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The Hunt & Humiliate Broke Men Agency
September 24, 2007


06 June 2007

Mothers to name and shame absent fathers


Single mothers will be invited to name and shame fathers who fail to support their children.

Mothers invited to name and shame absent fathers

Letters are going out to around 100 parents – almost all of them mothers – asking if they want their former partner’s name to be included on an online list of people who have dodged maintenance payments.

More complete anti-male shit from a corrupt government. All the Child Support industry is there to do is to keep the flow of money going from hard-working men to spend-happy women.

Why the fuck should us men have to pay for women’s children? After all, children do, in fact, belong to women in this society.

Women get to choose whether to abort the baby. They virtually get automatic custody. Fathers are not required officially, as single women can get IVF treatment. A ‘family’ is now a mother and her children, with a father as optional.

So, John Hutton, you odious tit, shut the fuck up about demanding men pay for ‘their’ children; they are not theirs!

It cannot be said often enough; children belong to women now. That’s the primary principle in defining a Matriarchy, which the UK now is. Hence women can damn well support ‘their’ children, not the dad – who is only referred to as such when it comes to taking responsibility – and not us taxpayers.

At the very least a man should only have any obligations to support a child if the child was born when the man was married to the kid’s mother, and the child still has his surname. Otherwise it’s mummy’s little darling and mummy’s little responsibility.

One last thing; if parents are to be named and shamed for not supporting their children, surely that would mean any and all women who apply for Child Support should be named and shamed. After all, if they’re applying for Child Support they are clearly unable or unwilling to support their child themselves and, if the same definition of a ‘deadbeat parent’ is applied to them as it is to men, then such mothers are deadbeats.

It’s a dumb scheme anyway, it won’t work. Few men with any dignity will give a shit about being ‘shamed’ by spiteful ex-wives or ex-girlfriends, or by the fucking dipshit government. After all, you can only be shamed by people whose opinion you respect, and more and more men just don’t respect women or the government’s opinions one iota.

I’d imagine the sort of thugs who many single mothers have breeded with will most certainly not care anyway. In fact they’ll probably regard it as a rather funny badge of pride. “Hey look at the CSA website guys, it’s me! I’m on teh internet! WOOOH!”

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Rant from a single mother by choice
September 23, 2007


05 June 2007

This article is about a 37-year-old career woman who has decided she doesn’t want kids and is fine with this decision. Fair enough, it’s her life. Good for her I say.

She quite refreshingly insists that she believes clearly need a father and thus would never have kids before marriage.

Unfortunately this is not the case with an increasing number of single-mothers-by-choice, such as this man-hating bitch who left a comment at the article, someone called ‘Ekaterina’ from London.

Very sad! I am one of those who decided to be a mom without a man – IVF and all that. What really makes me angry is that the society blames women (as always) for not having kids early. Give me a break! I always wanted to have kids but I met very similar men as the author – some wanted to have more money first and then kids, others did not earn a penny and I was not sure if I wanted to feed a man and a child etc. Men are always fertile so they do what they want. We have to pay a high price! So, I decided that I send all men to hell and have my own family. Some women are not ready or not brave or don’t have the means – but it is MEN to blame for that and not women!

Amazing. In one paragraph we have nearly every damn double-standard and example of man-hatred, broken down thusly:

What really makes me angry is that the society blames women (as always) for not having kids early.

Well, more and more women are putting off having children early by their own choice. I guess it makes Ekaterina very very angry that women are being blamed for their own choices. And what does mean ‘as always’? Society hardly ever blames women. For anything.

I always wanted to have kids but I met very similar men as the author – some wanted to have more money first and then kids…

She didn’t want to have a child with a man who wanted to make more money so he could be a better provider because although such a man’s attitude was surely very sensible and responsible, it didn’t fit in with her impatient demands for a child now!! Basically she wanted a ready-made-millionaire. How awful of society to not be replete with millionaires lining up to marry horrible hags like her.

others did not earn a penny and I was not sure if I wanted to feed a man and a child etc.

Here we get yet another example of how women do not want equality, ever! Only when it suits them. She didn’t want to support a man and a child, she wanted a man to support her and her child. Nevermind that us men have supported women and children for generations (and were told that this was oppressive by feminists. Go figure!)

