traffic or the Pringles running out. They’re about man rage.

Having said all of that, if I were a man, I might be raging too. Last week’s issue of Campaign magazine, the advertising industry’s bible, accused advertising agencies of portraying men as “castrated dweebs” who appeal to no one. What happened, the magazine asks, to macho types like the Gillette Man, the Milk Tray Man, or indeed the Marlboro Man? Where are the hunks?

Interesting article, but typically still has the woman-firster attitude; even though she is seemingly taking a stand against feminism and man-bashing, it’s solely because it’s effecting poor women!


Prudential, Parkinson, and misandry
July 8, 2007


17 June 2006

I just caught the start of Parkinson, some chat-show. It began with a clip from the show’s sponsors, Prudential.

It showed a fat middle-aged woman sitting triumphantly on an armchair.

She declared; “My husband thinks he wears the trousers in our marriage!

(Incidentally I don’t know whether that expression is well known internationally; for anyone not familiar with it, the person who “wears the trousers” in a relationship is the boss. It obviously stems from the traditional form of the family, where the man rules it, but if a woman “wears the trousers” in the house, then she’s in charge.)

Anyway, this woman tried to keep a straight face, then started laughing, a big shuddering blast of sneering laughter. She hooted and snickered for a good while.

Then she sneered “Bless him!

Then the logo of Prudential came up, followed by the programme.

What the blazing fuck was that about? Did it explain what the company does? Did it promise a great service? Great prices? What?

No, it offered nothing! Nothing but a portrait of some hostile woman expressing utter disgust at all men and bragging that she’s so superior to her husband and so dominant of him that she can afford to let him stupidly believe he’s in charge.


Man wins sexual discrimination case, shock!
July 8, 2007


09 June 2006

Discrimination case win for nurse

A former male student nurse has won a claim for sexual discrimination against the NHS after arguing he was treated differently from female colleagues.


The case arose during Mr Moyhing’s training last year when he was told that a female member of staff would have to chaperone him while using an electrocardiogram machine on a female patient.

He complained that female staff were allowed to provide intimate care to male patients with no chaperone present.

A minor victory, bearing in mind the sheer amount of discrimination against men that goes unnoticed, but a minor victory nonetheless.


Males and women
July 3, 2007


02 May 2006

Kitten News has some very interesting comments about something called “The Boys Project”, particularly this observation about the frequent use of the term ‘male’:

Can you see where their thinking is coming from?

They want to help “young males”.

Not boys.

Not young men.

But “young males”.

This use of PC gender talk is typical of feminist-left academics. They’re so used to talking about men and boys in a dehumanising manner that perhaps they can’t even see their glaring misuse of language.


BT and bastards
July 3, 2007

01 May 2006

British Telecom are currently running a series of adverts based around a young man who has recently started a relationship with thirty-something woman who already has three children from previous relationships.

In all the ads, the young man is, predictably, a bit foolish whilst his single-mother lover is more organized and smarter than he is. The children are rather contemptuous of their mother’s new boyfriend at first but he tries his best to win them round, and at one point narrates how he is glad that the children are starting to see him as their new ‘dad’.

The latest advert highlights British Telecom’s broadband deals with the woman sitting at her laptop, looking smug. When her young boyfriend asks her what she’s doing, she glibly declares she arranging their new joint bank account. The young man looks worred whilst the woman grins to herself, presumably at the knowledge of now having access to her boyfriend’s cash.


More misandrist legal changes in ‘rape’ laws
July 2, 2007


29 March 2006

Rape-victim video plan for trials

These plans for videos are just a whole range of new options to “raise the rape conviction rate.”

However, this a deliberately misworded ploy. If no rape takes place – i.e. the woman consented but simply retracted consent after the event – then it isn’t a case of a lost rape conviction. No rape took place.

Likewise, if it is concluded a woman consented to sex at a time then she is not a “rape victim.”

Some legal mangina cunt said “An awful lot of people who are committing rapes are getting away with it,” because the number of rape accusations are rising out of proportion to the number of convictions.


Women Scientists
July 2, 2007


13 March 2006

Experimenting with change

A typical pile of crap from a halfwit female journalist about how women are so hard done by when it comes to Nobel prizes.

The upper echelons of science are dominated by men. Since 1901, just 3 per cent of Nobel science laureates have been women. Many women take up science (they make up 70 per cent of undergraduates on biological-science courses) but the attrition thereafter is savage. Women account for just 10 per cent of professors of life sciences and fewer than 3 per cent in physics.

You see, women see this as meaning there is some sort of evil discriminatory conspiracy here.

I see it as meaning women are unwilling or unable to succeed in sciences. Simple as that.


Empty cinemas
July 2, 2007


11 March 2006

Box office sales slump.

Well, if you make movies that are orientated towards women and queers and feature men being humiliated and shamed by women, then us men aren’t going to watch your fucking movies. Simple as that.

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