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Lock up your daughters. Even the rich slutty ones.
September 24, 2007


09 June 2007


America tunes in to see Paris [Hilton] sent back to jail, kicking and screaming


The celebrity heiress was dragged from a courtroom screaming and crying after a judge ordered her to go back to jail. She was whisked off to the medical centre at Los Angeles’s Twin Towers jail less than 36 hours after the local sheriff’s department had told her that she could serve out her sentence at her luxury home in the Hollywood hills.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” she shouted as a female deputy escorted her from the courtroom. “It’s not fair. It’s not right!”

Much as I hate to give yet more attention to this tedious brat, it is funny to see her get what she deserves. A lot of people have been saying that she only got out after three days because she was rich. Maybe so, but being female no doubt played a big part in it.

Sadly enough, her behavior is only remarkable for being so public; this hysterical whining about being held responsible for her actions is common amongst most women, even non-rich ones.

What’s worse is the fact that, in the UK, the idea of women not having to be punished for their actions could become an official reality. A serious suggestion in the UK to all but abolish prison for female criminals and give them community service sentences by default was made in the UK earlier this year. Oh, and the report suggested the empty former women’s prisons could be filled by – you guessed it – men. All this because some women in prison have committed suicide (like male prisoners don’t? A boy of just fourteen did so recently. In 2002, there were 94 suicides in UK prisons, and outrage because – oh no! – nine of them were women. More shock in 2004 when a whole thirteen of 95 prison suicides were women. Nevermind the men I suppose.)

Paris Hilton, at least, won’t be getting off as easy as she’d liked.

Judge Michael Sauer declared that she should serve the entirety of her 45-day sentence for breaching probation on a reckless driving offence. Before her early release on Thursday morning, she had expected her sentence to be cut in half.

Good. Nice to see there’s a judge somewhere in the West who refuses to accept the Pussy Pass. Off to jail you wench!

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, check out the South Park episode Stupid Spoiled Whore Play Set:

Wendy: Who’s Paris Hilton?
Red: “Who’s Paris Hilton?”
Annie: You don’t know?
Announcer: [someone takes a picture as he approaches the mic.] Hello, everyone! [drumroll] The Guess Clothing Company is pleased to have as its new spokesperson model, a woman all you young ones can look up to, Ms. Paris Hilton. [she appears and flashbulbs go off amid squeals from females in the crowd. She then lifts her bra and shows off her breasts]
Bebe: Wow, that’s really her! Paris! Over here!
Wendy: I don’t get it. What does she do?
Annie: She’s super-rich!
Wendy: …but what does she do?
Red: She’s totally spoiled and savvy.
Wendy: [annoyed] What does she do?!
Man: [walks by and overhears] She’s a whore. [takes his camera and snaps a few pictures]
Paris: [her left eyelid hangs heavy] Hey everyone. Sorry if I’m a little spent. I did a whole lot of partying last night with a LOT of different guys.

Great stuff.

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Selfish woman wants sympathy for leaving motherhood far too late
September 20, 2007


05 April 2007

Why two miscarriages and a termination has not deterred a wannabe mum

After three pregnancies, one reluctant termination and two miscarriages, Louise Janson has just embarked on her fifth cycle of IVF at the age of 41.

Louise, a writer from North London, is single. Having always longed to be a mother, she made the difficult decision to try for a baby on her own four years ago.

Why the fuck are women who choose to become Single Mothers By Choice always thought of as ‘brave’ or applauded for making a ‘difficult decision’? They’re selfish fucking bitches making selfish decisions. I hate them. Single Mothers By Choice are repulsive child abusers.

I’m undergoing medical treatment as a direct result of a social problem: I’m single. Four years ago, aged 38, I made the agonising decision – after years of reflection, research and discussion – to try to become a mother on my own.

I had six months of inseminations with donor sperm, but decided the method was so unreliable, I would have full IVF treatment, which meant registering with a fertility clinic.

I never wanted to be a ‘single mother’ and I’m sure I could describe for you in painstaking detail the shock, panic, depression and bewilderment that overwhelmed me in the years leading up to that decision – and those immediately after.

But quite frankly, there aren’t enough variations on ‘despair’ in my Thesaurus, there isn’t enough space on this page, and there’s not enough time in your lives or mine to do it justice.

And there are not enough variations on ‘selfish’ to do your actions justice.


Thanks to feminism, there are not enough rich men to go round. Boo-fucking-hoo!
September 19, 2007


02 April 2007

Post-Bridget, it’s looking even worse for the girls


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an alpha female requires an even more alpha male as a mate. But a recent report suggests today’s successful woman with her high standards and picky notions will have nobody to marry: women now make up 57% of university graduates and outnumber men in every subject in higher education (though not engineering or maths, yet).