So, I decided that I send all men to hell and have my own family.

This is what women call ‘liberation’ I guess; damning all men to hell as useless just because one fitting her astonishingly high demands didn’t scoop her off her feet when she wanted. Also, she’s wrong in thinking she has her own ‘family’. She doesn’t. She has an illegitimate bastard whose father is some anonymous guy who wanked into a jar for some beer money. That’s not a family.


More man-bashing in The Times – there’s been a lot of it recently
September 23, 2007


22 May 2007

Beware of the nanny


It is a strange fact of life that most women, no matter how high-achieving, beautiful or intelligent, have, at the back of their minds, a worm of anxiety about their nanny and her effect on their husband.

Or, to put it in another – more rational – way:

It is an obvious fact of life that most bitchy career women, no matter how fancy their job-title, how beautiful she thinks she is or how many worthless qualifications she has, have, at the back of their minds, a justified worm of anxiety about their attractive, pleasant and feminine nanny and her attracting effect on their husband.

This India Knight – arch-man-hater extraordinaire – is rambling and complaining about men in the usual manner, that just because of one or two recent cases, all us men are fiendish adulterers ready to elope with the nanny at a moment’s notice (how many fucking people have nannies anyway? It shows the tiny circles these pompous feminist columnists inhabit when they discuss having nannies in such a casual way, as if we all have them.)

One of the reasons a guy would probably fancy his nanny more than his wife is because (a) the nanny will probably be nice and young, (b) could be foreign, perhaps from one of the few counties in the world where women are not raised to compete with – and hate – men, and (c) in seeing a woman actually care for his children, a man may suddenly realise what a worthless, non-nurturing, unfeminine piece of shit his career-wife is, as seen as she ditched her kids with a stranger before they were even six-months old.

Most of the article is not worth reading, except for the last bit:

Men don’t fall in love with nannies but with the alternative world the nanny represents.

Perhaps. Or perhaps men just fall in love with the nanny’s really nice pert young arse.


Us nasty men aren’t complimenting women enough, it seems
September 23, 2007


18 May 2007

Men wary of paying women compliments


Men have become too worried about political correctness to pay women simple compliments, according to a new survey.

We’re not worried about political correctness; it’s the sexual harassment laws that political correctness bought about that worries us, not to mention the fact that a woman can retort with an abusive insult that you can’t respond back to without either getting sacked, arrested or beaten up by a passing Captain Save-a-Ho.

There have been several reports of this today – slow news day I guess – and all invariably have comments or quotes from women saying how they love compliments and want to receive them.

Aw, poor girlies. They’re not getting enough attention, or being told how pretty they are. Maybe they shouldn’t have followed their ‘liberation’ movement that demonised and even criminalised male sexuality.

It’s like a report from California last year about how career gals were getting all upset because men in the workplace often didn’t talk to them or invite them out for after-work drinks because the guys were worried about sexual harassment charges. Back then – like now – there is no talk of relaxing these rules or perhaps changing women’s attitudes (like not being man-hating entitlement princesses.)

Fewer than one in five women questioned (16%) received the “recommended” five compliments a day, and 12% said no one had paid them a compliment in the past three months.

What’s this about the ‘recommended’ five compliments a day? Do women fall into a coma if they don’t get them?

Another important reason why women aren’t receiving as many compliments these days is because many don’t deserve them. That seems to have been overlooked by all these news reports on the story.

If women want more compliments, how about acting and dressing as if they deserve them? It’s rather hard to find anything about most modern women to compliment (let alone an incentive to do so) when many act and dress like either sluts, or like some bizarre, warped, confused wannabe-man.

Complimenting modern Western Women
A beginner’s guide

“Nice slag-stamp. Makes you look like a right slag, as well as
drawing attention away from the vastness of your enormous arse.”

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Funny stuff
September 23, 2007


17 May 2007

My recent entry, “Feminists angry because mother who abandoned baby is judged and criticised“, appears to annoyed quite a few fembots.

Check out this wonderful selection of shaming language and insults from the comments:

You sick fuck, Duncan. What ever happened to you to make you such a sad little women-hating psycho? Did the girls at school make fun of you because of how you look? Did your mummy run off with the milkman? Whatever it was do yourself a favour and get some therapy..quick. You need help.

It’s interesting how feminists and mangina automatically assume anyone who is critical of feminists must have had a traumatic background or a terrible mother. The stupid femibumwipes can’t comprehend or even consider the fact that I actually had a jolly nice childhood and a wonderful mother, because to do so would mean these raving lunatics may have to face the fact that – like so many men of my mindset (and there are many) – I actually came to be so pissed off at feminists simply through exposure to them.

Feminists themselves inspire the well deserved hatred they are getting from more and more men.

You and this blog is without doubt just for little knob tools!

And you’re all wasteing oxygen.

Gee, a small-dick accusation, I didn’t see that coming. Try and be original.

And I don’t waste oxygen, I recycle it and turn it into lovely, healthy carbon dioxide. Which trees eat.

It is pointless to write any serious comments in response to your hate-filled diatribe.

I will say this though… what the HELL happened to you to make you into such a disturbed individual.

In fact, your blog is SO ridiculous that I can’t help but think it is perhaps satire…

What the hell happened to me? I was exposed to feminism. See above.

It’s sickening to see this kind of vicious tripe being published.

Please believe me when I say that plenty of women do understand that the presence and involvement of the father is important to the children.

It’s sickening for me to see hate-filled rants from feminists published too, but at least my stuff is only on a blog; feminist crap gets into national newspapers and on college curriculums.

Funny these feminists and manginas will always accuse anti-feminists like me of being full of hate, even though these are the same mental little lot who proceed to scurry away and write hate-filled diatribes about men.

I probably shouldn’t give these arse-biscuits the attention, but on the other hand, I know how we all like to laugh at the predictable and unimaginative accusations from these angry men-hating hairy fembots.

In fact, I think I’m getting close to getting Fembot Bingo!

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Feminists angry because mother who abandoned baby is judged and criticised
September 23, 2007


16 May 2007

A few choice words from a harmful and sexist angle


This ridiculous article is by Melanie La’Brooy, a fembot fuckwit who writes for The Age, invariably whining about how hard poor wikkle women’s lives are.

In this torrent of blithering, she is whining about some newspaper – gasp – daring to actually condemn a (currently anonymous) mother who abandoned her baby.

Sydney has always had a shock-jock tabloid culture that Melbourne has never wholeheartedly embraced. For example, the Telegraph’s sister paper, The Herald Sun, ran the same photo [of the abandoned infant] but chose the caption “Where’s my Mum?”, which was simultaneously more sensitive and grammatical.

It would have been easy to write off the offensive headline as just another crudity from the same media culture that generated Alan Jones, but then our Prime Minister, sensing an opportunity to play his favourite game of Battler Empathy, came out with the following extraordinary defence of the newspaper. “I feel for the mother, I feel for the baby, I feel for the woman’s family, but fair go to the Tele. After all, that is the natural reaction. You go out in the street and talk to ordinary people — that’s what they would say, ‘How could you abandon a little baby?’ “

It seems that Melanie La-La-Land’Brooy think it’s horribly cruel, shocking and crude to judge and condemn a woman for abandoning a baby.

So why didn’t the headline read “How Could They?”. Because not once have I heard anyone mention the father.

Leaving aside IVF and allegations involving Boris Becker and a turkey baster, most pregnancies begin with a male and a female having sex. Yet nine months later, when a baby is left at a hospital, barely do we hear the word “parents” in the media. Instead it’s the mother who cops it.

Do you want to know why that is? It’s because fathers rarely abandon babies in ditches, hospitals or on people’s doorsteps (and if they did they would – rightly – be condemned as bastards. Women who do the same, however, are inexplicably poor victims.)


Oedipus Schmoedipus
September 23, 2007


11 May 2007

One thing we often hear burbling from the incessently flapping gobs of women is that us men want a wife who’ll basically be like our mothers, that us “silly stupid little men” just want a mummy rather than a wife. That old hag, whatsername, Maureen Dowd, specifically said as much during one of the regular anti-male tirades she indulges in to push all the blame for her own spinsterhood onto us men.

This, of course, is a load of bollocks.