For the post-Bridget Jones and Sex and the City generation, it’s bad news. The sobering truth is that demographics being what they are, more and more educated, eligible women are facing a choice: downgrade your notions of Mr Right, or face up to life alone.

I love articles like this, that reveal how badly women have shot themselves in the foot.

“Oh boo-hoo, we stormed into the universities and workplace, shoving men out of the way in the process, and now we’re finding we’ve inadvertantly hampered our chances of marrying Mr Right Sucker who’ll let us retire in our 30s.”

Stupid cunts.

Women are getting better degrees — more 2:1s and firsts in every subject — and two-thirds of medical students are now women, compared with 29% in the 1960s. So not much point in hoping that a handsome consultant will come along, whose Harley Street earnings will pay for the school fees and the 4×4.

Damn right you can throw those hopes away bitches. You left the home in the 1950s and demanded us men iron our own clothes and cook our own tea. Fine. We will do. Now we’re dropping out of universities and the workplace and telling women to pay their own mortgages and support themselves.


Women are great, yadda yadda
September 18, 2007


12 March 2007

We’ve never had it so good


They outperform boys at school, university, and work. They’re the twentysomething Generation Y women – educated, ambitious, successful. But is life really as good as it looks? Louise Carpenter reports

Indeed, another pile of triumphant nonsense about how women are so brilliant and outperforming men, the sort that regularly crops up from feminists, often lying side-by-side with articles that, paradoxically, bang on about how women are held back by the Patriarchy, under-represented on boards of directors, and glass-ceiling this, wage-gape that, blah-buggering-blah.

Still, to be fair, the writer does acknowledge her study isn’t scientific (well duh, like we couldn’t work that out for herself) and she also points out (but without condemnation) the shocking sense of entitlement of young women.

At the end of each day of interviews with the girls, I’d emerge from my study punch-drunk from their undiluted self-confidence; the absolute cast-iron belief in the power of their own will.

Really? After a day with them, I’d have come out disgusted by the infinite arrogance, stupidity and narcissism shown by these entitlement princesses. I’d have probably punched them too.

Amongst the things that stand out are these:

All of them bore out the theory that girls are easier to educate than boys. Many grew up being told by parents and teachers they were the best, certainly better than boys – which, for some, had caused its own problems.

Indeed, girls are easier to educate. Did I say educate? I mean indoctrinate. They sit still, shut up and do anything to please, and tell them something will empower them – like working in a soul-crushing office job for 45-years – and they’ll often do it. Boys will think for themselves and rebel against things that aren’t in their own interest; unless, of course, they have been successfully emasculated by feminist teachers and therapists and their truck-loads of Ritalin.


Vagina Worship Day
September 13, 2007


14 February 2007

Ah, t’is Valentines Day.

I love Valentines Day. Being single and male, it means I don’t have to pay for over-priced cards, pointless flowers, repugnantly cute Teddy Bears or outrageous trips to Paris for some screeching entitlement princess.

Best of all, I get to snicker at the growing ranks of aging single career gals at work, simmering with resentment as bouquets of flowers arrive for the younger women, knowing that they made a big mistake in shunning commitment when they were eligible and deciding to put off marriage until they were old and past it.

Today, one aging man-hating hag was bitching about another colleague, a woman who came in with the flowers her boyfriend gave her that morning and placing them proudly on her desk.

“Look at her, showing off,” grumbled the arch man-hater to another spinster as they hung around the photocopier like grazing wilderbeast.

Never fear you crones, I felt like telling them, for the young women drowning in flowers and cards will soon be old, they’ll soon be deserted by the guys they fucked their way through in their twenties, and they, too, will soon be thirty-something and lonely.

In fact, one woman was saying she was glad her boyfriend didn’t propose to her this morning because “I’m too young for marriage.” She’s 24. She went on to say that 30 was a good age to get married. Yeah, when she’s getting on a bit, when her biological clock is ticking down and her boobs are sagging. I’m sure she’ll be inundated with proposals then. Snigger. That’s what the 30+ hags at the photocopier probably thought when they were young, pretty and perky.

And just out of interest, I took the time to enquire of a couple of women what they got their boyfriends for Valentines Day.

“Nothing,” one replied, triumphantly, as if loving the fact that her boyfriend got her a diamond necklace (what a twat!) and yet she is under no obligation to give him anything in return.

“Nothing,” the other replied, actually sounding rather disgusted, as if the idea of buying anything for her boyfriend was repulsive and stupid. Well, it’s not as if she loves him or anything I suppose.

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Working girl
September 13, 2007


11 February 2007

At my workplace, a large and terribly unexciting bank, a vacancy arose reasonably high up on the career ladder. Naturally yours truly didn’t bother applying despite being invited to do so. I’m not working longer hours and taking on more responsibility just so I can pay more taxes. Fuck that.

Two people, male and female, did apply, in addition to outside candidates. The woman – aged 25, outrageous entitlement princess, constantly goes on about how much better women are than men, thinks she’s brilliant because, like nearly every other woman in the office, she has worthless soft-degree – is in my department. She applied early and was really pissed off that this other guy applied.

She took it really personally, and I heard her saying she was sure he had only applied “to spite me.” For fucks sake he doesn’t even know her, he works on the other side of the building. She was convinced that she deserved the job more because the guy is only 23.

I know the guy a little bit, I usually encounter him in the lift. He’s a decent bloke and very confident for his age.

He went for his interview first. I saw him not long afterwards and asked him how it went. He was quite cool, saying he thought it went well but figured that his lack of experience might count against him.

Then the woman went for her interview. As soon as it was over she went to the ladies for half-a-fucking-hour, and several other women were popping in to check on her. Turned out she felt the interview went badly and she was blubbering in there. This was all on work time by the way. Bear in mind this isn’t the first time she’s gone of bawling because of some shit like this or work pressure, and bear in mind she’s often harping on about how women are so great and that’s why they are beginning to dominate workplaces.


An extra five-minutes of sex for just an extra £500 or so
September 4, 2007


01 January 2007


Pearl ones are much cheaper

Whilst briefly channel-hopping in a desperate and ultimately futile hunt for something vaguely worth watching a while ago, I caught an advert for some jewelers.

It features a couple getting ready to go out. They’re all dressed up but the woman is feeling that there’s something missing to go with her dress. At that point her husband comes up and presents her with a sparkling diamond necklace.

Naturally she’s charmed. He’s just shown her how romantic he is by presenting her with an over-priced and quiet frankly pointless transparent crystal of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms. On a fucking chain.

The taxi arrives outside. Time to go to whatever place hubby is taking his wife to, no doubt so he can prove his love once more by probably forking out for an ultra-expensive bankruptcy-inducing meal somewhere posh.


Brutal binge drinking bitches
August 27, 2007


08 December 2006

On the lash

The days of women quietly sipping a gin and bitter lemon in the pub while the men knocked back pints are long gone. Women are drinking more, and getting violent with it.

Kirsten Maile is bright, attractive and eloquent. She wants to study to be an underwater diving photographer. She is also on probation for ABH – actual bodily harm – after she rammed a bottle into a girl’s face.

Nor is it the first time that she has lashed out while drunk. She has twice been charged with common assault, and claims to have “wrapped a girl’s ponytail around my hand and smashed her face against a basin”.

Hmmm. The gentler sex indeed.

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Trying to skankify a new generation
August 8, 2007


18 November 2006

Youngbuck has a good post about Bling Bling Barbie, the tip of the iceberg of feminists and a lot of modern women in general and their habit of trying to turn younger and younger girls into materialistic and sexualised objects, and his own concerns for his niece.

It reminds me of earlier this year when I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law. Naturally I bought presents for their three kids. For my nine-year-old niece I bought her a bag; not quite a handbag but not a schoolbag either, just a nice contemporary, casual girly bag, all pink and lilac, perfect for carrying books and toys. It seemed to go down well and my niece insisted on using it carry her stuff that night when she went over to a sleepover party with a few mates.

I walked my niece round to her friend’s house that evening and there she was greeted by her friend’s mother, who initially seemed okay; she was about 35, married, lived in a middle-class McSuburban home, although she did have a stupid tattoo of diving dolphins encircling her upper-arm. I didn’t see if she had a tramp-stamp but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did have.

When she saw my niece this woman started crooning “Oooh, that’s a sexy looking new bag you’ve got there! That really is sexy, you’ll be the centre of attention with that. You’ll catch all the boy’s eyes!

I wanted to smack this woman in the fucking face.


July 19, 2007


29 September 2006


Today’s mini-skank, tomorrow

At lunchtime today I stalked around the city centre and eventually wandered into W.H.Smith, where I happened to encounter a selection of stationary with the term Goldigger all over it.