If us men wanted to marry a woman who would basically replace our mother, who would essentially be more of a mum than a wife, then surely we would be going after middle-aged women. But we don’t. We go after young women. Perky 16-22-year-old women. Always have, always will.

Perhaps emasculated young men seek a mother-figure in a wife/girlfriend, but proper normal men – certainly those raised by a healthy father and not just a single mother – want a young woman who’ll be a wife/girlfriend.

Admittedly, when seeking a wife, us men will look out for maternal skills and characteristics – such as a caring nature and fondness and patience towards children – but that’s not for our benefit, that’s for our future children’s benefit. After all, us men don’t want an uncaring ball-busting harpy being the mother of our kids…nor, indeed, do we want to put up with such a woman as a wife.


A quickie
September 23, 2007


04 May 2007

Women worry about the future until they get married.

Men don’t worry about the future until they get married.

(I read that somewhere ages ago – I can’t remember where – and those two sentences perfectly encapsulate the reason more and more of us men are on the marriage strike, and why the marriage strike is clearly annoying a lot of women and causing them to bring out the barrage of shaming language to try and get us to end it. It won’t work bitches. Save your breath. The marriage rate is plummeting and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Co-habiting will go the same way soon as well.)

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September 20, 2007


28 April 2007


“Women’s town” to put men in their place

Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build a novel concept attraction — the world’s first “women’s town,” where men get punished for disobedience, an official said Thursday.

The motto of the new town would be “women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women’s requests,” Chinese media have reported.

When tour groups enter the town, female tourists would play the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by “kneeling on an uneven board” or washing dishes in restaurant, media reports said.

Why bother with such a gimmick?

It sounds a lot like what Western Society – or what’s left of it – has become, but just on a smaller scale.

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Fembots have fucked up our society
September 20, 2007


15 April 2007

Failure has no father


Seventy per cent of young offenders are from single-parent families. Being raised by your mother on her own is not the strongest predictor of ending up as a criminal: having a father who is himself a criminal is the top of that list. But not far behind is being raised without a father at all.


The Government provides incentives to bring up children without both parents. So much so that, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, there are 200,000 more people claiming the benefits and tax credits that are due to lone parents than there are actually lone parents in the UK. The consequences of making single-parenthood ever-more economically viable are completely predictable.

It is uplifting to see that feminist/socialist policies are increasingly denounced in the mainstream press, but it is somewhat depressing that the fucking cunts in charge of what is left of Britain never seem to share – or, indeed, listen – to such criticisms and plough on relentlessly with their fucked up ideology.

The last few words of the article are the most important:

…they certainly haven’t asked the rest of us.


No-one asked our country to be put through the destructive grinder of feminism and socialism. Governments just put us through it and wants us to shut up now that more and more of us are complaining.

I dare say this article will bring strong rebukes from various feminist scum in the coming days, just like a couple of years ago when a judge pointed out that most of the offenders he imprisoned were raised by single mothers, only to be promptly told to take what he said back by a squad of single mother “groups” and whining feminist politicians.

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Hate (fe)mail
September 20, 2007


11 April 2007

There was an amusing comment posted today at some very old post of mine. It’s hard to make out what the point is amidst the general rambling and abuse but it seems to be yet another woman incapable of grasping the fact that men may voluntarily spurn the idea of marriage and long-term relationships with women.

Well welcome all and one of the same to men who have obviously only ever had there own hand for company.

Fucking hell this is a grammatical nightmare, although I did at least spot the first evidence of shaming language there: “You are teh virgins and wankerz!!!1”

Its true, i am a woman…

Snigger. I’d never have guessed.

Why do women always do that? Point out “I am a woman!” That’s why you can spot women pretending to be men on blogs/forums so quickly; they point out “I am a man” within the first couple of sentences, something actual men do not find it necessary to do do.

…and I too know we whine and moan. But you “bachelors” are bein the exact same by having this blog.

Ah, so only women may complain then eh? Maybe us men should all STFU and let you women hog the airwaves with your endless (and invariably imaginary) complaints.

Dear god…

Yes, my child, I am listening.

…find yourself one of your “oh so many” slags and get over your sad life.

I do not have slags, just the occasional one that pops by my blog.