Pencil cases, pens, bags, rulers, notepads…all with the frightful term Goldigger written across them in glittery gold writing. All this stuff was aimed at young girls too, being placed alongside Barbie and Powerpuff Girls stationary.

Clearly the mining and plundering of men for cash is a worthy occupation amongst the female children of whatever the fuck is left of Britain today.

In the same store, moments later, I passed a girl of about eight or nine wearing a T-shirt that had written on it, in big pink letters, the phrase ‘It’s all about me!‘ with ‘me’ underlined. Not the same as the one pictured above mind you. There seem to be many variations of it. Shove “It’s all about me T-shirt” into Google and you’ll see plenty of designs including that phrase. All marketed towards girls, obviously.

I dare say the next generation of young women will be even more selfish, shallow and materialistic than the current lot. If that’s possible.

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The terrible suffering of pampered brides
July 11, 2007


06 August 2006


Bridezillas fall to earth with the blues

The vogue for ever more expensive and elaborate ceremonies appears to be creating a generation of brides-in-therapy who never recover from the loss of attention that accompanied their wedding planning.

Oh dear, it seems the poor bedraggled Princesses of the West have found another thing to be depressed about; having to realise that not every day of their married lives will be packed full of the luxury and pampering of their wedding and honeymoon.

Or, to use it’s term, Post Wedding Depression. After all, there’s no point in women finding another reason to moan if they don’t have a nice official-sounding name for it to distinguish it from all the other things they moan about.

Thinking about it, if Post Natal Depression is so frequently used by women to justify killing babies, no doubt Post Wedding Depression will soon be used to justify killing a husband. Then again they rarely get locked up for that as it is anyway.


Are you good enough?
July 11, 2007


04 August 2006

Jerry’s 5-star guide to her perfect man

Another article from the Daily Mail, this time from Jerry Hall listing the criteria she insists any future boyfriend of her’s meets:

* Aged between 40 and 50.

* Independently wealthy.

* Entertaining.

* Preferably American.

* And, most importantly, he must treat her ‘like a princess’.

Erm…maybe being a bit optimistic there.

Still, maybe I’m being cynical. Maybe there are actually loads of rich forty-something American guys interested in hooking up with a haggard 50-year-old divorced mother-of-four and treating her like a Princess.

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July 1, 2007


11 February 2006

What Men Think Of Women blog

A comprehensive assessment on women. Their behaviour, victimhood, unaccountability and their suffering under the “Privileged Princess” syndrome. Their blatantly sexist “affirmative action” entitlement, ensuring they are employed before males regardless of ability or talent.

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What a drag
June 27, 2007

12 September 2005

Two ladies at work had a conversation today that I listened in on. One woman, Claire, was telling another, Louise, that her husband was giving up smoking.

Claire: He quit last week. He’s doing quite well.
Louise: Finally nagged him into quitting then?
Claire: No. I’ve wanted him to quit for a while, but I haven’t nagged him. I’ve always told him that if he does try to give up, he should give up because he wants to, not because I’m demanding he does.
Louise: Well, at least now he’ll save money that he can spend on you!
Claire: No, I’ve told him to put the money he saves on not buying cigarettes to one side then he can treat himself afterwards.
Louise: Oh no, that won’t do. He should spend it on you!
Claire: There’s nothing I want though really.
Louise: I’m sure there’s something! A new ring? Handbag? The cash?!
Claire: Just for my husband not to have a smokers cough!

Thus the conversation ended.


June 26, 2007


31 July 2005

Greetings from me, Duncan Idaho, your friendly blogger.

I’m a 30-year-old bachelor from England and I damn well intend on staying a bachelor. Singlehood is great! From observing those friends of mine who stupidly let themselves be talked into walking down the aisle, matrimony is nothing but hassle for men. It will mean you’re nagged at incessantly (“Take those shoes off! Tramping muddy footprints over my carpet!”), being obliged to share the money you earn with someone who spends all day watching Richard and Judy, and not being the ruler of your own home (how many married men spend most of their time in the shed or down the pub simply because the house that they pay for is “her” territory?) And let’s not forget divorce. About 70% – 80% of divorces are filed by women and for good reason; they get the house, furniture, kids, car, etc, etc, whilst hubby gets financially arse-raped in court and is forced to reward his treacherous wife with child support payments, spousal support/alimony and anything else his ex wants, even if she was the one who dumped him.

Ironically I’m actually pro-family and I believe that, originally, marriage was a good idea. It provided a solid union between a couple and gave each of them obligations and benefits. Children are, generally, better off being bought up by both parents. However, thanks to feminism and the weak willed manginas (pro-feminist men), at the moment, for men…



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