What are the chances that if you dislike hearing about horrid teen slutty should stop hanging out with them.


Mmmmm…teen sluts

The day women have children without men will be the day you die in arse buddie.

Die in arse? That sounds a strange way to go.


Thanks to feminism, there are not enough rich men to go round. Boo-fucking-hoo!
September 19, 2007


02 April 2007

Post-Bridget, it’s looking even worse for the girls


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an alpha female requires an even more alpha male as a mate. But a recent report suggests today’s successful woman with her high standards and picky notions will have nobody to marry: women now make up 57% of university graduates and outnumber men in every subject in higher education (though not engineering or maths, yet).

For the post-Bridget Jones and Sex and the City generation, it’s bad news. The sobering truth is that demographics being what they are, more and more educated, eligible women are facing a choice: downgrade your notions of Mr Right, or face up to life alone.

I love articles like this, that reveal how badly women have shot themselves in the foot.

“Oh boo-hoo, we stormed into the universities and workplace, shoving men out of the way in the process, and now we’re finding we’ve inadvertantly hampered our chances of marrying Mr Right Sucker who’ll let us retire in our 30s.”

Stupid cunts.

Women are getting better degrees — more 2:1s and firsts in every subject — and two-thirds of medical students are now women, compared with 29% in the 1960s. So not much point in hoping that a handsome consultant will come along, whose Harley Street earnings will pay for the school fees and the 4×4.

Damn right you can throw those hopes away bitches. You left the home in the 1950s and demanded us men iron our own clothes and cook our own tea. Fine. We will do. Now we’re dropping out of universities and the workplace and telling women to pay their own mortgages and support themselves.


Crazy woman
September 19, 2007


27 March 2007


If you fancy a laugh, have a read of this deranged rambling I found amongst the comments at The Times interview with fembot Marylin French a few posts ago.

I am a woman and I have cleaned many a drain and run a farm etc.Why categorise work as being suitable for men or women.The only task men cannot do is have children.
Women on the other hand can do all.
Men run out of energy after sex. Women are full of energy, if with a giving partner of course.
Men, bless them have been fooled by the leaders to take and rape women. Women are conditioned to give to everyone until they drop. But, if men were told the secret is to give to women FIRST, then wait and see what she gives back.
Thenn, dear boys, your would grow into men and worship your goddess at her feet for your reward. Ahhhh, see they kept the secret to themselves and left you out. Because they want control over both men and women.
Both sexes got brainwashed along the way and true human nature is not expressed.
Soon, it will all come to light.
What joy awaits both men and women.


Shaming language (“you would grow into men”) – CHECK

Supreme arrogance (“worship your goddess at her feet”) – CHECK

Bizarre belief that women are anything other than outrageously selfish (“women are conditioned to give to everyone until they drop”) – CHECK

Total lack of logic (the whole damn comment!) – CHECK

It’s hard to see any real point to her comment amongst the paranoia and inexplicable bragging that she’s cleaned lots of drains, except, I believe, that she seems to think that us men are encouraged to ‘take and rape’ women by our leaders (for our leaders’ benefit, so she claims) when, in fact, us men should worship women ‘for our reward’.

So it seems she wants us men to all become manginas and worship women as Goddesses in return for a shag. Or something like that.

I think.

Whatever she’s on about it doesn’t seem to relate to the article. Fucking crazy.

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Septic Septuagenarian Skank Spouts Off
September 19, 2007


22 March 2007


Still a burning issue

Marilyn French, the author of The Women’s Room, tells why she is still full of fury that the world remains a place messed up by men.

Short answer; she’s angry because she’s a Western Women, who are nearly always pissed off and moaning about fucking something, and she believes it is all men’s fault because she’s a Western Woman and a feminist to boot, and thus unable to accept any blame for her own misery.

The long answer…well, let’s read the article and sneer at the fucking bitch.

The girl at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter at Barneys wants to know what I’m doing in New York. I tell her that I’m interviewing Marilyn French, who wrote a book in the Seventies called The Women’s Room, bought by 20 million people and read by many more: dog-eared copies passed around neighbourhoods, hidden from husbands, read in secret at kitchen tables when the kids had gone to school. Hailed as the first feminist novel, it was devoured by desperate housewives around the world for its dramatisation of their feelings of rage and frustration, its offer of freedom through sisterhood and radical politics.

And now women have that wonderful freedom to be old and single and angry, not to mention slaving away at soul-crushing jobs. Brave girls.

“Wow!” breathes the girl, a blonde American beauty with flawless skin. “Yeah, wow!” says her colleague, who has a mane of dark hair and scarlet lips, “that’s so cool.” The blonde girl had done a semester of women’s studies at college and was getting married soon: she wanted to keep her career but also to have babies and make a nice home.

Typical dumb greedy bitch; she wants it all – to be a career woman, a housewife and a mother – but can’t comprehend the idea that she can’t. No-one can.


Women better at being friends than us men, claims twat
September 17, 2007


07 March 2007


This never, ever happens apparently.

Women ‘better at friendships’


Women form deep and lasting friendships while men make fickle friends over a pint, according to research published today.

Snigger, chuckle.

Females make “deeper and more moral” pals than their male counterparts, who are “calculating” in who they choose to call their mates, according to a new study by the University of Manchester.


The four-year investigation concluded that friendships between men are “fickle” and based on what what “they can get out of it”.

Giggle, guffaw!

Dr Gindo Tampubolon, from the university’s Research Centre for Socio-Cultural Change, said men based their friendships on boozing in the pub.

He said: “Friendship between women seems to be fundamentally different to friendship between men.

“It’s much deeper and more moral: it’s about the relationship itself rather than what they can get out of it.

“Women tend to keep their friends through thick and thin across geography and social mobility.


Holy shit, what planet are these fuck-witted arse biscuits on?


September 17, 2007


02 March 2007

A fine post by Richard Ford.

We think that the small things in our life are not important- we allow women to choose the colour scheme of our home and the furniture because we like to please them. In this way we gradually build the chains that bind us through our own labours, we create an abode that is only a home for the woman. We do this because we think it will buy us peace- but the opposite is the case. Gradually we find ourselves living in another persons home- we find ourselves unable to relax in quite the way we used to. The area of our lives that are exclusively our own business is gradually reduced to nothing. We find ourselves effectively homeless in our own homes.

From Carnival of Reaction.

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Fembots browbeat Wimbledon
September 16, 2007


22 February 2007


A female tennis player. Allegedly.

Wimbledon pays equal prize money

Equal pay for non-equal work basically.

As is pointed out in the article, women only have to play best-of-three sets whilst men play best-of-five. So the women have far less work to do as the men but will now get just as much of a reward.

Just like in the workplace in general I suppose.

Peter Fleming, with whom McEnroe won four Wimbledon doubles titles and three US Opens, said equal pay “was just a matter of time”.

“It’s almost a non-issue in my eyes,” he told Five Live.

“The difference last year was so small – it was a symbolic gesture for the last couple of years – but finally the club have realised it’s not worth the effort to maintain it. It’s equal pay and off we go to bigger and better things.”

So what this mangina is saying is that basically it wasn’t worth the effort of keeping things fair because women were whining and bitching so much that they wanted to be paid as much as men but without having to put in as much effort (under the misnomer of ‘equality’) that they just had to give in.

That’s how feminism works; whine, whine and fucking whine until some manginas cave in, instead of bitch-slapping the miserable dykes – literally or otherwise – and telling them to shut the fuck up.

Fleming said he hoped that any male players angry at the decision would see the light eventually. “They’ll grow up at some point,” he said.

Peter Fleming, for your pitiful employment of shaming language, I hereby declare you to be Mangina Of The Month.


If female tennis players want to earn as much as the men, let them play best-of-five sets. If women continue to complain about how they are paid less than men in sports in general, then let them compete with men in things like running, football, boxing, etc.

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Did someone order a marriage strike?
September 16, 2007


21 February 2007

Marriage rates plummet to record lows


The number of adults choosing to marry has fallen to the lowest level since records began, according to provisional figures published today.

This brief report doesn’t go into thoughts and theories of why this is the case, such as men’s reluctance to marry due to horrific divorce laws and a horrific choice of potential wives, but at least it doesn’t engage in the usual triumphalism of bragging that women don’t need men. Which, naturally, is bollocks, given that although I know plenty of women who hit 30 with no husband, I’ve yet to meet one who thought it was a great achievement worth celebrating.

In total, the actual number of couples choosing to walk down the isle annually also fell to the lowest levels since 1896, with only 244,710 marriages in 2005, compared to 273,070 in 2004, and 242,764 in 1896.

So the number of actual marriages in the UK at the moment, with our population of just over 60million, is roughly the same as in the 1890s, when the population was only around 28million.

The whining from the growing hordes of spinsters will only get worse as more and more of them slam into the big three-oh barrier with no hubby and no kids.

My advice; sit back and laugh.

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Vagina Worship Day
September 13, 2007


14 February 2007

Ah, t’is Valentines Day.

I love Valentines Day. Being single and male, it means I don’t have to pay for over-priced cards, pointless flowers, repugnantly cute Teddy Bears or outrageous trips to Paris for some screeching entitlement princess.

Best of all, I get to snicker at the growing ranks of aging single career gals at work, simmering with resentment as bouquets of flowers arrive for the younger women, knowing that they made a big mistake in shunning commitment when they were eligible and deciding to put off marriage until they were old and past it.

Today, one aging man-hating hag was bitching about another colleague, a woman who came in with the flowers her boyfriend gave her that morning and placing them proudly on her desk.

“Look at her, showing off,” grumbled the arch man-hater to another spinster as they hung around the photocopier like grazing wilderbeast.

Never fear you crones, I felt like telling them, for the young women drowning in flowers and cards will soon be old, they’ll soon be deserted by the guys they fucked their way through in their twenties, and they, too, will soon be thirty-something and lonely.

In fact, one woman was saying she was glad her boyfriend didn’t propose to her this morning because “I’m too young for marriage.” She’s 24. She went on to say that 30 was a good age to get married. Yeah, when she’s getting on a bit, when her biological clock is ticking down and her boobs are sagging. I’m sure she’ll be inundated with proposals then. Snigger. That’s what the 30+ hags at the photocopier probably thought when they were young, pretty and perky.

And just out of interest, I took the time to enquire of a couple of women what they got their boyfriends for Valentines Day.

“Nothing,” one replied, triumphantly, as if loving the fact that her boyfriend got her a diamond necklace (what a twat!) and yet she is under no obligation to give him anything in return.

“Nothing,” the other replied, actually sounding rather disgusted, as if the idea of buying anything for her boyfriend was repulsive and stupid. Well, it’s not as if she loves him or anything I suppose.

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A trio of articles
September 12, 2007


05 February 2007

I put “divorce” and “men” into Google’s news search engine and found a trio of articles:

Marriage: The decision of women alone? (PDF)

The opinions of normal men were excluded entirely. Thus, we learn nothing about marital relationships as they are symbiotic in nature. The truth can never be known regarding marriage if one only analyzes the opinions of one sex.

Finally, an article pointing out how absurd it is the way women are the only ones consulted about the declining marriage rate, and questioning the obviously ridiculous claim that women are somehow overjoyed that more and more of them are hitting middle-age single and childless.

This article, on a similar subject, namely women’s increasing singlehood, was clearly written by a complete mangina given that he implores us men to improve or we’ll remain bachelors. Oh no, mercy, not bachelorhood, a man’s worst nightmare! Snigger.

These words are for men only (PDF)

If I may humbly suggest, guys, we need to proceed in a businesslike way. We have a very good product to sell – adorable, cute-as-buttons men – and all we need to do is to market our gender more successfully. It’s no good just indulging in a spiteful show of flatulence and snorting noises while wondering how in the world women would not find men irresistible.

Shove it up your arse. Women are the ones who have to sell themselves to us; us men don’t need them. We can defend ourselves, support ourselves and do our own ironing too. By delaying marriage until their looks have gone, by whelping illegitimate bastards, by slutting around, by being so obnoxious and self-centered, not to mention successfully demanded outrageous anti-male bias in the divorce courts, women are the ones who have chased men away from marriage. If women really are happy being old, single, childless and slaving away at their “careers”, then fine, but if not – and I doubt many are – they’ve got a lot of work to do before us men find them in anyway tolerable, let alone irresistible.


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